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  • Fangs, HORROR STORY comments? Posted by: craig_bastard on Monday, November 14, 2005 - 06:24 AM Horror Story has been selected out of 500 Entries to compete in the: FTA BOOKING ONLINE BAND BATTLE @ THE WINNER WILL BE JUDGED ON THE FOLLOWING: - How many positive comments or votes left at FTA's Comments Section *Duplicate votes will be removed! - Every Wednesday Night during the month of December we will be tracking each bands Profile Views & Plays at Myspace

  • Regardless of what band WINS, I want to thank every Band for entering & wish everyone GOOD LUCK! Depending on the Results, there might be more than 1 WINNER? CONTEST VOTING DEADLINE: DECEMBER 31ST 2005 FTA BOOKING ONLINE BAND BATTLE @ VOTE FOR HORROR STORY!!! fangs

    Honda Battle of the Bands - 2007
    National tour and invitational showcase featuring America's historically black
    college and university marching bands. Lists participating schools and includes ...

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  • Downhill Battle is a non-profit organization working to support participatory culture and build a fairer music industry. 

  • Contact Downhill Battle General - Holmes Wilson, Director - Nicholas Reville, Director - Tiffiniy Cheng, Director Nick Nassar, Director/Software Development Rebecca Laurie, Outreach D ownhill Battle is a non-profit organization working to break the major label monopoly of the record industry and put control back in the hands of musicians and fans

  • Downhill Battle launched in August 2003 to create a public voice that could counter the distortions of the RIAA and the major record labels

  • Downhill Battle is a collaborative project and we work with musicians, music fans, artists, and designers around the world

  • Why Should You Contribute to Downhill Battle? There is a window of opportunity to make dramatic changes that put musicians and fans at the top of the music industry, but this chance may not last long

  • Downhill Battle has been leading the fight for reform, and it's become a full-time effort for several of us

  • Downhill Battle, working with pioneers like, is getting it rolling

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    Swing Music Net - Big Band Music / Jazz History
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  • Chick Webb big band music Battle Of Swing held at Harlem's Savoy Ballroom in January of 1938

    TWAS 507: 2006 ITA Software Battle of the Bands
    Glenn McDonald provides a weekly music review column.

    Skive Beach Party - stedet hvor musikken spiller
    Tre-dages musikfestival i juni. - Barenaked Ladies battle Napster with 'Trojan' downloads ...

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    Institute for Justice: Litigating for Liberty
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  • September 4, 2006 The Daily Progress A new battle for rights Those -- like the individuals at the Institute for Justice -- who are fighting against eminent domain abuse are modern-day heroes

  • August 8, 2006 Woodbridge Sentinel Eminent domain battle now on national stage Long Branch Mayor Adam Schneider and the members of his 'Schneider Team' have gone from being villains on a local and regional level to villains of national renown

    Indika Reggae Band
    Band bringing reggae flavor in the style of Jamaica's Sunsplash Festival to every
    performance. With background, show schedule, member profiles, RealAudio clips, ...

    K-zoo Concert Band
    Information on the 2002-2003 concert season.

  • Piano"), The 5th Dimension, Hal Linden ("Barney Miller"), Toni Tennille, Rita Moreno, Tony Bennett, Diahann Carroll, Vic Damone, Maureen McGovern, Jack Jones, Shirley Jones, Ben Vereen, Frankie Avalon, Glen Campbell, Toni Tennille, Tony Orlando, The Brass Band of Battle Creek, Judy Collins and Dixieland Ramblers

    Battlefield Band
    Includes a brief history of the band, with tour dates and a discography.

  • Battlefield Band BATTLEFIELD BAND The Scottish Band Under the banner 'Forward With Scotland's Past, ' Battlefield Band play Scottish music of rare passion and joy

  • Inspired by their rich heritage of Celtic music and fired by the strength of today's Scottish Cultural scene (which they themselves have done much to create and fuel), Battlefield Band mix the old songs with new self-penned material, and perform them on a unique fusion of ancient and modern instruments - bagpipe, fiddle, synthesiser, guitar, cittern, flute, bodhran and accordion

  • As the Edinburgh Evening News recently stated: 'The Battlefield Band is turning into a national treasure, and exemplifies the ongoing nature of Scottish musical tradition

  • Add him to the Battlefield Band mix of experience and musicianship -- founding member Alan Reid on keyboards and vocals, fiddle prodigy Alasdair White, bagpipe virtuoso Mike Katz -- and they're off again

  • A unique blend making a unique band, moving 'Forward with Scotland's Past.' Battlefield Band Official Web Page, with photos and music Return To


    2 Supergroup Rock Dream Teams in the ultimate Battle of the Bands
    Proposed music series featuring a battle of the bands setting.

  • 2 Supergroup Rock Dream Teams in the ultimate Battle of the Bands UK vs USA Lineup #1 Vote on the bottom of this page vs

  • USA Which of the 2 bands above would make a better Supergroup album - UK (McCartney, Clapton, Townshend, Collins, Winwood, Elton) or USA (Springsteen, Van Halen, Armstrong, Grohl, Flea, Stevie) UK USA The Paul McCartney Ring [ | ] Classic Rock Ring [ | ] Supergroup Battle of the Bands [ | ] © 2001-2004 WebRing Inc

    World War II Federation Battle of the Bulge
    A reenactment event celebrating the one of the last great battles of the Second
    World War.

  • BATTLE OF THE BULGE at FORT INDIANTOWN GAP, PA 62d Commemoration is January 23d thru January 28th, 2007 " Have you HUGGED a WWII Veteran TODAY " World War II Federation, Inc

  • PO Box 711 - Waynesburg, Pennsylvania 15370-0711 (724) 627 8545 - motto - “Dum Tacet Clamat" a Latin phrase meaning “Though Silent, He Speaks” Hotels and Motels in the Area Please do not call Fort Indiantown Gap with questions about the Battle of the Bulge Event

  • Ultimately, the 101st Airborne would help turn the tide in the Battle of the Bulge

  • is a non-profit organization Check out the Information Forum, get information on WWII Living History for World War II Veterans Information for Events Open to the General Public for Participants/Living Historians Information The Battle of the Bulge Living History week is presented by the World War II Federation, Inc

  • Our purpose is to Honor the Veterans of World War II, Battle of the Bulge and present it in an Educational manner as accurately and objectively as possible

  • The Axis Historians provide an important foil to the Allied Historians at public display battles and living history events

    Battle Ground High School - Home of the Tigers.
    School overview, course, sports, departments, daily bulletin, and contact information.

  • Battle Ground High is a comprehensive high school with an outstanding tradition of programs to meet the diverse needs of the students and community

  • In 1996, a major renovation was completed to make Battle Ground High School the comprehensive, state of the art high school it is today

  • Administration Tim Lexow Principal Dan Ryan Associate Principal Jan Byrd Associate Principal Butch Blue Associate Principal/Athletic Director Battle Ground High School 300 West Main Street Battle Ground, WA 98604-9178 Phone: (360) 885-6500 Fax (Main Office): (360) 885-6590

    Recount of battle between two Indian chieftans.

  • THE BATTLE BETWEEN OULEOUT AND NEPAUG Winchester Center, Connecticut LEGEND OF TWO INDIAN CHIEFTAINS No author listed The Lure of the Litchfield Hills Magazine JULY, 1930 Chief Ouleout Victorious Over the Powerful Nepaug in the Last Indian Battle in Winchester - The Brave Paugnut Plunges to His Death A short distance from the green in old Winchester, about a half mile from the center on the turnpike leading to Colebrook, is a patch of land low and marshy and now covered with sprouts

  • The following account of the last and wonderful battle between those two famous warriors is taken from an old Black Letter volume long out of print: Two Indian Chieftains Nepaug was an old chieftain whose wigwam and hunting ground was in North Torrington, later known as Newfield

  • Another chief equally grave and most successful in battle was Ouleout, whose wigwam was near the Goshen line, on the border of Winchester, not far from the famous trout stream that winds through Hall Meadow

  • Chief Ouleout, too, with his faithful band came toward the north and over the Ben Preston trail, or by Prestonville, as it was called, and skulking through the weeds and brush until they reached the battleground near the present turnpike

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  • Band of Brothers 2nd Edition and Field of Battle

  • and the Piquet Online Store NOW AVAILABLE AT PIQUE: The Master Rules for Wargaming 2nd Edition is now $5.00 The following Piquet rule sets are now available: ARCHON II BAND OF BROTHERS ANCHOR OF FAITH 3000 BC - 1200 AD 1200 - 1600 1600 - 1690 CARTOUCHE 1690 - 1790 CdePK A Tactical Toolkit Les GROGNARDS 2nd Edition GRAND PIQUET 2nd Edition 1790 - 1820 1792 - 1815 1790 - 1820 Command Piquet HALLOWED GROUND 2 DIN OF BATTLE 1700 - 1900 1836 - 1876 1850 - 1914 Field of Battle 1700 - 1900 POA: BARRAGE POA: THE BLITZKRIEG FORGOTTEN HEROES 1904 - 1935 1936 - 1945 1965 - 1975 THEATER OF WAR JUMP OR BURN PKowboys Campaign Air Combat Skirmish PIQUET Custom Cards What is PIQUET? PIQUET (Fr

  • The Scenario books are designed to allow you to enhance your play for the specific period and will include special "Sequence Deck" designs for specific battles

    The 5th Quarter (Powered by Invision Power Board)
    Showcases the talents of marching bands at Historically Black Colleges and
    Universities (HBCU's). Includes sound files, and discussion boards.

    The A to Z of Aerosmith - Discography
    Discography for the band.

  • Formed in 1970 the band has had a more or less settled line-up since - Steven Tyler (vocals), Joe Perry (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass), Joey Kramer (drums) and Brad Whitford (guitar) - although Perry and Whitford left for a time in the eighties when the band's battle with drugs and alchohol was at its worse

  • However it wasn't until the battle with Run DMC on 'Walk This Way' that they became well-known in the United Kingdom

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