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  •         Dark Chocolate There have been many studies linking cocoa and dark chocolate with health benefits

  • The darker chocolate with the most concentrated cocoa will of course be the most beneficial for your health

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  • Giraudi Chocolate   For Giraudi confectioner's, producing and working chocolate is more than an art - it's a family passion

    Chocolate & Cocoa: 'Healthy' benefits or negative health effects?
    Takes a critical look at "Chocolate-Is-Good-For-You" campaigns and dispels some
    of the health benefit myths.

  • |  |  | |  |  |  |  | |  |    |                                                   |   |   |   |   |      |   |   |   |   |      _     Chocolate & Cocoa: 'Healthy' Benefits or Negative Health Effects? Is Chocolate a food of the gods because of its divine taste and Health Benefits, or is it because heavenly bodies don't have to worry about its Health Hazards? Stories on the health benefits of consuming cocoa products have increasingly made the news following the discovery that they are an excellent source of catechins, which are polyphenols of the flavanol group, and which are believed to protect against heart disease, cancer, and various other medical conditions

  • Chocolate manufacturers and retailers have been taking advantage of these findings by not only trying to make chocolate lovers feel less guilty about their addiction, but also by trying to target the more health-conscious consumer with regular doses of "research studies" praising the supposed benefits of consuming chocolate, among them that:  • eating chocolate releases endorphins in the brain, which act as pain-relievers,  • eating chocolate boosts one's appetite, but does not cause weight gain,  • the sugar in chocolate may reduce stress and have a calming and pain relieving effect,  • eating chocolate does not give someone acne or other skin eruptions,  • eating chocolate does not trigger migraine headaches,  • eating moderate amounts of chocolate makes one live almost a year longer,  • eating chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease and cancer

    BBC - Science & Nature - Hot Topics - Chocolate
    Information about history, cravings, and affects on the brain.

  • 10 August 2006 In : Like this page? You are here: > > > The Science of Chocolate Updated November : 17 : 2004 Page 1 | The Science of Chocolate Contents Chocolate Chocolate Why does chocolate Animation: Is chocolate Video: why chocolate is : Choccy trivia : Is chocolate addictive? of events Key Points Chocolate is made from the seeds of the tropical cacao tree Research suggests chocolate may have Chocolate cravings may be a symptom of Chocolate contains the same found in some recreational drugs Chocolate history Chocolate is made from the seeds of the tree Theobroma cacao

  • This drink would have been very bitter, unlike our chocolate drinks today

  • The first chocolate bars In the 1800s, solid chocolate became popular, with the invention of moulding processes

  • The beans are crushed to a paste, which is subjected to very high pressure, forming chocolate liquor and cocoa butter

  • In the 1880s, Rudolphe Lindt of Switzerland started adding extra cocoa butter during chocolate manufacture, to make it smoother and glossier

  • That's why chocolate melts in the mouth

  • Milk chocolate In 1875, Swiss Daniel Peter perfected the manufacture of milk chocolate, which is sweeter and smoother than dark chocolate

    CNN - Chocolate: A heart-healthy confection? - February 2, 2000


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    ‘Direct evidence’ that cocoa benefits heart health
    A cocoa flavanol was shown to improve blood vessel relaxation in a study carried
    out by UC Davis in the United States, and sponsored by confectionery company ...

  • Flavonols are found naturally in chocolate, fruit, red wine and teas, and have previously been linked to improvements in health

  • The new study, sponsored by confectionary giant, examined the effect on blood vessel relaxation of chocolate in the form of a specially prepared drink, and then a drink containing isolated, cocoa-derived (-)epicatechin

  • The message is not to eat vast quantities of chocolate however

  • Indeed, Professor Ian McDonald from Nottingham University, recently told “The message must not get out there that all chocolate products have these benefits

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    Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Chocolate for Your Health
    A study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association found that
    dark chocolate, rich in anti-oxidant compounds known as flavonoids, reduced blood ...

  • 150 Reports Added/Month Publisher/President Bette BonFleur CEO Emeritus Reported July 19, 2005 Chocolate for Your Health (Ivanhoe Newswire) -- According to a new study, a daily bar-sized indulgence of flavonol-rich dark chocolate could reduce blood pressure and improve insulin resistance

  • 'Previous studies suggest flavonoid-rich foods, including fruits, vegetables, tea, red wine and chocolate, might offer cardiovascular benefits, ' says Jeffrey B

  • 'But this in one of the first clinical trials to look specifically at dark chocolate's effect on lowering blood pressure among people with hypertension.' Flavonoids are natural antioxidants found in many foods from plants

  • Throughout the week before the study, participants avoided all chocolate and other flavonoid-rich foods

  • For the next 15 days, half ate a 3.5-ounce bar of flavonoid-rich dark chocolate daily, while the other half ate the same amount of white chocolate

  • 'White chocolate, which has no flavonoids, was the perfect control food because it contains all the other ingredients and calories found in dark chocolate, ' Blumberg said

  • Researchers found a 12 mm Hg decrease in systolic (the top number in a reading) blood pressure and a 9 mm Hg decrease in diastolic (the bottom number in a reading) blood pressure in the dark chocolate group after the 15-day study

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  • Posted by on 08/10 at 08:55 AM Category(ies): •• (0) • Soon, Only Not Yet With all the great news in the headlines recently about how good chocolate (specifically cocoa) is for you, the FDA says it’s too soon for manufacturers to be making some of the claims they are making ..

  • Sponsored in part by World Tea Expo, Tea Magazine, Ito En, and the specialty tea company Harney and Sons, the theme for this year’s competition was tea-infused chocolates ..

  • Posted by on 06/16 at 03:19 PM Category(ies): •• (0) • Not All Ideas For Chocolate Are Good Canadian chocolate bar make Botticelli spent nearly two years patenting a process that enables them to add Omega-3 rich fish oils to chocolate

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  • Chocolate - A Cure for Coughs? An ingredient in chocolate, could be used to stop persistent coughs and lead to more effective medicines, researchers published in

  • Research shows how phyto-chemicals found in dark chocolate provide a variety of healthy effects

    GourmetSleuth - Chocolate Espresso Soy Dreams
    Recipe for a chocolate pots de creme-like dessert made from tofu rather than eggs.

  • soy dreams (pots de creme) Chocolate Espresso Soy Dreams (Soy Pots de Creme) i n g r e d i e n t s 1(16-ounce) package Azumaya Silken Tofu (drained) 12 ounces good quality semi-sweet or bittersweet chocolate cut into small pieces 2 teaspoons 2 to 4 tablespoons sifted powdered sugar if desired 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract Garnish (Optional) 1 Whipped cream or non-dairy whipped topping 6 Dark chocolate covered espresso beans i n s t r u c t i o n s Microwave chocolate in microwavable bowl on MEDIUM-HIGH (50%) for 1 to 3 minutes, stirring occasionally until melted and smooth

  • Puree tofu in food processor; add melted chocolate and powdered sugar and instant espresso powder, process until completely blended, scraping sides down

  • We selected Azumaya tofu and Ghirardelli chocolate


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  • For example mouldy 'Blue Stilton' is perhaps the finest of cheeses, 'well-hung' game such as pheasant or venison is actually putrefying by the time it is cooked, and bitter dark chocolate is regarded as more sophisticated than the white or milk varieties

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  • Chocolate, vanilla, beans, nuts, bananas, cultured products like cheese and yogurt and fermented products, especially dark beer, soy sauce and red wine are all significant sources of tyramines

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  • It doesn't split and the is very nice, though it makes me think more of McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuits and milk than the barn owl on the label

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  • Do you have a food obsession? I have an addiction to dark chocolate and share another passion enjoyed by many: I adore garlic


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