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  • Windsor II was once one of the best large-cap value funds in the business

  • (03-30-2006) The pace of manager retirement is picking up at Wellington Management as a generation of top investors is folding up the tent and a new, younger crop is taking on leading roles at Vanguard funds

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  • Retail Funds Institutional/Wholesale Funds Good intentions do not always translate into good investment outcomes

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  • For example, picking the best 5-20 funds and stocks for your customized portfolio from a list of 6, 000 funds and 6, 000 stocks and generating periodic trading signals plus a complete back-tested portfolio return

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  • Enter ticker: How AIM's Largest Funds Are Performing in 2006 Name YTD Return% Rank inCategory 82 14 60 19 30 76 15 Data as of 08-03-06   Undervalued Large Cap Telecom Stocks Name MorningstarRating Market Cap 114, 624 97, 814 65, 784 64, 310 60, 860 58, 361 38, 358 Data as of 08-03-06   All rights reserved


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  • And if he refuses, we need to raise funds to bring a lawsuit against LA County for selectively enforcing laws particularly for the benefit of the hated Agua Dulce Airport

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  • Donor-advised funds are the fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle in the nation

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  •  You are here: >>> FREE Newsletter Sign Up Now for the Mutual Funds newsletter!   Search > Exchange Traded Funds - ETFs Exchange Traded Funds are not technically mutual funds, but they offer some of the same advantages while trading like a stock

  • Articles & Resources Sort By : Guide Picks | Learn the best way and best time to use exchange traded funds

  • A look at the new commodity exchange traded funds, including gold, silver and currencies

  • ETFs are becoming more and more popular as they appear to be a low-cost, flexible alternative to mutual funds

  • List of available international or foreign exchange traded funds

  • Vanguard's VIPERS are ETF versions of their popular index funds

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  • Discover the Origins of Mutual Fund Investing When three Boston securities executives pooled their money together in 1924 to create the first mutual fund, they had no idea how popular mutual funds would become.
 The idea of pooling money together for investing purposes started in Europe in the mid-1800s

  • In contrast, there are over 10, 000 mutual funds in the U.S

  • today totaling around $7 trillion (with approximately 83 million individual investors) according to the .
 The stock market crash of 1929 slowed the growth of mutual funds

  • Securities and Exchange Commission) helped create the Investment Company Act of 1940 which provides the guidelines that all funds must comply with today

 With renewed confidence in the stock market, mutual funds began to blossom

  • By the end of the 1960s there were around 270 funds with $48 billion in assets

  • Mutual funds are now popular in employer-sponsored defined contribution retirement plans (401k), IRAs and Roth IRAs

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  • It is interesting to note that funds do not issue a pre-determined amount of stock, as do most corporations; new shares are issued as each new investment is made

  • Federal regulations require a daily re-valuation process, called, of all open-end mutual funds

  • LOAD AND NO-LOAD FUNDS Description

  • Many people have heard the words and in connection with mutual funds, but do not understand what these terms refer to

  • As noted above, not all funds have sales charges

  • Accordingly, there are two daily price listings for so-called 'load' funds: the offering price (the investor's purchase price), and the net asset value (the investor's selling price)

  • Since investors in load funds (presumably) have the assistance of their brokers, we will discuss the process of buying and selling no-load funds

  • Most funds have a minimum beginning amount, but after that, almost anything goes in terms of additions and withdrawals (be sure to check the prospectus for details on individual fund operations procedures in this regard)

  • Mutual funds are heavily regulated and have proven to be trustworthy over time

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  • Markets are Closed Search (choose an option below) DJIA 11219.38 -20.97 Nasdaq 2072.50 -12.55 S&P 500 1275.77 -3.59 Rus 2000 696.05 -5.21 10 Yr Bd NA NA DJTA 4316.43 -62.13 Wil 5000 12767.12 -44.48 S&P 400 738.54 -4.52 Nas 100 1494.13 -9.71 Sign up now for FREE Newsletters Enter your email address below : Funds Home Fund Screen By Joshua Albertson Thanks to weakness in the U.S

  • dollar, they continue to outperform domestic funds

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  • Want to see how all of the funds in your portfolio stack up? A revolutionary new way to track mutual fund performance

  • More Stories Fund Screen By Joshua Albertson We've got 24 funds with stellar returns, but low tax efficiency

  • Fund Screen By Joshua Albertson Core funds may never top growth or value, but they provide a great safe haven

  • Fund Screen By Joshua Albertson Which funds and sectors are performing the best? Here's a review

  • Fund FAQs By Aleksandra Todorova If you own a fund that is being closed to new investors, should you sell? ADVERTISEMENT Stock funds, bond funds, international funds, sector funds

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  • Ra Featured on CBS and Highly Rated by Hulbert Financial Digest Index Rx Portfolio Performance To May 1, 2006: ETF Rx High Dose Rx Excel Rx Max Dose Rx S&P 500 Wilshire 5000 Since Inception* +77.8% +103.4% +31.5% +121.1% +5.0% +16.2% Year to Date +16.7% +9.2% +14.1% +14.9% +5.1% +6.1% One Year +28.0% +13.9% +28.9% +29.0% +15.3% +17.4% Annual Performance Summary 1999** 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 High Dose +28.9% +4.4% -4.5% -3.8% +43.8% +18.1% -2.3% Max Dose +54.9% +9.2% -4.5% -13.7% +41.0% +18.2% +4.0% ETF --- --- --- -7.9% +36.6% +18.1% +4.4% Excel --- --- --- --- --- --- +6.3% About Index Rx Index Rx is a monthly investment newsletter that uses a proprietary technical model to recommend specific index funds and buy/sell dates to our subscribers via hotline, email, and website

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  • Here are three good reasons to favor them.' [SLO Tribune, 26Jul06] 'That daily latte habit may be draining your retirement funds

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  • Basic Information Week- Month- Years held by most funds

  • XAU gained to 146.39 as all gold funds had a good week

  • August 18 Gold dropped to 612.1 and silver to 12.01 as most gold funds lost ground

  • XAU slid to 142.25 and all gold funds lost ground

  • August 4 Gold advanced to 644.0 and silver to 12.44 as most gold funds climbed

  • Gold funds had a mixed month

  • The top gold funds for the week of August 25 and for the entire month of July (percentage change): August 25 Fund 1wk 3wks 6wks 2006 nav PMPIX Profund Prec Mtls Ultr 5.5 1.1 -0.4 13.4 47.01 INIVX Van Eck Intl Inv GoldA 4.5 0.4 2.7 34.3 16.60 GOLDX Gabelli Gold

  • It analyzes international events which may affect the movement of precious metals and gold funds from different perspectives

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