All 12 months, plus lunar phases and some holidays noted.

  • Tools Advanced Customization - change appearance, period and more - customize country and time zone Other calendars - make yearly calendar for any year - shows only one month at a time - make customized calendars Related links - and other useless facts © Time and Date AS / Steffen Thorsen 1995-2006

    Calendar Constructor software: create and print calendars
    Create calendars for business, educational or home use. Print calendars complete
    with clip art and...

  • Aspire Software Calendar Constructer Calendars made easy! Print calendars complete with clip art and graphics

  • Create calendars for business, home, or school

  • Create, print, and export calendars with this intuitive software! for Windows XP Make great looking calendars with ease! below is an example calendar with a picture stretched over the entire background: To make a calendar like this, select 'Edit'-'Insert Bitmap' off the menu, then select the bitmap and hit the 'Open' button

  • In the next screen, select in the position-in-relation-to 'Entire Calendar' and then check 'Fill Entire Area'

  • Features of Calendar Constructer: Export to web-readable file (.BMP, .GIF, .JPG, or .PNG) Option to start the week on a monday

  • Preset dates: holidays (U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia) daylight savings time moon phases, lunar calendar solar solstice, equinox calendar religious dates: catholic calendar, jewish calendar *note: muslim dates are not including because they vary in regions where they are tied to the direct observance of the moon

  • Calendar Constructer makes an easy to use PIM or organizer

    Calendars.Net: Free Interactive Web Calendar Hosting
    Free interactive web calendars for seamless integration into an existing web site.
    Enhanced, nested...

  • Display and edit your own calendar of events

  • Link your calendar to your web site

  • View and print out calendars by the day, week, month, or year

  • Calendars also available with layout and menus in Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, or Swedish Use the to navigate in any English calendar but have all events displayed in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, or Spanish

  • Read this page in other languages: | Calendars Net is a free interactive web calendar hosting service, where you and anyone you choose can post events visible and printable by whomever you choose, or everyone

  • You can copy the calendar data to your own computer and edit your calendar offline

  • Get the and see how HTML works inside the calendar

  • Selected cool non-private calendars

  • Shows how a calendar can fit within a frame on your web site

  • Designed for Webmasters Calendars Net is designed for webmasters who want to integrate interactive calendars with their websites

  • Our calendars can be squeezed into your frames and can be shrinked to print on virtually any size paper

  • While we also host personal calendars, Calendars Net is uniquely valuable to webmasters, with these features

    Calendar software makes photo calendars and customized calendars
    Downloadable free calendar software enables groups to create fully customized
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  • Service and product for Calendar Software for your Photo Calendars or Cards Print your Photo Calendars or Greeting Cards at home/Office: create and print at home fully customized Calendars

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  • We offer drop ship services (minimum order 25 calendars) send us your mailing address list and we will bulk mail the calendars to your customers (only for 11x17 center fold calendars) email us for details

  • Coming soon August 2006 : New products - CD calendars, Art Paper Cards, Playing cards, Photo books.

  • New Software- major upgrade (free for 2005, 2006 buyers) for calendar and cards, and new photo book software Fully Customized Calendars and Cards OR Use your own digital images and special dates to create and print your photo calendars


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    12 sided calendar
    Ofereixen la possibilitat de baixar-se un calendari romboïdal o dodecaèdric en
    format PDF per muntar...

  • Download a 12 sided calendar Download a dodecahedral calendar

  • Calendar on a regular Once upon a time I made a PostScript program to print templates for generic polyhedra called

  • Andrew Rogers added code to and turned the dodecahedron into a 12-month desk calendar and posted it to

  • Hints for calendar on a regular dodecahedron Regular printer paper (80 g/m²) will be fine, but heavier paper (100-120 g/m²) will result in a more robust calendar

  • Calendar on a I have reused Andrew Rogers' calendar generator, so you can get calendars on Nick Robinson's , and make a calendar

  • Hints for calendar on a Print the calendar on regular A4 paper (80 g/m²)

  • The rhombic calendar will not fit on American letter paper :-( It will fit on American legal paper, but then you have to cut off the extra paper

  • Print the calendar on 3 sheets of paper with different colors to get a more colorful calendar

    Chinese New Year - China the Beautiful
    A look at the Chinese calendar, along with answers to common questions.

  • (year begins on 1/29/2006) Chinese New Year Chinese Calendar 2006 is (printable monthly calendar) 2006 | (printable Desktop calendar 2006) | Last modified: 7-4-2006 Chinese calendar Chinese calendar has been in continuous use for centuries, which predates the International Calendar (based on the Gregorian Calendar) we use at the present day which goes back only some 425 years

  • The calendar measures time, from short durations of minutes and hours, to intervals of time measured in months, years and centuries, entirely based on the astronomical observations of the movement of the Sun, Moon and stars

  • It is Year 4703 by the Chinese calendar

  • [A few Chinese astrological/zodiac websites believe this year should be considered as Year 4704 for zodiac calculations.] What's special about the Chinese New Year in 2006? It was a Leap Year! Unlike the western calendar, where one extra day is added in February, one whole leap month is added in a Chinese Leap Year

  • This is Year 4700 by Chinese calendar

  • It is Year 4699 by Chinese calendar

  • Others claim this year to be either 4699 or 4399, which are almost certainly wrong.] What's special about the Chinese New Year in 2001? It was a Leap Year! Unlike the western calendar, where one extra day is added in February, one whole leap month is added in a Chinese Leap Year

    Snapshots in Time
    Customized monthly themes with personal photos, and highlighting important dates.

  • First time user? Type in your email address and choose a password to begin creating your personalized calendar

  • Email: Password: Email: Password: Confirm Password: Personalized Calendars Promotional Calendars , and Pacific Western Contact: Snapshots In Time c/o Technigrafic Solutions, Inc

  • 185 El Paso Lane Carol Stream, IL 60188 Phone: 630-690-0053 or email Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:00 A.M-5:00 P.M., CST Personalized Calendars From Snapshots In Time Start your personalized calendar anytime using your personalized dates and 12-13 photos surrounded by our exclusive optional monthly theme borders, optional no-charge photo cover with caption, and 2007 and 2008 at-a-glance listings showing major U.S

  • The Premium Personalized Calendar Your calendar is printed on your choice of high quality matte or glossy paper in vibrant color and steel wire comb bound

  • Jumbo Format Personalized Calendar Try our jumbo format, open size is 14" x 22" and printed on matte or glossy paper with gloss card stock for the covers

  • The jumbo calendar is great for scenic vacation photos

  • We feel this upgrade will provide you with an easy-to-use and pleasant online experience when ordering your personalized calendars

    Biorhythm Biorythm Biorithm Free Biochart calendar.
    Online calculation of one month's biorhythms with brief background information.


  • The charts are displayed as a large, easy to read vertical calendar

  • Benefits

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    LuckyMe Software - Home of Mom's Calendar and IP Identifier
    Mom's Calendar b3.1.4 is a free simple printable calendar that helps people keep
    organized for Macintosh...

  • Building Simple Software For People Who Like It Simple Current Software: Mom's Calendar 3.5.5 : This program provides a simple printable calendar that is great for keeping track of events

  • You can also export your calendar to HTML

  • (Freeware) If you are not going to use the calendar in Mac OS X then you should download the Standard PPC version below
    Free cards to print or download, for holidays and other occasions.

  • Graduation 2006 Grand parents Day Home Page A printing site that can be used free of charge to print Calendars, Greeting Cards, Signs, Flyers, Forms, and much more

  • Calendars Our Calendars have been Updated thru 2006 We Have Printable Monthly Holidays Office Section Grandparent's Day Greeting Cards Pictures & Prints New and Hot Items! Our are now available

    2001 Jan Brett Calendar
    Site helps kids make their own calendar for the year 2001 using original artwork
    by children's illustrato...

  • You can print out each page on a standard printer and then tape the artwork and the grid together to form the finished calendar which measures 10 x 16 inches after you trim the edges

  • This is a clearer and larger version of the calendar

    Zirgo Calendar Printing Program
    Free calendar printing program. Download software to print 1 to 6 month calendars
    per page.

  • Print up your own Free Calendars with this calendar freeware

  • Here are some ways that people use this free calendar software: To plan vacations, or just to keep track of vacation days

  • Tape the calendar to a desk

  • It will print out a calendar for any month(s) and any year you choose

  • This first version of CALENDAR.EXE is just to print the days of the months

  • You can print a calendar to write your appointments in on the front, and use the back for your shopping list and unscheduled to-do list

  • What about printing calendars for 2006, 2007, 1492, 1776, 2525, or other years? It can do that too

  • You could print a calendar for the Year and month you were born, or calendars for many past years and future years


    Active Desktop Calendar
    Customizable and interactive PIM with notes, tasks and alarms, that displays data
    on the desktop wallpaper.

  • | active desktop calendar Tell a friend about ADC Change the position of the calendar on the desktop

  • There are options for changing calendar icons, fonts and colors, marking weekdays of choice and marking dates with notes and/or alarms

  • You can have a text only version of the calendar and choose between displaying one, two or three months on the desktop

  • Printing calendar data is easy and includes an option to choose date range for printing notes

  • Google Calendars are supported through direct connection with their iCal addresses

  • For importing and exporting calendar data the program supports iCal and comma separated values CSV formats

  • Finally, Active Desktop Calendar comes with world clock screen saver that shows your computer's system time, plus five major time zones around the world

  • Related Packages Active ScreenSaver Builder Active Desktop Calendar Price: USD 39.90 You save: USD 9.90 Download Druid Audio Notes Recorder Active Desktop Calendar Price: USD 39.90 You save: USD 19.80 Active Desktop Calendar Audio Notes Recorder Price: USD 29.90 You save: USD 9.90 © design by

    Apple - iCal
    Create and share calendars for use with either iCal or Mozilla Calendar.

    A publisher of media-oriented software. Includes product information and shopping,
    company profile...

    LA Weekly
    Los Angeles, its inhabitants, and local and international happenings. Be sure to
    visit our online...

  • But who was watching Ole Anthony? Calendar Search Film Search Restaurant Search S M T W T F S 6 7 8 Find all the information you need on the best summer concerts and festivals! Check out the Summer's tastiest restaurants! Get inside for promotions and special offers! Check out ALL of LA Weekly's Contests Here!!! Sign up to get passses to see The Descent! Summer reading Wed, May 31, 3:57 pm Who we are: An introduction and index of the profiles

    Calendar | Victoria University of Wellington
    Victoria University of Wellington. Website has information about the university's
    geophysics programs,...

  • Info For: | › About Victoria Site Navigation Site BreadCrumbs You are here: > > Calendar Section Navigation Related Links, Contact Information, Etc Related Topics (from 1998) The yearly roll of Victoria graduates

  • Calendars and Related Information On this page: Calendars The Victoria University Calendar is a yearly publication which provides key academic information, current at the time of publication, including, some, course of study statutes for and degrees, and general information about the University

  • Up to and including the 2002 Calendar, individual course (paper) prescription information was also included

  • Victoria University Calendar 2006 The Victoria University Calendar 2006 is available for download in four individual sections: (96 KB PDF) (543 KB PDF) (551 KB PDF) A selection of key statutes and policies is reproduced in the Calendar

  • (1.2 MB PDF) (385 KB PDF) Requires Victoria University Calendar 2005 The Victoria University Calendar 2005 is available for download in four individual sections: Correction to 2005 Calendar (MA Schedule) Owing to a table formatting fault, the schedule to the MA degree as published on pages 251-252 of the print 2005 Calendar contains an error affecting all courses from LALS 541 to MUSI 595

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  • We can print color brochures, booklets, business cards, calendars, catalogs, door hangers, envelopes, flyers, greeting cards, letterhead, newsletters, postcards, posters, presentation folders, rack cards, stickers, vinyl banners, and more


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