The Corduroy Suit
News, discography, photos, sounds, articles, chords and song lyrics.

Jewish Science Fiction and Fantasy
A list of science fiction and fantasy novels and shorter works somehow certified
kosher. - Jewish Books, Judaica Gifts & Judaica Giftware ...
Online store offering books, judaica, software, artwork, and music. A toll free
number is provided, as is the ability to search the books by subject.

Out of Zion Ministries
Messianic Ministry based on Mt Carmel, Israel.


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Blacks and Jews Newspage
Perspective on the historical relationship between blacks and jews.

A Lengthy List of Jewish Links
Hundreds of categorized links to pages of Jewish interest.

Jewish Historical Society of Central Jersey
Preserves the history of the various Central New Jersey Jewish Communities.

Yemenite Jews
An account of the history, religion and culture of the Jewish community from the
second century CE to the present. [Wikipedia]


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Masada: Desert Fortress Overlooking the Dead Sea
Article on the suicides and archaeological excavations, also featuring a photograph
and map of the area. From the Jewish Virtual Library.

Jewish Virtual Library: Moses
Overview of the Biblical prophet's life and leadership.

The Jews' Beech-Tree
Text at Virginia Commonwealth University.

MHN Instrument Encyclopedia
Jew's Harp (or Jaw's Harp). Background of the name, the instrument's heritage,
general description, and simple instructions on how to play.


On Persian Jews and Their Persecution
Comments by F. Ashkey.

Jewish Encyclopedia: Micah
Overview of the prophet from the traditional Jewish perspective, including rabbinic

Jewish Encyclopedia: Mordecai
Overview of the Biblical hero from the traditional Jewish perspective, including
rabbinic commentary.

Holocaust Timeline
Informational events from 1933 through 1945.
Presenting an Israeli perspective on regional history, advocating the forcible
expulsion of all Palestinians from Israel and the occupied territories.

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Etz Chayim-Tree of Life: Articles
A collection of essays and guest papers explaining varying aspects of Messianic

Judaism and Jewish Resources
Long categorized list of Jewish resources on the Web, at Shamash, maintained by
Andy Tannenbaum.


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