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  • Fill out the form to create a chat room immediately - only for you and the people you invite! Why Chatzy is a good alternative to traditional chat sites as well as ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and AOL Messenger: Chatzy has no registration steps - your friends can join instantly Chatzy is free and has no popup ads Chatzy does not require any installation on your computer (= no spyware) Chatzy works on any PC, with any language and through corporate firewalls Chatzy is simple and easy to use Start Quick Chat Create Virtual Room Use this form to create a chatroom and send out invitations, as quickly and easily as you would create an email

    Josh Groban Chat Room
    An AOL chat room for fans of Josh. Can be accessed by AOL or AIM users. 3 chatrooms.
    Includes HTML code to add the chat room to your own web site.

  • Josh Groban Fans Chat Room on AOL You must have AOL or AOL Instant Messenger-AIM installed in order to join chat

  • To download a free copy of AIM, go to If you have AIM installed, click on link below Memorable Chatroom quotes: On things fan would like to get Josh to say.

  • KrispLuce: My goal is: Ngo go tao fat ho leng Jeanne1aCJGnow: or yee haw staplejoy: i want to hear josh do an imitation of jarjar binx lol 'mesa go home, wesa think you are oke-day' JOIN US: If you are a web site operator, you are welcome to add this chat room code to your own Josh Groban page

  • Josh Groban Fans Chat Room on AOL You must have AOL or AOL Instant Messenger-AIM installed in order to join chat

  • To download a free copy of AIM, go to If you want to add this chat room to your own Josh fan page, please If you have AIM installed, click on link below The shortcut address to this page is: (This URL has a pop up ad)

    XBiz - Chat Room Bots: Part 2
    The broadcasting strategy of these software entities. Article only.

    XBiz - Chat Room Bots: Part 1
    A summary study of these programs. What they are, where do they come from, and
    how developed. Article only.


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    Steve Grossman, Chat Jargon, Chat Dictionary and Chat ...
    Information and tips about computers, the Internet, chatting, and the author's
    favorite toys and tools.

  • Quite a lot of chat services and rooms which are free Free chat rooms Free chat rooms Free chat rooms If you are looking for other chat sites, then visit

  • The links to many chat sites and other sites related to chatting, and also has its own chat room

    DBabble - Chat Server And Instant Messaging Software
    Chat, discussion, and secure instant messaging server accessible via web browser
    and Windows client. - Teen chat, Adults chat, Kids chat, Latin chat ...
    Contains several chat rooms, games and message forums.

  • Free Chat Rooms Teen Chat Rooms Kids Chat Rooms Adult Chat Rooms Network Info Check out the Kewlchat servers

  • Sponsors List of free chat rooms for adults chat, teen chat, and kids chat rooms

  • 07-18-03 kewlchat hits chat room record of 574 concurrent teen chat and adult chat users

  • 10-08-02 Kewlchat will have delays due to moving hosts 09-28-02 Kewlchat opens free web hosting services 09-08-02 Kewlchat beats deshichat making kewlchat in the top 3 chat servers 09-02-02 Kewlchat opens trivia questions room back up with 70, 000 questions! 08-01-02 Kewlchat buys 4 .us domains to hit the teen chat world early summer 07-11-02 Kewlchat opens new search portal 02-10-02 Justachat is named top 10 U.K

  • 12-01-01 Kewlchat lets users register own rooms - community, people search and messaging service!
    Official site for the instant-messaging and chat software.

  • Benefits

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    Salon Technology | Must AOL pay "community leaders"?
    Article by Janelle Brown discussing issues on the use of volunteers to manage a
    site's online community. "The volunteers may feel good about giving their time, ...

  • The boards are an education in acronyms, as former 'community leaders' -- the volunteers who spend their free time maintaining the boards, chat rooms and community areas of AOL -- compare notes and toss around arcane terms like TOS, IM, ACI, SRT and the CLO

  • These volunteers spend four hours a week, often far more, in a wide variety of roles: monitoring chat rooms, hosting bulletin board discussions, helping kids with homework, offering technical advice

    Chat Rooms, Forums & Discussions - Compare prices and read reviews
    Consumer reviews and ratings of chat and forum sites.

    Beginner's Guide To Life And The Internet
    Internet guide written by a beginner for other beginners.

  • You can chat privately one-on-one, have your own chat room, and send messages to others who have this program

    Coral Beach Inn and Vacation Rental Houses!
    Offers air conditioned rooms and guest houses with restaurant; includes photos
    of beach location and moderated chat. Located centrally on south shore.

  • If you're looking for a place to relax and enjoy a clean, air-conditioned, beachfront room, cabin, or home on your own private beach (at a price you can afford) you've come to the right web page! Rental Amenities: Private beach frontage and gardens, a/c, ceiling fans, and no less than a mini fridge and coffee pot in all rental types

  • Coral Beach Inn Facilities: Bar, all inclusive or 'by order' restaurant with FREE ROOM SERVICE, hot tub, fishing dock, snorkel and dive trails, kayak, jeep rental, tanks, snorkel and dive gear rentals

  • Activities available on site: Diving, dive instruction, fishing charters, bayside pier fishing, snorkeling trails, kayaking, garden hiking trails, horseback riding, jeep rental with map for 'self-guided island tours, ' water tours (on a private, 30 ft., covered boat with marine head) and more! Want more than just a room? We also offer beachfront, kitchenette suites, house and guest house rentals starting at $500 per week

  • Room service is FREE! Or you can book with one of our reasonable, all -inclusive meal packages

  • Rates start at $60 per night for rooms and $500 per week for houses including tax and transfers! Location? All our upscale vacation rentals sit mid-island on the south shore near CoCo View resort (and everything else)


    How to Meet Women Chicks Babes Online Chat Rooms Guide Pick-up ...
    A fully detailed practical guide and advice on how to meet women and men in
    Internet chat rooms.

  • The Web You are here: > > Chat Room Encounters: A Practical Guide Articles The Practical Guide to meeting people in Chat Rooms ~ Chat Room Encounters ~ By Randall Stephens An article for guys who are clueless about this 'whole chat room thing'

  • ...with thousands of chat rooms, where do you start?

  • Netiquette Before reading this page, it is very important for you to realize that when you engage in conversation with people on the net, in chat rooms or otherwise, you should always remember that you're speaking to REAL PEOPLE on the other end of the screen

  • Choose the Best Chat Room for Your Needs There are thousands of chat rooms, how do you choose? As a general rule of thumb, go to your local city room (for example, the "Chicago" room)

  • City rooms are usually filled with people from that city and that's what you want

  • Some cities or groups (ethnicity, married, S and M) have 'romance' rooms which are also great bets

  • Less useful but are worth a try: rooms like "flirt" because these are often filled with people from all over the place which is limiting and unrealistic for you - Your chatconnection to the Dutch Undernet channels!
    Portal site voor nederlandstalige IRC kanalen op het chatnetwerk van Undernet.
    Vanaf de site kan rechtstreeks worden gechat in een groot aantal kanalen.

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    How do spammers harvest email addresses ?
    Several methods are described.

  • Smith can be read at From IRC and chat rooms

  • This method is used beside the annoying IRCbots that send messages interactively to IRC and chat rooms without attempting to recognize who is participating in the first place

  • AOL chat rooms are the most popular of those - according to reports there's a utility that can get the screen names of participants in AOL chat rooms - Experts: Chat rooms a haven for hackers - April 10, 2002
    [CNN] :: Mac OS X news,mac tips, mac tools, and free downloads
    Tutorials, product reviews, commentary, links, and discussions about MacOS X.

  • 5734 Reads (1187 bytes more) 12 Comments Posted by: admin on Tuesday, September 27, 2005 - 06:55 AM Topic: All Topics Looking to find some friendly Mac users to chat it up with using your iChat accounts? Miss the old days of AOL chat rooms where you could have flame wars until 3 in the morning? Then you might enjoy Masq, which is a new program that allows you to utilize your iChat account to participate in group chats with other Mac users

  • Never fear, though, as a helping hand from Adobe's own book series (Classroom in a Book) is here to help

  • Below, we review the title "Adobe Creative Suite 2 Classroom in a Book." 3913 Reads (3123 bytes more) 14 Comments Content Menu · (Jul 24, 2005) · (Mar 06, 2004) · (Jul 23, 2002) · (Jul 20, 2005) · (Sep 26, 2005) OS X Books at Amazon User's Login User name Password Remember me New User? Friends Mac OS X news, mac tips, mac tools, and free downloads All logos and trademarks in this site are property of their respective owner

    Crohn's Disease Resource Center -
    Comprehensive guide to Crohn's Disease and ulcerative colitis, including medical
    news, chat, articles and information, message boards, illustrations, ...

  • You'll find information, resources, and support, plus full access to the forums and chat rooms

    WARPIG's PigChat Paintball Chat Room
    A Java applet to connect you to WARPIG's DALNet IRC channel.

    Free Voicechat World Wide with Web-a-dex Internet Services
    Voice chat live on the internet. Eliminate having to pay long distance toll
    charges with voice over IP.

  • Member of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Free Voice Chat OPEN!!! ENTER ROOMS HERE PASSWORD PROTECTION HAS BEEN ADDED People from around the world stop in to visit, share music or just listen

  • The weekly show is on Tuesdays at 9 pm CST Chat Room 2 These are the new voice boxes above


  • You can even lease your own private voice chat room


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