pain killer, inc.
A "pretty damned entertaining" poetry, story, and article webzine by a "handful
of self-loving misanthropes".
Aims to bring awareness on how easy it is to overdose on the opiate OxyContin.
Features background, personal stories, FAQs, overdose information, and details on ...

LANL: Chlorine
History, properties, uses, and handling.

  • Exposure to chlorine should not exceed 0.5 ppm (8-hour time-weighted average - 40 hour week.) Title Picture: Some tree frogs contain a chlorine compound in their skin that is a very powerful pain killer, which is two hundred times more potent than any known pain killer

    Pain Drug Becomes the Heroin of the Midwest
    Article outlining the rise in the recreational use of OxyContin in Cinncinati.

  • info: PAIN KILLER

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    EJN: John Zorn
    Biographical information and a brief discography.

  • In 1991 he formed Pain Killer with bassist/producer Bill Laswell and Mick Harris (the drummer from Napalm Death) and released Cuts of a Virgin on Earache, The Nottingham hardcore label

  • 2 1986 with the Sonny Clark Memorial Quartet Voodoo 1986 Cobra in 1987 rec 1985-86 News for Lulu 1987 Spillane 1988 Spy Vs Spy: The music of Ornette Coleman 1989 Naked City 1990, with Naked City Torture Garden 1990, with Pain Killer Guts of a Virgin 1991 More News for Lulu 1992

    Apple - iTunes
    Free MP3/AAC player/organizer for Mac and Windows that tags, rips, burns and
    converts audio files and integrates with the iPod portable music player and iTunes ...

    Foot Pain and Plantar Fasciitis Help: New Discovery
    Book on how the foot arch works can help relieve foot pain, flat feet, shin
    splints and other foot problems.

  • 'Foot Pain Got You Down?Do You Stand, Walk or Run? Learn How to Rid Yourself of Foot Pain Naturally' 'Get Rid of Foot Pain Without Arch Support Crutches Without Pain Killer Drugs Without Risky Surgery' Revolutionary book teaches how to use your foot muscles the natural way to relieve, foot arch pain, and other unwanted foot problems

  • Get off those pain killer drugs and let your feet live naturall again

    Youth Rights
    Informational site on the rights of abused youth, and alternatives to running away.

  • Benefits

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    Painkiller Preview - ( Review, Preview, Article, Interview, Q&A ...
    Previewed by Burt Carver. "...[W]hile coming out around the same time as HalfLife
    2 and Doom3 [it] is a completely different game and should appeal to the ...

  • Search: | username: password: Navigation Download Archive PC PS2 - PS3 PS2 PS3 XBox - XBox 360 XBox XBox 360 NGC - Wii/Revolution GameCube Wii/Revolution HandHelds PSP DS GBA N-Gage QD Events Genres Available : March 2004 Best Price : N/A Painkiller © / Preview by: Kurt Knudsen Painkiller is a new first person shooter game from People Can Fly and Dreamcatcher

  • The levels were well put together and the weapons look killer

  • Game play wise Painkiller has what it takes to be a hit

  • The multiplayer aspect of Painkiller looks promising

  • Painkiller's multiplayer mode is powered by GameSpy for in-game and external server browsing

  • Painkiller is definitely fun and will surely be a hit when it comes out in Spring 2004

    IMDb: Bob Goldthwait
    Includes filmography, awards, biography, and photos.

  • The Killer - (1992) TV Episode (as Bobcat Goldthwait) ...

    Brann The Iconoclast: Volume X
    Online text from the World Wide School Library.

  • A Pictorial Pain Killer

    GameGuru Mania
    Interview with Simon Vivien, Brand Manager at DreamCatcher Games. Includes screen

  • (c) 1997-2006 statement Gameguru reviews/specials archive Painkiller Interview (hx) 02:35 PM EST - Mar, 26 2004 GGMania got a chance to talk with Simon Vivien, Brand Manager at DreamCatcher Games, as he answers a few questions regarding to Painkiller, the upcoming first-person horror shooter from People Can Fly (ex-members of Lemon Interactive)

  • According to interview, the game international release date is April 12th! GGMania: Could you introduce yourself to our readers and tell them a little bit about what you do on Painkiller Simon Vivien: I'm Simon Vivien, Brand Manager at DreamCatcher Games and I'm in charge of Painkiller for Europe

  • GGMania: To start off, can you give us a brief overview of Painkiller? Simon Vivien: Painkiller is all about one thing : action

  • GGMania: Are you implementing any changes to the game based on this response? Simon Vivien: Yes, but you will see that when the reviews will come out :o) Seriously, we have been using player feedback from the very beginning of the development - the community of Painkiller beta-testers has been limited in numbers, but their feedback makes them the most valuable people I ever had the chance to work with


    Letter From A Master Addict To Dangerous Drugs
    British Journal of Addiction, Vol. 53, No. 2.

    BBC - LeVar Burton
    Interview covering Burton's experiences working on Star Trek.

    Azarius Psychoactive Herb Shop
    Offers psychoactive and hallucinogenic herbs, like ephedra, kava kava and damiana.

  • [ ] 16-08-2006 - Cannabis promoted as a pain-killer at International AIDS Conference The number of people in poor countries taking AIDS drugs - about 1.4 million - rises by tens of thousands every week

    Arthritis Pain, Migraine Pain, Analgesic, Muscle Pain, Herbal Pain ...
    Analgesic for migraine and arthritic pain.

    Florida Detox
    Anesthesia assisted detox from any opiate or narcotic analgesic including synthetics.
    In Tarpon Springs.

  • "Nobody ever would realize that I'm addicted to painkillers

    A network of sites where visitors can find many targeted topic areas, each one
    managed by a personal guide.

    The Box Jellyfish
    Provides information about the deadliest sea creature.

    Ovarian Cancer: The Silent Killer
    Discusses risks, diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Why
is ovarian cancer a "silent" killer? 

cancer is often called the "silent" killer because many times there
are no symptoms until the disease has progressed to an advanced


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