Quad City Ultralight Aircraft Corp.
Profiles the kit manufacturer for the popular Challenger ultralight and experimental

Ultralight Aircraft Buyer's Guide
Offering a book with information on ultralight aircraft. Seller in Richford,
Vermont, USA.

  • Ultralight Aircraft Shopper's Guide

  • This book shows all the inexpensive ultralight aircraft that are exempt from regulations in the USA (part 103)

  • No pilot license and no aircraft registration are necessary

  • Ultralight aircraft plans Ultralights are the easiest and cheapest aircraft that can be built by amateurs

  • You can get plans for each category of aircraft so that you can build whatever turns your crank (trike, powered paraglider, fixed-wing, gyrocopter etc.)

  • Ultralight Aircraft Kits 66 fixed wings 13 Trikes 12 Powered Parachutes 13 Powered Paragliders 4 Powered hang gliders 85 Vintage ultralights 6 Gyrocopters 4 Helicopters 43 engines from 9.5 hp to 95 hp 42 Parts suppliers Vintage ultralight airplanes There is a unique section that shows those ultralights that are not manufactured anymore and that can still be found on the used market

  • 4, 131 ultralight aircraft instructors Learn to fly with our unique list of 4, 131 instructors (USA)

  • A summary of regulations governing ultralight aircraft operations is provided

    Affordaplane Ultralight, Affordaplane Plans, ultralight plans, a ...
    An ultralight airplane, which is plans built, bolt-together. Flight clips,
    specifications and construction photos.

  • So if you've been 'bitten' with the flying bug, have a look around, and we hope you enjoy your stay at Affordaplane Aircraft! Over 2 million visitors since March 1999! Thank You! Copyright 1999-2006 All rights reserved

    Sabre Ultralight Trikes and Ultralight Aircraft and Trike Wings ...
    Manufacturer of weightshift ultralight aircraft and trike wing. Based in Buckeye
    Arizona. Pictures, pricing and dealer list.

  • Welcome to Sabre Aircraft Sabre Aircraft was the largest and oldest Trike manufacturer in the United States


    Photo by www.ultralight-aircraft.com

    Australian Ultralight Federation
    Non-profit organization promoting ultralight aviation.

  • | | | | | | | Welcome to Recreational Aviation Australia Inc Published by RA-Aus for its members, and for those interested in flying in a friendly environment — just for the sheer fun of it — or in building or buying their own aircraft, or maybe just interested in learning a little about grass-roots aviation

  • (Mick) Parer 'An operator who had a passion for flight and a passion to teach' 1935 — 2005 Application forms, ASICs, documents, subscriptions, purchases, payments • • • Aircraft purchase & construction • • • • Flight schools, clubs & events • • • • RA-Aus aircraft register A new listing of the 2168 aircraft with valid registration at 30 June 2006 is now available

  • An Australian design two seat 'amateur-built' category aircraft typical of the newer generation RA-Aus aeroplanes constructed in fibre reinforced polymer materials

  • Design, build or buy your own aeroplane!      The ultralight aviation community encompasses: those enthusiasts who design and fabricate their own truly experimental aircraft; those who fully fabricate from commercially supplied plans; those who partly fabricate and assemble their own aircraft from a factory supplied kit; those who prefer to purchase a new certificated, factory built aircraft; and those many people who choose to buy a pre-owned aircraft, whether factory or home built

    L'il Hustler Ultralight Aviation.
    Manufacturer of the L'il Buzzard and L'il Hustler series of two place ultralight
    aircraft trainers.

  • Rotax engines, Rotax 377, 447, 503, 532, 582, and Rotax 912 aircraft engines, parts & ultralight aircraft accessories Ultralight Store P.O

  • Box 20135 Barrie Ontario Canada L4M 6E9 705-726-8171 705-726-5937 FAX Airfield (by appointment ONLY) 1895 10th line east of Hwy 11 Bradford Ontario Light Sport Aircraft - information, classifieds, and flight reviews

  • Rotax parts and manuals Rotax Parts and Ultralight Aircraft Accessories

  • A - Digital aerial photography -Professional aircraft sales, looking to buy or sell your ultralight or light sport aircraft? We have a 7500 member mailing list - and customers with aircraft for sale, and others looking to buy! We take the hassle out of buying & selling! - Imported 2 1/4 inch 3 1/8 inch - Imported B - cable operated Hegar Matco Max 1000 hydraulic brakes C Rotax - for Rotax 912 Circlip tool Crankshafts - Rotax prov 4 prov 8 prov 4 prov 8 D E - Rotax Electric starter - Rotax electric starter electric starter electric starter E drive electric start - VDO Lord, Barry, Quicksilver Exhaust mount kit - Rotax F FREE G FREE - mounts, panels, pods H - painting with house paint I - Radios Intake sockets - 277 Rotax J K - we can help you buy and build your kit no matter the manufacturer

    Light sport aircraft video magazine, ultralight aircraft video ...
    Information on ultralight aviation, ultralight flight reports, parachutes, floats
    and flight training.

  • Light sport aircraft video magazine, ultralight aircraft video magazine, light sport aircraft engine videos, light sport and ultralight aircraft buyers guide video clips and interviews Ultralight Store P.O

  • Box 20135 Barrie Ontario Canada L4M 6E9 705-726-8171 705-726-5937 FAX Airfield (by appointment ONLY) 1895 10th line east of Hwy 11 Bradford Ontario Light Sport Aircraft - information, classifieds, and flight reviews

  • to receive ULTRALIGHT NEWS EXTRA ! Our monthly newsletter packed full of information about ultralight aviation! Ultralight Flyer light sport aircraft and ultralight aircraft video magazine

  • The Ultralight Flyer web video magazine features hours and hours of video interviews on light sport aircraft, ultralight aircraft, and experimental aircraft

  • Aerolite 103 video, web video interview with Terry Raber on the Aerolite 103 ultralight aircraft

  • Aeroprakt A 26 video, web video interview with Spectrum Aircraft on the Aeroprakt A 26 Vulcan

  • Affordaplane video, web video interview with Dave Edwards designer of the Affordaplane ultralight aircraft

  • Airbike ultralight video, web video interview on the Airbike single place ultralight aircraft

    UltraFlight Radio - Ultralight, Microlight and Light Sport ...
    Internet radio show offering information on ultralights, microlights, and light
    sport aircraft.

  • The UltraFlight Radio Show discusses subjects of interest to you, the ultralight or sport aircraft pilot

  • Learn from experienced aircraft builders

  • Podcast Feeds: iTunes iTunes Subscriber? Get your free iTunes Downloads by clicking on the button below! Here is What is Going on This Week! Van Stumpner, Federal Aviation Administration Van Stumpner has just put the finishing touches on an on-line course that will allow existing Amateur Built Aircraft Designated Airworthiness Representatives (DARs) to pick up the additional function code to do the same kind of inspections for Light Sport Aircraft (LSA)

  • While we have him with us, we'll also ask how those wanting to become a DAR can do that., (8/8/06) Dan Johnson, Light Aircraft Manufacturing Association Dan Johnson joins us this time to talk about the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association

  • LAMA has put together an auditing program that will allow aircraft producers to have an outside set of eyes to verify that they are doing things according to ASTM standards

  • (8/1/06) Mike Loehle, Loehle Aircraft Mike Loehle has been keeping busy this summer, too

  • We talk with him about some of the projects going on in both the painting and aircraft replica worlds

  • Benefits

    Photo by flyskydart.com

    Airborne Microlight Aircraft, microlights, trikes, ultralights ...
    Manufacturer of microlights, ultralights, trikes and hang gliders. Products,
    dealers and pictures.

  • Airborne Microlight Aircraft Microlights, Ultralights, Trikes, Ultralight Trikes and Hang Gliders Welcome to AirBorne Australia Ultralight Aircraft Specialists Airborne specialise in the design and manufacture of ultralights (also called, microlights , trikes ultralight trikes and flexwing microlights) and hang gliders , for the serious adventure aviation enthusiast

  • Airborne also supply wings to other manufactures of microlight aircraft or ultralight trikes

  • Choose from a variety of aircraft including the Redback, the latest and most affordable in our range of twin seat certified aircraft: The fully optioned Classic 582 which is fully faired with optional electric start and oil injection

  • We use quality Rotax aircraft engines in all of our current designs

  • Feel confident when you fly, choose a certified aircraft

  • Our aircraft are certified to Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements

    Microlight / Ultralight Aircraft Information Database
    Searchable database over ultralight, microlight and LSA aircraft including
    manufacturers, models, photos, some specifications and related links.

  • | >' /> | >' /> | AIRCRAFT SEARCH AIRCRAFT: 292 ULM / LSA Links: 726 - Tell us what you fly! -  SportPilotTalk.com Meet other sport pilots at: Add Pilotmix and go Orange! Link to Pilotmix from your aviation site because it will give you more visitors! Do you want to have your link highlighted in orange? Just link to Pilotmix from your site and we will highlight our link to your site in orange! This will definetly generate more visitors to your site! This is a free service from Pilotmix to anyone who wants to be listed in our link archive and is linking back to Pilotmix

  • Most popular ULM / LSA aircraft in April -06 Most popular ULM / LSA aircraft in April 2006 based on number of views at pilotmix.com, 758 Views, 702 Views , 673 Views, 613 Views, 565 Views, 527 Views, 488 Views, 436 Views, 417 Views, 399 Views , 328 Views, 310 Views, 310 Views, 301 Views, 299 Views Top ten of sold ultralight aircraft in Germany 2005 Numbers before model indicates how many UL / LSA aircraft were sold in Germany in 2005.28

  • Source: There was totaly 229 sold ultralight 3-axis aircraft in Germany in year 2005.The big surprise this year is the Gyrokopter MT03 that has raised to the number 2 of the total sold ultralight / LSA aircraft in Germany

    Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association
    Preserves information about lost and forgotten light airplanes, blueprints and

    Ultralight Flying
    Worldwide coverage of ultralight and microlight aviation engines, planes,
    accessories, trips, and events. Issued monthly.

  • Ultralight Flying! Magazine has recently changed its name to reflect the new FAA Light-Sport Aircraft and Sport Pilot Rules

  • Subscribe Today! Simply Click Below! With each monthly issue of Light Sport and Ultralight Flying you'll get all the latest ultralight news, information, flying stories and a Pilot's Report on the newest ultralights with e-mail and Internet addresses where you can get even more information! Our September 2006 issue features: Pilot's Report -- Breese II DS New Products for the 2006 Flying Season, Part II Flying For the Penniless Dreamer -- Pages of New Products and Flying Accessories -- Ultralight News Skywriter -- Sporting Code Shock Flight Safety Notebook -- Sealants and Locking Materials Wingtips -- Finding Your Glide Ratio Now Available! If you're just starting in Light-Sport and Ultralight aircraft, our 2006 Buyer's Guide issue is a must! It lists hundreds of single- and 2-seat models currently available in the U.S., including fixed-wings, trikes, powered parachutes, powered paragliders, and motorized hang gliders

  • A Listing of Aircraft that have qualified for FAA's new Special Light-Sport Aircraft Category


    Aircraft Sales and Parts - Ultralight and Homebuilt sales, parts ...
    Producing the Beaver and Chinook ultralight kits, parts and accessories.

  • !! Copyright © Aircraft Sales and Parts 2002 Website design by:

    Quicksilver Manufacturing, Inc.
    The large manufacturer of ultralight aircraft about the GT and MX models in
    various configurations, its facilities and dealers.

  • The World's Largest Manufacturer of Sport Aircraft Quicksilver produces Ultralight, Ultralight type, Light Sport, and Experimental/Amateur Built aircraft kits

  • As the most commonly used Ultralight training aircraft in America, Quicksilver's light aircraft are recognized for being ideal for recreational flying as well as flight training

  • Two popular lines of aircraft are produced: the MX series and the GT series

  • The MX series of aircraft offers the best in open cockpit flying while the GT series offers high performance and partial or full enclosure for cooler climates

  • Whether you have logged thousands of flight hours in large, fast, and complex aircraft or you are just being introduced to flying, Quicksilver has a model for you

    Airsport Aviation Inc. - Ultralight Aircraft Sales, Flight ...
    Flight training on advanced ultralights and powered parachutes near Toronto.
    Sales of Tecnam planes and used aircraft.

    challenger quicksilver ultralight sport plane light sport aircraft ...
    Sells a range of aircraft, provides kit assembly, and flight lessons. Provides a
    FAQ and shows the assembly procedure.

  • They will soar on wings like eagles.....Isaiah 40:31 U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC provides Light Sport and Ultralight aircraft sales, flight instruction, assembly and repair

  • We are factory authorized representatives for Challenger and Quicksilver aircraft, as well as accessory manufacturers listed below

  • In addition to Challenger and Quicksilver aircraft, we are also factory authorized dealers for BRS, Warp Drive, IVO Prop, Powerfin, EIS, Rotax, Kuntzleman Electronics, ICOM, OZEE, Lynx and many others

  • We strive to be your first and only choice for Light Sport and Ultralight aircraft sales, instruction, assembly and repair

  • We encourage you to call us to discuss any of the aircraft we sell or the services we provide

  • EMAIL US: U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC DeLand Municipal Airport P.O

  • Copyright 2006, U-FLY-IT Light Sport Aircraft, LLC

  • Providing Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft Sales, Assembly and Instruction

    Leading Edge Air Foils Ultralight and Experimental Aircraft Kits ...
    Dealer of ultralight and experimental aircraft parts and supplies including flight
    and engine instruments. Based in Lyons, Wisconsin USA.

  • Updated 10/27/2005 "The oldest and largest dealer of ultralight and experimental aircraft parts and supplies

    Aviazione Leggera
    Provides information on ultralight flying in Italy. Details of clubs, regulations,
    events and airfields.

  • Since today you can insert your adverts and search your aircraft with advanced search

    Loehle Aircraft
    Manufacturers of Replica WW 1 and WW11 kit planes, including the P 51 Mustang,
    P-40 Flying Tiger, Spitfire in wood plus the Spad, Fokker, and Early Bird Jenny ...

  • Loehle Aero Coatings NEW! Welcome to Loehle Aircraft Corporation Celebrating our 29th Year in Aircraft Kit Manufacturing! (Loehle is pronounced: LOW-lee) Have you wished you could own a piece of WWII aviation history, but have hesitated because of the $1 million+ price tag of a warbird? Have you considered a replica, but don't feel you have the time and/or skills required to build one? Well, pay attention! This may be your opportunity to be the proud owner of a very unique, world famous aircraft

  • - Mike and Sandy give their perspective on the Light Sport Aircraft category, progress report on the Loehle Aero Coatings division, as well as exciting new plans for expansion of services at the factory

  • Do you need your aircraft painted? Need an aircraft trailer? How about one 100" wide x 38' long x 7' high? Or a tractor to mow your runway? for more details and photos...

  • WANT TO BE A P-51 PILOT THIS FALL ? Don't want to build...just want a ready-to-fly 5151? Want a Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) but something more special, more unique than a white composite trainer? Here's a wonderful opportunity that won't last long...going, going..

    Tennessee Propeller,wood propeller,aircraft propeller,Zenoah,2 ...
    Manaufacture of wooden propellers for ultralights and distributor for Zenoah
    ultralight engines.

  • manufactures wooden propeller for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft using Rotax engine, and microlight aircraft

  • Tennessee Propellers Inc sells wooden ultralight aircraft propeller, Zenoah two cycle ultralight engine, and powered parachute

  • manufactures wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft using Rotax engines, and microlight aircraft

  • Tennessee Propellers Inc sells wooden ultralight aircraft propellers, Zenoah two cycle ultralight engines, propellers for Rotax engines on microlight aircraft, and powered parachutes

  • manufactures wooden propellers for ultralight aircraft, experimental aircraft using Rotax engines, and microlight aircraft

  • Tennessee Propellers Inc sells wooden ultralight aircraft propellers, Zenoah two cycle ultralight engines, propellers for Rotax engines on microlight aircraft, and powered parachutes


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