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Highway Kick-Off Page @ AARoads: Your Link to the Best Highways on ...
Large list with annotations.

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    Online journal of arts and culture and politics with a liberal bent.

  • Now I watch as bombs destroy my refuge -- and the best hope for a viable Middle East democracy By Alia Malek The numbers show Lieberman had a Fox habit, and kicked it cold turkey when he faced a primary challenge from the left By Alex Koppelman Republican brutality against Jack Murtha, especially by politicians who once praised him, highlights the GOP's desperation on Iraq By Joe Conason In an angry response to Salon, the APA defends its policy on participating in terror suspects' interrogation -- as some members still push for change By Mark Benjamin This thriller about books, belief and betrayal covers topical terrain -- JT LeRoy and James Frey, anyone? -- but itself proves unbelievable By Stephanie Zacharek Will Ferrell, John C

    Interviews, news, images and video relating to alternative teen culture.

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    First Baptist Church of Wyandotte
    Contact information, list of activities, and worship schedule.

  • Reminder! Sunday, September 10th will be a combined service at 10:00 am and our annual COOL Kick-Off will follow the service
    Interesting, bizarre and amusing news stories, along with regular photo manipulation

    Internet Movie Database: Half Past Dead
    Plot summary, cast and crew, reviews, awards, user comments and ratings, quotations,
    trivia, production and distribution information, photographs, multimedia, ...

  • I was thinking....A Steven Seagal movie! Cool! We'll get to see him kick people and flip people and break bones

  • People getting kicked twenty feet through the air and sundry other ludicrous acrobatic nonsense
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  • | Login You're Not Logged In Original Zeropaid News Well it seems those crazy Euro pirates are throwing a shindig on August 7th in Stockholm, sweden to kick start what they feel will be a Fall just as exciting as this roller coaster of a Summer

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    Bob Staake Stock Illustration
    Humorous illustrations, cartoons and digital art for purchase.

  • practically jump off the page." -- Publishers Weekly More Inside: Out-of-Print and Collector Editions of Bob Staake books are powered by Get Inside! Press Bob x Read a Recent With Bob Kick Back and Read an Interview with Bob Check Out the with Bob Catch an With Bob in 'Computer Artist' Magazine Why are David Bowie, Martha Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Staake on the What's Bob been chatting and yammering about? Find out Read our new online newsletter for clients - 'The Sporadic Bob' Buy Bob x From books to screen savers, toys to coffee mugs -- check out what's in store in our Take a at the children's books Bob's working on right now Cruise through the and buy original Bob Staake artwork Now anyone can afford an original piece of Bob art

    Radiskull & Devil Doll
    Home of Radiskull and Devil Doll, 2 evil cartoon characters. They talk, sing,
    rap N stuff. Featuring Flash animations by Joe Sparks. Also see production notes ...

    [39%] Review with screen shots by Sam Gibson "Take this game and pop back in time
    seven years and I would have maybe scored it about a 60%,..."

  • 1/31/2004 9:15:16 AM EST aye 2/13/2004 12:42:51 PM EST What the HELL are you talking about?! This games kicks ass! 2/15/2004 10:55:02 AM EST the game aims on a different gameplay rather than the same sprites in battle from diablo it may suck on the graphical side but who cares? the fighting style is what's new and important make the graphics as of like lotr: return of the king but the same graphics, you get a top-selling game this game is good 2/16/2004 10:19:56 PM EST how the heel do u use power the kill blows `??? 2/18/2004 9:17:53 AM EST You read the manual

  • You do have one of those, don't you, or do you have the special cut-price version, the one you have to download and burn yourself? 3/9/2004 7:07:51 AM EST that's cool, kick ass! 3/24/2004 4:01:38 AM EST Where can i d/l this game for free ??? btw this game is kickass ??? 4/17/2004 10:52:32 AM EST What a stupid review preview whatever YOUR AN IDIOT

    The Ultimate Taxi
    Rates, pictures of famous passengers, party photos and location and booking

  • I got a kick out of seeing the assorted photos, especially the 360 one, and the head of our entire department got a huge kick out of seeing the front page newspaper article


    WKHX Kicks 101.5 FM
    Country music for Atlanta. Station personalities, events, and news.

  • KICKS 101.5 - Atlanta - It's All About Country

    Cool Sci-Fi Stuff: Monopoly Star Wars
    Review by Craig E. Engler, B+. "A nice diversion for Stars Wars fans who also
    have a hankering to play Monopoly, even if it is the same old game underneath all ...

  • And the window dressing, while superfluous to game play, is nice for Star Wars fans, who will probably get a kick out of seeing Darth Vader charging Han Solo rent

  • For instance, if players land on the Go Directly To Jail square, the giant foot of an Imperial AT-AT will come down and kick them across the board into the jail cell

    Group blog covering personal tech for women or reviewed from a woman's point of view. FAQ
    Frequently Asked Questions on unicycling.

  • Use your other foot to kick the seat up underneath you, and put the free foot on its pedal

  • rolling mount to one foot jump mount to one foot idle kick up to walk the wheel kick up to walk the wheel one footed kick up to spin side jump mount to walk the wheel Like jump mount, but land in the wheel walk position

  • pick up mount spin mount spin mount to one foot riding kick up with foot wrapped around frame side jump mount to seat at back jump mount with 180 seat spin whilst airborne jump mount with 360 seat spin whilst airborne turn around jump mount The rider turns around 180 degrees before landing on the unicycle

    Tobacco Tips 4 Kids
    Printable tip sheets on everything from the dangers of tobacco to kicking the habit.
    From the Center for Disease Control.

    Funny Cool Stuff
    Weblog of funny pictures, videos, animations and jokes.

    UnderGroundOnline: Vivica A. Fox Interview
    Sean Chavel talks with the actress about her role in Kill Bill.

  • Fox: Cool, the one who could kick some butt, huh? UGO: When you first saw this script, what was going through your mind? VAF: That I had to do it

  • Did you notice how, whenever I did the kicks, they always freeze-framed on my butt? It was like, good butt! UGO: Were there any mishaps in those fight scenes? VAF: No, there weren't

  • Chicks kicking ass

  • I actually would love to do a remake of Foxy Brown and have her involved in it and kick some ass via Foxy Brown style

  • UGO: Both Lucy and Uma talked about how empowering it was to kick ass

  • It feels good to come to work and kick some ass

  • There was one time they had taught me something over and over for months-when she kicks the table and I roll off, that you're supposed to keep your legs really tight and I didn't and the table landed in between my legs and I had a huge bruise, and they were like, 'See?' UGO: Will you keep up any part of the training? VAF: Well, I do Billy Blanks Ta-Bo three to five times a week


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