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  • Fri, 21 Jul 2006 12:11:04 EST Two monthly reports illustrate a further slowdown in new residential construction and show that builders may lay low for a while

  • Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:24:49 EST Weekly Mortgage Survey - Week Ending July 7, 2006 Tue, 11 Jul 2006 16:22:07 EST Freddie Macs July Economic Outlook still sees an orderly and moderate return to more normal sales and appreciation

  • Fri, 7 Jul 2006 14:43:26 EST A recent NAR survey points to concerns that the price of a home is related to factors other than house prices and interest rates

  • Thu, 29 Jun 2006 13:30:21 EST Delinquency and foreclosure rates continue to be low, particularly for borrowers holding traditional mortgage loans

  • Thu, 8 Jun 2006 16:27:19 EST OFHEO same house index, while a lagging indicator, shows house prices still rising at a rate higher than inflation


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  • The Internet home of: PARTNER CENTER Mortgage Overnight avgs 6.09% 5.80% 6.30% 5.79% 5.95% Find personalized rates: Home Equity Overnight avgs 7.59% 7.86% 8.40% 8.25% 8.08% Find personalized rates: Auto Overnight avgs 6.91% 6.98% 6.97% 6.82% 7.91% Find personalized rates: CDs/MMAs Overnight avgs 3.36% 3.59% 4.62% 5.04% 5.00% Find personalized rates: Find the best credit card for you among thousands of issuing banks

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  • 1 in the 2006 Your Mortgage 'Mortgage of the Year Awards' - all will be revealed in our August Issue August 9, 2006 A rare moment of accord struck economists and other property market observers in light of the Reserve Bank's decision to lift interest rates by 0.25%

  • For once, everybody agreed that there would be a rate rise

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  • Some financial institutions operate as both lenders and brokers

  • This information is important because brokers are usually paid a fee for their services that may be separate from and in addition to the lender's origination or other fees

  • A broker's compensation may be in the form of "points" paid at closing or as an add-on to your interest rate, or both

  • Knowing just the amount of the monthly payment or the interest rate is not enough

  • The following information is important to get from each lender and broker: Rates Ask each lender and broker for a list of its current mortgage interest rates and whether the rates being quoted are the lowest for that day or week

  • Ask whether the rate is fixed or adjustable

  • Keep in mind that when interest rates for adjustable-rate loans go up, generally so does the monthly payment

  • If the rate quoted is for an adjustable-rate loan, ask how your rate and loan payment will vary, including whether your loan payment will be reduced when rates go down

  • Ask about the loan's annual percentage rate (APR)

  • The APR takes into account not only the interest rate but also points, broker fees, and certain other credit charges that you may be required to pay, expressed as a yearly rate


    CBC Indepth: Interest Rates - A Primer
    An article summarizing interest rates in Canada, how they are established and
    the effect of rate changes in the USA on Canadian rates.

  • INDEPTH: ECONOMY Interest rates: The rising cost of money CBC News Online | Updated June 29, 2006 What goes down must – when it comes to interest rates – eventually go up

  • In that year, central banks in both countries put an end to a long series of rate cuts that took interest rates to 40-year lows

  • By June 2006, the Bank of Canada had hiked its key overnight lending rate nine times to 4.25 per cent

  • Its American counterpart, the Federal Reserve, had raised its key rate no fewer than 17 times to reach 5.25 per cent

  • The movement of American rates is critical to what happens on this side of the border

  • According to the Bank of Canada: 'Interest rates in Canada are broadly determined by the level of interest rates in the United States, the relative inflation rates in both countries, and the relative stances of their monetary policies

  • The result is that Canadian interest rates can be either higher or lower than U.S

  • rates but are never fully independent.' The Canadian economy also does not necessarily follow the American economy as it expands or contracts

  • Why change interest rates? Think of money like any other commodity where the price is determined by supply and demand

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  • Higher FICO® scores = Lower monthly payments = More money in your pocket For a $216, 000 30-year, fixed rate mortgage: If your FICO® score is: Your interest rate is: ...and your monthly payment is: national interest rates, updated daily FICO ® Deluxe Get all 3 of your current FICO scores and credit reports from the 3 credit bureaus

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  • Quarterly Surveys Investor Survey The™ quarterly Investor Survey includes national mortgage terms and interest rates, equity requirements, cap and discount rates, reserve requirements, and interim financing rates and terms for, plus financial indicators, historical cap rate trend data, and land lease cap and discount rates, likewise by property type

  • Developer Survey The™ quarterly Developer Survey includes actual and pro-forma discount rates for including subdivisions, PUDs, business and industrial parks, and residential and commercial condominiums and co-ops

  • Market Survey The™ quarterly Market Survey includes sales, rent, occupancy, and operating expense data, together with cap rates and gross rent and effective gross income multipliers for seven core commercial property types including apartments; warehouses and distribution centers, flex/R&D facilities; CBD and suburban offices; and anchored neighborhood and community and unanchored strip retail centers

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  • l l l Interest Rate Calculator is an easy-to-use mortgage calculator

  • It displays an Amortization Graph, Annual Table, Monthly Payment Chart and MORE! The annual chart demonstrates how much of your payment goes toward the balance of the loan and how much goes to interest

  • Contact Information First Name: Last Name: Address: Email: City: Zip Code: Have you filed for Bankruptcy? Day Phone: Alternate Phone: - - Best Time to call: Property Information Property Type: Loan Purpose: Property Usage: Year Aquired: Mortgage Information: Bal First Mortgage: Interest Rate: Type of Rate : Monthly Payments: Est

  • Prop Value: Desired Loan Amount: Bal: Second Mortgage: Interest Rate: Employment History Current Work Status: Gross Monthly Income: Monthly Debt: Credit History: Do you have over $10, 000 in credit card debt? Yes No Total Credit Card Debt: Name of highest creditor: Balance: $ Are you interested in improving your credit score and speaking with a paralegal about disputing negative items on your credit report? Yes No Credit Issue: By submitting this information, I request that only licensed participating mortgage companies meeting my criteria contact me with quotes via e-mail, telephone and/or fax using the information I have provided

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  • Types of Mortgages Fixed: A fixed term (for example, 15 or 30 years) as well as a fixed interest rate

  • The interest rate and term are fixed at the start of the mortgage

  • Adjustable: Often referred to as an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)

  • The interest rate on your mortgage will be adjusted up or down according to current interest rate levels

  • The monthly amount for your principal and interest payment will go up or down with these rate changes


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