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Manta Ray Dive Center
Full service dive shop in Monterey with guided dives.

Advanced Fitness, Inc. Presents our Manta Ray, Sting Ray and other ...
Manufacturer of the Manta Ray and Sting Ray squat products and distributor for
fitness equipment like racks, benches and belts.

Manta Ray's Fish World
Daphne Au Young. Includes sections on the author, her favourite music and books
and her friends.

Kona Honu Divers - Kona Coast Diving, World Famous Manta Ray Night ...
Kona based charter service with information on PADI instruction, rate schedules,
SNUBA, and an online photo gallery.


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Manufacturer of the Butterfly Trike and Wings with specs and pictures.

Scuba dive South Africa - Reef diving, shark diving, wreck diving ...
Adventure scuba diving and wildlife safaris in South Africa and Mozambique.
Great White cage diving, shark diving and wreck diving.

Manta Ray Diving in Yap Micronesia with Beyond The Reef Dive Center
Full service PADI dive resort for small groups. Includes hotel and dive packages
and other activities.

The Land of Manta Ray has moved!
A fan site for the singer/songwriter, including biography, FAQ, interviews, and lyrics.


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Fish Jokes
Wordplay based on already-existing song titles, with fish as the basic theme.

MantaRay Pictures Home
Featuring work and profile.

Information on history, accommodation, restaurants and tourism.

Whitehaven Beach - Whitehaven Xpress cruises to Whitehaven Beach ...
Cruises from Able Point Marina to Whitehaven Beach. Includes tour itinerary,
photographs, noticeboard, pricing, souvenirs and maps.


Pixies - Complete B Sides : album review
Review of the album by

Walkthrough with many screenshots and advice for installation problems, by Linda
Shaw and Norma Kuderna.

Sports and Marine Parafunalia
Sells waterskis, wakeboards, and other boating and watersports gear. Also sells
several brands of kayaks and snowshoes. Prices listed.

Adventures in Paradise Kayak & Snorkel Tours & Rentals, active ...
Sea kayak trips in Kona, HI.
The pink, Icarex, maxi Peter Lynn octopus, which likes to dominate festivals.

"The Trek of a Lifetime"
Fictional Rush fan discounts his bicycle trek across Africa in a group which
included Rush drummer Neil Peart.

Bali Diving, SCUBA Dive Bali Indonesia with WaterWorx Bali Dive Center
Daily diving excursions and PADI diving courses in English, German and Indonesian.
With general info about Bali.

An Adventure, Yap Stone Money, Micronesia
Information about the world's largest coins, with a diary of travels in Yap state.


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