Violet Books: Magic Realists
Overview of Magic Realists' short story art, written by Jessica Amanda Salmonson.

  • Some Ghostly Tales From South America A Lackadaisical Overview of Magic Realists' Short Story Art Jessica Amanda Salmonson Joao Guimaraes Rosa (1908-1967) was a Brazilian diplomat & physician whose short stories of rural Brazil are sophisticated, elegant & macabre

  • The term Magic Realism is frequently used to distinguish South American from North American fantasy

  • A bit harder to find, but quite as good, is Short Stories by Latin American Women: The Magic & the Real (Houston: Arte Publico, 1990) edited by Celia Correas de Zapata, a big anthology that does not overlap Alberto's selection at all

  • Another Brazilian, Murilo Rubiao, is inferior to most of these others, but The Ex-Magician & Other Stories (NY: Harper & Row, 1979) is chiefly weirds & contes cruel

  • This connected series of commentaries is a dynamic work &amp I will expand it as I have time to read or re-read select volumes of short stories by magic realists

    FISM 2006 :: The World Magic Championships in Stockholm, Sweden
    Official site for the 2006 World Championship of magic, held in Stockholm in August.
    Information about programme, events, dealers and artists, registration, ...

  • Sawa (Japan)Jim Steinmeyer (USA) Nominees: Vanni Bossi (Italy)Magic Christian (Austria)Eddie Dawes (England)Christian Fechner (France)Bill Kalush (USA) Nominees: Eugene Burger (USA)René Lavand (Argentina)Eberhard Riese (Germany)Juan Tamariz (Spain)Tommy Wonder (Holland) Saturday, August 05, 2006 The competitors in the Stage Finale will be ..

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  • Today we can recapture some of that magic, not in heavy cedar canoes, but in sleek and fast sea kayaks

    Meir Yedid - Magician
    Close-up and sleight of hand. Biography, show schedule, photo gallery.

  • Show - April 28, 2005 Meir Yedid Emceeing the Thursday afternoon show at the prestigious Fechter's Finger Flicking Frolic convention in Batavia, New York where most of the leading close-up magicians in the world attend

  • Virtual Magician Taping - October 9, 2004 Meir Yedid taping a segment with Marco Tempest for his "The Virtual Magician" television series

  • Juan Tamariz Visits MyMagic - October 2, 2004 Juan Tamariz visits Meir Yedid at the MyMagic Headquarters in New Jersey during his visit in the United States

  • Karl Norman DVD Release - April 21, 2004 Meir Yedid presenting Karl Norman with an advanced copy of his "Close-Up Table Magic" DVD at the annual F.F.F.F

  • Criss Angel Visits - February 24, 2004 Criss Angel visits Meir Yedid at the MyMagic offices in New Jersey

  • David Copperfield Visit - September 13, 2003 David Copperfield visits Meir Yedid at his display to say hello and see some of the latest magic releases at the 41st annual Tannen's Magic Jubilee at Kutsher's Country Club in Monticello, New York

  • Meir also produced many of Harry's magic products that are currently on the market

  • info: JUAN MAGIC

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  • Like many of the best routines in magic, you shouldn't let the simplicity (in both the effect and the working) fool you

  • Many audience members have seen magicians produce birds before, but imagine their surprise when you produce a fish bowl! Effect: The magician displays his 'wallet' to the audience

  • Only $159.95 See Rich perform the Fish Bowl Production for yourself in this video Torched and Restored by Brent Braun Straight from the magic underground, Brent Braun's Torched and Restored is one of the most magical (not to mention easiest) Torn and Restored Cards available

    Mendiburu Magic Foundation
    Strives to promote positive youth development, health based education and awareness
    and community asset building.

  • Our Mission The Mendiburu Magic Foundation (MMF) will directly contribute to worthy community need, and in particular: (1) Ongoing medical research for cancer (2) Help children and families affected by any catastrophic or life threatening illness (3) Community impact programs with an emphasis on positive youth development The Mendiburu Magic Foundation is a non-profit public benefit organization that is a recognized 501c3 entity, according to the United States Internal Revenue Service

  • Our Vision Mendiburu Magic will strive to accomplish these worthy tasks while appreciating the purpose of human life as being to serve, and show compassion and the will to help others

  • Our Values Nancy Mendiburu’s unique spirit and legacy lives on through Mendiburu Magic Foundation

  • The Family & Our Community Team Nancy's unique spirit and legacy lives on through Mendiburu Magic, and the dedicated efforts of many volunteers who generously donate their own time and money to further our cause to help needy community programs and area families who struggle with the effects of a child affected by any life-threatening or catastrophic illness

    Magic realism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Article on the history and philosophy of the modern literary school.

  • Magic realism (or magical realism ) is a in which magical elements appear in an otherwise realistic setting

  • Magic realism is also a style of visual art which brings extreme to the depiction of mundane subject matter

  • Contents [] Common aspects of magical realist novels and films The following elements are found in many magical realist novels and films, but not all are found in all of them and many are found in novels or films that could fall under other genres

  • Contains fantastical elements The fantastic elements may be intuitively 'logical' but are never explained Characters accept rather than question the logic of the magical element Exhibits a richness of sensory details Uses symbols and imagery extensively

  • Another technique is to collapse time in order to create a setting in which the present repeats or resembles the past Inverts cause and effect, for instance a character may suffer before a tragedy occurs Incorporates legend or folklore Presents events from multiple perspectives, such as those of belief and disbelief or the colonizers and the colonized Uses a mirroring of either past and present, astral and physical planes, or of characters Ends leaving the reader uncertain, whether to believe in the magical interpretation or the realist interpretation of the events in the story Note that it is common in some stories to include a, in which the central, fantastic story is explained as a

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    LAPAHIE.com 3.4 \ Navajo Creation Story
    Unattributed recounting of the Diné origin myth.

  • According to the Diné, they emerged from three previous underworlds into this, the fourth, or 'Glittering World', through a magic reed

    Corgis de San Juan: Our Corgis
    Information about puppies, breeding, and shows. Puerto Rico.

  • We named him Tachán de Tamaríz after the Spanish magician (we love magic and were able to see "Tachán-Tachán" as he is know in Madrid during one of our vacations to Spain)

    Juan Rulfo, The Sound of Death
    Death as a fundamental element in Rulfian stories, an essay by Angie Galicia.

  • Rulfo ’s magic lies in being able to capture, as very few artists can, the essence of Mexico: its timelessness, the murmurs of the past which persist in the present

    Gabriel Garcia Marquez
    A short biography, recent news; links to essays, articles, and reviews.

  • Given the poor survival rate of most kidnap victims in Colombia, it may take real magic for Villamizar and Garcia Marquez, the master of ``magic realism, '' to see that Juan Carlos Gaviria returns home alive


    GORP - Chimney Rock Archaeological Area - Anasazi Astronomy in ...
    Anasazi Astronomy in Colorado's San Juan National Forest.

  • The overseer urges the work on, planning his report to the Chacoan elite who hold the military or religious magic that binds the pieces together

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    Weblog of a magician, containing comments, links and news related to magic,
    circus, juggling and origami.

  • If you have any photos from FISM online let me know and I will add them to this post.]]> Magic Reports http://www.magician.org.uk/index.php?itemid=1059 Sun, 06 Aug 2006 02:15:30 +0100 http://www.magician.org.uk/index.php?itemid=1061 Grand Prix Stage - Pilou - France Grand Prix Close-up - Rick Merrill - USA Manipulation: 1st: Dai Binchun - China 2nd: David Soysa - Portugal 3rd: Arthur Trace - USA General Magic: 1st: Eun Gyeol Lee - Rep

  • Which was what summed up this lecture, Gaetan is a very, very clever thinker with some very novel and original magic

  • We were all a bit aprehensive about the Finale Stage Contest and Eric Eswin came onto the stage with more booing and shouting, he apologised and took full responsibility, and said that there would be no more retakes, and explained they were doing the TV show to try and raise the profile of the World Magic Championship with the public, and that the FISM organisation was changing

  • Highlights, I guess have to be some of the close-up acts, and seeing Juan Tamariz both in the Bar Magic and in his One-man Show

  • Bejing here we come!]]> Magic Reports http://www.magician.org.uk/index.php?itemid=1060 Sun, 06 Aug 2006 01:53:13 +0100 http://www.magician.org.uk/index.php?itemid=1058 Friday was a bit more relaxed with no close-up competition to get to, it started for me with a lecture by Jahn Gallo

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    Teaching of Juan Matus
    Description of Teaching of Mexican Indian Juan Matus who founded school of buddhi-yoga.

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  • Leave your cares on the mainland, float or fly across the water to San Juan, come stay with us and experience the natural beauty and magic of Olympic Lights and San Juan Island


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