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    Greatest Films: The Deer Hunter
    Review/synopsis/discussion of the film.

  • The Deer Hunter (1978) Greatest Films ( and ) With descriptive review commentaries and background history on many classic, landmark films in cinematic history, especially American/Hollywood films

  • The Deer Hunter (1978) is storywriter/producer/director Michael Cimino's epic about war and friendship - and only his second film (following Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974) )

  • The film is structured around the metaphor of 'deer-hunting' - both from the viewpoint of the hunter and from the perspective of the game target

  • What am I doing?' Still dressed in his tuxedo and wearing a furry hunter's cap, gun fetishist Stan is unprepared for the hunt as they pull out their gear from the trunk and he's once again missing his hunting boots: 'Every time he comes up, he's got no knife, he's got no jacket, he's got no pants, he's got no boots

  • On a rocky ridge, The Deerhunter spots his quarry - a towering buck with a full head of antlers

    The Adrenaline Vault | Review | Deer Hunter 4
    [3.5/5] Review by Jonathan Houghton. "Though Deer Hunter 4 makes no quantum leaps,
    and does nothing groundbreaking to advance the genre, it is nevertheless a ...

  • &nbsp Deer Hunter 4 Publisher: Developer: Genre: Hunting Simulation ESRB: | Jump to Page Review by: Jonathan Houghton Published: October 24, 2000When one pauses to consider the effects that time has on the honored tradition of video game sequels, a very noticeable pattern develops among multi-titled series of every genre

  • Bearing this in mind, the same principle can be applied to the Deer Hunter cycle with the latest and greatest update, in which the developers have taken requests into consideration and made a title which throws out many of the negative elements in the prequels, yet remains true to the essence of what made the original such a stunning success

  • In Deer Hunter 4 , you will naturally assume the role of a hunter at the beginning of deer season, with your objective being no less than the total annihilation of all the bucks that come between the sights of your weapon

  • The extra addition this time around is a teenage hunter model for those of us who feel the older '40s textures don't appropriately suit us

  • More challenging weaponry is also available, with the muzzleloader leading the difficulty charge for rifles and the recurve bow being the most archaic piece of archery gear; both fill their intended positions well, being hard to shoot and slow to reload, making accuracy priceless.Equipment selection plays a large part in Deer Hunter 4 , just as it does in all similar titles

    Deer Hunter Ethics
    By Larry Castle, White-tailed Deer Coordinator for the State of Mississippi.

  • Deer Hunter Ethics Larry Castle, White-tailed Deer Coordinator Hunter ethics is an important issue that deer hunters must consider

  • Granted, ethics are not directly a biological issue, but a growing number of ethical topics are influencing the non-hunting public's opinion of hunters

  • In the Magnolia State, hunters must remember one fact: Most Mississippians don't hunt

  • This is one reason that negative non-hunter opinion can lead to legislation which could curtail our privileges as hunters

  • There is a difference between poor hunter ethics and what is illegal

  • One hunter may consider it unethical to use a compound bow, while another hunter may have given the issue considerable thought and determined that a compound bow is certainly an ethical weapon for him

  • Hunters who violate existing laws are in the minority in our state

  • However, this small percentage gives all hunters a bad reputation in the opinion of the non-hunting public

  • Most of the success in wildlife restoration as well as current hunting opportunities are the result of private landowners cooperating with hunters and the state wildlife department

  • info: DEER HUNTER

    Photo by

    loonygames review: Deer Hunter II
    by Jason Bergman.

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  • Feedback: You've got an opinion...voice it! Drop a line to our could end up with a free T-Shirt! Random Feature : Search the Archives! : Deer Hunter II By Jason "" Bergman Title: Deer Hunter II Publisher: Developer: Average Price: $20 t was inevitable, I suppose

  • After the first Deer Hunter became one of the best sellers of the year, a sequel was well… expected

  • The original Deer Hunter had some major flaws…for one, you couldn’t walk, you were limited to a single standing point, and all you could do was turn (and even then, only on a flat plane)

  • So, when I heard Deer Hunter II was going to support 3D acceleration and be in "3D", I wasn’t exactly psyched , per se…but I definitely was curious, to say the least

  • The original Deer Hunter was one of those games that met all of my Bargain Bin requirements: it’s cheap (below $30) and it runs on just about any system you’re likely to find

    Deer Hunter
    Consumer reviews.

  • | > > Deer Hunter for Game Boy Color Overall rating: Reviewed by 2 Epinions users We found this product at 1 store

  • Read Reviews by by - Featured Resources Additional information on Deer Hunter for Game Boy Color or other products

    Minnesota Deer Hunters Association
    A group of organized firearms, bow, and camera hunters.

  • Minnesota Deer Hunters Association 'For the betterment of deer & deer hunting in Minnesota.' MDHA Home Welcome to! Minnesota Deer Hunters Association Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) is a group of organized firearms, bow and camera hunters, plus those who just plain like seeing deer

  • Together in one camp, we represent the voice of the Minnesota Deer Hunter

  • Latest News Come & Represent Hunters & Anglers At The Envision Minnesota Gubernatorial Debates & Citizens Convention on 9.16.06 09/12/2006 - [] Print of the Year 07/28/2006 - 2006 Print of The Year [] 40 Gun Tickets On Sale Now!! 07/21/2006 - Call or email Bri to order you 40 gun raffle tickets today!!! MDHA Membership Drive Winners 06/06/2006 - Were you one of the winners in this years membership drive? Check to see!! [] 2006 50 Gun Raffle Winners 04/28/2006 - Please see the attached file for a complete list of winners

  • Picture of the Year MDHA Store Join MDHA Hides for Habitat DVD Offer Minnesota Deer Hunters Association 460 Peterson Road • Grand Rapids, MN 55744 1.800.450.DEER (3337) • 1.218.327.1103 ©2005 MDHA

    Deerhunter Treestands
    Offering fixed position, ladder and climbing treestands for hunting.

  • Benefits

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    HuntingNet.Com - Deer Hunting, Bow Hunting, Outfitters, Hunting ...
    Offers articles, multimedia, message forum, photos, and directory of outfitters
    in Canada and USA.

  • Weather by zip Subscribe to Hunter's Alert Tell a Friend • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • The latest hunting gear listings and reviews

  • Only a select amount of hunters will be allowed to hunt each year which helps to keep the pressure off the animals and increase your overall hunting success

  • You may harvest 2 deer per day and prices start at $350 per hunter per day

  • All of this adds up to one thing - increased hunting success for you, the hunter

  • Consisting of 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms, the lodge at Blackwater Hunting Services accomodates up to 8 hunters comfortably

  • Doe Pee has work diligently at developing new products geared towards trophy whitetail deer hunters

  • Don't forget your when laying down those scent trails this fall! This is a must-have for all hunters

    Mid-America Hunting Association
    Hunt whitetail in Kansas on 200000 acres of private land.

  • Mid-America Hunting Association Since 1965 States Of Interest Hunter success and general MAHA information posted about twice a week

  • Meet the hunters and office staff, all four of us, that do the best we can to give all a good hunt

  • This establishes the relationship between the hunter and MAHA Membership agreement and release of liability form Ideas for the hunter and non-hunter family members Covers the range of hunting lease options Describes the membership application process We recommend to first year members where to hunt for what they are after We welcome in person visits and offer a map to where our offices are located Mid-America Hunting Association is a do it yourself hunter organization of 230, 000+ acres of private and exclusive to Mid-America Hunting Association land hunting leases and members in Kansas, Missouri and Iowa for Mule and Whitetail Deer; wild Eastern and Rio Grande Turkey; duck and goose; pheasant and quail hunting

  • For one annual cost the hunter gains 365 day/year access to fish, scout and hunt all seasons, all land in all three states

  • When the hunter travels from his home to one of our hunting leases he simply gets out of his truck and hunts

    Attested deer hunting scents, deer lures, deer lure and deer ...
    Scents and lures in 8-ounce bottles. Also offers testimonials.

  • I first developed Pro-Cover to help my hunters get in as close as possible without spooking the game

  • Still made in theUSA! Available in Medium Large or XL in Hunter Green, Traditional Red and Blaze Orange $19.99 Bandanas, too! Holiday Special: 1 Crusher Hat, 2 bottles of Ole Time Woodsman & Bandana: Foggy Mountain 3-in-1 Grunt & Bleat Call Adjustable Grunt Call with lanyard

  • They have been delivering quality deer scents and deer lures to hunters for over 20 years

    Tennessee Deer Hunting .Com
    Deer season information, photos and a free classified section.

  • ! from TnDeer.Com & Realtree! [ ] [ ] Advertisers Index ~ Deer Hunting Products & Services Headlines ! ! (pdf format) ! ! New Stuff On TnDeer.Com! ~ Realtree's Email Newsletter ! ! W elcome to Tennessee Deer, dedicated exclusively to Deer hunting in the 'Volunteer State ' & home to one of the most popular '' on the Internet! On this site you will find the season info, obtain exact for your hunting area, view from around the state and submit your own trophy for display in the trophy room, keep up to date on where hunters are seeing and harvesting deer around the state, and you can browse our free classified ads & even place a free ad of your own, and much more! Enjoy..


    Apollo Movie Guide's Review of Deer Hunter, The
    Review of the heart-wrenching Vietnam war movie.

  • Deer Hunter, The Apollo Movie Guide's Review Deer Hunter, The Apollo Score: Readers' Rating: 82 (87 votes) Summary The most heart wrenching film yet made on the effect of the Vietnam War on the fabric of American life

    One Shot Kill Deer Hunter 4 & 5 Trophies
    The author's trophy pages for the hunting simulation game deer hunter 4 and 5.

    Buckmasters Online
    Offers hunting informative articles, games, chat rooms, gear giveaways and
    resources relating to deer hunting.

  • 14, but while gathering my gear from my truck, another hunter drove up and began sorting his things as well

  • In 1962, when the 7mm Remington Magnum was introduced, I was in college but already a hopeless rifle crank, hunter

    Hunt for the Hungry
    Providing venison and other wild game to thousands of low-income families and


  • GOOD LUCK BOWHUNTERS ! DONATE DEER HUNT HARD - HELP OTHERS 2006 DONATION TOTALS Number of Donated Deer for 2006 20 CROP DAMAGE DEER +7, 000 Pounds of Packaged Wild Game, Birds, & Fish Total Pounds from All Donations 7, 900 AS OF 9-13-06 Pounds total includes processed ground venison from donated deer, packaged venison, elk, moose, bear, caribou, buffalo, geese, ducks, turkeys, various upland birds, and big lake fish! PLEASE CLEAN OUT THOSE FREEZERS - NOTHING SHOULD GO TO WASTE Hunters can make these donations all year long to; Paul's Pantry, 1520 Leo Frigo Way, Green Bay, WI 920-433-0343 go to: M THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST AND SUPPORT FOR THE PROGRAM THAT...

  • Wisconsin *Helps reduce deer populations, car/deer accidents, and deer damage, providing a very valuable deer management tool *Promotes quality deer management, with additional hunting opportunities *Reduces the waste of venison and other frozen wild game, birds, and fish *Encourages the involvement and success of first time and young deer hunters *Displays and teaches generosity, good values, and hunting ethics *Helps deer hunters discover the many b lessings of hunting as a food provider for others less fortunate *Provides a NO COST outlet for extra deer that need to be harvested, with an easy donation process for the deer hunter *Enhances the positive image of deer hunting with many benefits for the deer hunter and non-hunter EVERYBODY 'WINS' WHO PARTICIPATES IN AND BENEFITS FROM THE HUNT FOR THE HUNGRY PROGRAM! For An Historical Look Back! For The Latest Deer Hunting Updates From The Wisconsin DNR

    Guns, Hunting, Shooting at The Old Deer Hunters
    Offers online sales, ODHA reports on gear and numerous photographs.

  • The Old Deer Hunters Association Field Test Reports If your findings are different or if you have specific questions about please e-mail me at

  • We are trying to provide a place on the web where hunters and recreational shooters can get information that will help them to improve their game

  • Almost thirty-seven percent (37%) of deer hunters hunted with archery equipment

  • It took the average archery deer hunter about 24 days to harvest a deer and the average archery deer hunter spent 13 days hunting deer

    Hunting in Tennessee
    Includes information on license fees, hunter education classes, season dates and
    public hunting areas. Detailed maps on wildlife management areas provided along ...

    Hunting Alberta Canada Hunts For Whitetail Mule Deer Elk Moose ...
    Directory of outfitters for big game and waterfowl hunts in Alberta, Canada.
    Includes list of outfitters with photos and contact information, information on ...

  • Alberta Big Game Hunting & Bird Hunting Alberta Hunting Information Hunting Links Contact Us Advertise Alberta Outfitters Get Listed Today! Find an Alberta Canada outfitter & guide for black bear hunts, whitetail deer & mule deer hunts, moose hunts, elk hunts, cougar hunts, wolf hunts, waterfowl & upland game bird hunts in Alberta Canada and experience the ultimate hunting adventure! Featured Alberta Hunting Guides & Outfitters Trophy Hunters Alberta At THA, we know what we are doing and we get results! Bent Arrow Outfitters Bowhunting is our Speciality! Smoky River Outfitting One of the most successfuloutfitters in Alberta for moose, bear, deer & elk

  • Duck, goose & upland bird hunters will enjoy the habitat, long seasons and liberal limits

    Alaska Deer Hunter
    Offering deer and brown bear hunts. Includes details, photos and booking information.
    Located in Ninilchik.


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