Risk Online: Russian magazine about mountains, expeditions, people
News. Photos. Expedition and new route information. Information about mountains
and reas in Russia. Discussion forum. Results for rock, ice, and bouldering ...

Popular online magazine of Iranian community.

  • In the Western hemisphere, where community and family relationships are in turmoil, the person-to-person closeness engendered by being part of the crowd has provided a valuable surrogate companionship PEOPLE Photo essay: People in Iran Ali Khaligh UNCONFIRMED Sivand dam destroyed Sivand dam in Iran has been destroyed by the children of kourosh and Dariush

  • Furthermore, they are convinced that they are doing nothing wrong when they kill or order to kill, hurt and oppress people ART Paintings Neda Chaychi POETRY every other day i receive a new petition Samira Mohyeddin 60 MINUTES Arash Mahmoudi I just saw the 60 minutes episode with Mike Wallace and Ahmadinejad

  • airports Saied Bozorgui-Nesbat Here is a perfect recipe for creating new enemies for the United States: Issue visas to the moderates, intellectuals and pro-Western people from the Middle East, enticing them to visit US

  • One of these people is my friend Mohammad

  • There is nothing familiar about her until I check her ID -- in order to prevent interviewees from taking the test for another person! Believe me they would do anything to be accepted to a higher level! And bang, on her ID there is a picture of a teenage girl with a name that has haunted me ever since second grade: Kobra Maleki SECURITY Ever tighter and stronger and more intrusive controlling of public life and domain is not the answer to terrorism threat Ben Madadi The plot that was foiled in the UK scared some people

    Power Line
    Blog written by John H. Hinderaker and Scott W. Johnson covering income taxes,
    campaign finance and welfare reform, affirmative action, race in the criminal ...

  • IDF Chief of Staff Dan Halutz said Tuesday that such an operation is necessary 'in order to end this war differently.' People who participated in discussions of the plan with him said they had never heard him speak as forcefully in favor of anything as he did in favor of the proposed ground operation

  • Several people have asked me which candidate I'm rooting for here

  • I'd like some reassurance that the pod people aren't yet a majority, even among Democrats

  • We congratulate the Iraqi people and the Government of Iraq on this important milestone

  • well, he just left a great deal out now, didn't he? Why? Perhaps it's because some in the press don't want the American people to know the truth and prefer instead to only report the negative aspects of the news because 'it sells papers.' I don't think that's the reason

    The UK's Brightest Disabilities Magazine.

  • Through this site you will be able to access information and features - on holidays, sports and the local facilities in cities across the UK - taken from the bimonthly Disability View Magazine, while our regularly updated "What's Happening" section will help you plan your diary over the next few months - listing exhibitions, fun days and other events of potential interest to disabled people

  • This will be an excellent source of information on companies and organisations - listed under various categories - which can provide invaluable assistance to disabled people


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    VRMLSite Magazine
    3D on the Internet.

  • From the discussion area: VRML Browser Downloads , edited by Sandy Ressler -- The Big List of VRML 2.0 URLS Compiled by Mark Connell -- A list of people with links us Enliven your site with Aereal Ticker LE, when you join VRML-related books -- here are some of the best by Bruce Damer -- you've read excerpts in VRMLSite, now get the whole book! by Bernie Roehl, Justin Couch, Cindy Reed-Ballreich, Tim Rohaly, you've read Bernie's news columns in VRMLSite, here's a book by him and these other VRML pros by Rodger Lea, Kouichi Matsuda, Ken Miyashita, you've read Rodger's articles here, he and his co-authors developed the VRML 2/Java specs by Rikk Carey and Gavin Bell, two of the masters

    TOPICS Online Magazine
    Students express their ideas and opinions on topics of interest, and illustrate
    their writings with drawings and photos. Interactive features include readers' ...

    Children with Diabetes
    An online community for kids, families, and adults with diabetes, featuring
    message boards, chat rooms, and questions/answers from medical professionals.

    LinuxFocus Magazine
    News, tips, information for open source community. First multilingual magazine
    for the Linux operating system. Managed and produced by volunteers, fans, ...

  • There are a number of people who are willing to continue LinuxFocus

  • They need both people and hardware

  • Applications 2005-02-23 [available in: | ] , by Gerrit Renker This article is written for people who have a lot of text editing/authoring to do and are primarily interested in getting the text edited fast, reliable with a plesant looking printout

  • Linuxfocus exists because there are people like you who want to share their knowledge and therefore write or translate articles for LinuxFocus

  • We hope you will like seeing your article published in LinuxFocus! Translate for LinuxFocus! You want to translate one or more articles for LinuxFocus? We are always looking for people who are willing to translate our articles into another language (whether this language already exists or not)

  • Benefits

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    Journeywoman, journey woman, travel magazine for women
    An online travel magazine for women.

  • People Magazine..

    Exceptional Parent Magazine - - parenting those with ...
    Magazine for parents of children or young adults with disabilities. Includes reports,
    forum, products links, books.

  • See how others have done it! Participating in sports can be an effective step in any program for people with diabilities

  • The very latest information on creating a life plan for people with disabilities and their families

    Anglicans Online
    The premiere site for information and links to sites regarding the worldwide
    Anglican Communion, its member Churches, and their parishes.

  • I do not know when it struck me first, but it must have been very early, and it struck me with surprise, that where we saw other people's blemishes, Mr

    News, advocacy and lifestyle zine for people with disabilities.


    Time Magazine - In the Line of Fire
    Article talks about the album "Taking the Long Way" and the controversy surrounding
    the band's comments about president Bush.

    reveries magazine
    Profiles of marketing people, insights into marketing news and trends.

  • The book is called “” and the formula goes like this: “A technology will be successful if the pain associated with adopting it is less than the pain associated with the status quo.” Basically, he’s saying that “successful technologies … tend to exploit crisis in one form or another.” As evidence, Pip points to the BlackBerry, which he says succeeded because people “fear missing either a threat or opportunity when not connected.” For failure, Pip cites — a casualty of the dot-com era that promised online ordering and offline delivery of groceries

  • But Lily fights back: “It’s stupid, because I lived in London my whole life … Other people from England sing in an American accent and that’s 3, 000 miles away

  • As well as broadly appealing "to people who like sugary, well-made pop, and to people who won’t admit they love sugary, well-made pop unless it comes with a veneer of cutting-edge cool." Her album is now set to be released in the U.S., by Capitol Records, in February

  • " This ‘idea class’ is made up of self-motivated architects, professionals, innovators and entrepreneurs, and numbers about 1.5 million people

    Highlander On-line Magazine and Travel Guide on the Blue Ridge and ...
    Tourism and lifestyle e-zine on the highland area of North Georgia, North Carolina,
    Tennessee, and Virginia. Stories, photography, where to go, what to do, ...

  • stretches 469 miles from the southern end of the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Qualla Boundary of the Cherokee People on the southern edge of the Great Smoky Mountains Park in North Carolina

  • Discovery of gold in Northern Georgia ended decades of broken treaties and scrupulous land deals with the Cherokee People

    Climbing Magazine
    News. Information about the current issue. Subscription information. Back issues
    for sale. Tech tips. Photos. Letters to the editor.

    Dominican Life Magazine
    A great place to learn about more than 25 congregations of Dominicans in the USA
    and what they are doing.

  • For many people, like the Eucharistic Missionaries of New Orleans, this is a date they will never forget

  • FYI: The website is now part of More than 60 people are registered, but the Dominican Study Day still has space available

    The Corner
    National Review Online's multi-author conservative blog.

    On The Line Tennis Magazine
    News, views, coaching tips, quotes, a quiz, and some humorous stories.

  • 'There aren't too many people around like him

  • Where sport has no place Iraq Sport has often been used to foster dialogue between warring peoples, but that's certainly not the case in Iraq, where sportsmen and sportswomen have become specific terrorist targets

  • These people are apostates who have no business whatsoever uttering references to Islam

    Hinduism Today Magazine
    Hindu directory, with links to resources on ashrams, teachers, events, publications,
    philosophy, deities, arts, pilgrimages, and non violence.

  • It was founded January 5, 1979, by for the following purposes: To foster Hindu solidarity as a 'unity in diversity' among all sects and lineages; To inform and inspire Hindus worldwide and people interested in Hinduism; To dispel myths, illusions and misinformation about Hinduism; To protect, preserve and promote the sacred Vedas and the Hindu religion, especially the Nandinatha Sampradaya; To nurture a truly spiritual Hindu renaissance


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