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    An online tax resource dedicated to helping people find the information, news,
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    Franchise Tax Board
    Provides state personal and business income tax forms and information.

  • Forms and Publications New for 2006: FTB 9000H/9000R instructions are now available in

  • Getting Started Forms and Publications Numeric list of forms, instructions and publications: - California resident short income tax form and instructions

  • - California resident income tax form, related forms and instructions

  • - List of forms from other state agencies and the IRS covering sales/use tax, property tax, special taxes, and payroll tax

    California Franchise Tax Board
    The department that collects state personal income taxes and bank and corporation
    taxes for the State...

  • Request public information - See (posted 8/01/06) Homeowner and renter assistance filing period starts July 1, 2006 - Forms now available in, Spanish (), Chinese (), and Korean () (updated 6/16/06) Tax information more accessible - Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Spanish publications available soon - (posted 6/6/06) New requirements for check casher businesses - - (updated 4/14/06) | Last modified: 07/31/2006


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    HM Revenue and Customs
    News and information on tax and national insurance, including downloadable leaflets
    and forms and...

    State Tax Forms
    Organized by state.

  • Capitol Street, NW, Suite 348, Washington, DC • (202) 624-5890 -Tax Forms State tax agency websites direct links to State tax agencies tax forms 42-states provide limited filing from the internet IRS, House, Senate, JCT CBO, Census, GAO, etc State Tax Forms Click on Map to Jump to State Tax Form Site Page updated January 5, 2006 (MTC) [] Send all Comments/Suggestions to: The Internet addresses

    Federal and State Tax Forms Directory
    Links to official sites for all state and federal tax forms. From the LSU Libraries.

  • Tax Forms Federal Tax Forms For those affected by the 2005 hurricanes, the Internal Revenue Service has a webpage Download tax forms and publications from the

  • provides comprehensive information about nonprofit organizations, including data from IRS Form 990 via their

  • If you are unsure of what form you need to file, consult

  • For information on tax preparation for foreign visitors, visit, a website maintained by Dr

  • Information on those programs and assistance for military personnel can be found on the One-Stop Guide for Businesses page walks employers through the process of starting a business, hiring employees, and understanding reporting requirements

  • It also links to tax forms, publications, electronic reporting opportunities, state tax offices, and other tax-related web sites

  • State Tax Forms Choose a State: | Baton Rouge, LA 70803 Tel (225) 578-2570 | Fax (225) 578-6535 Copyright © 1996 - 2006 LSU Libraries URL: Last Updated: Tuesday, 07-Feb-2006 10:24:44 CST

    Mass. Dept. of Revenue - Personal Income Tax Forms
    Massachusetts Department of Revenue Online Service Center provides state income
    and business tax forms...

  • Personal Income Tax Forms   Before filing a paper return, please about the advantages of E-filing

  •   Form 1 Resident:   Telefile Form             Form 1 , Resident Income Tax Return (Full-Year Resident Only)   Form 1 Tax Tables Form 1 Instructions (Revised 2/2/06)  Schedule X,  Y   (Revised 12/13/05) Schedule Z, DI         Schedule B Schedule D (Revised 2/2/06)  Schedule E Parts I, II & III Schedule C Schedule C B Form PV , Payment Voucher Form 1 -ES , Estimated Payment vouchers       Form 1-ES Instructions       Previous Years Income Tax Forms and Schedules                              Also available are and  • • • •

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    Forms & Instructions
    NYS Department of Taxation and Finance provides state income and business tax
    forms and information.

  • | Search Current Year Forms & Instructions Locate by Tax Type • • • • • • Other Forms & Instructions Information Prior Year • • Related Sites Adobe Reader 5.0 or later is required to view and print the forms and instruction files

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  • In the Spotlight Hot Forms • Form Updates • • • • • • Major Tax Due Dates 8/21 Tax Resources • • Tax Rate Schedules - - - • | Last Modified: August 1, 2006

    Montana Department of Revenue provides state income and business tax forms and

  • Website Main Menu Downloadable Forms For personal assistance, please call our customer call center at (406) 444-6900

  • The most commonly used Montana forms, worksheets and instructions are available here for you to download

  • Most forms are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format

  • You will need Adobe Reader to view and print these forms

  • Please note we do not have any forms posted on this site that are generated through our computer system by customer identification numbers

  • For example, we are unable to post business forms, such as forms used to report withholding taxes

  • for instruction on using the fill-in and self calculation forms

  • We encourage you to use the self-calculation forms provided here

  • Self-calculation forms are designed to perform the math computations for you, using the numbers that you enter onto the form

  • Self-calculation forms are not programmed to detect when tax information is entered incorrectly

  • That means the forms cannot notify you that a potential error has been made

  • For this reason, we recommend that you double-check your entries, as well as the results of all math computations, before filing your forms

    Income Tax Department
    Tax law, rules, and notifications. Tax return and other forms available for download.

  • PAN Status of PAN Apply Online Forms PAN Application Centres TAN Forms eTDS AIR Data Structure Forms BCTT Circulars Data Structure TIN Helpdesk Phone: (022) 24994650 Fax: (022) 24950664 / 24974993 Email: Website: OLTAS Visit Field Offices: Visit Directorate Generals: Broad Criteria for Selection of Cases for Scrutiny Announced The CBDT has announced broad criteria for selecting cases for scrutiny

  • 1163(E) dated 24-July-2006, substituting the existing forms (Form No

  • 1, Form No

  • 2, Form No

  • 3) with three new Forms (Form No

  • 1, Form No

  • 2, Form No

  • 3) and introducing a new Form No

  • Form 24Q modified Form 24Q for filing return of TDS from salaries has been amended

  • Download Revised Form 16 Form 16 which is the certificate issued by employers, under section 203 of the Income Tax Act, for TDS on salaries has been revised

  • Download Amended Rule 31AC, Rule 31ACA and Forms 26QA and 26QAA CBDT has notified amended Rule 31AC and introduced Rule 31ACA and also amended form 26QA and introduced Form 26QAA for the quarterly return to be furnished under Section 206A (1).&nbsp Data Structures- & Finance Act, 2005 Explanatory Notes Finance Act, 2005 Explanatory Notes on provisions relating to Direct Taxes (other than Banking Cash Transaction Tax and Fringe Benefit Tax)

    Pennsylvania Department of Revenue provides state income and business tax forms
    and information.


    Forms - Wisconsin Department of Revenue
    The Wisconsin Department of Revenue provides state income and business tax forms
    and information.

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  • Income Tax Forms Income Tax Forms Income Tax Forms Income Tax Forms , Tax Excise Tax Cigarette and Tobacco Products (MSA) Government Property Property Property Property (TIF) Credit Questionnaires Tax Tax Tax Other Business Forms Other Tax Links (Tax Rules) Tax Return Guidelines on Tax Returns and Credit Claims If you would like tax forms/publications mailed to you, please complete the

    Colorado Department of Revenue, provides state income tax, sales tax, business
    taxes, and sales tax forms.

    Forms & Instructions
    Michigan Department of Treasury provides state income and business tax forms and

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    WV Tax Commission - Tax Forms
    West Virginia State Tax Department provides state income and business tax forms
    and information.

  • State Tax Department Tax Forms Most of our forms require (Version 4.X or higher) to view and download

  • To obtain additional information, please click one of the following items: (Some of our forms are now available with the fill-in feature) Forms (Download Only) Mail Business Registration Forms to: West Virginia State Tax Department Post Office Box 11425 Charleston, WV 25339-1425 Note: Business Taxes - (Effective January 1, 2004) ( for Mailing Address for PIT Returns) (IT-140, Schedule L, IT-140NRS) (Are you Eligible?) | - Income Tax Tables/Rate Schedules - Office of Tax Appeals (OTA)

    Maryland Individual Income Tax Forms and Instructions
    Comptroller of Maryland provides state income and business tax forms and information.

  • | Search Filing Information Tax Information Refunds and Payments Taxpayer Assistance Online Services Forms and Instructions We offer several ways for you to obtain Maryland tax forms, booklets and instructions

  • You can download forms using the links listed below

  • You can also e-mail your forms request to us at or visit any of our to obtain forms

  • We also supply many public libraries and post offices with state tax forms during the filing season

  • Download Forms The forms listed below are in Adobe PDF format (Portable Document Format)

  • You must have version 3.0 or higher of the Adobe Acrobat Reader program to view and print the forms

  • Many forms, beginning with tax year 2000, have also been formatted with a that allows you to type information directly onto the form and then print out a paper copy

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    Department of Revenue
    Tax forms, assistance and statistics.

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    State of Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, provides state income and
    business tax forms...

    TaxWorld: Inheritance Tax, Income Tax, Etal
    Includes a history of taxation, statistics, terms in different languages and a

  • TaxWorld provides free of charge tax information from around the world to all internet users

  • A free download of the 'History of Taxation' is also provided in readable PDF format

  • Tax Forms This section of TaxWorld provides ready access to all the main tax forms from the IRS (US) and Inland Revenue (UK), from one simple page

  • In addition, it explains the actual purpose of each form

  • The number of forms covered will be expanded with time, and we will shortly be providing additional data with respect to the topics themselves

  • Tax Information and Issue Guides This section of TaxWorld provides a range of resources and guides to assist anyone needing assistance or data

  • Information will soon be provided covering further tax forms and a wider range of specific issues


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