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  • DMC's CEO Justin Kirby also discusses in New Media Age how old skool viral marketing has finally been embraced by mainstream marketers - just as the landscape is being transformed by consumer-driven, social networking sites

  • ---------------------------------------------------- Friday, May 12, 2006 Perceptions, Practices and Ethics in Word-of-Mouth Marketing It's very easy for Industry associations and analysts to lose sight of the fact that the key to persuading clients to invest in one form of marketing technique or another isn't just to bang on about ethics and measurement frameworks, but to simply prove return on investment

  • BoldMouth should be applauded for carrying out research with input from VBMA members, which looks at this Industry from the client perspective rather than just as more PR-style buzz about word of mouth marketing

  • Download the study ---------------------------------------------------- Tuesday, March 28, 2006 MarketingSherpa Special Report: Viral Marketing 2006 -- Benchmark Data, Practical Tips, & Biggest Change Viral marketing online is a decade old this year and it's getting hideously same-old, same-old boring

    DMC: The Connected Marketing Experts
    Provides online viral marketing services and specializes in seeding and tracking.

  • Digital Media Communications Ltd DMC are the experts in viral, buzz and word-of-mouth marketing (known collectively as 'connected marketing') for major brands

  • Read all, and, and stay informed with the in the connected marketing field

  • news & views Our 13th Virgin Mobile project is an online buzz marketing campaign to help promote the 11th annual V festival

  • Posted in , | 26th July 2006 DMC will moderate the Super Session ‘Social Media: The New Marketing Frontier’ at 11.15am at AD:TECH London in Olympia on 28 September, 2006

  • Posted in , | 14th July 2006 DMC will speak about connected marketing within the theme ‘An Innovator’s Guide to Growth’ at the Management Centre Turkiye’s 7th Annual Marketing Conference on 7-8 December, 2006 in Istanbul

  • Other speakers include Paul Hayes, managing director of The Times Newspapers, Simon Thompson, European marketing director at Motorola, Gareth Gaston, director on-line retailing and marketing at Hilton International, Mel Carson, senior search media strategist at MSN and Joe Sikorsky, former head of digital marketing at British Airways

    Agence Marketing viral - Buzz marketing
    Marketing viral, buzz marketing, guerilla marketing; l'actualité du bouche à oreille.

  • Recherche Newsletter & Flux RSS Contactez notre Agence Besoin d'experts en blog, viral & buzz marketing?: &nbsp &nbsp +352 48 90 90 20 Culture-Buzz Recrute! Talent wanted! Experts en buzz, blog ou viral marketing, - - Buzz Events Evénements et conférences Buzz People Interview de Bertrand Duperrin - Consultant chez Moovement Q° : Bonjour Bertrand, tu fais partie de Moovement, une entreprise lié à (...) Buzz News mardi 29 août 2006 par - Un tour des bonnes campagnes Voici quelques campagnes anti-tabac, de nombreuses façons de transmettre le même message ..

  • (...) mercredi 23 août 2006 par - Le jeu vidéo au service du bouche à oreillle Dans le cadre de la campagne 'Enjoy the Coke side of life' en Amérique du Nord, Coca-Cola frappe un grand coup dans l’univers des (...) mercredi 23 août 2006 par - Les miracles, cela arrive, ou presque La STIB a fait appel au marketing viral pour le lancement de son nouveau tramway, le Flexity 3000

  • Nissan pour la promotion de sa voiture Micra lance un site « 5 femmes à la une », de quoi s’agit-il ? Pour le savoir il faut (...) | Décryptages mardi 17 août 2004 par 'Le marketing viral est une ideavirus où le vecteur du virus EST le produit

    Tell A Friend Viral Marketing Tool
    A free tell-a-friend service with no script to install, is a configurable web
    tool compatible with all browsers.

  • Refer-A-Buddy does this of course - but also goes one important step further and verifies that the web server referenced in the email address both exists and is up and running! Refer-A-Buddy works for your visitors as an intelligent assistant to help them address their referral correctly and - if you are using the opt-in email check box - it makes it more likely that you will receive good quality email addresses for your database! Now you can benefit from the power of viral marketing Without a doubt, old-fashioned 'word of mouth' is one of the most powerful ways to publicise anything

  • As a web master resource refer-a-buddy is perfect - a 'refer a friend' service that looks cool, that adds smooth, professional functionality to your web design, and at the same time it is an invaluable web tool for driving traffic to your web site through the power of viral marketing

  • For additional webmaster tools and viral marketing resources Take a look at the kind of attractive email referral your visitors can be sending from your site


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    Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA)
    The official organization for the viral, buzz, and word of mouth marketing industry.
    Events, newsletters, blogs and knowledge about word of mouth.

  • Learn about Word of Mouth Get our free email newsletters WOMMA Update : Stay in the loop: News on WOMMA's work to promote WOM The Womnibus : The latest, greatest WOM strategies and successes New! WOM Basic Training : Learn to master WOM with practical, hands-on lessons New! WOM Research : Latest research and data on the fast-changing WOM market Event Invitations Send info on joining WOMMA Your Email: Enter your email: Recent WOMMA Events WOMBAT 2: Word of Mouth Basic Training WOMBAT: Word of Mouth Basic Training WOM vs Advertising MEASURING WORD OF MOUTH WOMMA Summit - What is WOMMA? WOMMA is the official trade association for the word of mouth marketing industry

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    Viral Marketing Blog - VM People GmbH
    Das Team der Viral Marketing Agentur VM People kommentiert das Marktgeschehen in
    der Viral Marketing Szene.

  • August 2006 um 10:39 Der Name Milgram steht im Kontext des Viralen Marketing in erster Linie für das

  • August 2006 um 10:00 Neulich war Christian Deker, Redakteur bei SPIEGEL ONLINE, bei uns zu Gast, um sich mit uns über Virales Marketing zu unterhalten

  • In der Vergangenheit war der SPIEGEL nämlich nicht gerade zimperlich, wenn es darum ging, das Virale Marketing in die Pfanne zu hauen

  • 'Was also bleibt vom Konzept des Viralen Marketing?' fragte beispielsweise Netzwelt-Redakteur Frank Patalong im Jahr 2000 in seinem Artikel 'Virales Marketing': Kalter Kaffee, Mund zu Maus.' 'Eine ganze Menge! Der Begriff beispielsweise, und verbunden damit eine Ausweitung des Werber-Vokabulars, dass man sich nicht nur auf Kongressen gegenseitig an den Kopf werfen kann, sondern auch dazu taugt, in den Chefetagen zahlreicher Unternehmen frische Werbe-Etats loszueisen.' Sechs Jahre danach habe ich mehr denn je die Gewissheit, dass aus dem Buzzword von einst eine 'erwachsene' Marketingdisziplin geworden ist

  • Nicht, weil der SPIEGEL inzwischen wohlwollender darüber berichtet, sondern weil ich inzwischen viele Leute kennen gelernt habe, die es mit dem Viralen Marketing Ernst meinen, die Grundhaltungen, Überzeugungen und Sichtweisen teilen, die nicht an kurzfristigen Effekten interessiert sind, sondern eine langfristige Wirkung anstreben

    Anarchic geek designs for those that Need To Know. UK-based.

    Viral marketing goes one step too far
    Article about the "viral marketing" technique used by [InfoWorld]

  • : : : : : :     COLUMN The Gripe Line Ed Foster Viral marketing goes one step too far -- to a place where friends spam friends ONE OF THE LATEST buzzwords in e-commerce is 'viral marketing' -- the basic idea being to use the power of the Internet to spread the good news about a product like an epidemic

  • OK, but is it a good idea for your friends to be paid to infect you? ADVERTISEMENT Free IT resource Sponsored by Google Free IT resource Sponsored by Symantec RELATED LINKS » » » » IDG ENTERPRISE NETWORK • () • () • • • • Viral marketing was first coined in reference to the tag-line ads that would appear at the end of messages from the users of free e-mail services, as in 'Do You Yahoo?' It's a clever and essentially benign idea, one that is generally credited for much of the early explosive growth of Hotmail

  • The commercials during last week's Super Bowl were all the evidence we need of the huge amount of money companies are ready to spend to drive customers to Web sites, and a couple of ads sounded like they were adopting a similar version of AllAdvantage's approach to viral marketing

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    Virtual Marketing Concepts
    Web page hosting, web design, web marketing and web publication, custom programming.

  • Virtual Marketing Concepts specializes in creative web site design, Flash multimedia, Lightwave 3D graphics, and Internet marketing by an integrated team of web consultants, creative designers, programmers and marketing professionals that know how to get online results

  • Web Statistics E-Mail E-Commerce Virtual Marketing Concepts offers, and

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    Marketing - Internet Marketing Reference
    Marketing and internet marketing terms, acronyms, course syllabi, and recommended

  • Marketing Internet marketing reference and index of the best sites & articles

  • home Internet Marketing Reference categories favorites contact us find web hosts search Web (Google) Marketing Terms content Marketing Internet Marketing Reference Internet Marketing Dictionary Beginners – start your Internet marketing journey with our cross-referenced definitions and basic information

  • Experts – start your Internet marketing research with our organized collection of only the best sites and articles

  • » Internet Marketing Acronyms Learn the lingo with a list of commonly-used Internet marketing acronyms, abbreviations and initialisms

  • » Internet Marketing Education See what next-generation Internet marketers are learning with an up-to-date listing of class syllabi from U.S

  • » Other Marketing References Visit these sites for help with general marketing terms not covered by this site

  • » Around the World Wide Web Who is mentioning Marketing Terms? » Related: Web Hosting Glossary Definition, information, articles and sites

    Screen Babe : Screenmates and Viral Marketing Software
    Screen Babe is a professional screen mate development tool. Features enhanced
    Action Scripts, Internet functions capability, borderless HTML viewer and a ...

  • Search Products Main Menu Latest News 10 May 2006 New Jigsaw Puzzle Creator 1.62 released 08 Feb 2006 New Screen Babe 2006 v2.7 released 08/16 New Gypsee PRO 1.9 released More Download Generate free traffic for your website now! Welcome to Screen Babe the official low-cost viral marketing software website

  • These days many large and small companies use viral marketing strategy to perpetuate awareness of their brand, by creating standard creative advertising like animation clips or humorous videos

  • But with Screen Babe you can now offer a new viral marketing strategy by creating a dynamic screenmates application which really good for generating interest in your site and products

  • Because this product allows you to showcase your products, services and marketing solutions in a effective way

    Youth marketing, entertainment, viral, experiential, college, buzz
    Full service strategic marketing and communications management that combines all
    facets of marketing and public relations.


    Tim Ireland (UK) - SEO/Marketing Consultant
    Offers an overview of viral and weblog marketing as well as optimisation services.

  • : : : : : Tim Ireland: SEO/Marketing Services and Profile © Tim Ireland 2004 Services Search Engine Optimisation As an SEO engineer, Tim's main job is to research and compile a set of keywords (prioritised according to their projected ability to attract traffic) and make recommendations to the relevant design team about placement

  • That's why, even if a job may be 'purely' SEO-driven, everything still comes back to marketing

  • Viral Marketing Tim spends a lot of time observing what is of genuine interest to the online community and seeing what does and doesn't work with regards to viral agents and memes (of the professional or amateur variety)

  • Weblog Marketing Almost every web user will inevitably fall into a pattern of interacting with set communities and seeking out new information via search engines

  • After years of active research and significant success in applying this dual marketing method to business and politics, Tim now offers a consultation/production service that may allow your company to not only attract the attention of this opinion-forming community, but actually integrate with them

  • He has been known to claim that this is where he learned the hard-to-grasp basics of grass-roots marketing, but personal experience teaches us that what he mostly learned in this time was how to drink like a fish
    A search engine directory for articles. Free RSS and Javascript feeds available to all.

    NewGate: Search Engine Marketing Services Company (SEM)
    Provides corporate consulting for online public relations and internet marketing
    strategy. Audience development programs build online brand awareness and ...

  • 1-877-331-3127 | How We Are Different Client Testimonials NewGate Clients NewGate is committed to customer service and acts as an extension of your internal Internet marketing department

  • "Their experience and understanding of the industry has been essential in designing and implementing search campaigns which have exceeded our expectations." Director of E-Marketing Copyright © 1996-2006 NewGate Internet

  • NewGate - The Search Marketing Agency ™ - 37 Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Techniques and Examples ...
    25 Guerilla Internet Marketing techniques that can aid in bringing traffic.

  • Web 2.0 Internet Marketing Techniques ) Internet Marketing Techniques & Examples List of 37 Internet Marketing Techniques (Basics 1-7) (1-28) Books from Book Publisher Happy About LinkedIn for Recruiting Happy About Website Payments with PayPal eBook: $49.95 () Tradebook $69.95 () eBook: $4.95 Tradebook: $24.95 ($19.96) Happy About is interested in publishing books on any of the techniques listed below

  • Internet Marketing Activities The Internet is not only a great way to spread the word about your product or service, in today's world, it's an essential part of the marketing mix

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) and other paid-for Internet Marketing Pay-per-click is currently the hotest Internet Marketing technique and it's only going to heat up from here

  • Use tools like & Podcasting Podcasting is the fastest growing Internet marketing trend and will most likely jump into one of the top 3 positions in the next year

  • Check out how various businesses are using podcasting (, ) Also check out some resources including: service, Career Builders (), Find and Fuel Evangelists (Viral Marketing) Whether it's an internal employee or an excited partner, empower your evangelists with the tools they can use to help market you in the on-line world

    | Brainwash | Blog über Guerilla Marketing, Viral Marketing, Buzz ...
    Ein Weblog der Robert & Horst Agenturgruppe und den webguerillas mit
    Best-Practice-Beispielen und Guerilla Marketing-Themen.

    Launchfire Interactive - Advergames and Viral Marketing.
    Launchfire builds flash and shockwave advergames and advergaming platforms.

    Next New Media - Web Sites, CDROM, Intranet, Extranet, Viral Marketing
    Provide Internet and multimedia services. Includes description of services and
    contact details.

  • It showcases all our viral marketing games with high score tables and constant updates with our latest games

    Consulenza Web Marketing - Posizionamento Siti Web - Web Marketing ...
    Offre una serie di tool per la creazione, el'ottimizzazione di pagine web.

  • Web Marketing Tools Search Engine Ranking Guide sui Motori di Ricerca SERVIZIO DI CONSULENZA WEB MARKETING Il servizio di Consulenza Web Marketing è rivolto a quelle aziende che intendono creare od accrescere la propria attività aziendale on-line, affiaccandola laddove sia necessario a quella tradizionale

  • La consulenza avrà ad oggetto studi di fattibilità, orientamento allo sviluppo dell’attività aziendale su web ed elaborazione di strategie di marketing on-line

  • Specifiche del servizio: Analisi del mercato on-line di settore Studio di convenienza/fattibilità Predisposizione Web Business Plan aziendale Analisi della Concorrenza Analisi dei contenuti e delle strutture comunicative Analisi del traffico e delle dinamiche di navigazione Predisposizione Campagne Pay per Click Predisposizione Campagne Mail Marketing (direct/promo) Predisposizione strategie di insediamento (scambio link, partnership, viral marketing) Si tratta di un servizio di orientamento, dopo il quale, in caso di esito positivo dello studio di convenienza, sarà possibile far seguire una serie di interventi specifici di web marketing

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