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JetBlue Scandal
The airways gave sensitive travel data of its passengers to the Feds for analysis,
violating its own...

  • JetBlue: SCANDAL! In September of 2002, secretly gave the the full travel records of 5 million JetBlue customers

  • Anyone who flew JetBlue on or before September of 2002 should assume that all information given by them to JetBlue, including credit card numbers, is in the possession of both the TSA and

  • Furthermore, Torch Concepts (now doing business as obtained the Social Security number, date of birth, and associated credit histories of many of the 5 million passengers in the JetBlue database

  • The 5 million JetBlue records handed over to TSA appear to have been used to test off-the-shelf technologies to improve

  • JetBlue President and CEO stated in an email that 'No JetBlue customer information has been shared with the US Government with respect to testing the CAPPS II program currently under design

  • ' JetBlue and TSA are being economical with the truth

  • JetBlue data on 5 million real passengers was used by TSA subcontractor Torch Concepts in 2002 to test a computer-automated passenger profiling system

  • Torch Concepts took the JetBlue passenger data and obtained as much personal information on individual passengers as was possible, including credit histories, SSNs, income, home ownership, driving record, and other details

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    Red Sprites And Blue Jets
    Newly documented optical phenomena occurring above thunderstorms are described
    here, along with images...

  • Red Sprites and Blue Jets This is primarily a description of the Univ

  • Numerous images have also been obtained from aircraft of blue jets ( ), also a previously unrecorded form of optical activity above thunderstorms

  • Blue jets appear to emerge directly from the tops of clouds and shoot upward in narrow cones through the stratosphere

  • This research on red sprites and blue jets is being conducted by researchers at the of the The URL for this page is: If you know of other references please bring them to my attention

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    Airline Safety
    Dedicated to the subject of airline safety and seeks to provide a forum for the
    discussion of airline...

  • SWA said that "traffic rose 13.7 percent to 5.67 billion revenue passenger miles, capacity rose 12.2 percent to 7.45 billion available seat miles, and load factor improved 1 percent to 76.1 percent." Jet Blue shares gained 34 cents

  • Even after last year's worker concessions, United's costs were 40 per cent higher than the 6.1 cents at JetBlue Airways Corp, a New York-based low-fare carrier

    Wikipedia: Lightning
    Learn about research and different types of lightning.

  • Arizona, which has very dry, sandy soil and a very dry air, has cloud bases as high as 6, 000-7, 000 feet above ground level, and gets very long, thin, purplish discharges, which crackle; while Oklahoma, with cloud bases about 1, 500-2, 000 feet above ground level and fairly soft, clay-rich soil, has big, blue-white explosive lightning strikes, that are very hot (high current) and cause sudden, explosive noise when the discharge comes

  • They are signs of an approaching storm and are known colloquially as 'bolts out of the blue'

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    Enchanted Learning: Blue Whale
    Includes information and activities for children regarding the blue whale.

  • (Already a member? ) ALL ABOUT WHALES! BLUE WHALE Balaenoptera musculus GENERAL DESCRIPTION The blue whale is the largest animal that ever lived on Earth

  • These gray-blue whales have 2 blowholes and a 2-14 inch (5-30 cm) thick layer of blubber

  • Blue whales are rorqual whales, whales that have pleated throat grooves that allow their throat to expand during the huge intake of water during filter feeding

  • Blue whales have 50-70 throat grooves that run from the throat to mid-body

  • SIZE Blue whales grow to be about 80 feet (25 m) long on average, weighing about 120 tons (109 tonnes)

  • The largest of the blue whales (150 tons) has a heart that weighs about 1, 000 pounds (450 kg) and has 14, 000 pounds (6, 400 kg) of blood circulating in its body

  • A Comparison of the Size of the Blue Whale and Other Interesting Animals LOUDNESS Blue whales are the loudest animals on Earth! Their call reaches levels up to 188

  • The blue whale is louder than a jet, which reaches only 140 decibels! Human shouting is 70 decibels; sounds over 120 decibels are painful to human ears

  • SKIN, SHAPE AND FINS The blue whale's skin is usually blue-gray with white-gray spots

    Navy jet fighter for sale on eBay

  • The price for the jet, which formerly belonged to the Navy's Blue Angels aerial demonstration team, is just over $1 million on the auction firm eBay, or about $9 million for a buyer who wants it assembled, painted and certified ready-to-fly

  • An F/A-18 in 1997 cost the military $28 million, according to the Blue Angels' official Web site

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  • This past spring I flew Jet Blue from Baltimore-Washington International to San Francisco

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    Providing information on fractional ownership programs.

  • You might purchase an eighth interest in one airplane (in the blue center)

  • Others purchase the other 7/8ths of your blue airplane.You can use your blue airplane when you need it

  • If your blue plane is not available the operator of the program is obligated to provide you with another airplane from the fleet

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  • !!! NEW RELEASE !!! MouseBoat A Revolutionary Waterjet Control Device exclusive to HamiltonJet's blue ARROW Control Systems Manufacturer of Waterjet Propulsion Systems for the world's marine industry Jetboat Manufacturer & HamiltonJet Distributor for New Zealand & the Pacific Islands | Copyright ᄅ Hamilton Jet, 2001 - 2005

    Airline Photo Blue
    Images of airliners at the Narita and Haneda airports in Japan.

  • Welcome Airline photo Blue homepage

  • Airplane photos update Photo uploaded AUG/2006 Last updated Photo uploaded JUL/2006 Photo uploaded JUN/2006 Photo uploaded MAY/2006 Photo uploaded APR/2006 Airline Photo Blue homepage's banner is here!! View the on! Copyright (C) H.OHK‚h@2002 - 2004 My photo has published at 15 FEB 2002 on NEW FOTOS section - Jamajka
    Zeměpisné a historické informace o zemi, hospodářství, kultuře a zvycích, přírodě
    a místní...

  • tøtiny, banánovníkù, citrusù, chov skotu a koz, rybolov Pøírodní zdroje: bauxit, sádrovec, skláøské písky Nejvyšší hora: Blue Mountains Peak - 2.256 m n

  • Vìtšina ostrova je hornatá, a tak staèí vyrazit pøímo z centra hlavního mìsta Kingston a podniknout výpravu do nejvyšších hor - Blue Mountains

  • Dùležitìjším faktorem jsou srážky, obzvláštì pokud se chystáte trávit svou dovolenou na východì ostrova a v Blue Mountains

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