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Developer, manufacturer, and marketer of touch screen and touch monitor products.

  • Elo TouchSystems, the global leader in touch technology, develops, manufactures, and markets a complete line of touch screen and touch monitor products

  • Elo offers the largest selection of touchscreen technologies, CRT touchmonitors, and LCD touch monitors and carefully designs each product for the demanding requirements of diverse applications, such as industrial, medical, POS, kiosks, retail, hospitality, transportation, office automation, and gaming

  • August 3 : Elo now offers wall-mountable/ desktop LCD touchmonitors in large sizes up to 42”

  • These touchmonitors are ideal for digital signage with the interactivity of touch

  • The 1915L is the latest addition to our 1000 series of entry-level touchmonitors

  • delivery only) Elo offers a new 2020L 20" LCD desktop touchmonitor that is designed for retail POS, industrial, and government applications as well as interactive digital signage

    Howstuffworks "How Television Works"
    Easy to read article that describes how television works.

    Howstuffworks "How C Programming Works"
    Complete, thoroughly-illustrated C programming language tutorial with many examples
    to assist in becoming aC programmer.

  • You will be amazed at all of the different things you can create once you know C! Save space with a flat screen monitor If you haven't upgraded to a flat-screen computer monitor yet, now could be the time

    KEYTEC is a leading touch screen manufacturer since 1987. We ...
    Features products that include add-on touch screens, both CRT and LCD integrated
    touch monitors, and built-in touchscreen kits.

  • Best Buy! instantly converts any standard monitor (LCD & CRT) or notebook computer into a touch-interactive device at a very affordable cost

  • using only the best-quality monitors for Magic Touch integration

  • Desktop & open frame, LCD & CRT touchscreen monitors

  • offers completely integrated standard or custom kiosk with high-quality touch screen monitor


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    Industrial LCD Monitors and Displays – Rugged Monitor Display Systems
    Flat panel LCD and CRT monitors for industrial environments.

  • Rugged industrial lcd monitors and display systems, panel pc, IP and NEMA rated computer and workstations, crt displays and flat panel industrial monitor designs to fit a variety of applications SEARCH · · News Room Resources Technical Support FAQ Troubleshooting International Partners My VarTech Login Become A Reseller Industrial LCD Monitors, Rugged CRT Displays, Industrial Panel PC Computers, and NEMA Workstations built for Extreme Environments VarTech Systems is a leading manufacturer of an extensive variety of NEMA and IP rated rugged LCD flat panel displays, industrial monitors , workstations and HMI computer solutions for harsh environments and demanding critical applications

  • Ranked in 1999 by Deloitte & Touche as one of the fastest growing technology companies, VarTech Systems continues to lead on the technological forefront for exceptional quality and very highly engineered industrial monitors and computer products

  • VarTech Manufactures · NEMA 12 and NEMA 4 rated Industrial LCD monitors · Stainless Steel Encased NEMA 4X flat panel display systems · High-bright and sunlight readable LCD monitors · Rugged Marine and military LCD displays for mission critical applications

    Quality LCD Monitor Arms, LCD and TV Mounts, Keyboard Trays ...
    Ergonomic computer monitor arms, stands, lifts for monitors, LCD and flat panel
    displays. Mounting brackets, swivels, keyboard trays, ergonomic computer ...

  • We are a leader and innovator in unique and ergonomic computer accessories and office furniture including monitor arms, a large LCD monitor arm and LCD mount selection, laptop stands, ergonomic keyboard tray products, office cabinets, media storage, desk organizers, white boards and office filing and displays

  • Quality LCD Monitor Arms, Flexible Monitor Stands and LCD Wall Mount Attachments Plasma TV Wall Mount, TV Stand, TV Mounts and Plasma TV Stands Office and Media Cabinets, Binder Storage / Desktop, Wall Organizers and CD Storage Dry Erase, Chalkboards and Bulletin Boards offer a professional presentation Keyboard Trays, Keyboard Drawers, Wrist Rests Computer, Glare, Monitor and Privacy Filters, Monitor Magnifiers for CRT, LCD and Laptop screens Ergonomic Accessories, CPU Stands, Phone Stands, Arm Rests, Foot Rests and more Low cost Ergonomic Computer Accessories and Workspace Organizers Audio Visual office furniture, Lecterns and Podiums Ergo in Demand is a worldwide distributor of ergonomic office accessories and durable office furniture components for today's modern industry demands

  • Additionally, we are an important supplier of versatile and flexible LCD monitor arm and monitor mount accessories used in the medical, dental, industrial fields and just about in any office today that makes use of at least one computer

    Kin Com Physical Therapy Isokinetic Equipment
    Physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, product sales, service repairs,
    free technical support. Located in Harrison, Tennessee.

  • Call for a quote! See the new tax breaks for equipment 1) Flat screen LCD touch screen monitor for your kin com, available in 15 and 17 inch display

  • Replaces your touch screen monitor of the serial port type

  • 5) Yes the kin com model 125AP does have an optional set of work tools 6) Yes touch screen monitor technology is used for faster set ups

  • Includes the following year 2000 compliant items: Pentium computer, Hewlett Packard color, desk jet printer, S-VGA 15 inch flat screen touch screen monitor, Voice assisted sound system, and many other items

    D&D Security
    Manufacture and distribute anti-theft cables, maximum security and tracking
    software for desktops, laptops and office equipment. Custom products available.

  • Space saving solution for flat screen monitors! Utilizes VESA standard (75mm and 100mm hole pattern..

  • PC security system designed to protect flat screen monitor and CPU

  • Benefits

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    Meeting and Event Services at Simon Fraser University
    Provides computing facilities to professional, business and community organizations.
    Includes fully equipped teaching labs for Macintosh, IBM PC or UNIX ...

  • •1 Epson Perfection 3200 photo flatbed scanner •1 external 1.44 MB floppy drive and 1 250 MB zip drives • Ethernet access to the campus network and the Internet 7th Floor PC Lab (Room 7050 ) • 30 DELL OPTIPLEX GX 620 microcomputers with: 3.20 Ghz Pentium IV processor 1 GMB ram 74.4 GB hard disk one 1.44 3.5" floppy drive one CD-RW and DVD/CD-ROM drive built-in sound 17" DELL 1905 FP flat screen colour monitor Microsoft Windows XP Pro SP 2 •1 additional machine is reserved for the instructor and is connected to an Proxima data projector (1024x768) • Access to an HP 8100 b&w printer in the lab and an HP 5550 colourLaser Printer in Room 1340.Printing requires the use of a “laserprintingcard”which can be purchased from a vending machine in Room 1340

    Plasma Television at Best Buy Plasma: Plasma TV, Plasma, Plasma ...
    Offers plasma tv installation services, plasma televisions and other visual
    displays products.

  • Plasma TV monitors have flat screen pictures that provide excellent picture quality with low picture distortion

  • $2, 399.99 WESTINGHOUSE LVM42W2 TOSHIBA 42HP66 LVM-42W2 42-IN 1080p LCD Monitor R ..

  • TOSHIBA 42HP66 Introducing the exciting new Westinghouse 42” 1080p Monitor, designed specifically to match the way ..

    2iQ - linking people & technology with products such as monitor ...
    Ergonomic office furniture and accessories. Profile, illustrated catalogue and
    client list.

  • WELCOME TO THE 2iQ ONLINE SHOWROOM 2iQ is the UK’s leading specialist trade distributor for developing and supplying quality ergonomic products such as monitor/tv supports, computer supports, cable management and power & data solutions, which enhance standards of health, safety and comfort for computer, AV and office users

  • Our products in brief: A comprehensive range of space saving monitor arms, supports and brackets for mounting almost any flat screen monitor, plasma display or AV projector

  • Mounting solutions include: Monitor stands, desk or bolt-through fixings, wall mounts, ceiling mounts, solutions to mount1, 2, 3, 4 or even 6 screens

    ICWUSA.COM, Inc. high quality LCD mounts and other mounting solutions
    Manufacturer of ergonomic computer furniture such as LCD TV arms and flat panel
    wall mounts.

  • This system also allows a keyboard to be ergonomically placed under the monitor

  • is the premier rigid-type LCD mount, the first that allows full wire management from wall to monitor

  • Mounting all LCD flat panel or flat screen monitors couldn't be easier using the Ultra 95 LCD Ceiling Arm

  • The Universal Arm TV wall mount is the number one choice for consumers and businesses to mount monitors, tv's, stereos, speakers and other equipment where attractiveness is important

  • This LCD monitor mount has been use in many bank teller stations where space and ergonomic are important

  • collection allows full articulation of the flat panel monitor with keyboard and folds up right over the mount

  • Mounts to a desk, pole, or wall and keeps your monitor close to the mounting surface while still offering a wide range of adjustment

  • collection brings your monitor close to the wall but still allows tilt and pivot

  • Put your monitor where it belongs, on a stable platform above your work surface with our

  • We manufacture and offer mounts for TV's, VCR's, DVD's, computer CPU's, CRT monitors, Flat panel monitors, computer keyboards and other equipment


    Making fine prints in your digital darkroom: Getting started
    Three part tutorial by Norman Koren. Includes scanning, image editing, monitor-printer
    calibration, and other aspects of fine art digital printmaking.

  • Correct monitor calibration is vital for viewing and making fine prints

  • Two key parameters, Black level (often labeled Brightness) and Contrast , are set on the monitor

  • It can be set on the monitor (preferably) or with the video card/color management software, but not both

  • For flat screen (LCD) monitors, Screen resolution (right-click on the wallpaper, Properties, Settings) should be set to the monitor's native resolution

  • Gamma defines the curve that relates the pixel levels in your computer to the luminance (brightness) of your monitor and prints, using the equation, Luminance = (pixel level/255) gamma + black level You can estimate gamma from the pattern on the left side of the chart on the right by viewing it from a distance and observing where the average luminance across the pattern is constant

  • This chart is only for monitors; it doesn't work on printed media

  • You can set your monitor's Black level using the mostly black pattern on the right of the chart

  • The image on a well-calibrated monitor closely resembles the print; there is little delay between exposure and evaluation

  • If the entire image were reproduced at a typical monitor resolution of 80 pixels/inch (30x magnification), it would cover 28x 42 inches, more than twice my printer's maximum 13x 19 inch print size

    Touch screen monitors StarPanel design
    Manufactures ruggedized flat panel display monitors and touch screens for
    commercial, industrial, military and custom applications.

  • Purchase Online Flat Panel Monitors ..

  • manufacture of flat panel monitors for commercial and industrial applications since 1989

  • StarPanel ® flat panel monitors are designed for harsh usage in industrial OEM equipment and factory floor automation systems

  • Demanding applications where dust, dirt, chips and debris are falling or blowing in and around the flat panel monitor

  • Dripping, spray or just plain humidity StarPanel ® flat panel monitors can meet the challenge

  • Rugged flat panel monitors designed for high shock and vibration, wide temperature range, high humidity, wet and dusty environments

  • StarPanel ® Flat Panel Monitors, Displays For The Real World

    Opti-Max lcd cleaner, lens cleaner, eyeglass cleaner, lcd monitor ...
    A high tech computer screen cleaner for use on all monitors, laptops, and PDA's.

  • "Recommended by the "IBM Help Desk" for use on monitors" Safe for coated eye glasses & sun glasses

  • It works as stated." "Thank you" Mike Malli, Amana Society "The monitor on my thinkpad has never looked cleaner." Cordially, Charles General Electric "We have completed the test and everything went well

  • Dover, PA Hi! I'm ordering the Opti-Max again and I wanted to let you know that at first I was very hesitate buying this cleaning solution and now after using it, I love the stuff! Christine I have a Sony LCD monitor that always had streaks from any cleaner I used...no matter what I tried it never got streak free which was very evident since when the power was off it was a black screen that accentuated the streaks...

  • I also used the cleaner on my Sony 23" monitor with the same results

  • A True Cleaner Cleans all , laptops, flat screens, monitors, plasma screens, lcd screens, pdas, & tvs

  • "Recommended by the "Dell Help Desk" for use on monitors & laptops" Cleans monitor displays, computer screens, laptop screens, flat screens, plasma screens, eyeglasses, tv screens, camera lens, laser lens, laser disc, scanners, telescopes, microscopes, and white boards

    CNN - Comdex: Monitors show dual analog/digital skills - November ...

  • SITES: MORE SERVICES: DISCUSSION: SITE GUIDES: FASTER ACCESS: WEB SERVICES: Comdex: Monitors show dual analog/digital skills November 19, 1999 Web posted at: 10:04 a.m

  • EST (1504 GMT) by Margret Johnston LAS VEGAS (IDG) -- Flat-screen monitor manufacturers ViewSonic, NEC, Hewlett-Packard and Samsung Electronics are showing dual analog and digital liquid crystal displays (LCDs) for desktop PCs at Comdex this year

  • Over the next four to five years PCs will begin shifting from analog to digital signal output, changing the way computers drive displays and eliminating the need to convert the monitor signal to analog, according to major monitor manufacturers displaying at the show

  • QuickTime Real Windows Media ALSO •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  MESSAGE BOARD HP was one of the first manufacturers to begin shipping its dual analog/digital LCD monitor

  • NEC's dual analog/digital monitors use a technology that NEC calls Ambix, a name created from the word ambidextrous, said Todd Fender, product manager in NEC's personal display division

    Lucasey Flat Screen and TV Mounts
    Manufacturer of mounting systems related to the television industry.

    Animation Artist - animation news, tutorials, movies, cartoons
    Animation information resource - industry news, feature articles and interviews,
    forums, tutorials, screening room, movie sites, upcoming events, ...

    Video Furniture International
    Videoconferencing office furniture.

    Computer Monitor Hoods, LCD Protective Film & Screen Cleaning Kits ...
    Digital camera and computer screen glare reduction hoods, in standard, adjustable,
    and custom sizes. includes privacy shields, and cleaning kits.


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