North American portal with email, YellowPages, heavily integrated search engine,
personal settings and weather.

Copernic: Software to search, find, and manage information
Searches multiple search engines.

A suite of interactive tools designed to aid students and professionals with
their online research, from selecting a search engine and finding some relevant ...


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SEO Book
Aaron Wall offers search engine news, reviews of tools, and an ebook for sale.

  • (#1) (#1) This is the #1 ranking SEO book on all major search engines

  • The search engines love it

    How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory
    University librarian Laura Cohen gives advice in the format of "if you want A
    then choose B."

  • Update your links to How to Choose a Search Engine or Directory If you want to search for..

  • Boolean operators | [OR only] | Full Boolean logic with parentheses e.g., behavior and (cats or felines) | Implied Boolean +/- Most search engines offer this option Boolean logic using search form terminology Most advanced search options offer this, including: | Proximity searching | [by default] | If you want.

  • Alternative search terms A user fill-in search form Many search engines offer this, including: | Search for documents similar to those in existing results Truncation | Your search stated in plain English | Translation of pages retrieved as search results, or any text or Web page, to and from selected languages An exact phrase within quotations Most search engines offer this option An exact phrase from a template choice Many search templates offer this

  • Results based on linking, i.e., number of links from highly rated Web pages | [Many search engines use this technology as part of their results ranking strategy] Results clustered by concept and/or type of site (a 'horizontal' in addition to a single vertical list of results) | Option to search on related topics | Clustering of results into one hit per site with the option to see all | Results in graphical format | Results with thumbnail images of retrieved sites | Queries stored at the site and notification of new results | Queries stored by the search service for repeat searches If you want to search..

    Education World® The Educator's Best Friend
    A comprehensive resource which includes a search engine for thousands of educational

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Forums ::
    Forum for the discussion of search engine optimization and search engines.
    Also has related articles, utilities, news and blog.

  • Benefits

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    Keyword services for professional search engine optimization
    Compiled database of keywords that people search for. Tells how often people
    search for the term and how many competing sites use that same term on a search ...

  • Learn how Wordtracker's multiple tools and features support the needs of Test your search engine marketing knowledge and build your skills with our expert Keyword Reports offer the latest Top 20, 000 to the Top 20 million search terms
    Dialup access and content provider.

    Northern Light
    Provides search and content integration solutions for enterprises and individuals,
    includes services...

  • Northern Light Group, LLC Ten Canal Park Cambridge, MA 02141 Phone: 617-674-2074 Fax: 617-674-2076 Login to the Business Research Engine Login : Password : (30-day free trial) Northern Light provides search and content integration technology and solutions for enterprises and individuals

  • To find out how Hewlett-Packard saves millions of dollars annually using a SinglePoint Market Research Engine, including a case study that HP wrote for an industry conference, click

    BC Search Engine
    Directory of Internet sites based in British Columbia.

  • • • • • • • Search BC! This is a family friendly search engine for British Columbia

  • The SearchBC.Com search engine is completely concerned with online British Columbia, Canada


    Provides a unique way to find pictures on the web.

    Finding Information on the Internet
    The University of California Berkeley recommends search strategies, explains
    search tools, and gives...

  • The content on this site has been to reflect the latest trends in search engines, directories, and evaluating web pages

  • - Links to all search tools tables - Comparison table of the best search engines UPDATED - - new web page and one-hour course on using Google and Google's many features effectivley guide (PDF) - Use at your own risk: not recommended as an alternative to search engines, some have useful features - Table comparing some of the best human-selected collections of web pages - What it is, how to find it, and its inherent ambiguity (searchable databases on the Web) and Copyright (C) 2006 by the Regents of the University of California

    Provides search, language and research tools on one page. Includes web, discussion
    groups, and people...

  • iTools Fewer explanations Remove sidebars Quick access to the best Internet tools Find anything on the Web Look up words or translate them Find facts and theories about any subject Convert currency See a map or get driving directions Use networking and web tools Find people on the Internet Quick access to the best Internet tools Web Search Google Video Search Ask Other People Web Directory Discussion Groups Find People first: last: US Canada Email The best web directories and search engines await your query ..

    This search engine draws on data from several partners, including the Open Directory.

    Highest Higher High Rankings On Search Engines; SEO For Searchengines
    Specializes in website optimizing. Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • S earch engine optimizations and web site promotions are the keys for getting top 10 rankings on the best search engines

  • We use a custom software program that lists the last 319 million keyword phrases used on the leading search engines

  • This program helps us to predict what keywords people will use on search engines

  • This knowledge, combined with our search engine optimization skills, is why we are the SEO professionals who get the best webpage rankings on our customers' websites; 1st place listings = higher hits = higher company profits

  • KEYWORDS IMPORTANT TO SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION AGENCIES searchengines positioning best web site promotion SEO webpage design tips free search engine ranking report web rank web rankings for webpages high search engine rankings free website promotion searchengine optimization best webpage designers affordable search engine optimization services Michigan web site designers SEO web page designer top website designer in MI high search engine ranking Grand Rapids web positioning agency best affordable search engine ranking search engine ranking firm internet search engine rankings B efore this web site was created, we already knew which of the above phrases were used most often by people looking to hire a SEO web design optimization firm

    Alexa Web Search
    Provides a search powered by Google, and a directory from the ODP. Directory listings
    can be ordered by popularity, user rating or alphabetically, and there are ...

  • The data was collected using the search engine built into the by asking it to count documents of a certain size and MIME type

  • JULY 13, 2006 - Posted By Geoffrey Mack Search Engine Market Share I occasionally run into charts of search engine market share from Nielsen, or from other expensive services like Comscore

  • Any webmaster will tell you that Google represents almost ALL of the search engine traffic

  • So I decided to poke around Alexa's stats and generate my own search engine market share graph

    Search Engine Roundtable
    Marketing professionals represent their forums and ideas in one blog.

  • He talks about how search engines extract too much of the web’s value, leaving too little for the websites that actually create the content

  • His point is that the search engine is taking the content from the website and displaying it on the search results page

  • The search engine didn’t create this content or pay for it, and they are displaying the content

  • There are too many free services being created just to drive traffic to the search engines

  • He says that search engines are becoming answer engines

  • They next define the term “ leech ” and point to an that Danny Sullivan wrote about search engines being leeches and that people are becoming to dependent on search engines for answers

  • He says when you think of a search engine as a consumer vehicle that a search engine can free up content and let them access it

  • So the industry that has evolved around the search engines is wonderful because they help deliver the information to the people

  • Jeff goes into asking about robots.txt and which consultants on the panel that have clients excluding the search engines

  • Peter says they have 0 clients excluding the search engines from spidering them


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