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  • Contents [] Specification Basics The iCalendar specification is a result of the work of the Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group (chaired by of ), and was authored by Frank Dawson of and Derik Stenerson of

  • The file extension of 'ics' is to be used to designate a file containing (an arbitrary set of) calendaring and scheduling information consistent with this MIME content type

  • The file type code of 'iCal' is to be used in Apple Macintosh operating system environments to designate a file containing calendaring and scheduling information consistent with this MIME media type

  • [] Core object The top-level object in iCalendar is the Calendaring and Scheduling Core Object

  • This is a collection of calendaring and scheduling information

  • A companion standard, 'iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability' (iTIP) (), defines a protocol for exchanging iCalendar objects for the purposes of group calendaring and scheduling between 'Calendar Users' (CUs); whoever initiates the exchange of data takes on the role of the 'Organizer'

  • Hopson, 'iCalendar Transport-Independent Interoperability Protocol (iTIP) : Scheduling Events, Busy Time, To-dos and Journal Entries', November 1998

    Project Management Software Directory
    Lists windows based project management software.

  • By project management, I mean to include tools that assist in planning, scheduling, tracking and analyzing a project

    VirtualBoss Scheduling Software: Simplify project management and ...
    Provides job scheduling and task management functions, for home builders, general
    contractors, and real-estate property managers.

  • Construction scheduling software that is easy to set up, easy to learn, and easy to use

  • Construction Scheduling and Project Management Software Made Easy Use VirtualBoss on your Windows PC, on the Internet, or on your PDA! PC As a homebuilder, general contractor, property manager, developer, remodeler or service company you need the right scheduling software to stay on top of things

  • VirtualBoss is a fast and easy scheduling and project management software! See your schedule in a GANTT CHART and on your Pocket PC or Palm then fax or email all your work orders in 2 clicks

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    Web Resource - Web Resource Project Management Software. Simply ...
    Web-based software designed to help organizations to schedule and manage their
    employees on projects. Offers features, seminars, support and how to buy.

  • Web Resource Resource Management and Scheduling View our other productivity products at Attend our 20 minute introduction to Web Resource Replicon's Web Resource 2.5: Proven to Simplify Resource and Project Scheduling U.S

  • End Employee Scheduling Meetings

  • Simple, High-level Resource and Project Scheduling - Eliminate spreadsheets and complex scheduling methods

  • Flexible Calendar Views - View color-coded, real-time project, task, and resource scheduling calendars


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    Appointment Scheduling Software,Resource,Time Recording,Timesheet ...
    Scheduling and time management software.

  • Main » » Products » » » » » » » » » » Information » » » » » » » » Support » » Welcome To CyberMatrix Your Time Management Software Solution Your time is important We can help you manage it We provide a variety of user-friendly time recording and scheduling software applications to assist you in appointment scheduling , meeting room scheduling , resource scheduling , class scheduling , attendance management , timesheet entry , time recording , time tracking, time billing and general time management

  • It is ideal for scheduling meeting rooms or resource scheduling in office buildings, churches etc

  • It is an ideal solution for those companies wishing to replace their old-fashioned In/Out scheduling board

    Scheduling Software for Scheduling Staff, Rooms, Equipment ...
    Software for scheduling and managing people and resources Free evaluation version.

  • #201 Victoria, BC Canada V8W 2A5 Toll Free: 1 888 291 2911 Voice: (250) 388 4676 Fax: (604) 677 7553 Design: © Copyright 1997-2006 The leader in Scheduling Software Home ResSched Resource Scheduling Software Sophisticated, but easy-to-use resource and employee scheduling software for rooms, equipment, staff (technicians, professionals, health care workers, others), vehicles, rooms, or other resources

  • ResSched reduces costs by minimizing time spent scheduling, improving resource utilization, and avoiding costly double booking and schedule conflicts

  • Now includes scheduling Web interface for easy access from anywhere

    DELEGATOR - Staff and Project Management Software (Groupware)
    Track the assignments given to people and plan workloads for staff. Communicate
    priorities and expectations, review staff performance over time, ...

  • #201 Victoria, BC Canada V8W 2A5 Toll Free: 1 888 291 2911 Voice: (250) 388 4676 Fax: (604) 677 7553 Design: © Copyright 1997-2006 The leader in Scheduling Software Delegator Multi User > Main Page DELEGATOR™4.1 – Scheduling, Delegation and Project Management Software for business, government, educational, health care, and other organizations | DELEGATOR has been developed to help staff and management of all levels coordinate and manage the activities of subordinates, colleagues, themselves, and others

    Project Management Workshops-Community Partnerships-University of ...
    Providing project management workshops focusing on how to manage resources,
    people, deadlines and challenges to bring a project in on time, on target, ...

  • Estimating Project Costs and Scheduling (14 PDUs) November 8-9, 2005 - Green Bay - 8:30 am-4:00 pm Estimating projects requires a combination of skills: analyst, accountant, statistician, mathematician, historian, librarian, and politician

  • Understanding the basics Estimating in the project management process Estimating versus scheduling Deliverables-based versus assumptions-based estimating Work breakdown structures Estimating techniques Estimates at planning stage Types of estimating – Duration vs

  • work – Cost Contingency estimates for risks Time versus effort Weighted-average estimating Developing an estimating baseline Impact of resource availability Developing the budget Estimating effort Developing and estimating staff costs Resources to be estimated? Scheduling Gantt charts Network (pert) diagrams Histograms Controlling project estimates Progress reports Monitoring the plan Updating the baseline Presenter Sandra Hoskins , PMP, is a speaker, mentor, educator, consultant, and freelance author

  • Key discussion points will include the definition of the product, the difference between product and project-related concerns, management of differing scope expectations, integration of the project management lifecycle into the product development lifecycle, the estimating and scheduling of iterative product development, integration of phase gate reviews, strategies for managing proof of concept or pilot phases and the transition of resources between phases, and the management of stakeholder expectations

  • Benefits

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    Microsoft Office Online: Project 2003 Home Page
    Official home page. Project scheduling and control tool.

    InterPlan Systems - Project Management Software, Project Planning ...
    Offers eTaskMaker project planning software and ATC Professional project management
    software for oil refinery and petrochemical plant turnarounds.

  • Project Estimating, Planning, Scheduling and Management Solutions InterPlan Systems offers effective solutions for estimating, planning, scheduling and managing projects and maintenance shutdowns / turnarounds (for oil refineries, petrochemical plants, power plants, pulp & paper mills, etc.): Project Estimating and Planning Software - eTaskMaker® enables planners and estimators to quickly and easily prepare detailed, professional project schedules complete with task descriptions, durations, resource assignments and customized predecessor logic for export to leading project management software (based upon answers to multiple choice and quantitative queries)

  • eTaskMaker is an effective solution for standardizing and the estimating, planning and scheduling best practices across the enterprise - Free Project Management Software
    Project Management Software application is supported by advertising. It supports
    resource leveling, parent/child task structures and familiar linking ...

  • Powerful rule based scheduling allows 100% custom schedule for each calendar/resource including part time resources

  • Fully supports shift work scheduling such as first, second, third and/or swing shifts

  • Each calendar has a timezone which is used consistently throughout all scheduling calculations

  • Supports scheduling of work time, time off, or paid time off

    Welcome to KIDASA Software. Take your Projects Places they've ...
    Publisher of Milestones Simplicity and Milestones Professional project scheduling
    and management software designed for Windows 95/98/NT.


    Construction Estimating Software, Scheduling Software, and ...
    Estimating, scheduling and contract writing software for building and remodeling

  • Estimating, Project Scheduling, and Contract Writing Software Solutions For Building & Remodeling Contractors Home | Construction Estimating Software Designed for Windows XP New in Version 3.0.1 • Automatic Internet Pricing Updates (with subscription) • Enhanced Stocklist with Material Drop Manager • Spell Check with over 1, 000 construction terms • Full control and customization of Cost Database • Vendor and Customer Databases • New Job-Specific Templates Online Estimate Faster, Produce More Accurate Estimates, Create Proposals Automatically, Win More Bids, & Make More Money! With EAS 3.0.1 The Estimator's Add-Vantage System includes: easy to use template-based estimates, a built-in cost database and our optional automated pricing update service, and the Building Products Database, the easiest way to find building product information while estimating

  • Project Scheduling Software for Contractors Designed for Windows XP See it all on one Screen All the parts of the job in one place, keeping track of Job tasks for your crew, your sub-contractors, and town inspectors New Version 4.1 The Easiest Scheduling Yet! • Enhanced interface fits more information on one screen • New Add Task Function speeds schedule building • View on one Screen: • Project Tasks • Orders and Deliveries • Project Finances • Multiple project schedules Get Total Control Over Your Project Schedules Where Contractors are found on the Internet Visit By Add-Vantage Software for info on sub-contractors, building products and project leads

    Software Project Management Resources -- Columbia University
    Software project management resources. Collection of project management and
    software development resources for IT project managers.

  • Brooks » that can suck funds from your IT project budget » by Steve McConnell (from his book 'Rapid Development') * , InfoWorld profile of FBI's recent runaway Virtual Case File project » (from IEEE) » (academic, highly-quantitative view of portfolio mgmt) » » » (really more of a SPMP) » , a modest site with PM-related content » (from 1990 but quite a good reference) » (from IEEE Software) » on SD Mag's Project Mgmt & Process msg boards » » » » » » on Critical Chain scheduling » » » » from the Standish Group » , lots of good PM-related links » » Site maintained by John Musser

    ProChain Solutions, Inc. Project and Program Scheduling ...
    Provider critical chain management solutions.

    Condor Project Homepage
    Goal: develop, implement, deploy, and evaluate mechanisms and policies to support
    High Throughput Computing (HTC) on large collections of distributively owned ...

    Project management software, free timesheet time tracking, bug ...
    Offers free web-based software for project management, bug tracking and timesheet

  • Calendar software, project management scheduling software, erp software, business software, time management, web based project software, payroll software, human resource management system, enterprise resource planning, logistics software, free project management software

    Computer Programming Algorithms Directory
    Resources that describe computer programming algorithms.

  • - (.PDF) Describes several algorithms for resource leveling: Basic Single Mode RCPSP Basic Multi-Mode RCPSP Stochastic RCPSP Bin Packing related RCPSP Multi-resource constrained project scheduling problem (MRCPSP) Miscellaneous Algorithms - Has a variety of algorithms, from basic computer science data structures such as 2-3 trees to AI-related algorithms such as minimax and a discussion of machine learning algorithms

    Software Project Management
    Project software directory, includes news, books, and links.

  • has papers on various issues, such as progress monitoring, earned value, scheduling

  • , from ProChain Solutions, uses the Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management approach

  • produce add-ins for MS Project so you can use it with Critical Chain Scheduling and Buffer Management

  • , from InterPlan Systems Inc., helps you produce tasks lists, durations, resources and schedule logic for export to a range of project scheduling software

  • extends MS Outlook with project management, time reporting, expense management, scheduling etc

    Project Management for Construction
    Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University,
    Pittsburgh, USA. This Second Edition provided on WWW as a service to the ...

  • In addition, the specific techniques and tools discussed in this book (such as economic evaluation, scheduling, management information systems, etc.) can be readily applied to any portion of the process

  • Scheduling, communication of data, and quality assurance have particular significance from the viewpoint of an owner, but not necessarily for individual participants

  • Problems in some chapters could also be done on any number of existing software packages for information management and project scheduling


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