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International Calling Codes - Pg1
Listing of international telephone country and city codes.

  • We have to check for phone books and zip code lookups on-line - Cheap International Calling Card - Long Distance ...
    Supplier of phone cards.

    ZapTel - The Original International Calling Cards | International ...
    Select your virtual prepaid calling cards for long distance and international calls.


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    Cheap International calls - phone card cheap phone calls
    Offers cheap international telephone calls, including internet telephony.
    Details of products and services, including testimonials and FAQ.

  • low cost international calling from the UK call from Anywhere to Anywhere no sign up service International SIM card - use your mobile while abroad for competitive call rates from outside the UK meeting students calling requirements VOIP - send and receive calls over the Internet complete telephony packages for businesses, including non-geographic numbers click here for our latest products great discounts for retailers and distributors excellent business opportunities Cheap international and national calls justphone Services Set up speed dials, see call records and more

  • Home Customer Services 0870 760 5405 Option 4 during service hours 9.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday UK time Latest news from the BBC Latest news from the USA includes/include_submenu Cheap international calls The easy way - you just phone! Just phone Account Similar to phone cards or a calling card

  • You get the cheapest rates using an easy to open Just phone Account

  • We send you your account information and access numbers by email within 1-2 hours (between 9.30am and 9.00 pm UK time) You make your call from any touch-tone phone in the UK, even your contract Mobile! It's that easy! For calling FROM abroad using Call-back Just phone Direct If you want to make that low cost call now, this is what you do

    Long Distance Phone Service Reviews, Long Distance Plans
    Offers comparison of several long distance plans in the United States.

  • Long Distance Phone Service Reviews Web Reviewing the Reviews Long Distance Phone Service Reviews You are here: >> Long Distance Phone Service Best Long Distance Phone Service Reviews: (out of 14) Best Long Distance Phone Service: (out of 77) ECG, 3U, Total Call International Fast Answers - Best Long Distance Phone Service Top Rated What the Research Says • (*est

  • Entering your local phone number on the ECG Web site will determine eligibility

  • 3U also gives you a way to make cheap international calls with through your cell phone

  • Updated February 2006 The,, 1+ Call Saver, and are just a few of the Web sites we visited which serve up charts listing the best long-distance phone services

  • Other Web sites, such as have interactive tables, which offer suggestions depending on where you live and what types of calls you make, but you'll need a couple of months of old phone bills on hand in order to make these sites useful

  • Consumer Reports occasionally covers industry news, but stops short of rating long-distance phone companies and plans

    Internet Phone Calls - Callserve
    PC-to-Phone service for outbound calls only. Software download required.

    International Calling Card & international phone card
    Provides prepaid calling cards. Includes a card list, a rate finder, and the
    conditions of use.

  • Start calling in seconds! Get your instant online phonecard now! AloSmart: and

  • Once your order has been processed you will receive your PIN number(s) online and via e-mail within seconds from your order.(*) To use the calling card all you need is the PIN# and an access phone number

  • Once your first order is approved, your phone card pin information will be displayed in the order history on your My Account screen, and delivered to your email automatically

  • Finally, A website where people answer the phone and reply to emails

  • Your phone cards are the best in the market

  • We are the #1 in customer satisfaction among all prepaid phone card web sites

  • In order to find you the best phone cards with the best rates, we are continuously growing our network of over than 200 carriers and provider

  • Country Minutes Price Rate 4, 000 $ 20 0.5 ¢ 6, 667 $ 20 0.3 ¢ 6, 250 $ 20 0.3 ¢ 2, 667 $ 20 0.8 ¢ 481 $ 20 4.2 ¢ 276 $ 20 7.3 ¢ 5, 556 $ 20 0.4 ¢ 4, 000 $ 20 0.5 ¢ 299 $ 20 6.7 ¢ 3, 279 $ 20 0.6 ¢ 769 $ 20 2.6 ¢ 500 $ 20 4.0 ¢ 615 $ 20 3.3 ¢ 615 $ 20 3.3 ¢ 615 $ 20 3.3 ¢ 615 $ 20 3.3 ¢ 571 $ 20 3.5 ¢ 1, 250 $ 20 1.6 ¢ 267 $ 20 7.5 ¢ 2, 899 $ 20 0.7 ¢ 645 $ 20 3.1 ¢ 444 $ 20 4.5 ¢ 328 $ 20 6.1 ¢ 500 $ 20 4.0 ¢ 381 $ 20 5.3 ¢ 1, 143 $ 20 1.8 ¢ 690 $ 20 2.9 ¢ 727 $ 20 2.8 ¢ 317 $ 20 6.3 ¢ 2, 667 $ 20 0.8 ¢ 472 $ 20 4.2 ¢ 1, 333 $ 20 1.5 ¢ 1, 418 $ 20 1.4 ¢ 1, 600 $ 20 1.3 ¢ | contact us Phone: 1-888-808-7848 © 2001

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    World Wide Phone Guide
    Guide to issues that may arise when trying to hook up modems in various countries.
    Includes a table of telephone plugs used worldwide, ways to deal with hard ...

  • WORLD WIDE PHONE GUIDE What you need to hook up your modem just about anywhere! Introduction This is a guide to some typical issues that may arise when you try to hook up your modem in a different country

  • It includes a used worldwide, ways to deal with phone systems, and how to handle like digital phones and tax impulses

  • First Things First The first thing I do when preparing to hook up in a new location is test the phone line

  • Phone Plugs One of the most obvious incompatibilities you are likely to notice when hooking up your modem in another country is the type of plug used at the wall jack

  • Most developed countries have their own specific type of telephone connections

  • Older phones may be or may use an older type of connector

  • (In this case, you will need to use special equipment described below.) In my travels, I have noticed with increasing frequency cases where the wall plug may be been of a local design, yet the connection at the back of the phone is a US RJ-11

  • Or, even if there is a local type plug at the wall, in some places that plug may accept an RJ-11 line from the phone

  • If you're really lucky, the phone may even have a RJ-11 data port

    Cheap Prepaid International Calling Cards and Discount Long ...
    Pre-paid card service provider located in Los Angeles, California.

  • User name Password 2.5¢ domestic long distance using OneSuite calling card local access 2.5¢ from Canada to US 48 states using OneSuite phone card local access 4.5¢ to call US 48 states from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Saipan, Guam, and US Virgin Islands No hidden fees No Pin Dialing Speed-dial calls Voice prompt control Multiple IntrAccounts Receive fax/voice mail with MessageOne

  • OneSuite provides low cost prepaid long distance & international calling cards and phone cards

  • NO monthly fee, NO connection charges! All PINs are rechargeable online and over the phone

    Web initiated callback service.

    All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine ...
    Dialing codes calling to and from countries of the world. Includes links to
    embassy information and index of directories.

  • All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine - Dialing Codes - Country Codes - Phone Codes - Telephone Directories Worldwide All Nations Expatriates & Travelers Telephone Search Engine Dialing Codes - Country Codes - Phone Codes Phone Directories, Embassies, Voltages & Rates: Worldwide < > < > < > You'll be calling from: ...and you want to call: Expatriates Telephone Search Engine It's one of a kind

  • An engine based on placing international calls from international locations, not just from the United States as most telephone search engines are programed to do

  • In addition this engine allows you to search every on-line telephone directory in the world


    BroadVoice Internet Phone Service - VoIP Phone Service, Broadband ...
    VoIP provider offers full feature set with voice mail, caller ID, etc. Requires
    supplied broadband phone adapter.

  • 24 of the most INCLUDED in EVERY plan: Latest INNOVATIONS: BroadVoice has completed product development, and will soon begin selling a wireless VoIP/GSM phone, code-named "Falcon"

  • - BroadVoice™ Internet Phone Service BroadVoice™, Internet Phone Service lets you make and receive broadband phone calls to or from any number using an, a, or your own

  • Save 70% with Residential VoIP Phone Service with your connection and any

  • Save 70% on your monthly phone service

  • Save 60-85% on Choose Your Favorite SIP Phone Equipment plans start at just $5.95 per month

  • You can also use your favorite SIP adapter, such as the, or any SIP phone

  • | BroadVoice™ Internet phone service allows and customers to use their cable modem, DSL modem, or other to make and receive using an ordinary touchtone telephone

  • allow customers to connect their own, including IP phones, and

  • SmartSIP™ technology by BroadVoice optimizes the routing of network voice traffic, providing the best possible quality voice transmission for each customer's phone device, and automatically configures BYOD™ devices

    International call cards and PC-to-Phone
    Provides a variety of international call services from Japan, including IP
    phone (PC-to-Phone), prepaid cards, and subscription telcom calls.

  • (PC to Phone) You can call friends in a foreign country via a broadband connected PC

  • If you use the above PC to Phone (Mediaring IP Phone) over the IP phone terminal instead of a PC, the connection quality will be improved and it will be more convenient to make a call

  • You can recharge your account (Minimum unit is 1000 yen.) International calling cards (prepaid cards) ♦ (2700 yen) Most economical for China from landline phones via toll free call

  • (in the case of email delivery) ♦(2670 Yen) Cheap nationwide from fixed phones via toll free call

  • 1.8 yen/min (via the IP connection) ♦ (2500 yen) Good for a landline phone via non toll-free call

  • ♦ (3700 yen) Most prestigious telcom company KDDI provides the best card from mobile phone

  • Also cheapest for Thailand and Korea via mobile phones

  • You can make a phone call to Japan from overseas as well as call from Japan

  • ♦ (2400 yen) Best from landline phones to call China

  • ♦ (2800 yen) Best from mobile phones & public phones via toll free call

  • 27.5 yen/min for China via toll free call on the mobile phone

    UK Telecom Tariff Cost Comparisons
    Subscription based provider of United Kingdom telecom tariffs.

  • UK Telecom Tariff Cost Comparisons Comparisons of 170 residential and 102 business telephone tariff call costs, and 198 residential and 115 business call plans charged by 161 different telecommunications operators and resellers in the United Kingdom, compiled by Magenta Systems Ltd, including direct and indirect access, CPS, VoIP and call through (two stage dialling) schemes

  • The comparison lists the cheapest telephone calls for both business and residential users

  • Numbering Products A number of UK telephone are available, including: , a windows application to look-up partial telephone numbers to find the locality and tariff band, and look-up localities to find the code, this is free to members , lookup partial numbers, tariff bands and localities on a web page is designed for those that want to integrate the functionality of CodeLook, looking up partial telephone numbers to find the locality and tariff, and looking up localities to find the code, into other applications or web pages is designed for those that need to fully integrate telephone numbering, tariff band and locality information into their own systems ComCap - Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility is a Windows application designed to capture any ASCII data received on up to eight PC serial communications ports to text files

    AT&T CallVantage Service - phone service for broadband. Get great ...
    Broadband phone service from AT&T. Consumer VOIP plans includes unlimited calling
    within USA and Canada.

    International phone cards & prepaid calling card with online phone ...
    Domestic and international prepaid phonecards for long distance calling in the
    United States and worldwide.

  • Phone Cards Phone Card Savers is dedicated to provide international phone cards and prepaid calling card with crisp, clear connections and automatic search

  • Our international calling cards and prepaid phonecards offer the lowest rates for calling to many countries which provide more minutes than ever before with no or low connection fees

  • You can proceed towards the online purchase of phone cards using our website and start receving the PIN instantly

  • To know more about our international phone card services, please call us or send us an email

  • Thank you ! Total Items: 0 Total Price: $0.00 USERNAME PASSWORD News and Events Card Search Search Best Rates Search Best Cell Rates Search By Country Simply Cell Excellent Cell Card No Connect 3 min/rounding Forget Me Not NEW!NEW!NEW Top tier Carrier Can use from USA except AK One World NEW!NEW!NEW! Great Rates Best for LONG calls Call and Save NEW !No Connection Fee Jamaica 4¢/MIN Best Use in One Call We have received EXCELLENT, as the rating by the first customers to our online phone cards and many of them will tell you that our prepaid phonecards are the best they have ever received

  • Our International phone cards offer the lowest rates for calling to Mexico, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Philippines and other countries with crisp, clear connections

    Cheap prepaid Phone Cards, low rates for International Calls
    Offers affiliate program selling cards, calls and recruiting other dealers.

  • | Buy phone card: Welcome! Welcome to where you can order a calling card and get it directly into your e-mail inbox

  • You may use our phone cards anywhere: from home, job or from public phone

  • Phone: (206) 222-2218

    0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers, cheap international phone call
    Free revenue sharing 0870, 0871, personal and premium rate numbers.

  • Adcall Phone Services Ofcom Statement on Number Translation Services (NTS) Improving price transparency and stregthening consumer protection On 19th April, 2006 Ofcom confirmed measures to improve price transparency and strengthen consumer protection for calls to 0870 numbers

  • > 0845 Local Rate UK phone numbers Best choice for maximising advertising response Let your callers know you care when you let them call you at BT Local Rates from anywhere in the UK

  • more> 0870 Non-Geographic UK phone numbers Best choice for doing business nationally Don't be tied to your geographic location - get a national presence with an 0870 number and receive a royalty on every call (conditions apply)

  • more> 0871 Non-Geographic UK phone numbers Best choice for providing information Similar to 0870 numbers except that callers pay 10p/min at all times and your royalty is higher

  • more> 0871 Eurolink phone numbers Best choice for businesses in Europe with customers in the UK Did you know it costs your UK callers up to 20p/min to call you? Well now you can slash the cost of calling you to just 10p/min at anytime when you have a UK 0871 number connected to your European landline number

    3U Telecom - Home of the one second billing (cheap long distance ...
    Offers 1+ dialing featuring one second billing. A United States subsidiary of 3U
    Telecom AG (Germany).

  • long distance telephone, cheap long distance, low rates, cheap calls, cheap rates, international calls, cheap international calls, low intrastate rates, cheap instate calls, low interstate rates, cheap interstate calls, cheap state to state calls, 1+ dialing, online signup, online billing, no monthly fee, no minimum, long distance, one second billing, per second billing, rate comparison, telephone, international no monthly fee, no minimum | (c) Copyright 2002 View your bill @ My3U Corporate info Pay your bill via: We are different

  • And we have no monthly fee and no minimum! We want you to pay only for the time you spend on the phone, nothing more

  • 3U Telecom takes care of my telephone calls for less!...' No monthly fees - No minimums Advanced online billing service One million customers worldwide already enjoy fair long distance from 3U Telecom affiliates


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