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Advertisers shunning 'Family Guy'
Advertisers had each received strongly worded letters as part of a letter-writing
campaign. [New York Times]

  • They said that one week before the show went on the air in January, the headmaster contacted MacFarlane and asked him to change the last name of his cartoon family, because the name, Griffin, is the same last name as that of Schell's assistant, Elaine Griffin

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  • Family Guy is the greatest cartoon show ever

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  • 30 minutes- TV-14, 2000, (CC), Stereo, D, L, S, V Mon Aug 28 11:30P on Cartoon Network Tue Aug 29 03:00A on Cartoon Network Hooper Directed by Hal Needham

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  • UPDATE: writes, 'Jim Davis clearly took the idea from one of my favorite cartoons, an obscure and magnificent Italian short from 1977 called 'Feline Fantasies.'' posted by David Pescovitz at 02:11:37 PM | Snapshots: Japan's Art Island and Akihabara's Dark Alleys Todd Lappin has returned from Japan, belly full o' ramen, and sends images

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  • Visit: Related Humor: | More Featured Sites: | Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Inside Humor Today The Funny Business [ USA Today ] [ USA Today ] [CNN] [ USA Today ] [] Updating Humor Resources (Image © Paramount Pictures) Hot Spots Tuesday August 8, 2006 | Famous Cartoon Characters' Skeletal Systems The Funny Site of the Day -- Here's something you don't see every day, the funny bones of cartoon characters

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  • - Anime & Cartoon DVD News & Information Newly Announced Anime & Cartoon DVD's Page: 1 → Part of the Category of DVD's → Release Date: → Released By: → DVD SRP: $39.98 - 315 Minutes Griffin family madness continues into the fourth volume of this much-loved animated comedy..

  • Newly Announced Anime & Cartoon DVD's Page: 1 Welcome to Announcement Interested in hearing about the time and energy it takes to run a niche content-based website (such as this one)? ALSO interested in seeing me (Joshua Lane) fumble my way through a panel at SXSW in 2007? If so, then you’re in luck! Passionate Web Entrepreneurship A look at the trials and tribulations of running a niche content-based website and the never-ending pursuit of “success”

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    Family Guy vs. Futurama
    You'd think Matt Groening would come up with the next "Simpsons." Think again.
    [Stomp Tokyo]

  • Casting Katie Sagal (formerly Peg Bundy of Married With Children) as the one-eyed alien woman was an evil ploy upon the part of FOX executives to coax me into looking at a cartoon character's breasts Andy Baio lives here
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  • Exaggerated cartoon violence with a sense of humor and a ridiculous amount of on-screen action, it was very clearly a huge influence on Paul Robertson for

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    Article discussing a possible renewal of the show. January 2006. - Cartoon legend Chuck Jones dies - February 24, 2002


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