Point Blank Body Armor, Inc.
Point Blank offers concealable, tactical, military and corrections body armor products.

  • ©2006 Point Blank Body Armor, Inc., an operating subsidiary of , a publicly held company (OTC Pink Sheets: DHBT.PK) Body Armor / Bullet proof Vests
    Bullet proof vests and body armor accessories and information on ballistic protection.
    Austin, Texas.

  • Armor UP , L.P

  • dba Bullet Proof ME Body Armor Bullet proof Vests to put the odds in YOUR favor Body Armor with a 'Bulletproof' Here at Bullet Proof ME you will find a wide range of body armor and information to put the odds in YOUR favor

  • Military and Police Helmets & Accessories Armor for Police Dogs..

  • Ballistic Sunglasses, Goggles and Faceshields SWAT Entry Team Rigid Shields, and also Body Armor Information Do YOU Need Body Armor? You'd be surprised ..

  • Tactically and psychologically, body armor gives you a huge advantage, because you know your armour can give you a second chance

  • Your protection needs to be on BEFORE it’s really needed, because the best vest for you is the one you’re actually wearing when shot! If an armed criminal notices your body armor, they can easily target, or threaten, your head, hip or groin area

  • You have just wasted part of the advantage of wearing body armor (of course you also reduced your target area by ~50%!) Thus keeping your armor camouflaged is critical

  • 'some of the finest Body Armor that is available today" Chief Counsel, US Congress (Ret.) ..

    First Defense International Body Armor law Enforcements body armor ...
    Manufacturer of armored vehicles, among other security products.

    Protective Products International :: Body Armor
    Product line from soft body armor to tactical protective equipment.

  • info: BODY ARMOR

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    First Choice Armor
    Body armor manufacturer, offering a full line of protective products.

  • Please be advised that First Choice Armor is offering a free Zylon Replacement Program

  • This program covers all individuals currently wearing a Zylon vest manufactured by First Choice Armor

  • First Choice Armor Introduces New, Off-the-rack Concealable Vest Addresses industry-wide issue of long delivery times, shortage of raw materials Press Release


  • Proud Sponsor of the 5.11 Challenge 2006 please click on the logo to learn more or First Choice Armor has introduced its new sizing program Perfect Fit™ Program for concealable, tactical, and correctional body armor

  • First Choice also has also created a sizing tutorial specifically for male and female concealable body armor

  • For more information on the Perfect Fit Program please To view the concealable vest sizing tutorial choose one of the following: or Massachusetts Congressman Stephen Lynch visited First Choice Armor and Equipment to view progress being made in vehicle armor

  • or First Choice Armor, Inc

  • of Brockton, MA has announced the introduction of its Synergy line of body armor

    SAFARILAND® - Body Armor and Holsters for Law Enforcement
    Body Armor and Holsters for Law Enforcement.

  • | Non-law enforcement products available online at || Call us toll free: 1-800-347-1200 © 2006 Armor Holdings, Inc

    Pinnacle Armor -[ Welcome ]- Body Armor and Armoring Products for ...
    Features bullet proof vests, transport and facility armor, and consulting seminar

  • Specialized Products & Services for the Protection of your World™ | Pinnacle Armor provides high threat physical security products and services for ballistic, explosive blast and forced entry threats

  • These armor products and services are utilized for facilities, vehicles, vessels, aircraft and body armor applications

  • In addition to the armor products provided, Pinnacle Armor provides services for consultation, design, fabrication, manufacturing and/or installations as required

    ActionStations Inc.
    Motorcycle Accessories, mainly protective gear.

  • Benefits

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    Pacific Safety Products,Pacific Emergency Products,Body Armor ...
    Manufactures a range of emergency medical kits including trauma, oxygen,
    defibrillators, and airway management . The company also manufactures a range of body ...

  • to find an Armor Dealer Near you to find a PEP Dealer near you $2 MILLION CONTRACT WIN Pacific Safety Products Inc

    Swedish Body Armour
    Police, military and law enforcement protection equipment. Includes product and
    warranty information, as well as testimonials and online ordering.

    ISP - Body Armor - Bullet Proof Vests - Air Taser M 18 ...
    International seller of personal security products.

  • ISP - Body Armor - Bullet Proof Vests & Security Products Life Saving Body Armor & Security Products!! New Gas Masks Available!! Interamer offers body armor , security and spy equipment such as ballistic wall panes, concealable vests, taser m 18, chieftain fire gear, Litton night vision goggles, ballistic t shirt, air taser, bullet proof vests, bulletproof vests, pepper sprays, cool max t shirts, batons, stun guns, face shields, gas masks, handcuffs, bulletproof vest body armor, night owl, helmets as well as other security and spy equipment

    Security Pro USA ::Body armor and bulletproof vest:: ballistic ...
    Supplies security and self-defense products for government, law enforcement, and
    home security. Specialize in body armor, military gear, and pepper spray.


    TG Faust Inc. Body Armor
    Body armor manufacturer for law enforcement and military use.

  • is a manufacturer of body armor and protective equipment for more than 25 years

  • The armor products manufactured by T.G

  • supplies body armor and related products to Police, Military and Special Forces in the United States and throughout the world and can manufacture Custom designs to meet the requirements of special applications

  • Faust President 800.407.8378 610.375.8549 States Body Armor Manufacturer with over 20 Years of Export Experience Products meet or exceed U.S

  • Department of Justice Standards for the Ballistic Resistance of Police Body Armor Additional testing using weapons and ammunition to meet international standards not covered by U.S

  • Standards Body Armor, EOD Bomb Suits, Bomb Blankets, Load Bearing Vests GSA Schedule Approved for U.S

    EnGarde Body Armor
    Manufacturer of body armor and bulletproof vests. Based in the Netherlands.

  • Welcome to the website of EnGarde body armor

  • EnGarde is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high quality body armor for law enforcement, military and civilians worldwide

  • By using the most technologically advanced bulletproof materials, extensive research and active field testing we created an advanced line of new body armor products

  • For the construction of our new body armor product line we use the world's strongest fiber DYNEEMA®

  • The extreme durability of this material allows us to give you the guarantee that the ballistic panels in our polyethylene based vests will keep their performance for 10 years! On this website you will find the menu which directs you to the different categories of bullet resistant vests we currently offer; concealable body armor, tactical body armor and specialist body armor

  • Please note that EnGarde body armor does not use or has ever used the Zylon® fiber for body armor products

  • Our bod y armor complies with the latest safety standards in the USA; the NIJ (National Institute of Justice) 2005 Interim Requirements Body Armor / Bullet proof Vests
    Offers bullet proof vests and police equipment for law enforcement.

    Body Armor by Lifetek. Lifetek Armor, Inc. is a manufactuer and ...
    Manufactures and distributes threat level II, IIA, and IIIA personal body armor.

  • This page was last updated on: August 3, 2006 Welcome to Lifetek Armor, Inc., home of the latest body armor.  We are a manufacturer and distributor of the best threat level II, IIA, and IIIA concealable, U.S

  • government certified, personal body armor available today

  • We make armor for: Law Enforcement, Public Servants, Medical & Media personnel, military, and VIPs needing ballistic protection

  •   Lifetek Armor Inc

  •   Our soft body armor is designed using DuPont's new Kevlar (R) with Honeywell's patented Goldflex (R) and  Spectra Shield fiber technologies.  These ballistic materials are used in a wide range of concealable and tactical body armor for police, military, and VIP's, where excellent stopping power and exceptional multi-hit, angle shot and trauma reduction benefits are required.  Anywhere lightweight strength really matters, like body armor, this combination can make the difference between life and death

  •               Excellent                Quality                    and                Service (Zylon (T ) ballistic material is NOT used in the manufacturing of  Lifetek Armor Vests )                                                        *******************************************************************************             CLICK ON THE PICTURES BELOW TO LEARN MORE

    Simula, Inc.
    Manufacture crash restraint and energy absorption technologies including protective
    armor, that safeguard human lives. Includes investor relations, products, ...

  • A leader in safety and survivability since 1975, Simula is now part of the Armor Holdings Aerospace & Defense Group (ADG)

    LBA International Ltd Body Armour, Bullet Proof Vests, Helmets ...
    Lightweight body armour and ballistic protection manufacturing and design.

    Armor Holdings, Inc.
    Manufacturer of security equipment, anti-riot, armored vehicles, security planning
    for corporations and government agencies.

    World Leaders in Body Protection Systems - planetKnox
    Motorcycle body armour and motorsport race wear. Profile and product descriptions.


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