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Raindrop Geomagic
Provides 3D photography solutions for digital manufacturing, mass customization
and quality assurance. Also offers customized software.

Raindrop Factory
Old Town store sells glass lamp-working products by glass sculptors Kathy McGregor
and Don Douglas. Includes product catalog, prices, faq and online shopping.

That Canadian Girl
Canadian woman who married a lovely English man and lives happily in a small
English village north of London writes about gadgets and technology, everyday life, ...

A maze controlled by the keyboard, available in three difficulties.


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God's Little RugRat's
Stories, poems and games for children.

Wikipedia - April Fool's Day
Hyperlinked encyclopedia article includes the day's origin and information on
well-known hoaxes.

Soil: Erosion and Conservation
How the soil is being damaged by rain, gravity, and wind. Plus why we should be

  • Ironically, the most damaging of rainfall is the impact with which water droplets hit the soil

  • Sparse cover lets raindrops erode the surface

  • Factors affecting erosion can be summarised as follows: natural factors heavy rains on weak soil: rain drops loosen soil particles and water transports them down hill

  • vegetation depleted by drought: rain drops are free to hit the soil, causing erosion during rainfall

  • Note however, that this formula does not take into account the erosion caused by the flow of water, or that of raindrop impact

  • Where scientists measure soil loss by looking at slips only, they miss out on the slow but widespread erosion by the impact of rain drops, discussed in next subchapter

  • Clips are small drops of soil, leaving bare soil behind

  • The bare soil left behind is very vulnerable to erosion from raindrop impact and should be fertilised and re-sown, followed by fertiliser maintenance

  • Leaf litter covers the soil against raindrop damage

  • The soil is bared, and exposed to raindrop impact damage

  • Surprisingly, rain's most damaging moment is when a water drop hits the ground

    Raindrop Designs
    PSP 7 tubes of women and girls, men and boys, Norman Rockwell, animals, holidays,
    fans, patriotic, and household items for download.

  • Benefits

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    Raindrop Technology
    Offers audio, video, computers, furniture, radios, video games and small appliances.

  • Raindrop Technology

    Henry Greenside's Duke Physics Challenges
    Physics-related word-problem puzzles.

  • If you would like to propose a solution to a Challenge, talk about one of the Challenges, or get a hint, please send me e-mail at hsg@phy.duke.edu or drop by my office in the Physics building, Room 097

  • Challenge 8 Why don't clouds fall like a rock to the ground? As a science undergraduate living near the beginning of the 21st century, can you explain a problem that badly perplexed the ancient Greeks and Romans (and also people throughout the medieval ages): how come clouds don't come crashing down to the ground? After all, clouds are made of water droplets and ice crystals which are about 800 times more dense than air, comparable in density to rocks

  • If ð x , ð y , and ð z denote partial differentiation with respect to x, y, and z respectively, is the triplet ( ð x F x , ð y F y , ð z F z ) a vector quantity? Challenge 29 Fission of charged rain drops Small water drops can sometimes merge into a single bigger drop (one sees this when rain falls on the windshield of a car)

  • Fortunately, this mechanism seems to have some upper limit else we might get hit by rain drops a meter or more in size which would be most painful (and probably fatal for small creatures)


    raindrop collector - the photography of dan wren
    Concert photography of Dan Wren, covering mostly indie rock artists at Chicago
    performances. Also includes mp3s and local show listings.


    A Raindrop on the Coast
    Article on Pisit Chansanoh, founder of Yadfon (Raindrop) Association, an NGO
    based in Trang province, whose mission is to prevent further destruction of the ...

  • The Indochina Media Memorial Foundation - Thailand -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------- The Indochina Media Memorial Foundation 3 rd Floor, TWF Building, 188 Moo 3, Soi Pha Muang Chotana Road T.Chang Pheuk A.Muang Chiang Mai 50300 Tel 66 (0) 53 216007 Tel/fax 66 (0) 216008 Pisit Chansanoh, A Raindrop on the Coast By Burmese Writer Lay Theary, National Radio of Cambodia 'A raindrop may be small, but useful to nature and mankind, ' so said Pisit Chansanoh, himself a raindrop

  • 'A raindrop is the symbol of coolness and peace, ' he added softly

  • ' It means happiness to the people.' Pisit is a raindrop indeed, but not an ordinary, anonymous one

  • He is the founder and leader of Yadfon – The ' Raindrop ' Association, a non-governmental organisation based in Trang province of southern Thailand

  • And, like a raindrop, he is modest, quiet, and unassuming

    A Raindrop, A Flowing River
    Features a book of haiku poetry by Ernest Berry complemented by New Zealand
    photography by Graeme Matthews.

  • Graeme Matthews - Photographer & Publisher Books by Graeme Matthews a raindrop, a flowing river Photography by Graeme Mathews complemented by Haiku Poetry by Ernest Berry - New Zealand, Land of the Long White Cloud High quality photographic book which has become a best-seller

    A description of their main features.

  • The first drop of water landing in the cup causes the cap cell of the anteridium to burst providing an opening for sperm into the drop of water

  • The next raindrop to land in the splashcup will splash out a solution containing sperm

  • The rain drops on the 'shoot' apex also cause the cap cell of the archegonia to open


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