Cleveland Clinic
Offers health and specialty information, research and clinical trials, news, and
educational programs.

Mayo Clinic and Foundation for Medical Education and Research
Information about the clinic located in Rochester, Minnesota.

Rokiu Animal Clinic
Informazioni sulle cure giornaliere e mediche di cincillà, furetti, rettili, anfibi.
Dedicato interament...

Sport Clinic Center
Presenta le attività riabilitative del centro di fisioterapia e riabilitazione,
descrive le metodiche...


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Marshfield Clinic
Patient, caregiver, and employment information. Contact directory.

Mayo Clinic:
Locations in Rochester, Minnesota; Jacksonville, Florida, and Scottsdale, Arizona.
Describes activities...

The New Orleans Musicians' Clinic
Not-for-profit health care service for musicians offering comprehensive,
preventative, and occupational...

Whitman-Walker Clinic
Provides culturally sensitive, compassionate health care and supportive services
to gay men, lesbians,...


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인터넷 진료예약 서비스, 의료건강 인터넷 방송국 , 지역별 병원찾기, 진료과목...

Menninger Clinic
Specialty psychiatric and behavioral hospital offering diagnostic and treatment
programs for adolescents...

CLINIC - Catholic Legal Immigration Network Inc. HOME
Advocates for transparent, fair and generous immigration policies. Programs, news
and volunteering.
Appliance repair parts and accessories shipped overnight.


Virtual Sports Injury Clinic
Offers a virtual diagnosis and self help advice on injuries. Includes a find a
clinic, a forum and...

  • Shin Splints Shin splints is a general term for pain in the shin

  • Shin splints is not a diagnosis in itself but a general term used to describe pain which can have a number of causes

  • Heel Pain There are a number of sports injuries causing heel pain

  • We have detailed information on some of the most comon causes of heel pain including and

    Mayo Clinic: First-Aid Guide
    A comprehensive list of topics covering minor and major injuries and accidents.
    Each section can be printed.

    Kanji Clinic
    A column appearing every third Friday in The Japan Times aiming at providing
    practical advice to non-Japa...

    HTML Clinic
    Tutorials, tag list, hexadecimal color coder, forms validator, meta tag generator
    and a help forum.

  • Our tutorials are color-coded so making sense of each topic is painless and fun! Get emergency help in our HTML Forum, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Crisis Clinic of Seattle / King County
    Crisis Clinic provides crisis intervention and information and referrals efficiently,

    Kids Clinic

    List of affiliated private hospitals in Southern Africa.

    The London Clinic
    Acute general hospital offering private health care, located in Devonshire Place.


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