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    Canadian Military Medals and Decorations - Veterans Affairs Canada
    A collection with images and descriptions of each medal and deocration.

    Grunt's Military Site
    Research aid for various branches of the US armed forces. Includes images, info
    and discussions.

  • (07/24/06) Search Display Other Rank Insignia: , Other Medals/Ribbons: , Make Your Own Ribbon Rack! Select a branch below to get started: | Welcome to! was designed as an aid for individuals researching the United States' armed forces

  • Visitors can search through more than 300 pages to find specific information on medals, patches, and rank insignia

  • Medal of the Moment Distinguished Service Cross The Distinguished Service Cross was established by President Woodrow Wilson on January 2, 1918

    Australian War Medals
    Information on Australian war medals past and current. Includes the rules and
    regulations of medal...

  • Home About Us Membership Medals Forum Contact Us ------------------ The Rules and Regulations of Medal Dressing Service and Campaign Medals Pre WWI Service and Campaign Medals WWI Service and Campaign Medals WWII Service and Campaign Medals post WWII Medal Application Details Medals The Medals page is intended as a guide only

  • Please post medal queries at the Medal & Awards Discussion Board located at the: Forum General Wearing of Medals : War medals are not freely available for wear by all

  • Medals are only to be worn by those to whom the medal has been conferred

  • On these two occasions, descendants may wear the medals of deceased recipients but only on the right breast

  • War Medals are generally dressed to the left, horizontally pinned and suspended from a non-visible single bar or stitched to the garment if preferred

  • If more than two medals are worn, the base line should be horizontally aligned

  • Medals are worn according to the Campaign period [left of centre, across to the left shoulder] with the first conferred being closest to the left of centre

  • In instances such as the granting of both the Australian Service Medal 1945-1975, and the current ASM, the latter would fall second as the first recognises prior service


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    Congressional Medal of Honor Society
    Society created by the US Congress in remembrance of recipients of the Medal of
    Honor, the highest...

  • Dahlgren passes away June 2nd, 2006 -- Medal of Honor recipient Edward C

  • Dahlgren was recognized with the Medal of Honor for his actions in France during World War II in which he captured more than 20 German soldiers amidst killing and wounding several others back on Feb

  • As an Army sergeant in WWII, he was recognized with the Medal of Honor for single-handedly destroying several Japanese machine-gun emplacements and a tank

  • ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Official 2006 CMOHS Convention website now online April 12th, 2006 -- The Congressional Medal of Honor Society Convention returns to the great city of Boston in 2006

  • The section is now up where Medal of Honor recipients can get exclusive information on the happenings of the society

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    British Military Medals, Regimental Badges and Ties
    British military medals and medal mounting services, regimental ties, badges and

    Philip Burman Military Medals, Orders, & Decorations
    Specializes in British orders, medals and decorations, based in Great Britain.

  • Philip Burman Dealer of British & Commonwealth Orders, Decorations, & Medals Member of the OMRS & OMSA Telephone: (U.K.) 01553 840350 Fax 01553 841118 The Cottage, Blackborough End, Kings Lynn, Norfolk, PE32 1SE, United Kingdom We are always interested in buying British and Commonwealth medals

  • STOLEN MEDALS Conspicuous Gallantry Medal (Flying) 1939-45 & Air Crew Europe (Bar France & Germany) Stars, Defence & War Medals

  • Any information you can provide to the safe recovery of these very important medals will be extremely appreciated, and will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence

  • Current stock available from 22nd July 2006 List No.119 Email us Email us 'Medals Wanted - Let us know what you have to offer -Immediate settlement' A computer screen can be some what impersonal, especially when you are trying to make a major decision on an item which you would like in your collection

  • If you have seen an item you want, or have medals you wish to sell, please rest assured your enquiry is strictly confidential and will be handled professionally

  • Email us Orders, Medals, Research Society Martin Atwell

    Mr. and Mrs. Sarge Enterprises
    Includes patches, rings, hat pins, coins, medals, and dog tags.

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    US Army Insignia Home Page.
    History and illustrations of Army insignia, rank badges and medals.

  • MEDALS FILES MICROFILM Request new issue or replacement of missing Decorations, for Veterans or next-of-kin
    Web resource for all aspects of military living: includes military news, pay and
    benefits, education,...

    Military Medals
    Features medals and service ribbons, badges, crests, insignias, medals sets and
    wings for all branches...

  • Military Medals Ribbons Decorations & Insignia VISA - MASTERCARD AMERICAN EXPRESS IMPAC GOVERNMENT CARDS Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal Global War on Terrorism Service Medal SDVET Owned Business August 31, 2006 Graco Awards is the leading manufacturer of medals and service ribbons for the armed forces of the United States

  • Graco Awards has been certified by the US Army Institute of Heraldry since 1981 to manufacture medals and service ribbons for government and commercial sale

  • All of our items: • Are manufactured in our plant • Are of the highest quality standards • Meet or exceed all applicable military specifications We stock for immediate delivery all: • Authorized Medals • Authorized Service ribbons • Presentation Medal Sets We offer manufacturing of custom-designed medals and pins for scholastic and athletic events

  • Now Available! AFGHANISTAN CAMPAIGN 301.0593 Service Ribbon 202.0107 Mini Medal 102.0261 FS Medal IRAQ CAMPAIGN 301.0594 Service Ribbon 102.0260 FS Medal Ribbon Mounts We are now manufacturing all ribbon mounts

    polish history, geneology polish, family history poland, medals ...
    Brief history of Polish decorations.

  • Orders and medals were frequently subsidized by the honoree

  • The military authorities issued the recipient a diploma, or an award document and identification card authorizing the person to wear the insignia of the order, medal or badge

  • The use of pure silver before WWII in Polish decorations can be found in some breast badges, a small number of Crosses of Merit, the Twenty Year Service Medal, Red Cross Medal and the Life Saving Medal

  • During the Second World War a small number of Orders of Virtuti Militari, Medals on the Field of Glory and Polonia Restituta were made in solid gold and silver at the Moscow State Mint

  • After Poland regained her independence in 1918, Poles who served in the armed forces of the German, Russian and Austrian armies acquired the tradition of military campaign medals, especially regimental unit badges

  • Breast badges, as well as some orders and medals, were not regular issue and had to be purchased from jewelers

  • Since the publication of my book, Polish Orders, Medals, Badges and Insignia, requests have been made by many collectors for authentication and valuation of Polish decorations


    polish history, geneology polish, family history poland, medals ...
    The Virtuti Militari is the highest Polish military decoration. This site lists
    the recipients of...

  • Use the second hot link if you would like to print a $5 confirmation of medal statement, which includes a picture of the medal(s) awarded

  • The VIRTUTI MILITARI is equivalent to the American MEDAL OF HONOR or the British VICTORIA CROSS

  • He is the author of POLISH ORDERS, MEDALS, BADGES AND INSIGNIA, the only book of it's kind in the world which contains all Polish civilian and military decorations

    RUSI Duke of Westminster's Medal for Military Literature
    Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies information on
    the Duke of Westminster's...

    Flag Case and Military Medals Display Cases hand made in the USA.
    Makes solid oak display and presentation cases for knives, swords, flags, badges,
    medals and other awards.

  • Please wait! Flag Case, Awards Case, & Sword Display Cases Solid Wood, Made in the USA Flag Case & Military Medal & Awards Case Manufacturer

  • Flag Case designed specifically for the We Personalize Your Flag Case or Medals Display Case Using Custom Laser Engraving on the glass or metal plate

  • Click on an item of interest Engraved Sword Plaque Laser Engraved Photo Plaque Totally Unique Gifts For Everyone Special! Marine NCO or Army Mini Sword Since we manufacture the cases, you can create a custom heirloom constructed of high quality solid hardwoods as you place your order ! We can recommend a company to mount your medals, ribbons, awards, rank, etc

    Medal of Honor Recipients - Somalia
    Detailed citations for the United States servicemen.

    The Soviet Military Awards Page. Medals, History and Russia!
    "Dedicated to providing quality information about the military and labor awards
    of the former Soviet...

  • Titles of Distinction Orders Medals Miscellaneous - - Welcome to The Soviet Military Awards Page "Dedicated to providing quality information about the military and labor awards of the former Soviet Union...." search this site Web last update: 7/1/2006 email us: new scans new info The Awards Page "Digest" All original articles and travelog, of interest to the collector and historian..

  • They offer a recently restored version of "The Fall of Berlin", the amazing warfilm with a screenplay created in part by Stalin himself! no expense was spared in the battle scenes, which include 5 artilllery and infantry divisions, 4 tank battalions, 193 aircraft, and 45 German trophy well as 1.5 million liters of fuel! Latest Images: An extremely rare Title of Distinction is available for your viewing pleasure..The Medal for Distinguished Navigator of the USSR is now online

  • Schmitt, in their excellent book on Soviet awards, "The Comprehensive Guide to Soviet Orders and Medals"

    New Zealand Victoria Cross Winners
    Details of all 21 New Zealand VCs are included in this site.

  • The medal has been won by British servicemen in NZ during the New Zealand Wars, and by New Zealanders serving in the South African War, and World Wars One and Two

  • This earned him a Distinguished Service Order medal

  • Serving in France, he won the Distinguished Conduct Medal on 24-25 July, the Military Medal on 16 August and the Victoria Cross on 24 August, when he single-handedly captured a machine-gun nest, 'a prompt and gallant action [which] not only saved lives but also enabled the advance to continue unopposed', according to the citation

  • Sanders received his medals for skill and daring as commander of HMS Prize, one of the Q-ships of World War One which acted as decoys to trap and sink German submarines

  • One of the most famous NZ soldiers of World War One, winning the Victoria Cross, the Croix de Guerre (Belgian), the Distinguished Conduct Medal and the Military Medal

    Flying Tigers Army Navy Surplus
    Includes insignia, clothing, and gear.

    UltraThin Military Ribbons, Medals, Ribbon Sets, Miniature Medals ...
    Manufacturer of thin ribbon sets with custom work available.

  • A New Look on an Old Friend! For over twenty years, Ultra Thin — the original custom thin ribbon set — has been your source for military service medals and ribbons

  • Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines, Air Force, Public Health Service, NOAA, Civil Air Patrol, Coast Guard Auxiliary, guard units, we have your ribbons and medals

  • Your custom-made set of Ultra Thin ribbons or medals is as close as your mailbox


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