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  • Asahi Shimbun explains how in order to suppress wages at a flat-screen factory Angry divorced dads dept.: because it's the 'colour of equality' [??] Funso Williams, a Nigerian state governorship aspirant, is found by assailants who broke in through the ceiling Ask for it by name: is an eight-herb duck that takes two days to cook Mexican and calls himself 'president' in TV interviews NZ Idol --but did they know about her burglary and aggravated assault convictions? 'Jimmy, do you like gladiator movies?' Mao as muse:, portraying him as Buddha, a woman, and a pillow Primary presidential elections kick off in Venezuela Sure, ..

    French Boxing: An Essay
    An article discussing the history and merits of French boxing (boxe francaise),
    from the Journal of Manly Arts.

  • Coincident with the miss, the legs of the Frenchman lashed out, the feet snapped up and quicker than the eye could follow, ten or more kicks hit the house that walked like a man

  • So the Frenchman danced around the bigger American early in the fight and thoroughly confounded him with his lightning-like kicks

  • Savate men used chiefly the low kick and did not exploit the chest and side kicks

  • Both had developed methods similar to Lecour¬ís; the guard was raised, the hands clenched, and kicks delivered to chest level

  • The Marseillais method featured blows with the fist and higher kicks than savate , but was deficient in that the adversaries seldom faced each other and most of the kicks missed due to a lack of spatial orientation on the part of exponents

  • At the outset Lecour scored three times in a row with the low foot kick

  • Correcting and completing the work of his colleagues, his system embodies English boxing exercises, body kicks and blows, as well as wrestling movements

  • According to a pamphlet he published in 1824, offensive techniques included front, round, and side kicks to the knee, shin, and instep, and palm-heel strikes (le coup de la musette) to the face and eyes

    Martin Ross's Savate French Kickboxing Club
    School located in Surrey, England. Includes membership details, history, links,
    and contact information.

  • The beginners class will teach you all the techniques (kick and punch) allowed within savate, the stance, salute and all the defensive moves

  • There is no need to book a place on this course, just turn up, complete a simple registration form then kick, punch and have fun

  • It is possible to join the main class without attending the 'Beginner's course' but not recommended unless you have previous Savate, kickboxing or martial arts experience, even then you may get a little lost if you can't tell a fouette from a chasse lateral !!! This involves filling in a form supplied by the instructor and returing it to him with a fee of ¬£16.00 per year (renewable yearly)

    Creative Writing Courses in France
    7-day Creative Writing Courses at the Hotel Victor Hugo in the beautiful French
    Market town of St Cere. Bring along your partner for a small supplement.

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  • info: FRENCH KICK

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    European Rugby Cup
    The official ERC site with tournament news, history, fixtures, results, links
    and a forum.

  • Other News 31 Jul 06 The Round 1 Heineken Cup Pool 5 fixture between London Irish and Llanelli Scarlets will now be played at the Madejski Stadium, Reading, on Friday, 20 October (kick-off 20.00)

    Metacritic: XTRMNTR
    Links to several reviews of the album.

  • 100 Resonance The music sounds lean and direct, focused but exceedingly angry, like the band received a collective kick in the ass from some higher power...

    Metacritic: Go Plastic
    Multiple reviews for Squarepusher's "Go Plastic" by an array of music critics
    and publications.

  • But who cares? 40 The glassy-eyed micro-manic bass-'n'-breaks belligerence on show-offy tracks on this Squarepusher longplayer is either tellingly tired or terrifically tiring, with Jenx's wicked licks of brown-note boogie either spuriously slow in the foot or a swift kick to the collective ass of a collectively ass-kissing musical community

    Wikipedia - Rugby League
    Hyperlinked encyclopedia article about the sport including competition, players
    and tactics.

  • Having scored the try, the team has the right to attempt to kick a goal worth a further two points if successful

  • The rules could be categorised as either handling or kicking forms of football

  • The kicking and handling forms were later codified by and the (RFU) respectively

  • To do this they use a combination of kicking and running head-on into the defensive line to either force back the defence or break the defensive line

  • The attacking team may use combinations of plays utilising speed, passing and kicking designed to confuse the defence, breaking down the effectiveness of the defensive line

  • Kicking is most commonly attempted as a last ditch attempt to score, common kicks are the 'grubber kick', 'bomb', 'chip' and 'the rare '40-20' where the kicking team gets to feed the scrum

  • Kicks are used to break the defensive line or to gain field position

  • Players in the defence usually drop out of the defensive line to cover the back half of the field in order to defend against line breaks and kicks

  • The title of comes from the fullback's defensive position where the player drops out of the defence line to cover behind the defensive line from kicks and runners breaking the line

  • Benefits

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    Wikipedia: Parkour
    Article that gives an overview of the sport. Includes history, interview with
    the co-founder, and the impact of commercialization.

  • Tic Tac [tik tak ]: To kick off a wall in order to overcome an obstacle in the path or gain height to grab something

    Boing Boing
    A directory of wonderful things.

    Highway Kick-Off Page @ AARoads: Your Link to the Best Highways on ...
    Large list with annotations.

  • AARoads Highway Kick-off Page - Links to additional travel resources Updated September 29, 2005

  • If you have any changes to the links shown here, please We'll be sure to consider the link changes for the next revision of the Highway Kick-Off Page

    The Sports Network: Men's World Cup Soccer
    Features headline news and team profiles.


    Mola tries flatter France against gutsy Namibia
    Article from The Namibian.

  • Bernat-Salles profited from a careless pass by Namibian fly-half Andre Zaayman to kick ahead and with no Namibian cover touch down

  • However, despite Dourthe converting a penalty to restore the seven point gap it was the Africans who created the better opportunities as Van Dyk intercepted a pass in his own half and after kicking ahead van Rensburg was only beaten to the line by a despairing French boot

    Upstream Newspaper
    A weekly exploration and production related newspaper, covering global issues,
    supported with a daily internet service.

  • 21 August 2006 12:03 GMT Western Geco is set to kick off a A$20 million (US$15.1 million), 500 square kilometre 3D seismic survey on Bass Strait Oil Company's Vic/P42 permit in the offshore Gippsland basin

    The Times
    British daily newspaper owned by News Corporation.

    About a ball
    News, links, games, quiz, wap, forum, features, interviews, and articles.

  • Pirlo took first and duly converted his kick, as did Wiltord and Materazzi before substitute Trezeguet hit the bar for France

    IMDb: Wasabi (2001)
    Cast, crew and other credits, plus links.

  • Douanier 2 Also Known As: Petite moutarde qui monte au nez, La (France) (subtitle) Wasabi - The Japanese Dip That Kicks Like a Mule (France)  : Rated R for some violence

  • To say anything bad about it is rather like kicking a puppy

  • You wouldn't kick a puppy, would you? I needn't go into the plot, which you can click a few links to find, but I sought this movie out because Jean Reno is fun in anything he's in, and oh lookit that, Luc Besson wrote the screenplay-- can't go wrong with that, can you? (unless it's an American remake, which luckily this is not)

    Stern Pinball: Striker Xtreme
    Showcases game instructions and the flyer.

  • So use your three flippers and the corner kickback to score goals as the commentator calls out the play-by-play in one of five languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish or German

  • As team striker, there are several shots that you're being counted on to make: corner kicks, free kicks, throw-in shots, penalty kicks, and shootouts

  • PENALTY KICK Complete 4 soccer ball targets to light side ramp and spot defender return lane for a penalty kick

  • FREE KICK Defeating a country lights free kick on the outlanes (you get the ball back)

    LA Times
    Soccer section, with Galaxy news.

  • Real Salt Lake 6 PDT, FSN Prime Ticket July 24, 2006 By Jim Barrero Passion is abundant on and off the field as the Major League Soccer club prevails on penalty kicks, 5-4, after teams tie, 1-1, in regulation

  • Jones Despite a match-fixing scandal back home, the Italians finish the job and become champions again by beating France on penalty kicks, 5-3

  • Jones Zidane's penalty kick in 33rd minute is the difference in a 1-0 victory over Portugal, setting up championship match with Italy

  • Jones Portugal beats England on penalty kicks after a scoreless 120 minutes and plays France in the semifinals

    Shaolin Chow Ka Kung Fu School of WA
    Includes animal, drunken, monk styles. Internal and external training. Sifu Patrick
    Luong teaches in Perth, Western Australia.


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