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    Newark Star-Ledger, Trenton Times, Jersey Journal and other sources.

    The Jersey Devil
    Theories of origin and information.

  • It has terrorized towns and caused factories and schools to close down, yet many people believe that the Jersey Devil is a legend, a mythical beast, that originated from the folklore of the New Jersey Pine Barrens

  • He also indicated that the word Burlington was used to was the word used to names the area from the city of Burlington to the Atlantic Ocean

  • This means that the name that is now used for the birthplace such as Leeds point or Estelville, could be the same place referred to in the Burlington Legend

  • The crane used to live in South Jersey until it was pushed out by man

    Precision Acura of Princeton, Acura dealer Trenton Lawrenceville ...
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    Used Car Sale
    Collection of used car and truck dealers with discounted inventories.

  • Used Cars For Sale

  • 2001 Lincoln Navigator Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $16500 2000 Cadillac Escalade Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $16500 2002 Mitsubishi Galant Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $9999 2003 Lexus GS 300 Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $24995 2003 Nissan Maxima Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $14995 2001 Volkswagen Jetta GLS Located In: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Date Added: 6/14/2006 $13995 Interested in one of these vehicles, and need financial help? « » « » Copyright ©1999 - 2006 All Rights Reserved Site Created And Managed By

    New Jersey Turnpike (I-95)
    Design and construction history of I-95. Includes images and references to the
    Jersey Turnpike in popular culture.

  • This project provided the turnpike's dual-dual roadway system in which passenger cars used the inner roadways, while the outer roadways were open to all vehicles

    Janet Evanovich books reviews
    Detailed analysis of the plot, theme, setting and characters of her books, plus
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  • 8/9/2006 10:34:30 PM Talk about the novels, new and used books that the author has written! You can also search for posters who want to buy or sell Evanovich's novels cheap

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    Home News Tribune Online | News that hits home in Central Jersey
    Online edition offering local and regional news.

    The Myth of Racial Profiling by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal ...
    Heather MacDonald says there's no credible evidence that racial profiling exists,
    yet the crusade to abolish it threatens a decade's worth of crime-fighting ...

  • An ACLU analysis of Philadelphia traffic stops, for example, merely used the percentage of blacks in the 1990 census as a benchmark for stops made seven years later

  • The ACLU used one to sue, successfully, the Maryland state police; a criminal defense attorney in New Jersey used the other to free 17 accused black drug traffickers

  • If the police are now to be accused of racism every time that they go where the crime is, that's the end of public safety

    Lambertville, NJ News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

  • Lumia Theatre, 179 Broadway, Thursday Sep 7 | The Times (Registration Required) Corey Wright pleaded guilty yesterday to aggra vated manslaughter for providing a gun that was used to kill a Thursday Sep 7 | Lambertville and | e.g

    Princeton Junction News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

  • Lumia Theatre, 179 Broadway, Thursday Sep 7 | The Times (Registration Required) Corey Wright pleaded guilty yesterday to aggra vated manslaughter for providing a gun that was used to kill a Wednesday Sep 6 | The Times (Registration Required) Mercer County recently took delivery of a mobile command trailer from state authorities that was specially outfitted for citizen volunteers to deploy during a flood emergency


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    George Antheil (1900 - 1959) - Find A Grave Memorial
    Biography and photographs of his grave site.

    Silver Meteor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Encyclopedia article on Amtrak's New York-to-Miami passenger train.

  • Between Washington and Richmond, it used the tracks of the, jointly owned by the SAL and five other railroads for the use of all

  • From Richmond south the SAL's own trackage was used, running via, and

  • The Tampa trips were later dropped, and 97 and 98 are still used
    Advocating the rights of cigarette smokers.

  • There has been speculation the smoking ban legislation was being used by Codey as leverage to get support for a proposal to put gaming devices similar to slot machines at the Meadowlands Racetrack, an idea that has casino officials concerned about competition

    THE LINDBERGH KIDNAPPING HOAX Bruno Richard Hauptmann: Wrongly ...
    Presents collected data on this old crime, with a mix of opinions, by individuals
    who continue to study and debate this case.

  • He had been traced through a gasoline purchase he made in upper Manhattan in which he used a that had been part of the Lindbergh ransom cache

  • The famous aviatrix who resembled Lindbergh, Very few people, however, were able to think rationally amidst the rampant hostility, caused by grossly distorted news coverage

  • If Hauptmann was innocent then the question still remains - who did kill the Lindbergh child? Doubts about Hauptmann's guilt have caused a variety of interesting theories to arise over the years

  • This was used by NJ Police to criminally place Hauptmann in NJ on March 1, 1932

  • of the unfortunate child are also housed at the NJ State Archive

  • , - the Service Cross of the German Eagle With Star - adorned with four swastikas, was presented to Lindbergh by Hermann Goering, Though many people begged him to give it back Lindbergh stubbornly refused saying it would be an insult to Germany

  • It has been, for over 60 years, part of the Lindbergh Collection at the St Louis Missouri Historical Society were Lindbergh donated this highly offensive possession which he continually, even after the war, refused to denounce

    Presents the story of "The Iceman" considered one of the most diabolical killers
    in history. Includes photos and links.

  • He described his first kill as an adult: In Jersey City one evening, he used a car bomb triggered by gasoline to kill a man

  • He found the man sleeping in his car sometime later and he thought 'I am really gonna light your fire, you little sucker' and through bottle of gasoline into the car which caused an explosion

    CNN - 'Four to Score' by Janet Evanovich - June 23, 1998

  • My grandma was at the beauty parlor and heard you hired Joyce to do skip tracing.' 'So what's the big deal? I hired Joyce Barnhardt.' 'Joyce Barnhardt does make-overs at Macy's.' 'And you used to sell ladies panties.' ' That was entirely different

  • Many times the super was cooperative in this way, especially if he was confused as to the authenticity of my fake badge


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