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Software that calculates and records body fat percentages, body composition,
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Nutrition Calculators - Calories, Body Mass Index, and Ideal Body ...
Calculate ideal body weight, body mass index, calories needed, and calories burned
during activity.

  • Physical Activity-, The Calorie calculators provide information for weight maintenance

    Bibliography of body mass index BMI references
    A bibliography containing comments on the published science of body mass index
    and body fat measurement.

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    At Halls.MD Body Mass Index and Ideal Weight calculators
    Clinical calculators of body surface area, breast cancer risk and body mass.

  • Health calculators and charts First, a Body Mass Index Calculator you'll like The provides Body Mass Index with great usability features and unique weight percentiles

  • UPDATE : The BMI calculator(s) have recently changed, and are now providing improved "percentiles" reporting and "body description" criteria, based on the most recent American data available

  • Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator The Calculator provides a detailed breast cancer risk assessment, that educates as it estimates a woman's chances of developing breast cancer

  • Body Surface Area Calculator This will calculate Body Surface Area safely for medication doses


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  • This is a special calculator for women to help them find their risk of heart disease, based on waist-hip ratio and waist measurement

    Body Composition For Health, Fitness and Sport
    Articles on what is the best way to calculate body fat.

  • Determine your body mass index even more quickly with this simple to use bmi calculator..

    1 is 2 Fat weight loss guide
    Information on weight loss and dieting. Includes diet tips, goal planners, calorie
    and protein calculator...

  • Find out if you need to lose weight with our weight chart & diet calculator collection ! Then do something about it with our weight loss guide & diet planners ! Finally, maintain your weight loss with our diet tips & diet tricks ! 1 is 2 Fat Weight Loss Guide Weight Loss adverts are all around us, but just because we think we're too fat, doesn't always mean we are

  • And Weight loss programs & Diets are irrelevant Use our free unbiased 4 step weight loss guide to find out if you need to lose weight & how to achieve weight loss goals Diet Tips, weight loss tools, healthy weight charts + BMI BMR & calorie calculators Are you 2 FAT? & Body Fat Calculator Want 2B slim? Weight Loss Tips & Diet Tips Decide How WeightLoss & Diet Programs & Plans Start & Stick to it Diet Planners & Results tracking New!

    BBC Online Health - Fighting Fat
    Details on how to keep to a healthy weight, eat well and reduce your risk of
    heart disease, diabetes...

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    Weight Loss Resources
    UK calorie and nutrition database and personalised weight loss tools. Uses one
    of the UK's biggest...

    Total Body Works
    Tanita solar and/or battery powered digital bathroom scales.

  • Tanita® body fat calculator scales and monitors offer a full range of features and benefits including large sturdy platforms, multi-memory storage, and settings for various body types and ages

  • We are proud to offer Tanita®'s full line of home use and professional body fat calculator monitor scales as well as Tanita®'s professional body composition scales! You will find a body fat scale that fits your needs and your budget! Tanita® is the name and body fat management is the game! Measure your weight and body fat in the privacy of your home! We also offer the Tanita® line of home bath scales, baby scales, professional physician scales and more

  • Click on the image to the right and you will find products including Omron's full line of blood pressure monitors, electronic muscle stimulator massagers, hand held body fat monitors, rolling walkers, wheelchairs, transport chairs, pedometers, hand held body mass index calculators, compact stationary bikes, calorie counting and jump counting jump ropes, finger tip heart rate monitors and much more

    Free reports on body fat percentage, body mass index, calorie burning activities,
    target heart rate...

  • ::: ::: health assessments and calculators have been recognized as some of the most comprehensive, easiest to use, feature rich, and fun on the Internet

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    Martindale's Calculators
    A very extensive set of Java script based online calculators covering many subjects.

  • M ARTINDALE'S C ALCULATORS O N-L INE C ENTER Calculadora - Calculateur - Calculator - Calculatore Hesap makinesi - KalkulaãnĂ² stroj - Kalkulator - Kalkulátor - Kalkuleerija Karukyure-ta - Laskin - Pocitaci stroj - Raeknare - Rekenmachine - Skaièiuotuvas Currently the Calculators On-Line Center contains over '22, 025' Calculators created by over '4, 210' very 'CREATIVE' Individuals, Businesses & Tax Supported Entities World Wide AGRICULTURE, SCIENCE AND MATH CALCULATORS ~ CALCULATORS - GENERAL A-Z | Medical, Health & Nutrition | AGRICULTURE, SCIENCE AND MATH CALCULATORS ~ Copyright &#169 1994-2006, All Rights Reserved, Jim Martindale

  • BODY FAT CALCULATOR ? - The Body Building and Fitness Information Network
    Customized workouts for beginners.

    Your Health Fitness Store
    Features body fat calculators, electronic muscle stimulators, body massagers,
    scales, and health products.

    Ask the Dietitian
    Information about many health and nutrition questions. Online weight and calorie

    Study: Being fat at 40 cuts years off life

    Mike's Calorie and Fat Gram Chart
    Has calorie and fat gram chart for 1000 foods sorted by carbohydrates, cholesterol,
    protein, and fat...

  • 3 Million Titles with savings up to 40% When you're serious about losing weight If you have any questions or comments about this Home Page, e-mail me at Mike's Calorie and Fat Gram Charts The Ultimate Weight Loss eBook! Links To Other Useful Health / Nutrition / Diet / Fitness Sites On The Net TO FIND CONSUMER HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES INFO FAST! The ultimate secrets to permanent weight loss - these secrets really work NUTRICOUNTER (Pocket Nutrition Calculator/Database) Tracks and Stores your Calorie, Fiber, Fat, Cholesterol, Carbohydrates, Sodium, Sugar and Protein intake

    Sark Products
    Shop for a variety of heart rate monitors and related accessories for athletics,
    personal fitness,...

    Cycling Software
    Gear, power, and spoke length calculator for bikes.

  • Cycling Software This is an upgrade to the worlds best bicycle gear calculator

  • cyclists power calculator

  • (2.79MB) spoke length calculator

  • (1.55MB) heart rate calculator

  • (1.457MB) NEW! Crank length calculator

  • , v2.3.17 of the , v2.1.4 of the , v1.1.8 of the and v0.4.18 of (Javascript training zone calculator not included)

    Page of Power
    Powerlifting records, rankings, and rules. Some useful calculators and formulas.
    Message board, photos,...


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