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  • Is your style outdated? What trends will work for you? How to pick colors? The good news is you only need to to perfect the art of eye makeup

    Salon Styler hairstyle imaging software and virtual hair makeover
    Provides professional hairstyle and face make up modeling tools. Price list,
    ordering, and technical information. Contacts in 10 countries.

  • Salon Styler Hairstyle imaging software Salon Styler is the salon industry's leading hairstyle imaging software, used by the top hair salons and beauty schools world wide

  • In a digital makeover session you can quickly fit your clients with hairstyles from Salon Styler's database of 1, 000s of hairstyle choices

  • A New Edition of our hair imaging software! Salon Styler is loaded with exclusive features you will find nowhere else! Huge database of hairstyles, eyeglasses and more..

  • Powerful makeup tools 3D simulation of your clients (with selected hairstyles) Add your own hairstyles to the database option Apply two different hair colors in two levels of a hairstyle! Proven money maker EZ to setup - EZ to learn - EZ to use Windows 95, 98, NT, XP This hairstyle imaging software comes with complete video training lessons, free support and a 10 day, money back, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, trial

  • Fully loaded Professional Edition 973.00 USD or 800.00 Euro Winner of the 2001 Golden Calculator Award 'Salon Styler Pro has set the salon industry's standard of excellence.' Business Software Reviews Online

    Offers advice on all aspects of hair care. Includes a weekly tips column, new
    product news and a virtual hair style tester.

  • This months top styles as chosen by you..

    Celebrity hairstyles pictures, how-to's, virtual makeover
    Presenting hairstyle photographs with advice and beauty tips.

  • Hairstyles & makeup: celebrities, pictures, instructions, tips

  • Try on celebrity hairstyles with our free

  • Celebrity Hairstyles Over 420 celebrity hairstyles pictures

  • New hairstyles photos every week

  • See all the pop queen's hairstyles

  • Nicole Richie Pictures & how-to's of Nicole Richie's latest hairstyles and makeup

  • See all her hairstyles and haircolors

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    Hairstyles | Haircuts | Hair Cuts | Hairdos | Kapsels
    A large directory of hair related websites. Covers a range of topics including
    pictures, hair health advice, salons, virtual haircuts and makeovers and other ...

    Stellure : See yourself in a great new hairstyle!
    View hairstyles on a stand-in model, or on a model of your own face, in 3-D.
    Also has articles, and a face shape wizard.

  • Sign up for the Free Stellure newsletter Imagine being able to walk into a hairstyle store , choose half a dozen hairstyles that you like the look of and then try them out in front of a mirror

  • Well, we haven't figured out how to make a hairstyle store on Main Street, but we have figured out a way for you to have the same experience right here on the Internet, from anywhere in the world

  • See hairstyles from every direction, on screen, on a 3D version of you! now for free! Look at the 6 shots of Kelly

  • It's amazing how she looks totally different in each of the shots - all by changing her hairstyle

  • It's not your face, your clothes or even what you say that they base they judge you on - it's your hairstyle

  • Marianne LaFrance, Professor of Psychology at Yale University showed that your hairstyle significantly overpowers the impact of your facial features

  • But how do I know that a new style will suit me? Most of us know that we need to change our hairstyle

  • Choosing a new hairstyle can be a risky business

  • The good news is that there are some steps you can take to make sure that your next hairstyle leaves you feeling more fabulous than freakish

    Style Your Hair... With Warm Steamy Air!
    Microwavable heat cap uses warm steam to curl hair in 7 minutes.

  • The Microwaves® Heat Cap createsunbelievable hairstyles in minutes without damaging your hair! The revolutionary new way tostyle! Warm steamy air styles gently, quickly, and produces betterresults

  • The revolutionary new way to style hair

  • The Microwaves® Heat Cap creates incredible hair styles in minutes, without damaging your hair

  • The warm steamy air inside of the heat cap quickly and gently shapes the hair on the curlers, creating an unlimited variety of hairstyles ranging from smooth body styles to tight spiral curls

  • With the heat cap, the hair is set dry, so beautiful hair styles can now be achieved in minutes

  • Clear Advantages While curling irons work well for basic touch ups, it can be very time consuming to use one to create full hair styles since each curl must be held individually while the hair is heated

  • When the heat cap is warmed in a microwave oven, a small amount of the trapped moisture is released, creating the warm slightly steamy environment inside of the heat cap that creates beautiful hair styles like never before

  • What are you looking for? Are you trying to create beautiful prom hairstyles? The heat cap is just what you're looking for

    Hair Care - Hair Vitamins - Hairstyles
    Products include brushes, gels, lotions, and hair vitamins.

  • - hair vitamins for faster growing hair - home micro dermabrasion kits - hair vitamins for better hair growth and hair styles - hair vitamins for black hair growth Hair Styles Hair Vitamins for great hair styles

  • Salon products relating to great short hair cuts to longer hair styles

  • Hairstyles Check out our new and improved

  • Find a hairstyle for, and much more! Looking for a hair style for your ? We have lots of great ideas, and more hair style galleries coming soon

  • Brushing your hair before sleeping on it will make your hairstyle easier to manage in the morning

  • New Products - Reviews - - - - - - - - Virtual Makeovers Try a free demo for the best tool, Instantly try on 100s of different hairstyles! Top site with many hair supplements for healthy hair

  • Benefits

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    Hair Cut Advice
    This site contains a large number of articles offering detailed hair care and
    style advice. Provides information on styles, color, straightening and extensions.

  • Perhaps you regularly read the major fashion magazines, stare intently at your favorite celebrities latest hair style and wonder whether now is the time to shear several inches—or more—from your current cut

  • The articles in Hair Cut Advice give you the inspiration and the latest advice you need to try a new hair style or hair cut

  • Thanks to this amazing website, you will find inspiring information on new hairstyles, hair care, fashion, trends and advice for choosing hairstyles for weddings, proms and other special events

  • Now there’s an innovative new way to thumb through an online album of thousands of unique hairstyles and preview how you’ll look in any number of them

  •, our pick of the various technology available, brings new meaning to the term “hair net.” With only a click of the mouse, you can review catalogues packed with diverse hairstyles, in a wide array of lengths, colors and attitudes

  • The great thing about a virtual hairstyle is that there’s no risk whatsoever—no panicking at the prospect of an unappealing cut, no regrets as hair is swept away from the floor of the salon, never to return

    Short Hair Style - Styles and Color For a New Look
    Offers fashion advice on how to style, color and manage short or medium-length hair.
    Includes hair fashion news, style guide, review and hair care articles.

  • Short Hair Style Advisor: Ideas, Tips and News about Hair Tomorrows Hair Today Courtesy of Hair Icons Jesse & Flo Briggs Makeup:Katherine Quiel The Beauty of Natural Hair Care

  • Fame and Incredible Prizes Offered in New Hair Style Contest

  • A short hair style that suits you and your lifestyle can dramatically change the way you feel and look-- it can boost your confidence, make you look younger, and reduce the amount of time and money you spend on hair care

  • -- S.H.S Last Site Update: July 20, 2006 Are you looking for the perfect short hair cut? Or maybe you need a few tips on hair care, fashion, beauty, style or how to manage and maintain the hair style you already have? If so, you've found the right place to begin exploring all the fun and news about hair

  • Read about the hair styling products, tools and tricks that you need to style your short hair like the pros

  • It’s more than just picking a short hair style you like There are many factors to consider when choosing a short hair style

  • I have always believed that the perfect style can only be achieved when you've considered all the variables.For instance, your new short hair cut should match your personality, career, lifestyle, time constraints, body shape, face shape, hair texture, hair density, eye color, and skin tone

    hair braids shop < choose hair extensions, Braids, Weave ...
    Braiding, Extensions and Twists. The site shows you how.

    Black Hair Styles
    Photos, forums news and events for Black hair styles.

  • Hair Style Black hair styles

  • Photos of black hair styles

  • Hot black hair styles

  • This hair style will make you look great

  • The black hair style beyonce wears is a weave

  • You must shampoo your black hair style and condition the hair

  • The hair style will come back

  • Black hair styles for today's black women

  • If you want a new hair style, then visit black hairs tyle

  • Our hair styles are the bomb

  • Braid your hair for a new style

  • That black hair style looks good on you

  • If the hair style is too long, then change your hair style

  • Your hair style says alot about your personality

  • Change your hair style today

  • These hair styles are great

  • Black Hair styles features the most inovative styles on the planet

  • Thousands of photos of short hair styles

  • So many hair styles to choose

  • The hair styles

  • Hair styles of today Philadelphia hair styles are the bomb

  • Chicago hair styles are spectacular

  • Short hair styles Hair styles for men Cut the hair

  • hairstyle hair style Hair style


    Sandimari's World of Virtual Beauty-Links to all the Free On-Line ...
    Links to free on-line make-over sites. Turn your PC into a virtual beauty salon.
    Use your own photo to try new hairstyles and make up in the privacy of your own ...

  • Looking for a Prom Hairstyles or Bridal Hairstyles or any of a number of Glamorous Updo’s? Ever wonder what Jessica Simpson's, or Paris Hilton's or even Donald Trump's hairstyle would look on you

  • Many of these sites have celebrity hairstyles available for you to try

  • These sites are not just for Women either, Some have a Men's Version with Hair styles, beards and mustaches to try on The Best thing about all this is that you can get great results without having any graphics program experience - home
    Offering articles and related stories, plus a directory of beauty salons.

  • Browse our image bank by choosing a style, look or design

  • Check out our new Video page and watch Beautynet Video features on beauty, style and fashion

    Iconique Fashion Magazine: Trends, Luxury, Art, Beauty
    Fashion, lifestyle, beauty and trends magazine featuring virtual catwalk shows,
    news, editorials and blog.

  • Iconique Fashion Magazine: In here life is beautiful! Fashion, Style, Trends, Arts, Beauty and more! Iconique ezine is your online lifestyle, beauty, trends

  • The ezine is known for its coverage on clothing, beautiful models, entertainment, runway collections, hotspots, lifestyle, media coverage, editorials, photos, editorial photography, artists, entertainment, luxury and glamour

  • The internet's fashion ezine where internet meets style! The hotspots for fashionable surfers with an interest in luxury, art and lifestyle

  • Iconique's unique ability to mix animation and music with refreshing, stylish content proved to be a winner among the internet's style lovers

  • Forget Vogue, Iconique is here! Designer has more plans: &#147;I want to expand Iconique to a complete fashion, art and lifestyle platform, both online and off line

  • The possibilities are endless and so are my ambitions.&#148; Iconique wants to be different than other online publications: Dare to be different, dare to be Iconique! It's chic! The lifestyle zine from Europe! You can find the latest trends at the Iconique Boutique

    Hairstyles Catalog - 1000 Hairstyles
    Photographs in different categories, for males and females. Includes links to
    magazine articles on the subject.

  • Hair Styles Catalog

  • S t yles What's New Want to know what you would look like with a new style?

  • Never before has there been more freedom in selection and style, but only if you have what it takes

  • Female Hair Styles > Funky Hair Styles

  • Male Hair Styles >

    Virtual Cyber eNightfall in 3D?
    Computer generated 3-D Nightfall fan art created with Poser.

  • She's still not perfect-- she kinda looks like an anime-style human in a Nightfall costume-- but I'm rather pleased with the design so far

  • I set up my own set of magnet deformers for the ears, however, because I don't think any of the 'stock' elf-style ears look particularly Elfquest-y

  • No clothes yet, but I may put up a 'test' later on with some plain hair and human-style clothes just so you can see what the figure would look like with clothes and hair

    European Style by Vasile - Beauty Salon Tucson, AZ
    Offering styling, perms, waxing, highlights, facials, sculpture nails, pedicures,
    nail art, and tanning. Browse through their photo gallery, and get product ...

  • Also read about Stan and Lydia in the January 2006 edition of &quot;Tucson Business Edge&quot; Vasile European Hair Salon 21st Century Hairstyler in Tucson, AZ Haircut, Color, Highlight or Body Wave Services You can also have the glamorous look you've been searching for- at the price you can afford

  • Stan and Lydia have been caring for hair throughout the world with European hairstyling that achieves hairdos to fit your face, hair type and lifestyle

  • Stan Vasile has cut and styled hair for famous celebrities such as Sophia Loren, Julio Iglesias, Paul Rodriguez and Nadia Comanici, and other stars

  • Some of Vasile's Hair Care Services include: European Styling Conditioning Perms Waxing Highlights Facials Sculpture Nails Pedicures Nail Art Tanning Specials on Hair Products Beauty Salon Supplies specializing in products for fine, oily and normal hair We use Redkin, Paul Mitchel, Peter Hantz, Phyto, Sebastian, Joyco, Itel, Back to Basics, Sorbie, Biolange, Rusk, Matrix, Biosilk, nioxin, Nolita, Bodacious Graham Webb products and styles one of the best products for fine hair - Men's hairstyles
    A look at hairstyles for men. Includes hair styling tips and advice.

  • > > > Men's Hairstyles By Fashion Correspondent - Every 2nd Wednesday PAGES: | Note: For an updated version of trendy men's hairstyles, check out '.' While it's easy to think that the and we wear make up the basis of our style as individuals, we often tend to forget about hairstyles

  • After receiving endless e-mails begging us to describe what the latest trends are in men's hairstyles, we have chosen to rescue those individuals who raised this rather hair-raising question

  • Deciding which hairstyle to take on is a difficult decision, since it can completely alter one's appearance, for better or worse

  • But the question is, which men's hairstyles are popular now and which styles will make you look like you've been the victim of a hairdresser's bad day? The following is a list of the latest men's hairstyles to go with different hair lengths

  • In any case, there are many more lengths and styles to go with each hair length

  • For those who opt for medium length hair, a new hairstyle that is catching on is the messier look -- purposely messy, that is

  • This is also a great hairstyle for the upcoming summer months - Men's Fashion
    Fashion and style articles for men, including AskMen's fashion tip of the week.


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