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  • GHOSTS OF THE PRAIRIE HAUNTED TENNESSEE THE BELL WITCH Adams, Tennessee Located in sleepy Adams, Tennessee is the former location of the John Bell Farm, one of the most famous haunted spots in American History

  • .all at the hands of the infamous Bell Witch

  • THE LEGEND OF THE BELL WITCH According to the annals of supernatural history, the story of the Bell Witch started in 1817 when the Bell family, prosperous farmers from Tennessee, began experiencing strange phenomena in their home

  • For the complete story of the Bell Witch --- and haunted Bell Witch Cave --- Click on the Book Cover above for Troy Taylor's Season of the Witch Blankets were pulled from beds, family members were kicked and scratched and their hair pulled

  • The spirit identified itself as the "witch" of Kate Batts, a neighbors of the Bell's, with whom John had experienced bad business dealings over some purchased slaves

  • People all over the area of soon learned of the witch and she made appearances, in sounds and voices, all over Robertson County

  • He too experienced the antics of the witch and his carriage wheels refused to turn until the witch decided to let them

    Bell Witch Cave
    A mysterious photo appearing to show a spectral image above a sinkhole near the
    Bell Witch cave.

  • spirit photographs BELL WITCH CAVE PHOTO This photograph was taken and submitted by Chris Kirby, one of the owners of the Bell Witch Cave near Adams, Tennessee

    Bell Witch: The Movie
    Film based on the Tennessee legend of a man murdered by a spirit. Film information,
    photographs, interviews and movie clips.

    The Bell Witch Information Page
    Features links to further information about "The Bell Witch" who haunted the Bell
    home in Tennessee in the early 1800s.

  • The Bell Witch Information Page Here are some of the comments people have sent me about the Bell Witch

  • I can't vouch for the veracity of all these messages, as I am not an expert on the Bell Witch phenomenon

  • For more information on the Bell Witch, see these other articles on The Ghosts and Hauntings

  • An on the Bell Witch sent in by a reader

  • Informational articles: A special thanks to Jack Cook, who has written a lengthy and extremely on the history of the Bell family and the Bell Witch spirit

  • Another big thank you to Pat Fitzhugh, who offers this of the Bell Witch phenomenon

  • Pat Fitzhugh has put together this on the Bell Witch phenomenon

  • From: ( To: Subject: Bell Witch Date: Sunday, October 17, 2004 5:37 PM Hello, I'll have to go and get this whole story from my Grandpa, but my grandparents are from Tennessee

  • One day him and a co-worker were writing a song about the Bell Witch when the legs of the chair my grandpa's friend was sitting in folded underneath him

  • It wasn't even a folding chair! Sorry, if I am wasting your time, but I was excited when I saw the Bell Witch stuff on the site, because I didn't know it was so well known! Thanks, Tiffani Dawson From: Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 00:27:20 EDT Subject: Just a note about Brent Monahan To: Hi, I was up late looking over sites when I noticed yours

  • info: BELL WITCH

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    The Infamous Bell Witch of Tennessee
    Excerpt from book by Charles Edwin Price, describing Andrew Jackson's encounter
    with the Bell Witch.

  • The Infamous Bell Witch of Tennessee by Charles Edwin Price Copyright © 1994 Charles Edwin Price It was late in the afternoon when Jackson and his party of horsemen, accompanied by a covered wagon drawn by a team of four horses, slowly made their way up the turnpike toward the Bell house

  • A few hundred yards from the front door someone in the group made a disparaging remark about the witch

  • Suddenly General Jackson shouted, "It is the witch!" From the roadside came a disembodied voice: "They can go now, General." No one was in sight

  • In Jackson’s party was a man who fancied himself a "witch tamer." Whether he actually believed he could control the supernatural or he believed the Bell haunting was the product of sheer fakery is uncertain

  • But he declared to all that no witch would appear while he was there

  • They said that, indeed, no witch had ever appeared in his presence

  • The witch tamer declared he had the witch bluffed

  • He wanted to see if his witch tamer carried any clout

  • After several hours of silence from the witch, the frustrated witch tamer stood up and dared the witch to come out

    The Official Bell Witch Video
    Information about ordering videotapes of a documentary on the legend of the Bell
    Witch and the areas around Adams, TN where the hauntings took place.

    Linda Linn's Kentucky Home and Ghost Stories
    Authors own ghost experiences, and other paranormal events from Kentucky and Tennessee.

  • This is the personal site of Pat Fitzhugh, who spends a great deal of time lecturing, interviewing, and writing articles and books about the "Bell Witch

    Compilation of short ghost stories old and new, including paranormal phenomena.

  • THE WITCH, 1817 - 1820, Robertson County, Tennessee USA `Poltergeist' activities, in daylight, involving strange animal figures on farm, movement of bedclothes, pinching and smacking of the eight Bell children

  • Eventually a`voice' was heard claiming to be 'Old Kate Bell's Witch' promising to haunt Jack Bell until he died, which he almost immediatedly did, in 1820

  • Fully documented in 'The Bell Witch: A Mysterious Spirit' 1934 - by a descendant of the family - Charles Bailey Bell

  • (Otherwise it's even more unlikely than throwing 100 darts blindfold and scoring 54 doubles!) HAUNTING 1850, Normandy, France In 1850 Felix Thorel sued his local priest Father Tinel for defamation, as the priest had called Thorel a witch

  • Vice-elemental is merely the modern name for fiend or demon.' ENDOR'S WITCH, pre-Rome? East Mediterranean In region of Shunem - Gilboa

  • Note - about ten years later the `Witch Trials' erupted in Salem, Mass

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  • to rent or lease Get $100 Find Look for **** of history **** Community Nicknames **** Choose a new Community in **** Choose a new **** Our Nation's Capital **** **** **** **** Air, hotel, car **** **** Welcome to Key to the City's page for Adams Robertson County, Home of the Bell Witch The Tennessee state capital is Nashville

  • Return to Adams attractions: Historic Bell Witch Cave Keysburg Rd

  • This property and the cave was once owned by John Bell, who was associated with the famous legend of the Bell Witch

  • The BellWitch Opry , at the old Bell School on the main highway, every Saturday night at 6:30p, good country and bluegrass music Bellwood Cemetery , the burial ground of John Bell's relatives and other notables, with an obelisk memorial to the Bell Family
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  • Ardından da gerçek bir köpeğe dönüşür… Aslında bu olay önceleri onun terfisine engel olsa da, zamanla hayvanların DNA’larıyla oynayan laboratuvarla ilgili gerçeklerin ortaya çıkmasına sebep olacaktır… The Shaggy Dog / Bak Şu Köpeğe , vakit geçirmek için birebir, küçükler kadar, büyüklerin de seveceği sevimli bir aile komedisi… Filmin Künyesi : Bak Şu Köpeğe / The Shaggy Dog Yönetmen : Brian Robbins Oyuncular : Tim Allen, Kristin Davis, Zena Grey, Spencer Breslin, Danny Glover, Robert Downey Jr., Joshua Leonard, Shawn Pyfrom, Bess Wohl, Jarrad Paul, Annabelle Gurwitch, Jane Curtin, Philip Baker Hall Senaryo : Cormac Wibberley, Marianne Wibberley, Geoff Rodkey, Jack Amiel, Michael Begler Türü : Komedi Yapım : 2006 ABD yapımı, 98 dk

    Hollow Hill
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  • CD's from $8.00 All Cassettes now only $4.95! at our clearance web site --> Featured Title Known throughout Tennessee as 'Old Kate, ' the Bell Witch took up residence with John Bell's family in 1818


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  • TTU student featured in Bell Witch film By Tracey Lefevre Tennessee Tech University senior Todd Geren is the type of person who credits others for the positive influence they've had in his life, and he looks for opportunities to have that same kind of impact on others ..

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  • here is the Blue Mountains first ghost tour! Does the Curse of the Bell Witch live on? The Bell Witch Haunting released on DVD

  • One day in 1817, the Bell Witch saga began..

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  • &nbsp 10 'Most Haunted' Places in America Alcatraz -- San Francisco, California Bachelor's Grove Cemetery -- near Midlothian, Illinois The Bell Witch Cave -- Adams, Tennessee Dudleytown -- northwestern Connecticut Gettysburg National Battlefield -- southern Pennsylvania The Lemp Mansion -- St

  • Francisville, Louisiana The Old Slave House (Hickory Hill) -- Junction, Illinois The Whaley House -- San Diego, California The Winchester Mansion -- San Jose, California Source: Salem witch-hunting made easy Salem, Massachusetts, gained a notorious reputation for the witch trials that took place in the 1690s under the Puritans

  • And of course, we wouldn't know anything about witch hunts today, would we? So has created a site that gives historical background on the period as well as an interactive game that puts you in the shoes of the accused

  • Without even having to audition for a role in a production of Arthur Miller's 'The Crucible, ' you can see how it might feel to be accused of witchcraft, thrown into jail and subjected to grueling questioning before your peers

  • If your broom is warmed up, the site also has a travel guide with information on places to visit that document the trials, such as the, Salem Village Witchcraft Victim's Memorial, Witch Dungeon Museum and Summit of Gallows Hill, where some scholars believe accused witches were hanged

    Robertson County
    County statistics and historical notes.

    The Bell Witch project
    Students visited the Bell witch cave.

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    The Curse of the Bell Witch
    A look into the mystery behind the Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee.

  • Search: The Web Angelfire « | » The Curse of the Bell Witch This page is dedicated to telling the truth about the Bell Witch of Adams, Tennessee

  • The Bell Witch of Adams was a very real and very supernatural being that lived among and haunted the family of John Bell in the 1800s

  • The actual homestead is now gone, but you can arrange a tour of the Bell Witch Cave

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  • Check out the official Bell Witch: The Movie website (link below)

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