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  • Page 1 || Note - MySpace and NBCI has pretty much gone out of business so our Download Section has been shut down until we can find a new place to upload files! This music video contbines all the songs from the movie! Download It! (6.6 mb zip) Kyle's Mom is a B*tch music video -=A Must Download=- Download It! (3.1 Mb zip) The Intro Song - Mountain Town Video Download It! (8.3 MB zip) A video parody of the hit movie Matrix

    South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999)
    Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

  • Everywhere there is a song


    Photo by

    Marc Shaiman
    Filmography at IMDb with biography, photographs, and composer, other musical,
    actor, writer, producer, and voice credits.

  • (Australia) (Canada: English title) (New Zealand: English title) (2003) (2003) TV Series (theme song) (2003) (TV) (from musical "Hairsplay") (2003) ..

  • aka Down with Love - Zum Teufel mit der Liebe! (Germany) (2002) TV Series (theme song) (2001) (TV) ..

  • aka City Slickers: The Legend of Curly's Gold (UK) (1993) (1993) (1993) (also song "A Wink and A Smile") (1992) (1992) (1992) (1991) (1991) (1991) (1990) (1989) ..

  • aka Get Over It! (USA: promotional title) (2000) (writer: "Dolphin Song") ..

  • aka City Slickers: The Legend of Curly's Gold (UK) (1993) (music adaptor: songs) (music supervisor) (1993) (music adaptor) (music producer: "A Wink and a Smile") (music supervisor) (1993) (music supervisor) ..

  • aka Give Me a Break (1992) (music producer) (1992) (music producer) (orchestrator: score) (1991) (music score producer) (1991) (song and music consultant) (1991) (TV) (principal music arranger) (1991) (orchestrator) (song producer: "You Do Something to Me") (1989) (music adaptor) (music arranger) (orchestrator) ..

    Salon Arts & Entertainment | "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut"
    Beneath the veneer of fake dicks and fart jokes, it's really a righteous paean
    to saying whatever the hell you want.

  • If you're feeling distracted and fuzzy, a song like 'Uncle Fucka' (one of several big musical numbers in 'Bigger, Longer & Uncut') is just the thing to snap you back into the world of the living, whether you find the hedonistic abandon of the lyrics ('You're an uncle fucka, yes it's true, no one fucks uncles quite like you') offensive or not - Alles über South Park
    Projekt von 2 Fans, welche sich neben vielen Downloads auch um die neusten Infos
    und Nachrichten rund um South Park kümmern.

    CNN - Chef keeps Isaac Hayes' career simmering along - July 7, 1999
    Updates on Hayes' career.

  • He put the kibosh on former Republican presidential candidate Bob Dole's use of 'Soul Man' (reinterpreted as 'Dole Man') as a theme song during the 1996 campaign

  • 'He didn't get permission.' Hayes co-wrote the song and dozens of other hits such as 'When Something Is Wrong With My Baby' for mid-'60s stars Sam and Dave

  • But his career's most notable achievement remains, as he sums it up: ''Shaft.' Damn right.' The theme from 'Shaft' in 1972 earned him an Oscar for best song, and a nomination for the film's original score

  • He was the first African-American to win the best-song honor

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    Photo by - Entertainment - Raunchy song's creators tuning up for ...
    [CNN] - Radiohead at South Park, Oxford
    Review of the Radiohead festival, July 2001, also featuring Beck, Supergrass,
    Sigur Ros and Humphrey Lyttleton.

  • It was a good thing they left after just five elegiac songs

  • Just for consistency we were then treated to Oxford's own who were in fine form, rocking their way through familiar songs with huge guitar riffs and setting the crowd surging first this way and that

  • Richard III was predicatably superb and, although the inter-song breaks were curiously without audience connection for the most part, at least the audience was awake again

  • Even he seemed to sense that the songs were not working on the audience as he launched into an impromptu effort involving a harmonica, quasi-tap-dancing and some vocals; but after that we were back to more of the same

  • Speculation in our group centred on the identity of the first song - in this setting, would it be 'Subterranean Homesick Alien'? We thought not - much more likely to be something from Kid A or Amnesiac, we concluded

  • While not all Radiohead fans have been impressed with the last two new albums, it is fair to say that the majority of the songs from these recordings are excellent live

  • Like The Divine Comedy 's, also produced by Nigel Godrich, Kid A and Amnesiac on CD offer excellent songs in a dull production and this is unfortunate

    Wing Music - Home. Download MP3s by Wing at
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    Movie Music UK - Marc Shaiman
    Listing from Movie Music UK with life, musical highlights, filmography, selected
    awards, and images of various CD covers from his soundtracks.


    The Wing Kong Exchange - Your source for John Carpenter's Big ...
    Features videos, pictures, sounds, music, forum, and more for Big Trouble in
    Little China.

  • New Shirts available November 14, 2005: The , and Tee shirts are once again available for purchase! Also: BTLC fan John Arenz submitted a new design and Mark Warren sent in an industrial BTLC-themed song he did in 2000 called "" for his project "Japanese Death Machine!" Jack's Back! October 24, 2005: The new and are now in stock! Buy one and compliment your wardrobe today! New Burton design coming soon! October 18, 2005: I've sent the new design to the printers, and expect to receive my first batch next week! That said, I'm now taking pre-orders for the and shirts! Order today and be one of the first to get it in time for Halloween! The older and are now on sale - get em' before they're gone! Sneak Peak! October 15, 2005: I've begun work on Episode III of Big Trouble in Little South Park

    green plastic radiohead
    Includes news, band history, tour dates, discography, lyrics and song interpretations,
    multimedia, image gallery, chronology, gigography, articles, gear, ...

  • Rare live and studio performances of each OK Computer song (and Pablo Honey's 'Creep') will be featured in good ol' 5.1 surround sound

    Howard McGillin and the People of South Park - La Resistance ...
    Lyrics for "La Resistance" as sung by the tenor playing the character of Gregory.

    JR Antrim - Kiss the boot
    Rants and reviews for video games, movies, and books. Humor, stories, and links.

  • I don't even link to the place, but I could easily spend a million years logged in there, arguing about titular theme songs and reminiscing about old favorites

  • It's a good place for asking questions like, 'Does anyone know name of the song at the end of Elvira: Mistress of the Dark ?' IMDB is also a good place to ask insanely stupid questions, like this guy: What happened to Family Guy? Up until about halfway through Season 4, I loved Family Guy

    MilkandCookies - Sorry, We're Open
    What do you meme?

    JayD's C2 Workshop
    Agents/COBs for C2 and C3.

  • Chef sings love song, getting your norns "in the mood"

  • Tweety Bird v2.0 - (Also download Tweety Sounds ) Right out of your Saturday Morning Cartoons! Tweety sings songs, plays with toys, keeps your norns company and eats seeds and bugs

    the Newman Academy Award nominations for Best Song
    Lists times that Randy, Lionel, or Alfred were nominated for Oscars in this
    category, the year, the competition, and the winner.

  • Best Song Academy Award Nominations and the Newmans award recipients are in bold 2001 'If I Didn't Have You, ' from Monsters, Inc

    Cult Television: The Alternative Guide to Classic Television
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