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PC-to-Phone service for outbound calls only. Software download required.

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PC-Phone or device-to-phone United Kingdom based service.

  • MYWEB CALLS.COM LOW COST CALLS FROM ANYWHERE TO ANYWHERE! LOGIN Username: Password: ACCOUNTS CHEAPEST PC TO PHONE SERVICE No software to download High quality Per second billing * NEW * NEWS 16/06/2006 UK - New low rate Our new rate to UK landlines is just 1.2c per minute! 10/10/2005 USA and Canada Our new low rate is now only 1.5c per minute! 31/08/05 Mywebcalls calling card solution Resellers can now offer phone2phone services to their customers through our new service, SIPCard

  • Call from any phone in the world still at Mywebcalls low rates! Find out

  • 06/05/05 SMS callback is now launched! You can see full details on how to use the new service

  • 26/04/05 Web callback is now launched! You can see full details on how to use the new service

  • Your e-mail: COMPANY MyWebCalls is a PC to Phone service created and run by a leading UK telecoms company

  • MyWebCalls is dedicated to providing high quality internet phone calls for very low prices

  • There is no software to download and install, simply set up an account and use our dialling pad to get cheap phone calls worldwide

  • Our call prices RESELLERS SERVICES :: CALLBACK PC TO PHONE - Lowest rates - Excellent quality - PER SECOND billing! - No expiration - Supports Linux, Mac, Windows and Pocket PC DEVICE TO PHONE - Supports SIP - Support most devices such as Cisco ATA, Sipura, Grandstream, Linksys, etc

    SpeedyPin Prepaid Phone Cards - International Calling Cards
    Offers prepaid phone cards for international and domestic US long distance calls.
    PINs delivered instantly via email.

  • Save on long distance with an international phone card or prepaid calling card

  • Since PINs are delivered instantly , you can start calling and saving within minutes

    Download Skype for free now - free calls - official website
    Peer to peer internet voice service. Mac, Windows and Linux versions available.
    Users may call landlines and cellphones for a fee; users may call each other for ...

  • Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype

  • All calls from Skype to landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada are also free till the end of the year

  • Skype and ordinary phones You can call anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world for free

  • With SkypeOut , you can use Skype to call landlines and mobiles, all over the world

  • SkypeIn is a real phone number your friends can call

  • You pick up the call in Skype

  • | Skypecasts Preview Bring internet conversations to life in calls with up to 100 people who share your interests


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    Phone Card Selector - Free Service to find the cheapest Australian ...
    Comparison of card rates to different locations, card sales, and contact details
    included. - Cheap International Calling Card - Long Distance ...
    Supplier of phone cards.

    Cheap Prepaid International Calling Cards and Discount Long ...
    Pre-paid card service provider located in Los Angeles, California.

  • User name Password 2.5¢ domestic long distance using OneSuite calling card local access 2.5¢ from Canada to US 48 states using OneSuite phone card local access 4.5¢ to call US 48 states from Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Saipan, Guam, and US Virgin Islands No hidden fees No Pin Dialing Speed-dial calls Voice prompt control Multiple IntrAccounts Receive fax/voice mail with MessageOne

  • OneSuite provides low cost prepaid long distance & international calling cards and phone cards

  • - 5.9¢ / min to call Japan, Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands* - 17.9¢ / min to call Philippines (22.5¢ / min mobile)* New local access numbers are available in Miami, Orlando and Tampa areas in Florida

    PC-Telephone: free-pc-to-pc-calls,cheap-pc-to-phone-calls,free ...
    Make free pc-to-pc and cheap pc-to-phone and pc-to-fax calls over the Internet
    and ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your computer as internet telephone, ...

  • Make phone and fax calls over Internet, LAN or ISDN The next generation of PC-to-Phone/Fax calling is now available! Make calls anywhere in the world using your computer

  • · · · · No connection or monthly fees · No expiration time · Track calls and account balance · PC-Telephone Use PC-Telephone to make unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls over Internet

  • You can call regular phone/fax numbers from your Internet connection

  • Benefits

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    Dialpad Communications - the Internet's best phone call
    Offers monthly billing and pre-paid PC-to-Phone VoIP services. Also supports
    broadband telephone adapter for use without PC.

  • You can use your PC to talk longer (and save more) while making and receiving calls from regular phones

  • Plus enjoy free PC-to-PC calling and share instant messages, photos, music, and more

    Billiger-Telefonieren - Der Tarifvergleich für Telefontarife
    Rund-um-Paket mit Tariftabellen, Tarifvergleichs-Software (zum Download), einem
    umfangreichen Nachrichtenteil, vielen Hintergrundinformationen und wöchentlichem ...

    No Contract Cell Phone Plans | Cheap Long Distance Phone Rate ...
    Markets long distance and cellular services from telephone carriers. Also provides
    calling cards.

  • Long distance and local phone service bundles Unbiased cost estimates for direct dial international long distance phone calling, from many cheap long distance phone carriers What to do if you've been slammed (had your long distance phone service changed without your knowledge), and how to prevent it Dedicated long distance phone rates from 0.79 cents/min., dedicated T1 internet from $209/mo., integrated access, local phone service T1/PRI, no contract cell phone plans How to Stop Slamming, Local & Long Distance Phone Bill Details, How Long Distance Phone Service Works, and more Telecommunications Information Both postpaid and prepaid long distance phone calling cards, for domestic and international long distance calling Cell phone, long distance and local telephone service for business or residences - many carrier plans available Copyright 2006 No Contract Cell Phone Plans - Cheap Long Distance Phone Rates

    Cheap Prepaid International Long Distance Calling Cards – ReliableCom
    Prepaid phone cards for calling within USA and to international destinations.


    Phone cards | on line phone cards | cheap calling cards | prepaid ...
    Provides long distance calling services routed over the Internet and distributes
    pre-paid calling cards. (Nasdaq: WQNI).

  • Phone cards | on line phone cards | cheap calling cards | prepaid phone cards | phone lebanon | indian prepaid phone card | telephonic calling cards Select Country © 2005 VoIP, Inc

  • BUY ONLINE OR CALL 1-866-661-6176 | WQN is part of the VoIP, Inc

  • With our discount calling cards, you can call, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Lebanon or anywhere in the world

  • WQN is your one stop shop for and excellent selection of that you can use instead of your long distance or other calling card services

    0845, 0870 and 0871 numbers, cheap international phone call
    Free revenue sharing 0870, 0871, personal and premium rate numbers.

  • Adcall Phone Services Ofcom Statement on Number Translation Services (NTS) Improving price transparency and stregthening consumer protection On 19th April, 2006 Ofcom confirmed measures to improve price transparency and strengthen consumer protection for calls to 0870 numbers

  • > 0845 Local Rate UK phone numbers Best choice for maximising advertising response Let your callers know you care when you let them call you at BT Local Rates from anywhere in the UK

  • You can have your own 0845 Local Rate number from just £99 per year with nothing else to pay: no connection charge and no per minute charges to receive calls

  • 0845 numbers can be called from anywhere worldwide

  • more> 0870 Non-Geographic UK phone numbers Best choice for doing business nationally Don't be tied to your geographic location - get a national presence with an 0870 number and receive a royalty on every call (conditions apply)

  • Callers pay at BTs National Rate

  • 0870 numbers can be called from anywhere worldwide

  • more> 0871 Non-Geographic UK phone numbers Best choice for providing information Similar to 0870 numbers except that callers pay 10p/min at all times and your royalty is higher

    Compare 10-10 phone rates and save on long distance service!
    Comparisons of all major 10-10 and 10-x dial around plans.

  • Making calls with most 10-10 services does not require signing up or switching your regular long distance service

  • Dial the plan's seven-digit code ( such as 101-6868 or 10-10-228, for example), then the phone number you are calling

  • When new, lower rates are offered to attract new customers, existing users still pay higher rates! By checking you will know to call a telephone company and ask them to switch your phone to lower rates

  • Before using any phone service we recommend that you call the provider(s) or visit their website(s)

    The Gadgeteer - Cheap Wireless iPAQ Article
    A guide to connecting the iPAQ to a cellular phone for wireless Internet connectivity.

  • These solutions typically require a PC card adapter, the wireless card itself, and hefty monthly subscription fees

  • What does this mean in English? With the purchase of the connecting cables, I now have internet access through my cell phone provider () for the cost of a regular cell phone call

  • As I recall, I paid something like $30 for the cable

  • In my instance, my phone is a fancy-schmancy Motorola 270c - which means I basically overpaid, as the free phone with my wife's plan (the LG-TM510) also has the capability

  • The service from Verizon is called Mobile Office

  • I called Verizon, and about 10 minutes later I was running (ok, jogging) at full speed

  • Configuration is required for e-mailing - basically you just copy the settings from your desktop

  • So for about $65 plus the cost of your normal phone calls, you can have wireless internet access on your iPAQ via Verizon

    Cheap prepaid Phone Cards, low rates for International Calls
    Offers affiliate program selling cards, calls and recruiting other dealers.

  • | Buy phone card: Welcome! Welcome to where you can order a calling card and get it directly into your e-mail inbox

  • One card will work for calling all and any of the locations! You can add money to your cards any time using our secure online order form! You can use your calling card as soon as you get an e-mail from us with your PIN and toll-free access number

  • And here is the best part: If you lose your calling card PIN number – email us and we will find your PIN for you absolutely free

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    Cheap phone calls: Independent advice for cheap phone calls to ...
    Recommends least cost commercial, domestic and mobile service provider. Profile,
    services and information about tariffs.

  • Cheap phone calls: Independent advice for cheap phone calls to Local, National & International destinations from UK residential phones

  • saves you money on your telephone bills Independent advice on the best UK phone service providers & cheapest telephone call prices for Local, National & International phone calls from both Residential and mobile phones

  • You can obtain FREE versions of a number of the major browsers using the links below: To help you, here are links to some of the main pages of the: - independent advice that saves YOU money on your telephone bills

  • After all, why pay more than YOU have to? Your telephone calling patterns: Provide your and we will find the CHEAPEST and BEST telephone service provider that matches your phone usage! SAVINGS achieved Look at the '' showing savings we have achieved for other customers Our '' guarantee Save money on your telephone bills or get the information for free

  • Residential phone calls: This section has cheap phone calls from your HOME phone available from over 120 telephone service providers and tariffs

  • It details cheap phone calls made during the DAYTIME, EVENING and WEEKEND! Cheap phone calls to

    Phone Cards Pin Instantly - Free Service to Compare Australia ...
    Offering discounted Australian phone cards. Profile, catalogue, FAQ and contact

  • Phone Cards and calling cards online | User ID Password Up to 25% OFF, Limited Stock! OZ Prepaid Cards Pty.Ltd Rate Finder Search your BEST RATE favourite phone cards Callingcard From Australia to : Connection Fee : Phonecard News 06/07/06 New 19/05/06 18/04/06 12/04/06 Quick Selector Callingcards Useful Links CHEAPEST RATE COUNTRY RATE 0.5 ¢ 1.9 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 7.8 ¢ 0.5 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 2.9 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ 8 ¢ 2.4 ¢ 0 ¢ 2.8 ¢ 0.5 ¢ 0 ¢ 3.8 ¢ 0 ¢ 0 ¢ Discounted Australia Calling Card with Instant PIN Delivery We are excited to be in one of the fastest growing sectors of the telecommunications industry

  • This year alone, it has been projected that over a billion worth of prepaid calling cards will be sold through local gas stations, grocers, local delis, and highway rest areas

  • Buy your prepaid calling cards online today and receive your calling cards (Personal Identification Number) Pins Instantly via e-mail

  • Even better, you can begin making cheap call using our calling cards to anywhere in the world INSTANTLY ! Our instant phone card PIN solution delivers some of best prepaid australia phone card rates to anywhere in the world

    Cheap phone calls at UK Telephone Directory
    Allows users to compare rates for local, international, internet and long distance
    phone calls from UK telephone providers.


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