Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets - MAGCRAFT® Brand
Distributor and retailer of rare-earth (neodymium-iron-boron) magnets, ferrofluid,
bismuth, magnetic viewing film, and other related products.

  • Specifications - MAGCRAFT ® Brand - Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets National Imports is a supplier of MAGCRAFT ® rare earth neodymium magnets and DEVCON ® adhesives for education, industry and engineering

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    Magnet University
    Educational information on electromagnetism, permanent magnets, and the application
    of magnetic materials. The site is maintained by the company Rare-Earth ...

    Rare-Earth Magnets
    Information on the science and technology used in the production of
    rare-earth(neodymium-iron-boron and samarium-cobalt) magnets.

  • Rare-Earth Magnets This site is provided by The Rare-Earth Magnetics Association sm as a public service to disseminate information about the science and technology related to the production of rare-earth magnets

  • In addition, this site provides a number of corporate and association directories; general information related to the topic of magnetism; a survey of the health effects of static magnetic fields; and safety guidelines for handling rare-earth magnets

  • A directory of rare-earth magnet manufacturers, distributors, and retailers

  • A directory of organizations with interests in rare-earth magnets

  • Survey of the intellectual property rights of the developers of rare-earth magnets and related manufacturing processes

  • A brief history of the development of rare-earth magnets

  • A description of the manufacturing process for sintered rare-earth magnets

  • Properties of the elements used in the production of rare-earth magnets

  • A survey of the current research on the health effects of static magnetic fields and compounds contained in rare-earth magnets including neodymium, samarium, boron, cobalt, and iron

    Rare Earth Hardwoods
    Providing fine domestic hardwoods, flooring, feature strips, paneling and
    dimensional lumber.

  • Rare Earth Hardwoods is helping the local economy in the Amazon

  • Rare Earth Hardwoods Inc

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  • Since 1982 Rare Earth Hardwoods Inc

  • Flooring Rare Earth Hardwood offers one of the largest selections of hardwood flooring in the Americas

  • (photos courtesy of ) Rare Earth Hardwoods Product Showcase View interactive slideshows featuring exotic wood flooring, decks, cabinets, stairs, doors and accessories

  • Decking Rare Earth Hardwoods, Inc

  • Lumber Rare Earth Hardwood Inc

  • Rare Earth Hardwood Inc

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  • info: RARE EARTH

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    Home - HEFA Rare Earth Canada Ltd.
    Specialized supplier and manufacture of a wide variety of rare earth chemicals
    and minerals. Includes product list, price information, and product knowledge.

    Welcome to Metall Rare Earth Limited
    Producer of various rare earth chemicals, metals and alloys. Product specifications.

  • HOME | Quick Access Search Rare Earth products by element names: Welcome An integrated range of Rare Earths We manufacture & supply a full range of Rare Earth oxides, metals, compounds and their specialties

    Rare Earth Interactive Design, Inc.
    Developers of eBusiness solutions, specializing in Macromedia Flash-enabled sites.

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    Strong Neodymium Magnets Rare Earth K&J Magnetics
    Retailer and wholesaler of neodymium rare earth magnets. Stock and custom sizes

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    Rare Earth Coatings, Inc. Website
    Offers vacuum metallizing to plastics and graphite composites for emi/rfi shielding
    for aerospace, defense, medical, communications, and computer industries.

  • Rare Earth Coatings, Inc

  • Rare Earth Coatings, Inc

    Gansu Tianxing Rare Earth Functional Materials Co., Ltd.
    giant magnetostrictive materials.

    China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Company NdFeB neodymium manufacturer
    Manufacturer of rare-earth permanent magnets.

  • is belong to rare earth magnet The old style of magnet is ceramic

  • China Rare Earth Permanent Magnet Company Datoyo (Ningbo) Co

  • BGRIMM China Rare Earth Information Center CIBAS S.r.l

    Rare earth magnets and electromagnets
    Provider of magnets and magnetic equipment such as rare earth magnets, magnetic
    chucks and floats, magnetic separators, electromagnets, magnetic contacts and ...

  • Rare earth magnets, electromagnets, and permanent magnet generator Magnetic's World Srl Via A


    Rare-earth Information Center (RIC)
    Closed in 2002, but still provides an archive of the database, publications,
    support, services, sponsors. Formerly part of the Institute for Physical Research ...

  • In addition, while we will no longer be publishing newsletters or maintaining the database, as a researcher at Ames Laboratory, I will be happy to try and answer questions which you may have about rare-earth materials

  • William McCallum 515 294-4736 The Rare-earth Information Center (RIC) was established at the Ames Laboratory by the U.S

  • Atomic Energy Commission's Division of Technical Information in January of 1966 to service the scientific and technological communities by collecting, storing, evaluating, and disseminating rare-earth information from various sources

  • In 1968, the support of RIC was transferred to Iowa State University's Institute for Physical Research and Technology through grants from the worldwide rare earth industry

  • The Rare-earth Information Center (RIC) provided scientific and technical information concerning the rare earths to industry, government, universities, and individuals for more than thirty-six years

  • This information has been custom indexed by topics, chemical formulas and compositions to allow fast accurate searches tailored to the needs of the rare earth community

  • RIC maintains a file of the available references concerned with the metallurgy, solid state physics of metals and alloys, analytical, inorganic and physical chemistry, ceramics, technology, geochemistry, and toxicity of the rare earth elements and compounds

    Rare Earth Furnishings
    Offers handmade pet furniture, feeding tables, beds, stairs, feeders and bowls.

    Rare Earth Furnishings
    Features fine furniture to include dining tables, crates, beds, cushions, stairs
    and mats.

    Permanent NdFeB AlNiCo SmCo Rare earth fridge magnets ferrite ...
    Manufacturer of ferrite cores, magnetic powders, permanent magnets (ferrite,
    NdFeB, AlNiCo, SmCo), flexible magnets.

  • The magnets various from Permanent magnets, NdFeB magnets, AlNiCo magnets, SmCo magnets, rare earth magnets, fridge magnets, magnetic powder, ferrite cores, Magnetizer, injection bonded magnet, Felexible magnet, magnetic material, tesla meter etc.The magnetic powders for loudspeaker magnet, motor magnet, and refrigerator gasket etc

    Chemistry Molecular Models, NdFeB Magnets, Magnifying Glasses ...
    Magnets, magnifiers, molecular models, software, tools, tuning forks, and scientific

    Rare Earth China Online: Rare Earth Materials Supplier
    Provides information on rare earth products and their suppliers in China.
    Quotes and online ordering.

  • Rare Earth China Online--Rare Earth Materials Please click a rare earth element symbol from the following Periodic Table to see the related materials

    Periodic Table
    An interactive periodic table with information about each element including the
    symbol, boiling point, melting point, discoverer and origin.

    Sources, properties, isotopes, and uses.

  • Iron exchange and solvent extraction techniques have led to much easier isolation of the so-called "rare-earth" elements

  • Sources Lanthanum is found in rare-earth minerals such as cerite, monazite, allanite, and bastnasite

  • The availability of lanthanum and other rare earths has improved greatly in recent years

  • It is one of the most reactive of the rare-earth metals

  • Uses Rare-earth compounds containing lanthanum are extensively used in carbon lighting applications, especially by the motion picture industry for studio lighting and projection

  • This application consumes about 25 percent of the rare-earth compounds produced


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