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Belgian Chocolate Online
Sells candy and chocolates from Europe and USA, plus several lactose-free and
sugar-free varieties....

ST ScI Press Releases
Hubble Space Telescope News.

  • Browse NewsCenter for these items: Releases Images Video NewsCenter is the complete collection of every Hubble Space Telescope news release and its supporting materials, along with tools and resources designed to further your knowledge of astronomy

  • Search all of HubbleSite: Have you seen these? From Gallery : A special collection of Hubble's spectacular portraits of our universe

    HERSHEY'S Kitchens: A sweet collection of chocolate and dessert ...
    Recipes and baking tips from Hershey's kitchens.


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    MPI Home Video: Dark Shadows
    Official video and DVD releases of both the original daytime series and the 1991
    revival series, plus...

    MPI Home Video
    Wide variety of special interest genre videos on VHS and DVD.

    After Dark: Evening Wear Collections from the Best Designers ...
    Retailer of ladies' designer evening and occasion wear. Finchley.

  • From British, European, Middle & Far Eastern & American designers, After Dark brings you names such as Amanda Wakely, Eric Way, Catwalk Collection, Anoushka G, Ellis/John Charles, Kelsey Rose, Ann Balon, Serenade, Belinda Ch'ng, Consortium, Mon Cheri, Jovani, Jiki, Eavis & Brown, Linea Raffaelli and many many more

  • Mother of Brides & Grooms will find a tantalising selection of unique pieces from designer collections from around the world and many of these have been developed especially and exclusively for After Dark

    Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
    San Jose State University sponsors this yearly challenge "to compose the opening
    sentence to the worst...

  • THE NEXT BOOK!!! Despite the unrelenting efforts of the contest's official literary agent (C---- M--- of N-- Y---), a publisher for the next collection of BLFC entries has yet to materialize

  • To sustain the momentum, the Penguin collections of entries have reached five, each an indispensable addition to the bookshelves of discerning readers and collectors (lamentably, they are now all out of print, a commentary on the misplaced and mercenary values of modern publishers)

  • Benefits

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    Expressing the Dark
    Article about Austrian author Ingeborg Bachmann (1926-1973), by Hans-Gunnar Peterson.

  • Two collections of poems, two books of short stories, a novel

  • When she died she left behind a collection of drafts, containing appr

  • The novel 'Malina', which was her first book of the genre, was published in 1971, and the following year came the story collection 'Simultan'

  • 'Todesarten' was the title also for a novel Bachmann started on later, which was published posthumously as 'Der Fall Franza.' In this draft, an important shift is already taking place, since in earlier works mostly men have occupied the narrative center, as in the story collection 'Das dreissigste Jahr'

    Absolute Background Textures Archive
    Features seamlessly tiling background textures for use in web pages, graphical
    software, and desktop....

  • | THE LARGEST COLLECTION OF FREE BACKGROUND TEXTURES ON THE INTERNET Now with 5846 seamlessly tiling, attractive background textures for use in web pages, graphical software or on your desktop

  • If you should discover images in this collection which you recognize as copyrighted, please immediately so that they may be removed

    Dark Figures
    Offering dark action figures, gargoyles, spawn, and villian figures.

    Karakalpak Rug Collection
    Read about exibition of Karakalpak Rug Collection in Museum of Oriental Art in
    Moscow and review sample...

  • The Karakalpak Rug Collection of the Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow by L.G

  • Beresneva, Curator, Central Asian Rug Collection, Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow and A

  • Teselkin, Head, Oriental Division, Moscow 'Tsaritsino' Museum With 20 color Illustrations Investigation of Karakalpak carpets and rugs has been minimal, and their representation in collections is scant

  • The Karakalpak rug collection of the Museum of Oriental Art in Moscow contains 52 pieces, of which 51 pieces had been collected by I.V

  • Almost all of them have analogues in the collection of two Nukus museums: State Museum of Karakalpak Arts and Museum of Local Lore

  • Karshins and eshik kases comprise the major part of our collection

  • In our collection all karshins consist only of the face side

  • Most karshins in our collection have variants of the so-called karshin gol or karshin nagish as a main pattern

  • Nine pieces in the collection have this pattern

  • In the collection there are several pieces which have highly artistic features, for example, karshin N-428l III

  • In the collection there are three karshins with this pattern


    Cooks.com: Holiday Cookie Collection
    Cookie recipes plus cookie making tips.

  • [ | ] Holiday Cookie Collection / CM HOLIDAY COOKIE COLLECTION — From the COOKS.COM Culinary Archive


    DVD Verdict
    Reviews sorted by title, studio, date, and genre, as well as columns, interviews,
    and forum.

    Cosmic Ray, Neutrino and Other Experiments
    Organized collection of links; includes space, balloon, air shower, and underground

  • Cosmic ray / Gamma ray / Neutrino and similar experiments This collection of links is provided in the hope that it will be useful both for the colleagues working in any of the fields covered by this collection as well as for non-experts who would like to find out what is happening in these fields

  • Although I try to be as comprehensive and as much up-to-date as possible, in particular in cosmic rays and gamma rays, such a collection can never be complete and some links may be out-dated or not functional

  • If you know of things which should be included in this collection, be modified in it, or be removed from it, please let me know

  • A more complete collection of dark matter experiments than here can be found, for example, on of the

  • Conferences Useful collections of conferences and other meetings can be found, among others, at the following locations: and Conference lists maintained by individual collaborations: The (International Cosmic Ray Conference) was in Tsukuba, Japan, in August 2003

  • Links to experiments and other sites are provided by the A very useful collection of links and other information is also maintained by, although in German only

    The Dark Side
    Image database, text files, net-goth gallery, club listings, and links.

  • -- a collection of gothic resources from all over, including an , a, a, as well as

  • i do it for the enjoyment of the process than the output -- an eclectic collection of 'zines from the net and beyond

    Offers trainers, cheats, and walkthroughs for PC, PSX, PS2, GameCube, XBox,
    Dreamcast and Nintendo 64 games.

    Arjan's Recipe Collection
    Searchable collection of recipes largely gathered from usenet groups.

    Pen & Paper :: A collection of resources for pen and paper RPGs
    News and reviews for current and upcoming roleplaying games. Also features a RPG
    Database, release...

    Web Clip Art - clip art links to everything plus clip art collections
    Sources of web graphics organized by theme.


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