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    MTA Home Page
    Guide to the subway, bus, and railroad service for the New York City area.
    Includes facts and figures, news, employment information, and individual service ...

  • A public-benefit corporation chartered by the State of New York

  • Pataki Governor, State of New York Peter S

    The American Experience/Technology/New York Underground
    Companion site to the episode of PBS's "The American Experience" about the history
    of New York City's mass transit systems.

    Webster Branch | The New York Public Library
    1465 York Avenue.

  • crosstown bus to York Ave.; walk south one block

  • crosstown, to York Ave.; walk south one block

  • Last Updated: 05/09/2006 1465 York Avenue [near E

  • 78th St.], New York, NY 10021-8895


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    halcyon the shop
    Record shop. Calendar of events, news, stock and specials lists. Includes directions
    to store.

  • in Dumbo, Brooklyn MAP BY SUBWAY F Train to York St

    Canadian Economics Association - 1999 Conference
    Held at the University of Toronto. Provides conference program and list of

  • Costs can be reduced by taking the bus from the airport to the Royal York Hotel and a taxi or subway from there

    City of Toronto, Arts Heritage & Culture - Arts Centres
    Farmhouse with a Georgian exterior was built by the David Gibson family in 1851,
    and includes a schedule and directions located at Toronto.

  • On their return to York County the Gibsons built a beautiful new home and were once again active members of their rural community

  • Directions: TTC: Take the Yonge/University line subway northbound to North York Centre subway station

    Satan's Laundromat
    A photolog of New York, emphasis on urban decay. Includes image archive.

  • Benefits

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    New York State Parks :: Empire-Fulton Ferry State Park
    Nine-acre waterfront park located between the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.
    Profile, photograph, travel information.

  • The park is also part of the New York City Harbor Park, one of fifteen designated Heritage Areas in New York State, the purpose of which is to preserve and promote the state's cultural and natural resources

  • By Subway : "A" or "C" Trains to High Street, or "F" Train to York Street

  • Nearby Properties: | © 2006 New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation

    German Examples of Safer Routes to School - M.Limbourg
    Paper presented at the Road Safety Education Conference in York, June 1998 -

  • German Examples of Safer Routes to School Rudolf Gliewe (ADAC), Maria Limbourg (University of Essen) and Beate Pappritz (ADAC) Paper presented at the Road Safety Education Conference in York, June 1998

    Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
    A directory of wonderful things.

  • The pictures bare an eerie resemblance to images of, a suburban community built on top of the most notorious toxic waste dump in New York State

    Queens, New York - Guide to the Borough of Queens, NY
    Guide to the Queens area, with links and original articles of local interest.

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  • More - Thursday August 10, 2006 | Go Fly a Kite in the Rockaways The Fifth Annual New York Kite Festival takes over the skies in the Rockaways this August

  • New York Kite Festival August 19-20, 2006, 10 a.m


    New York, 1936
    An Article by Ralph Ellison, printed in Esquire, July 1986.

  • RALPH ELLISON NEW YORK, 1936 	In 1936, a few weeks after my arrival in New York City, I was lucky enough to be invited by an old hero and newfound friend, Langston Hughes, to be his guest at what would be my introduction to Broadway theater

  • And so much so that I failed to note the irony of circumstance that would have as my introduction to New York theater a play with a southern setting and characters that were based upon a type and class of whites whom I had spent the last three years trying to avoid

  • Had I been more alert, it might have occurred to me that somehow a group of white Alabama farm folk had learned of my presence in New York, thrown together a theatrical troupe, and flown north to haunt me

  • Fresh out of Alabama, with my junior year at Tuskegee Institute behind me, I was also in New York seeking funds with which to complete my final year as a music major _ a goal at which I was having less success than I had hoped

  • The very idea of being in New York was dreamlike, for like many young Negroes of the time, I thought of it as the freest of American cities and considered Harlem as the site and symbol of Afro-American progress and hope

    Brooklyn West Indian Carnival
    Profile, photographs, calendar, events, Caribbean resources, contact information.

  • The keynote parade on Labor Day Monday will be feature, the 108th Mayor of the City of New York F or most, Labor Day is the good times afforded by the three day weekend marking the end of summer

  • Yet this holiday was begun by immigrant New York workers struggling to live their hopes and dreams

  • Meanwhile the Sunday Street Festival in Manhattan's carries on for those who prefer their Carnivals a bit more multicultural than the many Caribbean islands whose total population not much more than the state of New York

  • Official WIADCA ( West Indian American Day Carnival Association ) The WIADCA Corporate Office 323 Rogers avenue Brooklyn NY tel: 718-467-1797 special on-line edition for the Brooklyn Labor Day Parade by the official media sponsor with many articles by NYC Caribbean Carnival expert Glenda Cadogan from prior years "Police officials have consistently estimated that crowds rivaling the population of cities the size of Houston and Philadelphia fill the Eastern Parkway8s six-lane main roadway and its two service roads for the annual event." by Mega global pan site with focus on New York

  • 2003 new york update never happened Went global following 2002 debut and now featuring a TnT 2003 Carnival product

    Campaign site for UK railways.

    Toronto Bicycling Network (TBN): Toronto's Friendliest Cycling Club
    This volunteer operated, not-for-profit cycling club organizes 200+ recreational
    cycling events every year. Located in Toronto., The Paperless Guide to New York City
    A guide to the city that never sleeps.

    Thai Student Association at York University, Toronto Canada
    Offers message board, members and constitution.

    The Rittenhouse Review
    Includes links to foreign policy articles and commentary about them, contact
    information and links to online publications.

  • Post-publication addendum : In today's New York Times Patrick Healy and Jennifer Medina report on Lieberman's 'last-ditch attempt to explain his support for the war and to win back doubting voters' in : Mr

  • Rubin rightly takes Bordsen to task for calling the Huntingdon station 'Huntington, ' but lets the reporter slide for leaving the train at 'Dauphin Street, ' when he really meant York-Dauphin, but that's just me picking a nit or two

  • The Rittenhouse Review | Copyright 2002-2005 Sunday, July 23, 2006 WHO WRITES THESE THINGS? Getting it Wrong at the New York Times It's two days later, or after the 'fact, ' and yet this editorial, from Friday's New York Times , is still bothering me

  • The Rittenhouse Review | Copyright 2002-2005 Tuesday, July 18, 2006 POLITICAL NOTES With Media Miscellany July 18, 2006 The Gray Lady Goes Darker [*] Well, there it is, in the New York Times , for the first time ever I'm told, the word that would never appear at this site,

  • Over to the Dark Side [*] A brief item by Andrew Ross Sorkin in the New York Times reveals: 'The former editor in chief of Time Inc., Norman Pearlstine , will join the Carlyle Group, the private equity group, as a senior adviser on media and telecommunications acquisitions.' 'He is expected to help find media deals for Carlyle, perhaps in the newspaper industry

    The New York Times > Member Center > Site Help > To Our Readers:
    Editorial by Steve Zeitlin opposing pending copyright extension. Summarizes public
    interest issues and notes that Disney is leading campaign along with ASCAP ...


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