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  • > PREVIOUS EVENTS AT PCC Vacation Bible School "Arctic Edge" At this year's VBS, our VBS planning team was “chilling out” with excitement as we explore the adventures of Arctic Edge

  • Arctic Edge was where children learned that God is always with them and how to find the courage required to follow Jesus in the everyday challenges of their lives

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  • More Village of Hope Information at Southeast Baptist VBS Photo Gallery (To be Posted) Arctic Edge June 19-23, 2006 Check out web site 6/8/05 MISC Joel Wayne's church Power Point Presentations MEEK, WNMD, MEN In case of Inclement Weather please watch | Please contact for suggestions or corrections

    Students on Ice :: Student Learning Expeditions to Antarctica and ...
    Award-winning organization offering student educational expeditions to Antarctica
    and the Arctic. It organize also travel to the ends of the Earth with ...

    Title: Arctic wolves and their prey - Mech
    Essay and photo gallery on arctic wolves and their prey by a widely recognized expert.

  • The arctic wolf lives in the area along the northern edge of the North American continent and northward to the North Pole, as well as along the eastern and northern shores of Greenland

  • Several large islands occupy the region between the north edge of the continent and the Pole

  • On the other hand, most wolves south of about 70°, which more or less borders the northern edge of continental North America, are gray or black

  • info: ARCTIC EDGE

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  • Arctic Edge Vacation Bible School K4-5th Grade July 30th-August 3 Current News & Events THANKS! Many thanks for all the help in making our day camp a great success

  • JULY 30th- AUGUST 3 5th Grade and under children will be involved in the Artic Edge VBS while 6th grade and up will be doing FearFactor VBS

    Home Page Helmericks Family at Colville Village
    Jim and Teena from Alaska. Offers photos, work, kids, and fishing information.

    Guide to the seabirds and major colonies of Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • As the ice from the Arctic travels south and portions of the ocean freeze, these marine birds feed on the abundant stocks of plankton and the fish that are also attracted to this rich Arctic edge

  • In many cases the newly fledged chicks will spend a year or two on the ocean before even seeing land again

  • Murres are so tightly packed together that individuals arrive from sea often have to land on the heads of their ledge-sharing companions

  • A gunshot or loud noise will flush tens of thousands of birds who, in their panic, will knock helpless chicks off the ledges

    CNN - Arctic warming threatens polar bears, UN told - November 4, 1998

  • Polar bears feed nearly exclusively on ringed seals which they hunt from the ice edge or through the pack ice itself

  • During a recent expedition to study wildlife populations, Greenpeace's icebreaker, m/v Arctic Sunrise, carried scientists and campaigners to the 'ice edge' in the Chukchi Sea, that part of the Arctic Ocean between northern Alaska and Russia's Chukotka Peninsula

  • Normally at or near the coast of Alaska, the ship had to sail more than 150 miles north to find the edge of the ice

  • Scientists aboard the Arctic Sunrise were surprised by how far north the ice edge had retreated

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    Photo by - The place to put Ice for sale
    An auction site dedicated to buying and selling ice times at ice arenas and rinks
    in the United States and Canada, normally used by hockey managers and coaches.

    Serco TransArctic Expedition - Solo across the North Pole: One man ...
    Describes the first ever solo unsupported ski crossing of the Arctic Ocean - from
    Russia to Canada via the North Pole being made by British long-distance skier ...

  • your route so far: The Story On 5 March, set out to ski solo more than 1, 200 miles from the Russian edge of the arctic ice pack to Canada via the North Geographic Pole

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  • "Arctic Edge" Vacation Bible School at University Baptist Church June 26-30

    GORP - Arctic Canada's New Territory - Nunavut - Land of Adventure
    An overview of outdoor activities in the province, with images and contact information.

  • A snowmobile or qomatiq trip over the sea ice brings you to the floe edge, where whales, seals and seabirds feed the rich arctic waters

  • And where the Inuit welcome you into their camp, and you can pass the night in a comfortable tent at the floe edge


    Shoot Out Hockey - Midwest Hockey Tournaments
    Sponsors youth competitions in Michigan and surrounding states including the Big
    Bear Tournament, 3 on 3, and Spring Shoot Out. Provides details of each ...

    Dog sledding races, sea kayaking trips, dog sled arctic wilderness ...
    Details on fishing, hunting, hiking, canoeing, skiing, diving, dog-sledding, and
    camping in the Arctic.

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  • Jun 29, 2006 | Clarke County Democrat The theme will be 'Arctic Edge' and the children will attend Bible based learning sessions from 8:30 a.m

    Full text online of UNEP-WCMC series of project results.

  • Waterbirds on the Edge: first circumpolar assessment of climate change impact on Arctic Breeding water birds

    Arctic Adventure at Thule Greenland
    A collection of stories and pictures giving an account of working and playing in
    northwest Greenland while stationed at Thule.

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    ADW: Ursus maritimus: Information
    Describes the scientific classification, behavior, range, and also has pictures.

  • During the winter, polar bears will range along the southern edge of the ice pack or northern edge of ice formed off the coasts of the continents

  • During the summer, bears will remain at the edge of the receding ice pack or on islands and coastal regions that retain landfast ice

  • The ice edge and pressure ridges where fractures and refreezing occur provide the best hunting ground

  • The ADW Team gratefully acknowledges their support

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