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    Pinewood Poultry Farm
    Waterfowl, show-bantams, production chickens, pigeons/doves, peafowl, turkeys,
    guineas, hatching eggs, watering systems and equipment, message board.

  • Drawer 5428, Sam Rayburn, TX 75951 (409)698-2472ß Fax (409)698-3182 [**][] [][][][][][] [] [] * Welcome! * * FLASH BULLETIN! * Pinewood Poultry Farm has joined forces with several manufacturers/suppliers to provide you with even MORE products! Check out our Announcements Page for more information! New products being added daily! Go To Announcements Page Now! HOWDY! This letter is to introduce myself and my business 'Pinewood Poultry Farm'

  • As stated, my specialty in the past, has been Farmyard Poultry and Wild Waterfowl, but this year and certainly by next year I hope to be able to provide customers with a wider variety of game birds and exotics as well

  • (NO TRUCKING/ALL AIR CONDITIONED)---ASK US FOR MORE DETAILS! On this website is a price list so that you might see what is available both at our farm and through interaction with several other farms for which I broker

  • If we at Pinewood Poultry Farm can help you in any way, let us know

  • Visitors are welcome at the farm as long as it does not detract from our feeding schedule or the filling of orders

  • Talbott, Owner Pinewood Poultry Farm

    Gartmorn Farm - free range poultry - turkey, chicken, duck and ...
    Free range turkey and chicken from central Scotland.

  • "The Finest Free Range Poultry in Scotland" Welcome to Gartmorn Farm From our base in the beautiful heart of rural Central Scotland, overlooking Gartmorn Nature Reserve, Gartmorn Farm produces and supplies the finest free-range poultry

  • Alternatively, why not meet up with us at one of the that we attend every weekend? Gartmorn Farm, Alloa, Clackmannanshire FK10 3AU, Scotland, UK Tel: 01259 750549 Fax: 01259 752726 E-mail: susan@gartmornfarm.co.uk

    The Mary Story Group is your Poultry Farm Real Estate Specialists ...
    Support staff and sales associates assist buyers and sellers with professional
    services. Listings and contact information included.


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  • Talk to the LEADERS in the Poultry Farm Sales! Covering all of Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Southern Missouri

  • We've sold lots & lots of Poultry Farms all across Northwest Arkansas, Eastern Oklahoma, and Southern Missouri

  • 'Chicken farming' is a business we know very well, we can provide you with the expert advice and services you deserve when deciding to purchase a Poultry Farm

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    Welcome Page - Poultryhelp.com - Rocking T Ranch and Poultry Farm ...
    Poultry question-and-answer website with articles and links.

    Bergs Hatchery, chicks, birds, ducks, exotic and specialty by ...
    Includes cornish, turkeys, ducks and geese, specialty or exotic birds also available.
    Deliver to most areas in Western Canada.

    Ideal Poultry Breeding Farms, Inc.
    Hatchery of many varieties of almost all kinds of poultry. Has care tips and
    online catalog, also breed posters and breed notebook for sale.

  • || || || || || || || Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8 AM - 12 Noon and 1 PM - 5 PM Tel: 254-697-6677 Fax: 254-697-2393 Email: Customer Service Welcome to IDEAL POULTRY Breeding Farms, Inc

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    Suguna Poultry India-breeder chicks, poultry feed, broilers ...
    Exporters of poultry products - eggs, broilers, farm processed chicken, live birds.

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    Raising Poultry
    A cooperative movement to help disseminate information of use to people with
    small farms or rural property.

    CNN.com - Bird flu: Global response sought - Jan. 27, 2004

  • In addition to the human health threat, the flu would be an economic disaster for the poultry industry and poultry farmers who must now kill infected and exposed birds, said Dr

  • Those people, he said, will 'require support to compensate for such losses.' 'This will represent a huge cost, especially to struggling economies and small farmers, ' he said

  • Local authorities in China reported detecting the disease on private farms in the Guangxi and Hubei provinces, the official Xinhua News Agency said, adding that labs in Beijing were still testing the dead birds

  • Authorities sealed the farm and slaughtered 14, 000 fowl within a 3 kilometer radius of the farm

  • On Monday, authorities in Hubei province found cases on private poultry farms and slaughtered and disinfected the farms according to 'proper' methods, the agency said

  • Chickens at a Thai poultry farm are collected to be slaughtered

  • Thai officials only confirmed the presence of the flu on Friday after days of denying accusations from farmers and opposition legislators that the nation had been hit by the disease

  • Singapore, meanwhile, has banned the public from visiting any poultry farms or slaughterhouses and stepped up monitoring of Malaysian imports to keep the bird flu out of the island state

    CNN.com - Bird flu claims first Thai victim - Jan. 26, 2004

  • The Thai government only confirmed an outbreak of bird flu -- a strain of H5N1 avian influenza -- on Friday after days of denying accusations from farmers and opposition legislators that the nation had been hit by the dangerous disease

  • With farmers and the public too frightened to carry out a cull in the central province of Suphanburi, Thai military troops and prisoners were dispatched for the slaughter, placing the birds in plastic bags for burial in deep pits

  • Taiwan has recorded a case of a different strain, H5N2 from animals in a poultry farm

    Kintaline Farm Plant and Poultry Centre, by Oban, Argyll, Scotland, UK
    Offering many traditional utility breeds of poultry, waterfowl, and hatching eggs
    for sale, with also a garden plant center and bookstore. Scotland.

  • Over the past few years we have been renovating this very old farm and water mill and begun to develop a range of to interest both local customers and visitors to the area alike


    Contains pictures, videos, and information about the animal suffering, human
    health hazards, worker exploitation, and environmental destruction caused by the ...

  • Of the nine billion farm animals born in the U.S

  • American consumers have doubled their consumption of chickens and turkeys over the past two decades, and this pattern is expected to continue, elevating the number of farm animals raised in the U.S

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    Online Poultry News
    Articles on many poultry breed and management topics and links to many poultry
    interest areas.

  • Online Poultry News Farming News Poultry Business News Feed/Grain News

    West Wind Farms Organic and Grassfed Beef, Lamb, Pork & Poultry
    Small family-owned farm producing and selling organic and grassfed beef, lamb,
    goat, pork, poultry, eggs, raw milk cheese, and livestock.

  • Tell A Friend! Type In Your Name: Type In Your E-mail: Your Friend's E-mail: Your Comments: Receive copy: Welcome to West Wind Farms! Take a virtual tour of our rural Tennessee farm and shop on-line for farm-raised organic, biodynamic and all-natural foods! West Wind Farms offers the very best certified organic and grassfed meats and poultry, as well as other fine quality and artisan foods

  • All of our meats and poultry are produced and processed on our farm under our attentive care, so you can be sure of the integrity of West Wind Farms' products

  • Step over to West Wind Farms' Organic Butchery & Smokehouse for a mouth-watering selection of specialty lamb, beef, pork, goat, chicken and turkey products

  • You'll be delightfully re-awakened by the rich flavor of real meat and poultry! In addition to our fine meats and poultry, West Wind Farms offers other wholesome, healthy, farm-raised products, such as big brown eggs laid by our lovely free-ranged hens, golden local raw honey, artisan cheeses, healthy pet foods, and more

  • Most of these products are produced by us here at West Wind Farms

  • We support sustainable agriculture by offering handcrafted food products produced by other small-scale farmers we personally know as well

    Kintaline Poultry and Waterfowl Park
    Information and pictures of Kintaline Poultry and Waterfowl Centre, Oban, Argyll.
    Includes price list.

  • [underlined words are links to more information] We do get busy with visitors to the farm to see the poultry and our plant nursery from late spring and throughout the summer

  • Over the past years we have been renovating this very old farm and water mill

  • We also rear hybrid pullets, in our opinion the best commercial free range layer, and on the farm we have our own flock of hens producing in the spirit of the law not just to the letter

    APPPA: Pastured Poultry for Everyone
    Nonprofit organization encouraging the production, processing, and marketing of
    poultry raised on pasture. Includes a guide to state laws related to production ...

  • This exciting book has over 130 articles on pastured poultry, written by APPPA farmer-members over the last ten years and originally published in APPPA Grit!

  • Processing is often done on the farm in a clean healthy, sanitary environment

  • Many customers pick-up their freezer-ready poultry orders at the farm, assuring them a truly farm-fresh product and revitalizing the farmer-consumer relationship; a long lost aspect of our American heritage

  • With vertical integration of both meat and egg production by large corporations in recent years the vast majority of poultry is now produced in huge factory confinement farms

  • Many farmers and consumers question whether health, safety and humane treatment of both farmer and animals have been compromised in these large operations

  • A number of growers have chosen to raise their poultry using elements of traditional systems, combining outdoor movable shelters and utilizing range, to produce a high quality, farm-fresh, all natural product

    Organic meat, beef, lamb, pork and chicken - Higher Hacknell ...
    Producers of organic beef, lamb and poultry. Also offer locally produced organic
    pork. Profile, recipes and catalogue.

    Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore - Home
    The national authority responsible for ensuring the safety of our primary foods
    and protecting the health of people, animals, fish and plants through advanced ...

  • Strengthening Singapore's defence against bird flu AVA is implementing two additional measures for local poultry farms to complement AVA's current measures on the prevention of bird flu in Singapore

  • One of the measures is to biosegregate the local poultry farms to minimise inter-farm contact and prevent the potential spread of the virus in the event of an outbreak in a farm

  • The other measure is the emergency vaccination of poultry in the local poultry farms when there is an imminent threat of bird flu inclursion

    Golden Egg Farm Pottery and Poultry
    Highlights of artwork, tile work, pottery, and poultry.

  • Welcome to Golden Egg Farm Poultry and Pottery Champion Silkie New England Bantam Club Fall Show 2004 Welcome to the Golden Egg Farm where the ducks and the chickens and goslings roam

  • Golden Egg Farm is a member of: The American Poultry Association The National Poultry Improvement Plan The American Silkie Association The International Waterfowl Breeders Association The New England Bantam Club The American Bantam Association The International Heavy Duck Club The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy Last year Golden Egg showed at many shows and won numerous Awards! The philosophy here is to combine beautiful waterfowl and bantam chickens with nature and to put them in a comfortable setting that brings out the best in both, a cooperative arrangement

  • This is a working farm

  • Thanks for visiting Golden Egg Farm! For any info on purchasing poultry, pottery or artwork, please contact Kate by email by clicking


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