Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Diamond
A tutorial about the history and characteristics of diamond. Includes facts about
diamond mining.

  • GO 340 Gemstones & Gemology Emporia State University http://www.emporia.edu/earthsci/amber/go340/diamond.htm Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Diamond Just the Facts..

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  • Diamond, composed of carbon, is the hardest natural substance in the world

  • Diamond is in the isometric crystal system, which is reflected in the commonly found octahedral or cubic crystal form

  • Diamond may be up to 3 billion years old, which is much older than their surface host rock (Harlow, 1998, p

  • Diamond crystallization originates some 200 kilometers, or 320 miles, beneath the surface and the disaggregated crystals are merely transported to the surface via kimberlite and lamproite pipes (Harlow, 1998, p

  • Diamonds are differentiated between various types, Ia, Ib, IIa, and IIb

  • Although this information is important to the diamond cutter, it is of no value to the student merely interested in diamond as a gemstone

  • Diamond's superior optical properties and hardness has earned this mineral the highest respect in both industry and jewelry

  • Excellent sources of noncommercial diamond information can be found at and

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  • Husbands, take note: Miniature earrings, patterned after the Hope Diamond, could add a certain luster to the holidays, too

  • As for those Hope Diamond earrings, they're adapted from the big one at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History, which at 45.52 carats is the world's largest deep blue diamond

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  • Diamond Guide, Information and Buying Tips for Loose Diamonds and Engagement Rings Diamond Four C's In-Depth Diamond Information Before you Buy Get 100% free advice for your diamond related questions in our diamond forums! We go to great length to ensure all posts are unbiased and helpful

  • Top Diamond Dealers Diamondinfo.org provides consumers a diamond buyer's guide for information on loose diamonds and engagement rings

  • Before making a diamond purchase one must know the 4 C's first; , and (not shape)

  • Other advanced characteristics of diamonds include and

  • By understanding what all the diamond characteristics are and what to ask when purchasing a diamond, you are much more empowered when it comes time to make your diamond investment

  • When purchasing diamonds either for your engagement ring, diamond stud earrings, tennis bracelets or other jewelry, make sure the diamonds you select best suit that type of jewelry application

  • Some diamond qualities are best suited for engagement rings while others are best suited for diamond stud earrings

  • By getting a Conflict Free Canadian Diamond, you can be sure your diamond was not used in funding war or terrorism

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  • Tiene una sobresaliente exhibición de minerales con muchas piedras preciosas incluyendo el famoso Hope Diamond

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  • Chandelier and pendeloque earrings complemented the fashion for upswept hair, while short necklaces like the riviere (a row of graduated diamonds) flattered low necklines

  • Diamond brooches in floral sprays and feather motifs were popular, as were memorial pieces and miniature portraits

  • Rings, earrings and pendants set with sparkling diamonds became particularly desirable with the advent of electric lighting in the 1880s

  • 1901-1915) Clothing of delicate fabrics and light colors were accessorized with platinum and diamond jewelry

  • Bar pins, circle brooches, and diamond-set stars and crescents were part of every fashionable lady's wardrobe

  • 1920-1935) Platinum, diamonds and precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds were de rigeur during the Roaring Twenties

  • Other popular items included diamond "strip" bracelets, dress clips and pearl sautoirs

  • The jewel for April is diamond; its name means "unconquerable, " and it has been associated with power, wealth, love and marriage throughout history

  • LINKS OF INTEREST Jewelry lovers can learn more about diamonds and gemstones by visiting the and

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  • Neil Diamond and Rachel Farley Dinkum Diamond barracks for Lions PAUL STEWART in Los Angeles 22 Aug 04 AMERICAN music superstar Neil Diamond has been converted to a Brisbane Lions fan

  • Diamond, 63, said his "indoctrination" was thanks to his girlfriend – marketing executive Rachel Farley, 33, from Brisbane

  • Diamond, who will play at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre on March 15, met Farley during his 1996 Australian tour when she was marketing his merchandise

  • "She is also indoctrinating me to Aussie rules and the Brisbane Lions." Diamond said he was barracking for the Aussies in between recording a new album

  • The song writing came later." For an exclusive Neil Diamond interview on his "career of a lifetime" see next week's IE section

  • Tickets for Neil Diamond at Rod Laver Arena on March 22 go on sale 9am on Tuesday, September 7, with an Internet pre-sale on Friday, September 3

  • A small group of us went to see Steve Cummins Neil Diamond tribute show a couple of weeks ago and had an absolute ball!!!! Steve commented during the show that in all the shows he's done all over OZ he'd never come across anyone who sang along to and knew the words to as many songs as this lady - and pointed to me!!! He said he'd started to get lost on the last song so looked at me, read my lips, and was able to keep up!!! For the next song, he got down off the stage and came and took my hand and got me up on the floor in front of the stage to dance with him

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  • I am going to arm you with the most important commodity you can have while searching for a diamond or any other gem for that matter, KNOWLEDGE! For thirty years now I have been making heirloom quality jewelry for my clients, and I am about to share with you what I share with them, the knowledge that it takes to make an informed purchase and to protect yourself from being taken advantage of

  • Some of the things to look for in this site are: What are the FIVE C's and how do they affect the look of your diamond - The most important of all of the C's and the least understood

  • They are even more difficult to assess than diamonds

  • - What are the factors that must be considered about clarity grading colored stones, and how is this different from clarity grading a diamond

  • We will discuss how color is graded differently in colored stones than in diamonds and we will discuss the three parts of color that must be considered in a colored stone: Hue Tone Saturation - Our old friend cut is just as important in colored stones as it is in diamonds, but much less understood

  • My worldwide travels to buy diamonds and gems for you

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  • www.diamond-key.com New online diamond magazine – It's 'Fan-Brand-Tastic' There will possibly never be a consensus as to what a brand is in the diamond industry, as there are so many different dimensions to the subject

  • In the next few months, we'll be taking a look at various brands and what they are all about on my new online magazine about natural diamonds

  • But in order to do this I need your input – so, please let me know if your retail store has its own favorites, or if you are the patent holder of a proprietary cut and you are looking for a partner or a distribution network, or if you just want to let consumers and retailers know about your branded diamond cut

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  • World Of Diamonds Redefined The diamond business has been redefined by branding and the fundamentals of advertising, public relations, and marketing - all of which are geared to the downstream retail and consumer jewelry markets with their unique customer segmentation features and demographics

  • Online access to the multiple brand environment of the diamond business including articles about Lev Leviev & Bulgari - May 2004, the Art of Marketing and Branding Diamonds, and The Case of the Missing Icon - De BeersLV

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