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Look up current time from database containing any country or major city in the
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Time and Date
This site includes lots of information that is time and date related, such as
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Time Zone Converter
Find the current time from a list of cities. Convert time between time zones (cities),
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  • Find out the time anywhere in the world with the Time Zone Converter! Convenience : Plan International travel, phone calls, meetings and much more

  • Accuracy : The time zone rules on which the converter is based are updated when local laws or ordinances change to provide you with the most accurate time converter utility on the Net! What time is it in: Need something you can carry with you? The Time Zone Reference Card is a printable reference card that allows you to convert between time zones when you travel

  • Select all the time zones you are interested in and this handy utility will create a customized reference card that you can print and carry with you for quick access

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    GMT: Greenwich Mean Time - World Time / Time in every Time Zone
    Provides comprehensive information on Greenwich and Time issues, including maps,
    GMT Converter and resources.

  • Greenwich is the place from where all time zones are measured.: Spring Forward & Fall Back (Fall = Autumn) BUT GMT remains the same all year around

  • The (Prime Meridian or Longitude Zero degrees) marks the starting point of every time zone in the World

  • GMT is World Time and the basis of every world which sets the time of day and is at the centre of the time zone map

  • Although GMT has been replaced by atomic time (UTC) it is still widely regarded as the correct time for every international time zone


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    World Time Zone
    A world map with inserted clocks for every time zone in the world.

    Time Zones
    Map of European time zones and current times.

  • TIME ZONES and CONTAINED REGIONS/AREAS M|Y X W V U T S R Q P O N Z A B C D E F G H I K L M|Y Europe Time Zone Map- 12 HOUR FORMAT Time mode: or = Greenwich Mean Time; = Coordinated Universal Time; = British Summer Time; = Western European Summer Time; = Western European Time; = Central European Summer Time; = Central European Time; = Eastern European Summer Time; = Eastern European Time; = Moscow Summer Time; = Moscow Time; Note: Read Guestbook Entries of the Day is an amazing, wonderful website which provides us with the excellent piece of information on TimeZones

  • - The International Call Planner enables you to chose TIME ZONE and multiple locations of your choice and identify the best time for your meeting in relation to your location

  • The following countries share the same Eastern Time zone but use different rules: The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos Isl

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    Time zone. International Time zones
    A table showing time in relation to GMT, US Eastern, US Central, US Mountain,
    and US Pacific Time.

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  • By convention, weather scientists use one time zone, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

  • By providing you with a table already adjusted for the US time zones, you do not have to do any more conversions

  • To use this table, just go to the country you are interested in, and add the number of hours corresponding to your time zone (Eastern, Central, Mountain or Pacific times) to the current time

    International Standard Date and Time Notation
    International Standard ISO 8601 specifies numeric representations of date and time.
    It helps to avoid confusion caused by the many different national notations.

  • Time zone Without any further additions, a date and time as written above is assumed to be in some local time zone

  • Since the introduction of an international atomic time scale, almost all existing civil time zones are now related to UTC, which is slightly different from the old and now unused GMT.] The strings +hh:mm , +hhmm , or +hh can be added to the time to indicate that the used local time zone is hh hours and mm minutes ahead of UTC

  • For time zones west of the zero meridian, which are behind UTC, the notation -hh:mm , -hhmm , or -hh is used instead

  • The following strings all indicate the same point of time: 12:00Z = 13:00+01:00 = 0700-0500 There exists no international standard that specifies abbreviations for civil time zones like CET, EST, etc

  • and sometimes the same abbreviation is even used for two very different time zones

  • In addition, politicians enjoy modifying the rules for civil time zones, especially for daylight saving times, every few years, so the only really reliable way of describing a local time zone is to specify numerically the difference of local time to UTC

  • Better use directly UTC as your only time zone where this is possible and then you do not have to worry about time zones and daylight saving time changes at all

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    Clocks - world clocks, time zone clocks & international time ...
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  • Our World Clocks category features a variety of world time clocks and international time zone clocks

  • Most of the time zone clocks can be custom made to fit your particular time keeping needs and décor

    World Time Zone Difference Clock Conversion Calculator
    Program to tell you what time it is now in any time zone in the world. Adjusts for
    daylight savings and calculates global time differences.

  • Global Time Zone Clock World Time Difference Calculator Facilitates On Time Meeting Attendance The Telecommuters Clock TimesOwn TM minimal 4 column configuration Saves time zone mental gymnastics The software clock that calculates the current time anywhere that you choose in the World

  • Easy time zone addition, edit your friends' names and check their time

  • TimesOwn is the Global Clock TimesOwn TM World Times Retains the Worlds best International Clock User Interface Just a click away in your system tray World Leading Software TimesOwn Features: Automated daylight savings adjustment Easy Personalisation with direct editing of time zone reference names Ergonomically designed to maximise user friendliness 1 click from in your system tray Hot Key Opening from System Tray - choose from 52 Ctrl-Alt or Ctrl-Shift key options Easy Time Zone selection Includes all Zones identified including Military Time Zones Arrange zones -sorting columns alphabetically, date or time Drag n drop functionality: Drag down new zones Sort using a choice of 2 drag n drop modes The World’s simplest licensing system Organise groups of time zones Cycle through groups e.g

    Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data
    A directory of sites providing descriptions of civil timekeeping concepts, source
    code, databases, and maps.

  • Sources for Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Data @(#)tz-link.htm 8.5 Please send corrections to this web page to the

  • The tz database The public-domain time zone database contains code and data that represent the history of local time for many representative locations around the globe

  • This database (often called tz or zoneinfo ) is used by several implementations, including used in , and

  • For example, America/New_York represents most of the US eastern time zone; America/Phoenix represents most of Arizona, which uses mountain time without daylight saving time (DST ); America/Detroit represents most of Michigan, which uses eastern time but with different DST rules in 1975; and other entries represent smaller regions like Starke County, Indiana, which switched from central to eastern time in 1991 and switched back in 2006

  • The Web has several other sources for time zone and daylight saving time data

  • Fancier web interfaces, roughly in ascending order of complexity, include: Current Time in 1000 Places is a web interface to a time zone database derived from tz 's

  • Other time zone database formats The specification published by the (now-concluded) IETF Calendaring and Scheduling Working Group (calsch ) covers time zone data; see its VTIMEZONE calendar component

    Time Zones for PCs
    Find the current time for anywhere in the world, correctly adjusted for daylight
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    Article on the time at 0 degrees longitude. Covers the timezone origin, GMT, UTC,
    GCT, ZULU and JIG.

  • In his book, Bowditch realized that a method of noting local time zones was needed for references in a ships log throughout the world

  • It had been well understood by navigators that there being 24 hours in a solar day (23h 56m 4.091s in a sidereal day), and since there are 360° of longitude around the earth, that each 15° of longitude constituted another 1 hour time-zone

  • What Bowditch proposed in THE AMERICAN PRACTICAL NAVIGATOR was that the prime meridian (0° longitude) be designated as the center of a 15° time zone, i.e

  • He then designated a letter of the English alphabet to each time zone starting with the first zone east of the Prime Meridian

  • This made the zone centered on 15° East longitude, time zone "A", the time zone centered on 30° East longitude, time zone "B", and so on

  • Therefore as the International Date Line was approached from the west, Bowditch designated the section from 172.5° East longitude to 180° longitude as time zone "M"

  • Bowditch then proceeded with the times zones west of the Prime Meridian Time Zone

  • The first zone centered on 15° West longitude became time zone "N", the next time zone west centered on 30° West longitude became time zone "O", etc, etc

    Today Date and Time
    Information on all things relating to calendars, dates, holidays, and time.
    Find today's date on several different cultural and religious calendars.

    Info on ISO 8601, the date and time representation standard
    A short description of and motivation for ISO 8601, the date and time representation
    standard, with links to more detailed resources - by Jukka Korpela in ...

  • Notice that there is no time zone indication, although dates too are time zone dependent in principle; by default, times are relative to some local time zone

  • Express the time as local time in the time zone implied by the context

  • But whenever there is any possibility of misunderstanding what the time zone is, use the next option: Time of the day only format, international use Use format like 14:15Z or 14:15:00Z , always expressing hours and minutes and seconds (if present) each with exactly two digits

  • Alternatively, use a local time with explicit zone designation as explained in the next item

  • Time of the day only format, explicit zone Append a zone designation in one of the formats +hh:mm, +hhmm, and +hh to a time denotation to indicate that the used local time zone is hh hours and mm minutes ahead of UTC

  • This format is suitable when the time zone may be relevant

  • An alphabetic time zone designation might be even in parentheses, e.g

  • There is no standard on such designations, and the same string is used for different zones

  • However, the format specified there is stricter in the sense that only the combined date and time format is allowed and it must contain the seconds part, but more permissive in the sense that is allows other time zones than UTC, too

    W3C Date and Time Formats
    Defines a profile of ISO 8601 referenced by the W3C HTML recommendation.

  • Year: YYYY (eg 1997) Year and month: YYYY-MM (eg 1997-07) Complete date: YYYY-MM-DD (eg 1997-07-16) Complete date plus hours and minutes: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mmTZD (eg 1997-07-16T19:20+01:00) Complete date plus hours, minutes and seconds: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ssTZD (eg 1997-07-16T19:20:30+01:00) Complete date plus hours, minutes, seconds and a decimal fraction of a second YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm:ss.sTZD (eg 1997-07-16T19:20:30.45+01:00) where: YYYY = four-digit year MM = two-digit month (01=January, etc.) DD = two-digit day of month (01 through 31) hh = two digits of hour (00 through 23) (am/pm NOT allowed) mm = two digits of minute (00 through 59) ss = two digits of second (00 through 59) s = one or more digits representing a decimal fraction of a second TZD = time zone designator (Z or +hh:mm or -hh:mm) This profile does not specify how many digits may be used to represent the decimal fraction of a second

  • This profile defines two ways of handling time zone offsets: Times are expressed in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), with a special UTC designator ('Z')

  • Times are expressed in local time, together with a time zone offset in hours and minutes

  • A time zone offset of '+hh:mm' indicates that the date/time uses a local time zone which is 'hh' hours and 'mm' minutes ahead of UTC

    Greenwich 2000: Home of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) + Greenwich ...
    Information about aspects of time, local attractions and a travel guide to visiting

  • The home of (GMT) from which all World time zones are based

  • Find the time in every Time Zone

    Sir Sandford Fleming
    Describes the career of the nineteenth-century engineer who planned three railways
    and played a pivotal role in the adoption of Standard Time. Includes video.

  • He devised a world map divided into 24 Time Zones

  • Within each zone the clocks would indicate the same time, with a one hour difference between adjoining zones

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  • >International Time If you need to keep track of the local date and time of your contacts who live in a different time zone to yours


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