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  • Wiseguys Comedy Cafe presents nationally touring comedians who have been seen on a wide variety of television shows including the Tonight Show, The Late Show with David Letterman, HBO, Comedy Central and others

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    LA Weekly - Wise Guys
    LA Weekly roundtable discussion with André de Toth, Budd Boetticher and Jules Dassin.

    Wise Guys
    Vorstellung der Bandmitglieder, Konzertberichte und umfangreiche Bildergalerien.

  • “So haute es mich um” Therapiebericht 2001 12 Wochen ohne Konzert BILDER - Bilder und Fotos MUSIK - Die CDs - - Die Songbooks VIDEO/DVD - DVDs - ADRESSEN Wise Guys Büro Andere Fanseiten ZUR BILDSEITE Making of “Jetzt ist Sommer” Chocolate Chip Cookies Der-Senioren-Fanclub Wise Guys für die Älteren zurück zur ERSTEN SEITE

    The Wise Guys
    Speaking with an energetic, independent voice that attracts young and old, men
    and women alike. Additionally, audiences enjoy a wide range of unexpected guests ...

  • Roger Fredinburg The Wise Guys Hosts: Lowell Ponte & Roger Fredinberg Mon - Fri 5:00pm - 7:00pm CDT Listen Live | News Room | Headline News | Forum | Notebook | Email Roger | Best Viewed with 1024 x 768 Resolution "The Wise Guys" airs Monday-Friday 6-8 pm Eastern 3-5 pm Pacific Time

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    Wise Guys ... !
    Die Fanseite bietet neben Konzertberichten und CD-Kritiken auch Zeitungsartikel
    und Skripte von Radio-Auftritten der Gruppe. Außerdem ausführliche Informationen ...

    Wise Guys Sports Picks
    Provides stats, score board and picks for football, basketball, baseball and hockey.

  • Wise Guys is a sports information service that provides its members with the top rated daily favorite and dog picks against the sports line of professional football, basketball, baseball, hockey, college football, and basketball games

  • At Wise Guys Sports Picks, our goal is to provide our members an overall winning percentage of our

    King Cone and the Wise Guys Band
    Country and western/rock and roll band. Includes members biographies, upcoming
    dates, store, and fan club.

    Wise Guys Chat-Community - Home
    Vorstellung des Clubs und seiner Treffen, die nicht nur zu Konzerten stattfinden.
    Mit Forum und Fotogalerien.

  • September 2006, 01:33:52 Geschrieben von Andreas Ruttkamp SHGWGG - Was ist denn das für ein Zungenbrecher? Die S elbst H ilfe G ruppe- W ise- G uys- G eschädigter ist eine Gruppe von Leuten zwischen 10 und 99, deren gemeinsame (aber nicht ausschließliche) Interessensbasis die Musik der Kölner a-cappella-Gruppe Wise Guys ist

  • Geschrieben von Conny Rühl Die SHGWGG trifft sich montags und donnerstags um 21 Uhr im WISE GUYS-Chat! Wir lesen uns! Zufallsbild Aktuelle Termine Oktober 21 (16:00) - Oktober 22, 2006( KiKu´s ) Die genaue Beschreibung des KiKu findest Du unter hier

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    WiseGuys-Fan.de | Die Wise Guys Fanpage!
    Konzertberichte, Fotos und Artikel die die Sucht nach der Band beschreiben.

  • Benutzername: Passwort: Willkommen Herzlich Willkommen auf unserer Wise Guys Fanpage ! Auf den folgenden Seiten wollen wir unser eigenes, kleines Fanleben der Öffentlichkeit präsentieren und hoffen, dass es durch Euch bereichert wird

  • geschrieben am 31.07.2006 um 14:56 Uhr auf der ist ab heute zu lesen: Ab Freitag ist hier alles neu! Was sich dahinter wohl verbergen mag? Haben die Wise Guys wohl ein 'Relaunch' schneller über die Bühne bekommen, als wir? Das wär ja mal was *g* ...

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    Goodfellas (1990)
    Cast/credits plus additional information about the film.

    Ekin Cheng
    Filmography and links.

  • aka Six Strong Guys (International: English title) (2004) ...

  • aka 98 Wise Guys: Dragon Struggle Tiger Fight (literal English title) ..

  • aka We're No Bad Guys (Hong Kong: English title) (1997) ...

  • aka 97 Wise Guys No War Cannot Be Won (literal English title) ..

    Wiseguys :: Index
    An organized crime discussion forum dealing both with true crime and with fictional
    representations of the criminal world.

  • Wiseguys The World of the Criminal Mind The time now is Fri Sep 15, 2006 5:08 am Forum Topics Posts Last Post Welcome to Wiseguys Please register if you have not already done so and if you're a new member don't forget to introduce yourself 0 0 No Posts Rules and tips for new members 6 9 Fri May 05, 2006 7:57 am This is where you can tell us a little about yourself and you interests 9 27 Mon Aug 07, 2006 6:09 pm Make your beef or suggestions here 4 9 Mon May 08, 2006 8:50 pm 0 0 No Posts The main discussion board for all things mafia 31 57 Mon Sep 04, 2006 4:39 am General discussion of Mafia in print and on film 16 77 Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:48 am Here is where you can discuss criminals of today 49 80 Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:53 am Use this area for the good guys 3 5 Tue Sep 12, 2006 8:40 am This forum was inspired by the release of The Godfather the Game


    IndieMonkey: The Wiseguys - The Antidote
    Review: "the album's real strength lies in the simple dance tracks that appeal
    to a large sweaty crowd venue".

  •   The Wiseguys - The Antidote Forget the damn frogs, the advertising agency in charge of creating Budweiser commercials in the UK are a little bit more in touch with their intended audience

  • So when a young executive heard 'ooh la la' a dance track by DJ Theo Keating, aka Touche, aka The Wiseguys, he decided its catchy off beat combination of Hip-Hop and Beck was pure Gold

  • What The Wiseguys, which is Touche surrounded by a couple of other talented DJs, offer is an intoxicating if not ground breaking mixing of Fatboy Slim's commercial sensibilities with old school US dance music, with a hint of Beck and The Beastie Boys thrown in

  • As we speak The Wiseguys are touring the US, and will be hitting Canada in conjunction with Fatboy Slim, now that Ladies and Gentlemen should finally get those crazy Canadians sweating

    The Crew (2000): Seymour Cassell, Richard Dreyfuss, Dan Hedaya ...
    Review of the film.

  • Special Orders What do you get when you combine Once Upon A Time in America , Goodfellas , Atlantic City , and add humor? You end up with The Crew , a twisted comedy that makes fun of old age, criticizes the way old age is devalued in pop culture, glories in mobster mythologies, and provides solid laughs throughout, by chronicling the adventures of a bunch of washed-up, wisecracking wise guys

  • At first, Bobby's voiceover lays out the guys' names, nicknames, and criminal talents (arson, extortion, murder), and later it helps you to keep track of the convoluted events involving the crew and many other characters — an old man with Alzheimers; two feuding cops Olivia (Carrie Ann Moss, from The Matrix ) and Steve (Jeremy Piven); Ferris (Jennifer Tilly), a stripper with murder on her mind; and an evil drug lord, Raul Ventana (Miguel Sandoval)

  • This raises a question: just whom are we expected to sympathize with here? Are the main characters ruthless killers or harmless old men, beset by greedy 'kids'? If the movie only celebrated the lives of gangsters, the humor would be macabre and the guys' sense of community perverted

  • Or as Bobby puts it, 'We were wise guys

    CanEHdian.com: The Wiseguys
    Dave Brosha's review: "rings like an air-conditioned lobby on the most sweltering
    of summer days".

  • Search for : Top Music Links : : The Wiseguys CanEHdian Features The Wiseguys: 'Antidote' 'I feel good! I knew that I would, now'

  • Alas, relief is in sight from the most unusual of sources: a skinny-assed 27 year-old white British white guy strangely (and yet appropriately) named 'The Wiseguys'

  • The Wiseguys, aka British DJ Theo Keating, has his debut release The Antidote ring like an air-conditioned lobby on the most sweltering of summer days

  • The Wiseguys have, or has hit the scene and memories he will make

  • By Dave Brosha, CanEHdian.com Submit a review, comment or article on The Wiseguys : Express your views online: Do you have an article, album or concert review you wish to share with others? Do you just want to simply comment on this review? ! We will review your contribution and potentially publish it! Album review copyright CanEHdian.com 2001 (All Rights Reserved) Visit Our Sponsors - Get free MP3s at eMusic.com! - Arctic and polar-themed images available for stock or commerical needs, or as signed prints

    FILM; A Wry Look at the Days When a Don Was a Don - New York Times
    Critique by Jim Shepard [New York Times].

  • These wise guys ape the Corleone speeches about family but don't lose a second worrying about mistresses, wives, children or, at bottom, each other

  • Early on we track across the wise guys at a long table at Henry's wedding; by the end, every one has been killed by either their boss or a pal

    Features | Twilight of the wiseguys
    Writer Jim Taricani's 2003 feature article on the decline of the New England Mafia.

    Freie Szene - Portal für Künstler, Veranstalter und nützliche ...
    Das Portal für Künstler sowie Veranstalter listet Adressen von Agenturen bis
    Börsen und Messen als auch zu den Künstelern selbst.

    bWise Guys, LLC - 403(b)wise
    Provides news and information on tax-sheltered annuity and custodial account
    retirement programs of certain tax-exempt organizations, public schools and ...

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