PC-Telephone: free-pc-to-pc-calls,cheap-pc-to-phone-calls,free ...
Make free pc-to-pc and cheap pc-to-phone and pc-to-fax calls over the Internet
and ISDN/PSTN telephone networks. Use your computer as internet telephone, ...

  • Make phone and fax calls over Internet, LAN or ISDN The next generation of PC-to-Phone/Fax calling is now available! Make calls anywhere in the world using your computer

  • · · · · No connection or monthly fees · No expiration time · Track calls and account balance · PC-Telephone Use PC-Telephone to make unlimited FREE PC-to-PC calls over Internet

  • You can call regular phone/fax numbers from your Internet connection

    Voice calls from your PC to any phone.
    Internet phone service offering low-cost PC-to-phone calls and international
    calling plans.

  • Go2Call delivers turnkey VoIP calling solutions to customers around the world

  • Go2Call's products provide your customers with a reliable and high quality service while empowering you with tools to manage and grow a successful business

    PC to Phone Calls - SnapTel Internet Phone
    Offers pre-paid PC to Phone VoIP services worldwide.

  • PC to Phone calls to over 200 countries

  • Some of the lowest rates and highest internet telephony quality on the planet! PC to Phone Rate Calculator From: To: Your Cost: *All rates are subject to change without notice for PC to Phone calls


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    iConnectHere: Internet Phone, Broadband Phone, PC-to-Phone
    Offers VoIP-based PC-to-Phone, Broadband Phone and Calling Card services.

  • Global Internet Phone Service Save up to 80% on your phone bill with Broadband phone and PC to Phone Broadband Phone Just like your regular telephone service, but better Unlimited calling to USA & Canada Plans start as low as $15.99 Free Broadband Adapter and 1 ST Month Free! PC to Phone Make phone calls from your PC Great rates as low as 1.1¢/min Per-minute or monthly plans iConnectHere, deltathree's retail division, offers great savings on internet phone services such as Broadband Phone, PC to Phone and Virtual Calling Cards to businesses and consumers worldwide

  • Extremely Low Rates USA & Canada 1.1¢ Israel 3¢ Hong Kong 2.3¢ India 16¢ UK 2¢ Philippines 14¢ | Resources: The IP Communications Network Provide VoIP Calling Services to your customers with our highly flexible, turnkey solutions Reseller Program Ideal for call shops & calling card businesses Complete telephony services via our VoIP Network Low-cost wholesale program for large resellers Management tools to manage your end-users Outsourced Platform Ideal for cable and Telco service providers Integrate customized internet Telephony into your product offering deltathree, (NASDAQ: DDDC) is a leading provider of Internet telephony solutions to consumers resellers, and service providers worldwide

    Gizmo – A free phone for your computer
    Gizmo ist ein kostenloser IP Phone-Client für diverse Computerplatformen und ist
    mit mit umfangreichen Funktionen ausgestattet.

  • Gizmo Project Gizmo is a Free Phone for Your Computer That makes calling as easy as instant messaging An internet telephone

  • Make all your calls from the comfort of your desktop

  • Say goodbye to high price calling, and say “hello” to anyone online, anywhere on earth

  • Why use Gizmo? It’s free! Free calls to all Gizmo users

  • Free Voicemail and Conference Calls

  • Super clear call quality

  • Inexpensive add-ons that let you make and receive calls from any mobile phone or landline

  • Three Steps to Free Calling in 60 Countries Download Gizmo

  • Sign-up;add all your phonenumbers to your profile Tell your friends andfamily to do the same Call those contacts onGizmo, their mobile phoneor landline for free* * | What people are saying..

    pc to phone call, internet phone call, cheap phone calls, pc to ...
    PC-Phone or device-to-phone United Kingdom based service.

  • MYWEB CALLS.COM LOW COST CALLS FROM ANYWHERE TO ANYWHERE! LOGIN Username: Password: ACCOUNTS CHEAPEST PC TO PHONE SERVICE No software to download High quality Per second billing * NEW * NEWS 16/06/2006 UK - New low rate Our new rate to UK landlines is just 1.2c per minute! 10/10/2005 USA and Canada Our new low rate is now only 1.5c per minute! 31/08/05 Mywebcalls calling card solution Resellers can now offer phone2phone services to their customers through our new service, SIPCard

  • Call from any phone in the world still at Mywebcalls low rates! Find out

  • 06/05/05 SMS callback is now launched! You can see full details on how to use the new service

  • 26/04/05 Web callback is now launched! You can see full details on how to use the new service

  • Your e-mail: COMPANY MyWebCalls is a PC to Phone service created and run by a leading UK telecoms company

  • MyWebCalls is dedicated to providing high quality internet phone calls for very low prices

  • There is no software to download and install, simply set up an account and use our dialling pad to get cheap phone calls worldwide

  • Our call prices RESELLERS SERVICES :: CALLBACK PC TO PHONE - Lowest rates - Excellent quality - PER SECOND billing! - No expiration - Supports Linux, Mac, Windows and Pocket PC DEVICE TO PHONE - Supports SIP - Support most devices such as Cisco ATA, Sipura, Grandstream, Linksys, etc

    Skype - The whole world can talk for free.
    Peer to peer internet voice service. Mac, Windows and Linux versions available.
    Users may call landlines and cellphones for a fee; users may call each other for ...

  • Skype is a little program for making free calls over the internet to anyone else who also has Skype

  • All calls from Skype to landlines and mobiles within the US and Canada are also free till the end of the year

  • Skype and ordinary phones You can call anyone else on Skype, anywhere in the world for free

  • With SkypeOut , you can use Skype to call landlines and mobiles, all over the world

  • SkypeIn is a real phone number your friends can call

  • You pick up the call in Skype

  • | Skypecasts Preview Bring internet conversations to life in calls with up to 100 people who share your interests

  • Benefits

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    WebPhone - Save on Calls with VoIP
    Use WebPhone software to call any phone, including mobile phones.

  • User ID: PIN: Call anyone, anywhere from your PC with WebPhone! You’ll save with incredible low rates, free WebPhone to WebPhone calling and our easy to use software

  • All calls are rounded up to the nearest whole minute and billed in one-minute increments

    Prepaid system for PC-to-phone and web initiated phone-to-phone using VoIP.

    International call cards and PC-to-Phone
    Provides a variety of international call services from Japan, including IP
    phone (PC-to-Phone), prepaid cards, and subscription telcom calls.

  • We provide International call services in Japan

  • | (prepaid card) International calling cards for customers who call from Japan, including MCI Card, KDDI Super World Card, Gloden Chicken Card and others

  • (PC to Phone) You can call friends in a foreign country via a broadband connected PC

  • It costs only 4 yen/min to call China

  • If you use the above PC to Phone (Mediaring IP Phone) over the IP phone terminal instead of a PC, the connection quality will be improved and it will be more convenient to make a call

  • Also, note that it costs only 1 yen/min to call between the terminals

  • Your company can make the cheapest international call if you implement the terminals in your branches

  • You can recharge your account (Minimum unit is 1000 yen.) International calling cards (prepaid cards) ♦ (2700 yen) Most economical for China from landline phones via toll free call

  • (in the case of email delivery) ♦(2670 Yen) Cheap nationwide from fixed phones via toll free call

  • ♦ (1600 yen) Most economical for China via non toll-free call

  • 1.8 yen/min (via the IP connection) ♦ (2500 yen) Good for a landline phone via non toll-free call

    Yahoo! Messenger with Voice - Chat, Call, Share Photos, and More
    Allows you to instant message with anyone on the Yahoo server. Tells you when
    you get mail, and gives stock quotes.

  • Yahoo! Search Search: New User? - - Other Versions: - Navigation: Get the latest and greatest Yahoo! Messenger with Voice (version 8) Enjoy the best IM experience on the net Free PC-to-PC calls * — call regular phones for dirt cheap IM with Windows Live™ (MSN) Messenger friends** Personalize Messenger with fun plug-ins Make free worldwide PC-to-PC calls

  • Plus call regular or mobile phones in the U.S

  • It's that easy - just click the Call button

  • Calls to mobile phones or other wireless devices may be charged at higher rates than calls to traditional landline phones

  • PC-PSTN calls are billed in one-minute increments

  • PC-to-PC calling between Yahoo! Messenger customers is free


    1888usa - Free VoIP Phone Service, Free Phone Line, Free Callback ...
    Lists free fax and phone resources on the web.

  • calling solutions What's New New Links Send free faxes to most of North America [] Tuesday, May-30-2006 Free US phone number unlimited inbound calls [] Monday, May-22-2006 Low cost VoIP from 1.5 cents/min SMS and Web call-back [] Saturday, May-13-2006 Low cost VoIP service 1.35 cents/minute [] Saturday, May-13-2006 (27) , (12) , (3) , (82) , (11) , (10) , (2) (12) , (5) (33) , (24) , Web |

    DoRe's community
    Mongolian Real Audio music collection.

  • Ý Free PC to Phone calls - Yíýãvé Óòàñ ~ ¯íýã¿é óòñààð ÿðúöãààãòóí

  • Free calling from Go2Call lets you place free PC-to-phone calls to the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland & Germany right from your PC from anywhere in the world

  • Free calling from HotTelephone lets you place free PC-to-phone calls to more than 30 countries right from your PC from anywhere in the world

  • Ý Free FAX Number - Yíýãvé ÔÀÊÑ äóãààð Hear who’s calling while you’re online! Avoid the cost of an extra phone line

  • GO GET Your very own FAX NUMBER! .! Ý Free Phone to Phone service - ~ Aug 17 TalkFree? Yes! There is such a thing as a free call

  • I-Link TalkFree can only place calls within the 48 contiguous states and it is Phone to Phone only in USA

  • OK go ahead and make free calls ..

    SightSpeed: video calls using a PC and a fast Internet connection.
    SightSpeed is a software-based service that quickly allows you to make video
    calls using your personal computer.

  • Home Want Even More? Unlimited Multi-Party Video Conferencing Longer Video Record & Storage Times Call Regular Telephones Worldwide from SightSpeed Rates as low as 2¢/minute anywhere in the U.S

    CNN - Net2Phone upgrades PC-to-phone service - December 7, 1999

  • The company's service allows any PC owner with a Net connection, a sound card, speakers, and a microphone to call anyone with a regular telephone

  • Last week Net2Phone dropped its rates to 1-cent-per-minute for PC-to-phone calls inside the U.S

  • International calls vary by country and range from 8 cents per minute to $1.50 per minute

  • Talk gets easier on the Net To get started you must fill out one page of contact information and make one toll-free phone call to register the product

  • To call another PC you simply select the PC-to-PC option and type in the nickname of the person you are calling

    Inter-Fone - VoIP Internet Telephony
    Internet-carried Phone to Phone calls.

  • Welcome to Inter-Fone! A revolutionary voice over IP (VOIP) telephony, technology that allows you to make free pc to pc, or cheap pc to phone, phone to pc and phone to phone calls

  • In a nutshell, our technology helps businesses and individuals to use the Internet to make international calls for free or at a cost of local calls

  • The power of being able to use the Internet to call overseas to persons who do not have computers is what makes Inter-Fone the communication system of the millennium

  • In addition, the person making the call does not need to be near his/her computer

  • Need a demonstration? to get started on making international calls for free or learn more about our products and services

    CallWave Provides Cell Phone, Home Phone, PC and Fax Services To ...
    Internet Answering Machine software uses Busy Call Forwarding to answer and record
    callers messages while you are on-line.

    IVM Computer Phone Answering Machine Software, PC Answer Machine ...
    Download phone answering machine software, voice mail and ivr system software
    from 1 to 32 lines.

  • | Download Trial Buy Full Version IVM Answering Attendant Software Complete telephony solution for Windows IVM is a telephone answering machine, voice mail, call attendant, and interactive voice response (IVR) program for Windows

  • This software is an effective voicemail, call attendant, info-line, audiotext or autodial solution for small to medium businesses

  • For example, IVM can redirect in-coming calls during office hours or act as a PC answer machine and take messages for a number of voice mail boxes after hours

  • All calls (including those answered by you) are logged with date, time and caller ID

  • Just run the install file on your PC and it will be ready to answer calls

  • Call attendant (using the menu call transfer features) to transfer and direct calls

  • In-coming caller ID logger or display

  • Automated outbound call dial & message systems

  • Caller ID logging (even if no message is left) and optional on-screen caller ID flash display

  • Call key select menus and ability for caller to enter numbers

  • Call transfer (subject to your phone company or PBX features)

  • Automatic hours feature (enter your office hours and it will automatically answer after hours)

    Automatic phone software - predictive dialer, autodialer ...
    Products include Smart autodialer, scheduler and calendar software with automatic
    phone reminder, and VoiceXML gateway.

  • | The Voicent Advantage PC to phone automatic dialing Predictive dialing Interval dialing No proprietary hardware No internet connection No monthly service fee No per call charge Support Win 2000/XP/Later As easy as 1-2-3 Live call transfer Auto connect to live person Unlimited phone calls Interactive confirm & response Record message by phone Natural Text-to-Voice engine Generate unlimited phone list Customized message designer Advanced call list scheduler Auto detect answering machine vs

  • human pick up Remote access capability Multi-phone lines support Web interface Command line interface Import from call list database Call status report Recent Customers " While shopping around for communication software I discovered Voicent technologies and their product, Professional Broadcast

  • It does automatic live call transfer when a live person answers the phone; automatically leaves audio messages on answering machine, record conversations

  • It lets your computer dynamically generate voice over the phone

  • Even better, it handles bounced and unsubscribe emails automatically


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