Leather Belts | Belt Buckles | Leather Handbags | Leather Wallets ...
Offers a selection of handbags, wallets, fanny packs, belts, and accessories.

  • We feature cell phone cases, cigarette cases, cosmetic bags, checkbook covers and more

    Kyle Design
    Offers switchplates, night lights, fan pulls, business card cases, retractable
    badge holders, and bookmarks.

  • Personalized Business Card Holders, Engraved Business Card Holder Cases Personalized for unique graduation gift ideas and distinctive corporate holiday gifts is our specialty

  • Our personalized business card holder selections include thin, deep or large business card holders; satin, brushed, polished, silver, gold, black or solid brass business card cases; silver, gold or wood desktop business card holders; and all of these are available in over 150 cool business card holder designs

  • Our business card cases hold standard American size business cards (2' x 3.5'), credit cards (2-1/8' x 3-3/8') and the slightly larger Asian size business cards (2-3/16' x 3-9/16') as well

  • Personalized Cigarette Cases, Engraved Credit Card Wallets, Metal Mens Wallets Our unique are striking and distinctive

  • The cool trend of using antique cigarette cases as metal credit card wallets is given an update with our unique personalized gifts

    The Cigarette Store
    Chain of tobacco stores with locations in California. Includes location finder.

  • Lighters abound from various colors, shapes and sizes, as well as cigarette cases, pouches, tins and the like
    Source for Colibri, Prometheus, Lucienne, and Zippo lighters, flasks, cigarette
    cases, humidors, and pocket gifts.


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    Make Your Own Cigarettes
    Rolling papers, filter tips, rolling machines, pouches, accessories, lighters,
    and tubing machines.

    You Name It
    Items include key chains, cigarette lighters, flasks, luggage tags, with personalized

    Choice Cigarette Discount Outlets
    Chain of stores in Pennsylvania, New York, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia.

  • In most cases, a Uni-Mart brand convenience store is located nearby a Choice location

    The Leather Maul
    Offering leather jewelry, purses, bags, key rings and belts.

  • These leather goods include leather key rings, leather key cases, leather belts, leather and metal belt buckles, leather wallets, leather checkbook covers, leather cigarette cases, leather purses, leather photo albums, leather journals, and other unique leather items

  • Includes Key Wallets, Key Cases, Unique 3-piece buckle key rings, and Concho Clip-on Key Rings

  • &nbsp&nbsp Most items are made from leather Leather Cigarette Cases, Leather Girl's Purses, Small Leather Bags and other small leather Cases

  • Coin purses recently added to Small Cases Leather Purses of all kinds, Leather Pistol cases and Other Large cases and bags (Saddle bags, etc see Other Leather Goods-Horse Gear) Dream Catchers, Mandellas, Baby Mocs and other items inspired by Native Traditions Portfolio's, Journals, Organizers, Photo Albums, Bible Covers, Saddle bags and other Horse items, Home Decore (Mirrors, Pictures, TP Holder) and other Leather Goods that do not fit in the Categories above

  • Benefits

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    Ivan Gordeev
    Contemporary handmade jewelry handcrafted by Russian jeweler.

    Collie Collectibles
    Pictures and descriptions of a collection of paintings, books and magazines,
    figurines, stuffed animals and postcards.

  • If a person is lucky and persistent, it can be easy to find figurines, statues, bookends, bronzes, plates, salt and pepper shakers, ink wells, paper weights, cigar-cutters, cigarette cases, pipe holders, jewelry, vases, magazine advertising and covers, postcards, cigarette cards, animals, woodcarvings, toys, mechanical toys, oils, prints, etchings, tapestries, and ivory

    D&R Tobacco, Bulk Tobacco and RYO MYO Cigarette Tobacco
    Tobacco company that sells roll-your-own kits, tobacco, and other tobacco items.

  • Our other MYO/RYO accessories now include an excellent selection of cigarette cases, lighters, smokers’ candles, humidifiers, humidors, air purifiers, and ashtrays

    Sunday and Sunday
    Vintage wrist and pocket watches, fine antique and estate jewelry, and unusual


    Dennis Doaty Leathercraft
    Offering southwest styled split leather purses, clothing, and moccasins, and
    carved accessories.

  • This is where you'll find handy leather items like Knife Sheaths, MiniMag Lite Holders, Snuff Can Holders, Key Holders, Cigarette Cases, Coin Purses, Barrettes, Pony Tail Holders, and many other Gift Items

    At the End of the Passage
    Full text of this short ghost story.

  • It cured him; but I don't recommend it.' 'How do the cases run generally?' said Hummil

    Tobacco Cases 1830 - 2000
    Near-exhaustive compilation of lawsuits against the tobacco industry.

    RICO and Tobacco Smuggling
    Summary by ASH-UK of legal action pending against the major tobacco companies
    for smuggling tobacco.

  • Racketeering legal action (RICO) against tobacco companies for smuggling Tobacco companies are facing legal action over their involvement in cigarette smuggling in civil actions under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) legislation in the United States ().  This law was introduced in 1970 to deal with organised crime and the Mafia, and been used to tackle corporate crime and conspiracies ( ).  In these actions, the companies are accused of operating a 'smuggling enterprise' in which they control the market for contraband as if it is a regular distribution channel.  They do not do the smuggling themselves, but act in such a way as to ensure that it happens and that they control it through middlemen.   There are five cases underway

  • Similarly, the [Colombian] Departments have commenced this action to address and remedy cigarette smuggling that fuels narcotics trafficking and money laundering on a massive scale -- a scheme that supports and finances foreign terrorist activity.” (From EU appeal 10 July 2002 ) The best overview of the smuggling operations leading to these cases is the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists special reports: o Tobacco Companies Linked To Criminal Organizations In Lucrative Cigarette Smuggling (March 2001) o Major Tobacco Multinational Implicated In Cigarette Smuggling, Tax Evasion, Documents Show (31 January 2000) Timeline – the progress of cases so far… A summary of events in the Canada , European Union and Colombia cases is available as a chronology starting with the first filings in 1999

    Second Hand Smoke & Kids
    Second hand smoke is a major cause of children's illness -- yet 85% of adults
    who smoke and who live with a child do not ensure that the child is not exposed to ...

  • 2, 100 Canadian operations) 13% of asthma cases (approx

  • 52, 200 cases in Canada) 16% of physician visits for cough (approx

  • 43, 600 cases of bronchitis in Canada and 19, 000 cases of pneumonia in Canada) 136-212 childhood deaths from lower respiratory infection (approx

  • 180-270 in Canada) * the number of Canadian cases is extrapolated from U.S


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