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  • Saturday Sep 9 | The Miami Herald on | Monday Sep 11 | Battle Creek Enquirer | A federal appeals court on Monday refused to grant an injunction to keep an anti-affirmative action proposal off the Michigan ballot

    Dearborn News
    Local, regional, and statewide news collected from diverse sources on the web.

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    Westland, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Census, geography, and demographic information for the city.

  • Other tribes, particularly three tribes, used the area as hunting territory

  • Once restored, the mill was used to make stencils for Ford car parts

  • Named Nankin Mills, this historic site is now used as a nature interpretive center and other community events

    Kalamazoo, Michigan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Census, geography, history and demographic information for the city.

  • The current name used by the local and tribes for Kalamazoo is Giikanaamozoog , meaning 'They have been smoked/cured.' The explanation given for this name is that the dark waters of the Kalamazoo River have a smokey appearance

  • He the town in 1831 and named it the village of Bronson (not to be confused with the much-smaller about fifty (80 ) to the south-southeast)

  • The eponymous used to have such slogans as 'A Kalamazoo direct to you.' [] Medical Kalamazoo was home to, a pharmaceutical manufacturer now part of

  • Northeast of town is the, which includes cars used in movies

  • Preceding station Following station   (#350)   Battle Creek, Michigan   The Wolverine (#351)     The Wolverine (#352)   Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek, Michigan   The Wolverine (#353)   Niles, Michigan Niles, Michigan   The Wolverine (#354)   Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek, Michigan   The Wolverine (#355)   Dowagiac, Michigan Dowagiac, Michigan   (#364)   Battle Creek, Michigan Battle Creek, Michigan   The Blue Water (#365)   Dowagiac, Michigan [] Other The, heavily used by bicyclists and snowmobilers, extends nearly to downtown Kalamazoo

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    Welcome to the Quagliata Genealogy Project
    Family history project focusing on the descendants of Mario Quagliata born circa
    1840 in Sicily. USA descendants are based in CA, IL, MI, MO, NY, OH and PA.

  • They sold their parents' farm and used the money to move to America

  • Benefits

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    The Crucifucks
    Reviews of their albums, including Doc Corbin Dart's solo album.

  • From East Lansing, too, where I used to live

  • He had actually intended to call the BAND that, but was told by the corporate swine at Alternative Tentacles that they wouldn't release the record unless he used the name 'Crucifucks.' Because that name carries so much weight in the punk rock community, see

    Growing Up Behind Bars:
    Presents an exploration of the net impact of confinement on youth age 16 and
    younger and proposes a research plan to examine this issue.

  • And when I used to talk to the staff and stuff, I used to go by the desk in a little office, she used to be like, don't come pass 'dat line

  • I said, why; you think we some kind of disease or somethin'? And she used to be there at night, so when nighttime, you know, when you go all in your room, 'dey lock the doors and s---

  • So, I used to be knockin on the door at night, 'cause I used to have to use the bathroom cause I had a bad bladder infection

  • And I used to be bam, bam, bam, Ms

  • Staff morale was low, caused in particular by a rapid succession of executive directors and a lack of in-service training

  • The teachers used to put me out of class for not knowing the answer, man the teachers all hated us, or they was scared of us

  • When youth realize that they are being used as a commodity, they begin to question both their value as human beings and the legitimacy of a mainstream culture that allows and encourages employees to treat individuals in this way

    The Semiotics of T-Shirts
    PK Manning & Betsy Cullum-Swan: Codes, Chronotypes and Everyday Objects.

  • These units are : where the shirt is made ; the materials used to make the shirt ; the values expressed by the shirt, including both expressive and utilitarian values; where it is intended to be worn (setting-public vs

  • Five paradigms set out the t-shirt's changing meaning : the technology used to produce the shirt (material, source, location of the creation of the shirt); the functions or purposes (social values), both expressive and utilitarian, of the item; the primary setting(s) for use (setting, roles and statuses claimed); style (cut, adornment, color, role in the fashion system) and the nature of the involvement of the  self in the object (the self and representational themes)

  • However, certain underlying principles or codes reveal the rules governing how shirts are perceived and used

    Migration News
    The Case of Mexicans in Adrian, Michigan by Rene Perez Rosenbaum, Ph.D.
    Michigan State University.

  • The Great Lakes Sugar Company was also accused of trying to sign up growers independently of the Blissfield Growers Association, with whom the Agricultural Workers Union had already singed a contract (Jamieson, p

  • Barbers refused to cut their hair, and there are stories of one bar that never refused to serve them, but the price of each successive drink was higher than the previous one

  • According to the Adrian newspaper, these Fairground accommodations were not the best: ÒImagine a 12-by-16 foot room as the living quarters for a family of five, take away window and door screens, and plan on doing the family laundry in a pair of tubs used by 20 other familiesÉ In the kitchen at the rear of the dining hall, all food is kept in the open


    Dare To Think
    Article by Darlene Sherrell asserting that the American Dental Association has
    colluded with industry to cover up the toxic properties of fluoride.

  • even when they involve small body areas (less than 3%) can cause systemic effects of fluoride poisoning by absorption of the fluoride through the skin.' Brief exposure to inhaled fluorine 'has caused sore throat and chest pain, irreversible damage to the lungs, and death

  • convulsions, and coma.' Fluoride is the active ingredient in the deadly nerve gas, Sarin, and in the fungicide Flusilazole, which caused crop damage and physical ailments in 40 states in the early 90s

  • NIOSH connects the dots between dentistry, industry, and fluoride in listing the various sources and uses of fluoride: 'Elemental fluorine is used in the conversion of uranium tetrafluoride to uranium hexafluoride, in the synthesis of organic and inorganic fluorine compounds, and as an oxidizer in rocket fuel

  • 'Hydrogen fluoride, hydrofluoric acid, and its salts are used in the production of organic and inorganic fluorine compounds such as fluorides and plastics; as a catalyst, in the petroleum industry; as an insecticide; and to arrest the fermentation in brewing

  • Fluorides are used as an electrolyte in aluminum manufacture, in smelting nickel, copper, gold, and silver, as a catalyst for organic reactions, a wood preservative, a fluoridation agent for drinking water, a bleaching agent for cane seats, in pesticides, rodenticides, and as a fermentation inhibitor

    Refrigerator Door
    Confessions of Super Mom and neurotic author stuff.

  • So the Q&A session was a little awkward, and I’m really mad at whoever questioned Major Victory on his morals, simply because he used to be an exotic dancer

  • Because it can result in old ladies being used as shark bait

  • Lee, and then when he refused to involve any of us real superheroes in the production of this new series, that was just the icing on the cake

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    Offers hand controls and other assistive technology for drivers. Located in Grand
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  • from used loading devices to off our showroom floor ..

    Michigan Tobacco-Free Institute
    Speech by Cliff Douglas to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, detailing the
    different ways cigarette product is engineered for addiction.

    Selected documents:Report by Ronald M. Davis, MD- UICC GLOBALink ...
    Report examines: how tobacco advertising and promotion affect tobacco consumption;
    evidence that advertising and promotion affect overall tobacco consumption; ...

  • It has been used to assess the relationship between tobacco advertising expenditures and tobacco consumption over time, taking into account ('controlling for') other potential influences on consumption such as price and income

  • data and another 13 used data from the U.K

  • A later study, published in the British Journal of Addiction , 8 used a pooled cross-sectional time-series analysis to examine the relationship among tobacco advertising restrictions, price, income, and tobacco consumption in 22 OECD countries from 1960 to 1986

  • 27 Children and adolescents are exposed to most of the media used for tobacco advertising (especially billboards -- see Section VI below)

  • Logistic regression was used to determine the relative importance of several factors, including approval of cigarette advertising, in relation to the children’s smoking status

  • 39 Pierce and colleagues have also used both cross-sectional and longitudinal study designs to establish the relationship between cigarette advertising and smoking initiation among youth

    The Michigan Birding List
    Recent messages of the e-mail group for general discussion of birds and birding
    in Michigan.

  • They used to be more numerous, at least if memory serves

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