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  • With this single, Brown became the youngest male solo artist to release a single that climbed to #1 on the

  • From there, he was taken to local music producers so that he could begin a career in music

  • His third single '' was released in March 2006 which featured for a remix that is not heard on his album

  • Chris also co-directed his music videos for 'Yo (Excuse Me Miss)' and 'Gimme That'

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  • MUSIC SEARCH artists videos songs albums Chris Brown Artist Spotlight The R&B star shakes our studio with hot moves and smooth renditions of 'Gimme That, ' 'Run It' and more

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  • Judge Thatcher (1997) (TV) ...

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  • Fantagraphics Books Chris Ware “It’s uncanny that someone so young would have such an apparent recollection of the history of comics, and the talent to expand upon it.” —Art Spiegelman, author of Maus “Stupendous.” —Matt Groening “Listen, I’ve been collecting and reading comics for over a quarter of a century, and I can tell you that nothing this meticulous, this thoughtful, has been done in this medium for a long, long time, if ever

  • ACME is a brilliant, gorgeous, groundbreaking achievement.” —Chip Kidd, author of Batman Collected “Ware’s work is among the very best graphic, comic, illustrative, and fine artwork being produced in the world right now.” — Mother Jones “Man, what can you say about this comic that hasn’t already been said?” — Indy Enter your email: Subscribe Unsubscribe Acme Novelty Library #16 After four years of almost exclusively repackaging his sophomoric early work for the book trade, the children's entertainer and award-winning calligrapher F

  • As told through the eyes of someone absentmindedly watching a television sitcom circa 1975, this first installment begins one January morning of that same year and describes everything of importance right up to and including the ring of the first period bell before eventually spiraling off into 1955, 2004, and toward the planet Mars, amongst other interesting and exotic time periods and locales

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  • Another benefit is that uncalibrated manipulation techniques lend themselves to better man-machine interfaces, where the robot is instructed for instance by the user pointing at objects (while wearing a 'cyberglove' or with the mouse in a picture), or by drawing a 'virtual sketch' in a 'Mac draw' like program of the desired manipulation

  • Using these methods they have found that the human uses surprisingly little internal memory during typical manipulation tasks, and instead accesses information in the world as it is needed


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  • Posted by Marcus I recently predicted that the Scottish Socialist Party would begin to sometime after the first trial - at which ex-Party Convenor Tommy Sheridan accused a dozen of his erstwhile comrades of telling tall tales under oath - and before the date of the inevitable Appeal hearing which many expect will overturn the decision at first instance

  • Comrade Sheridan now provides the for the existence of that process: He told Socialist Worker that the SSP had been a fantastic development over its seven years, but that “it has become narrow and sectarian in outlook with a vicious streak of personal character assassination which we must leave behind

  • “I hope it will be a positive, outward looking meeting which decides to link up with all of the progressive movements in Scotland to build to a genuinely mass movement for socialism that is open to all who are moving in that direction.” One could be forgiven for reading between the lines and idly speculating what tune Tommy is whistling these days

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    Achewood - September 13, 2006
    A cartoon of modern life as lived by a retarded otter, an alcoholic tiger, and
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    The Blues: L'anima di un uomo -
    Recensione del primo film della serie, diretto da Wim Wenders. A cura di Alberto


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