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Neem, Neem Oil, Karanja Oil, Neem & Karanja products
Neem and Karanja products including cold-pressed, oil, cake, leaf granules and
bark powder.

: : Parker Group India : : Neem oil, neem cake, neem organic ...
Manufacturer of neem cakes and oil products for fertilization and pest control
applications. India.

Extremely Green - Organic Gardening Supplies
Online source for organic gardening products including fertilizers, biological
pest control, soil test kits.

Alternative Control Measures for Pests of Shade Trees and Woody ...
Article by a University of Kentucky entomologist covering microbial and botanical
insecticides, insecticidal soaps, and horticultural oils, ...

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The Neem Team
Suppliers of therapeutic and beauty products containing neem oil; includes a
history and description of the uses of the neem tree.

Organix Natural Health and Healing, Neem Oil and Bach Flower Essences
Retailer of nutritional supplements, herbals, aromatherapy and other natural products.

Pure Cold-Pressed Neem Oil.
Pure, cold-pressed neem oil from India. Includes information about the neem tree
and various uses of the oil.

A worldwide fight against biopiracy and patents on life
Farmers and indigenous peoples are outraged that plants that they developed are
being 'hijacked' by companies. Groups as diverse as religious leaders, ...


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Indian company specialising in neem and its derivatives.

Neem, neem based products, neem oil, natural organic products ...
Manufacturers of Neem-based biopesticides.

Murietta Trading Company | Home
Importer and wholesaler of a variety of neem products. Product listing and contact

Neem Organics Natural Products
All natural handmade soaps, skin care and pet care products. Also offers pure
Neem seed oil organically grown in Australia for healing of topical skin ailments.


DIRT WORKS organic gardening supplies
A place to find organic fertilizers, cover crops, lawn and forage seeds.

Powdered Bulk Herbs, Bulk Ayurveda Herbs, Organic products India ...
Outsourcing of herbal extracts, nutraceuticals, raw and whole herbs, and other
biopharmacological products.

Onion Plants at Dixondale Farms - We Know Onions !!!
Offers starter onion plants, King Richard leeks, and Texas Sweet onions.
Includes growing tips and planting guide.

Holistic Pet Supplies - Complementary Remedies for Dogs, Cats & Horses
Offering a range of natural products for dogs, cats, and horses, including
homeopathic, herbal and flower essence remedies. Also natural training aids and ...

Exporter of herbs, seeds, and essential oils.

Bites and Stings,info Bites and Stings,Bites and Stings mumbai
Advice on using Indian remedies to treat insect bites and stings.

Agro Extracts Limited - Manufacturers of Neem
Producer of neem oil and related products in India. Products include solvent-extracted
and cold-pressed oils, a solid cake byproduct, a wetting agent, ...

Glosario para el Fabricante Moderno de Jabón
Recopilación de términos, definiciones y de siglas relacionadas con el arte de
fabricar jabón. A partir del equivalente inglés. De la empresa americana Coconut ...


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