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  • Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris (2004) ...

    Varian's War (2001) (TV)
    Cast information, links and other details about the movie.

    Erich Hartmann - top German ace
    Biography of the highest scoring ace of the war.

  • On the morning of the 5th, four of Staffel 7's pilots did not return, apparently their compasses misled them, due to extraordinary iron ore deposits in the area

  • The Diamonds He was awarded the Third Reich's highest regularly awarded military decoration: The Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds

  • To be accurate, the highest military decoration was 'The Grand Cross to the Iron Cross.' It was only awarded once to Hermann Göring

  • The second highest military decoration was 'The Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Golden Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds' and was also awarded only once to the Stuka ace Hans-Ulrich Rudel

  • Thus, Hartmann's medal, 'The Knight's Cross to the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, ' was, to be precise, the third highest German military decoration through WW2, was awarded to 27 soldiers, 12 of whom were Luftwaffe pilots

    Disappearing Bridges: Historic Iron and Steel Truss Bridges of ...
    Photographic catalog by Daniel Alward of historic iron and steel bridges mainly
    in Pennsylvania and Ohio.

  • Disappearing Bridges Historic Iron and Steel Bridges Bridges tend to be in the nicest of places! I'd even go so far as to say that bridges like the ones featured on these pages enhance the beauty of their surroundings

  • Those of you who see more in iron/steel truss bridges than simply a help in traversing a river or ravine may share my opinion that these old bridges are being replaced by modern bridges way too fast

  • The arrangements of the weathered iron or steel of the structures are nothing less than architectural and engineering works of art

  • I've no doubt goofed up on some terminology here and there - calling arches trusses and calling steel iron

  • Scenic 1867 Bridge Rehabilitation It might not be made of rusting iron, but the covered bridge at Windsor Mills, Ohio has a look and a setting that are hard to beat

  • August 24, 2003 over French Creek Added a current photo near the end of the page for this lonesome 1893 wrought iron truss bridge awaiting destruction

  • info: CROSS IRON

    Photo by - The German Armed Forces 1919-1945
    History research page with a focus on the German Armed forces from 1919 to 1945.
    Provides on-line forums, pictures, formations, unit histories, glossary, ...

  • There are many sections here that aren't yet complete but we strive to add new information all the time! Getting started Check out as of May 17th, 2006 View our important Look up German words in the Looking for something, try Read about the Purchase a - Supports Feldgrau! Support Feldgrau, - 25% of goals Biographical Databases The following two biographical databases are available for you to search for information on nearly 10, 000 German soldiers, including over 2300 ranking officers and over 7000 holders of the highest German award for combat bravery, the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross

    Bridge Basics - A Spotter's Guide to Bridge Design
    Pictures, history, and structural explanations of many different types of trusses
    and bridges.

  • Once constructed of wooden timbers, and later including iron tension members, most truss bridges are built of metal

  • With the use of iron in bridge construction, the Howe truss - - in its simplest form - - appears to be a type of multiple kingpost truss

  • Wayne railroad bridge over the Allegheny River was an unusual instance of a Town lattice constructed in iron

  • Horace Childs' design of 1846 was a multiple king post with the addition of iron rods

  • It was less common for highway use, but a few wrought iron examples survive

  • The thicker lines represent wood braces; the thinner lines are iron tension rods

  • The composite cast and wrought iron Bollman truss was common on the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad - Your Source for Everything Cross
    Cyclocross news, reviews, how to's, race results, and pro shop.

  • The 4 race series kicks off with the 5th annual Schenectady Central Park Cyclocross Race on Sunday, September 24 News America’s Longest Cyclocross Race Returns for Fourth Edition! August 28, 2006 Yellow Breeches Racing and High Speed Cycling Event Promotion will once again host the Iron Cross cyclocross and trail running race weekend with major sponsorship provided by the Volkswagen Dealers of South Central PA

    The Man in the Iron Mask by Alexandre Dumas: A searchable online ...
    Chapter indexed HTML of the complete text. Includes a search feature and author

  • | > > The Man in the Iron Mask Search all of The Man in the Iron Mask : Alexandre Dumas was already a best-selling novelist when he wrote this historical romance, combining (as he claimed) the two essentials of life--'l'action et l'amour.' The Man in the Iron Mask climactically concludes the epic adventures of the three Musketeers: here, Athos, Porthos, Aramis, and their friend D'Artagnan, once invincible, meet their destinies

  • Related Links: Find on The Man in the Iron Mask Quizzes on The Man in the Iron Mask No quizzes available to take yet

  • Recent Forum Posts on The Man in the Iron Mask This honestly has to be the greatest story ever written....I live for this.

  • Thanks Posted By at Wed 23 Mar 2005, 8:21 PM in || Okay so let me get this straight it goes: The three musketeers, Twenty Years After, The Viscomte de Bragelonne, Ten Years Later, Louise de la Valliere, and The Man in the Iron Mask? Please some one reply to tell me the correct order of the books as I want to read them in sequential order

  • What happened? Maybe this is explained in some of Dumas's other books--I have so far only read THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK and an abridged version of THE THREE MUSKETEERS

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    Building and Testing gcc/glibc cross toolchains
    Script to automatically download, patch, build, and test binutils, gcc, and glibc

  • Building and Testing gcc/glibc cross toolchains Contents Building a gcc / glibc cross-toolchain for use in embedded systems development used to be a scary prospect, requiring iron will, days if not weeks of effort, lots of Unix and Gnu lore, and sometimes willingness to take dodgy shortcuts - Special Sections - Glossary
    Cross-referenced glossary of German U-Boat terminology.

  • Knight's Cross (of the Iron Cross)

    Country Lyrics, Tabs, Chords @ Cowboy Lyrics, Music
    Lyrics and chord changes to popular country songs, arranged alphabetically by
    artist and album or CD.

    Generaloberst Heinz Wilhelm Guderian
    Offers a brief history of Guderian's WW2 career.

  • Nevertheless he was awarded the Iron Cross second and first class

  • Army-Corps and was awarded the Iron Cross second and first class again, followed by the Knights Cross


    Menai Strait Bridges
    Illustrated article on the history of the Menai and Brittania bridges.

  • The ironwork came from Hazeldean's foundry near Shrewsbury

  • To prevent the iron from rusting between production and use on the bridge, the iron was immersed, not in boiling wine as the White Knight suggested above, but in warm linseed oil

  • Rods were then hung from the chains and bolted to iron bars that were used as the base for the wooden road surface

  • So, between 1938 and 1940 the old iron chains were replaced with new steel ones, all while traffic continued to cross

  • This was done by making the bridge out of two long iron tubes, rectangular in shape, through which the trains would travel

    Blockhouses of the Boer War
    Illustrated article by Maurig Jones.

  • This was a rectangular building made from corrugated iron

  • The walls were made from two layers of corrugated iron about ten inches apart, the gap filled with sand and gravel

  • Rice, 23rd Field Company, Royal Engineers, to design a cheap, easily constructed blockhouse based upon the corrugated iron type first built at Nelspruit

  • Rice's new blockhouse ( at right, this one manned by South African constabulary, Northern Transvaal, late 1901 ) maintained the basic design and construction principles; double skin corrugated iron loopholed walls filled with rubble

  • The door to the blockhouse was sheltered by a another piece of corrugated iron

    Josef Mengele
    A short overview of the infamous Nazi doctor.

    The Burr Truss
    Illustrated article discusses the early development of the wooden truss in the
    United States. Provides references for further reading.

  • The Burr Truss Not every wooden trussed arch was a Burr truss The first iron bridge was constructed in 1779 at Coalbrookdale, a cast-iron arch

  • Cast iron then began to replace stone, quite successfully in arch bridges, but the attempt to use cast-iron beams ended in the failure of Robert Stephenson's Dee Bridge

  • Thereafter, cast iron was used for compressive members only, and engineers turned to wrought iron as a tougher, more reliable material, using it first in massive tubular girders riveted together from the small plates which were all that were available at the time

  • Wrought-iron link chains were used for suspension bridges by Telford and Brunel

  • In the United States, iron was expensive and largely imported from Britian because of the primitive state of the domestic iron industry

  • Trautwine tells us that wooden and iron bridges of equal strength are of approximately equal weight

  • This means that wood has no advantage in dead load, because it is weaker than iron, weight for weight

  • Haupt presents examples of the best of these bridges, which were already beginning to use wrought iron for ties, and cast iron for connections, together with other improvements

    Qin: Tomb of the Middle Kingdom Walkthrough
    Guide to completing the game including images of some of the puzzles to solve.

  • Add Iron from the container in front of the coal hopper

  • Molten iron will then run down the left channel to the mold; pick up the resulting iron spoon

  • Back out of the close-up and take the iron spoon to the statue at the palace entrance

  • Lots of wars, environmental destruction and earthquakes ensue

  • World peace and environmental improvement follow as Hal Davis lies dying

  • The maps with teleportation features and the compass were helpful in avoiding tedious repetition of movements during gameplay and in maintaining bearings in new environments

    Antiquity, Project Gallery: Manning et al
    Three decades of work by the Aegean Dendrochronology Project (ADP) led by Peter
    Ian Kuniholm have established a long tree-ring sequence covering much of the ...

  • Antiquity Vol 77 No 295 March 2003 Confirmation of near-absolute dating of east Mediterranean Bronze-Iron Dendrochronology , Peter Ian Kuniholm & Three decades of work by the Aegean Dendrochronology Project (ADP) led by Peter Ian Kuniholm have established a long tree-ring sequence covering much of the Bronze-Iron Age periods of the east Mediterranean (Kuniholm 1996; and see ): see Figure 1

  • Because of the significance of the revised dating, we carried out further 14C measurements on another section of the ADP Bronze-Iron dendrochronology to test it

  • Figure 1 : Aegean Dendrochronology Project Bronze-Iron Master Chronology as of the end of AD2002 (red line), with the number of securely cross-dated samples per year comprising this chronology (blue line)

  • 1992 and on-going work since), and then against, progressively, dozens, scores, and finally over 100 trees from Gordion and environs

  • Figure 2 : High-precision radiocarbon data, including six new data (Hd-21711, 21712, 21721, 21722, 21761, 21774) centred around the 1325BC 'wiggle' in the radiocarbon calibration curve, from 10-ring samples of the Aegean Dendrochronology Project Bronze-Iron tree-ring series (Figure 1)

    Welcome to CrossFit: Forging Elite Fitness
    Strength and conditioning program for police, military, and athletes. Includes
    message board, exercise videos, seminars and certifications offered, ...

    Syndicated Column -- Clara Barton
    Known as the "Angel of the Battlefield," she also founded the American Red Cross.

  • Profiles in Caring: Clara Barton 1821 - 1912 An institution that is not selfish must originate in the recognition of some evil that is adding to the sum of human suffering, or diminishing the sum of happiness Clara Barton, a shy farm girl from Massachusetts, harnessed her iron will and devotion to human welfare to accomplish the good works which earned her world fame

  • In 1873, she returned home with the Iron Cross of Merit from the German Emperor


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