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  • Palm Trees and Cycad Nursery Offering Mail Order We specialize in helping you create a tropical garden like no one else's

  • We are a family owned and operated business established in 1977 to provide the most rare and beautiful palm trees and cycads from around the world

  • Our palm and cycad selection is one of the most comprehensive anywhere

  • We are located freeway close in northern San Diego County, CA, just off Freeway 5 (see Directions tab above.) We have over 1, 000 palm tree, cycad, and other exotic plant species for sale! Nursery Location Click Map For Directions Contact Information Phone (619) 291-4605 Fax (619) 574-1595 Email All correspondence to address below Mailing Address Jungle Music Palms & Cycads 3233 Brant St

  • Come see these beauties! A few other landscape-ready palms listed below and elsewhere at this site

  • New Article This article covers full and partial sun palm trees for hot, dry desert environments

  • In this article you will learn which palms will grow in your area and their cultural requirements

  • And, most of the great plants described are for sale from our nursery! General information on the popular Sago Palm, also known as the King Sago Palm

    PACSOA - Cycas revoluta
    Short description.

  • Cycads &nbsp Cycas revoluta Common Names: Sago Palm Climate: Temperate to tropical

    Cycas revoluta

  • Cycas revoluta Synonymy: Several; see Distribution: Nansei Islands & Ryukyu Islands (Japan), South China Common name: Sago palm, king sago; Ch.—tieshu (iron tree), feng-wei-jiao-ye (phoenix tail banana), su-tie ; Eng

  • (hort.)—sago palm, king sago; Jap

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    Rhapis Gardens Gateway to Exotic Palms and Plants.
    Mail order nursery in Texas offering various miniature palm trees, as well as
    other small trees suitable for bonsai or potted specimens.

  • Lynn McKamey's GATEWAY TO Unusual Palms & Exotic Plants Rhapis Palm ~ Sago Palm ~ RHAPIS GARDENS ~ Ming Aralia ~ Rhapis Palm Lynn McKamey has been growing unusual plants at Rhapis Gardens since 1975

  • This link takes you to a 'catalog website' featuring rare named varieties of Rhapis excelsa (Lady Palms), Cycas revoluta (Sago Palms), Cissus rhombifolia (Grape Ivy), and many types of Polyscias (Ming Aralias)

  • Rhapis excelsa is the only cultivated palm species in the world with named green and variegated varieties, each having a distinctive leaf shape and growth habit

  • This article is the introduction to Rhapis Garden's Catalog and provides detailed information and photographs of these elegant palms

  • A comprehensive article by Lynn McKamey: Rhapis Palm trees - Cultivated Species & Varieties including Care and Culture of the 'Ladies'

  • Originally published in Principes (now called PALMS), Journal of the International Palm Society

  • An article about Cycas revoluta, known as 'King Sago Palms' - includes history, propagation, culture, and photographs of some unusual variegated specimens and bonsai forms

  • info: SAGO PALM

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    Cycads,Palms & more ,Cycads for sale,Palms for sale - September 2006
    Selling a wide range of cycads and palms via mail order, from seedlings thru 5
    gallon sizes.

  • Cycads Palms Specials Liner-Flats Other Plants Grow-Info Minimum Temps Galleries Auto-Update Orderform Email Us 'Grower of fine cycads and palms' - - - - - - - - P.O.Box 1161, Fallbrook, CA 92088 - Phone : 760-723-1324 - Fax : 760-728-4874 E-mail: Minimum domestic order is $50.00 in plants - Minimum international order is $ 250.00 in plants California customers will be charged 7.75% sales tax unless they supply CA resale #

  • tamaulipas, Dioon edule var.queretarro, Dioon spinolosum, Giant Dioon, Encepahalartos ferox, Encephalartos gratus, Encephalartos horridus, Encephalartos natalensis, Encephalartos lanatus, Encephalartos kisambo, Lepidozamia peroffskyana, Macrozamia communis, Ausrtalian Sago palm, Macrozamia riedlei, Zamia furfuracea, Zamia integrifolia, Cardboard palm, Palms for sale, Cycads for sale, Palm by mail, Mailorder palms, Seedlings, Bareroot, Starter plants, Cycas, Palm, Cycad, Dioon, Circinalis, revoluta, REVOLUTA, Palm information, Horticultural information, Growing palms indoors, Growing palms outdoors, Palmseeds, Cycad seeds, Wholesale prices, retail sales, Queen palm seedlings, King palm seedlings, Liners, Palm-liners

    Houseplant Care Information -
    Offers an alphabetical reference guide. Includes water and light requirements,
    common pests, characteristics, pruning hints and photographs.

    Artificial Plants, Ficus, Palm Trees, and Discount Cactus
    Specializes in permanent, plastic and artificial tropical plants, cactus, palms,
    vines, and outdoor shrubbery.

  • Discount quality indoor and outdoor artificial plants, ficus, cycas palms, areca palms, dogwood trees, ferns, wandering jew vines, geranium flowers, english ivy topiary, philodendron tropical, boxwood shrubbery, boston ivy bushes, bonsai, and more

  • TOLL FREE 866-598-4064 Palms/ Trees/ Bonsai/ Cactus/ Tropical Floor Plants/ Tropical Accent Plants/ Vines and Bushes/ Flowering Plants/ Outdoor Shrubbery/ Planters/ Large Outdoor Palms/ Topiary Palm Trees P-0503 Coconut Palm 23 " Height, wood pot

  • P-0506 Mini Palm 18 " Height, 475 Leaves, black wood pot

  • P-2730 Bottle Palm 30 " Height, 11 Fronds

  • P-260 Neathe Belle Palm 30 " Height, 675 Leaves

  • P-3090 Sago Palm Bush 26 " Width, 39 Leaves, Brown Cone

  • P-3400 Parlor Palm 3 ' Height, 297 Leaves

  • P-3402 Parlor Palm 5 ' Height, 663 Leaves

  • W-857 Fountain Palm 3 ' Height, Aloe Trunk, 21 Fronds, Light and Dark Green

  • P-0441 Cycas Palm Cluster 3.5 ' Width, Natural Stem, 842 Leaves with 18 Fronds

  • P-0442 Cycas Palm Cluster 4 ' Width, Natural Stem, 1468 Leaves with 24 Fronds

    Non-Flowering Plant Families, UH Botany
    Woody, unbranched or sparsely branched, palmlike, dioecious, seed-bearing trees
    or shrubs with thick, pithy stems.

  • Cycadaceae The Cycadaceae are woody, unbranched or sparsely branched, palmlike, dioecious, seed-bearing trees or shrubs with thick, pithy stems

  • Cycas circinalis , sago palm

  • Cycas revoluta , sago palm

  • Benefits

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    Definition and Classification of Commodities: Roots and Tubers and ...
    A Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) site that describes root and tuber
    crops and derived products.

  • It does include starch and the starchy pith and flour obtained from the trunk of the sago palm and the stem of the Abyssinian banana (Musa ensete)

  • palmata, syn

  • palmata, but this is incorrect since the toxicity varies according to location

  • Roots and Tubers Roots and Tubers nes FAOSTAT CODE COMMODITY DEFINITIONS, COVERAGE, REMARKS 0149 ROOTS AND TUBERS NES Including inter alia: arracacha (Arracacoa xanthorrhiza); arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea); chufa (Cyperus esculentus); sago palm (Metroxylon spp.); oca and ullucu (Oxalis tuberosa and Ullucus tuberosus); yam bean, jicama (Pachyrxhizus erosus, P

    Introduction to the Cycads
    An excellent place to begin learning about the Cycads.

  • The above photograph shows a group of 'Sago Palms', Cycas revoluta , growing outside the Hertz music building on the U.C

  • Though cycads are often known by this name, they are not closely related to the palms

  • Or read the by the Palm and Cycad Societies of Florida

  • You might also scan the listings of palm and cycad affiliated societies

    Palms and Pictures of Palms at Sun Palm Trees
    Includes an extensive photo gallery of various palm species including cold-hardy
    varieties, as well as cultural information.

  • Palms - cold hardy - and Pictures of Palms from Sun Palm Trees

  • Our website provides palm tree information, resources for palm tree care and and pictures of palms (cold hardy)

  • Palm Trees Quick Links Palm Trees in Texas P - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Palm Trees Pictures - Archived PALMS - Sun Palm Trees - Specializes in a variety of cold hardy Palms

  • On our website we provide information , different varieties of and we display different types of pictures of palms in the cold hardy We are growers, wholesalers, and retailers of a variety of cold hardy palm trees ( ) for wholesale and retail

  • We provide a variety of retail and wholesale Palms to the Southwestern United States including North Texas (Dallas), Houston, California, and Arizona

  • Let Sun Palm Trees be your cold hardy palms specialists Palms - Cold Hardy Palm trees are well known in Florida and Florida palm trees make beautiful custom landscaping trees

  • Customers in locations further North can still enjoy the tropical beauty of landscape palms with winter cold hardy palm trees

  • For detailed information on primarily cold hardy palms, refer to Sun Palm Trees' section on the menu

    Sago Rey Sago Palms
    Grows palms and cycads for the landscape of inland and north coast California.

  • '> 'SagoRey' Palm Grower Since 1986 Proprietors Tom & Maria Wash welcome you to our Website- Sagorey is now Celebrating our 20th year growing Palms! We welcome you to come out and see our new growing area and all the new inventory we're filling it in with

  • (Appointments can be made to accommodate any later or earlier arrivals.) We Specialize in Palms, Cycads, and Bamboo for Central California Landscapes and beyond

  • Sago Rey Palm Plantation has been growing Ornamental Palms & Cycads primarily for the Central California Landscape since 1986

  • Based in California's San Joaquin Valley, our product is marketed to a select group of Nurseries, Landscapers, and Home owners throughout California, the western U.S., and into Canada who have discovered the beauty of landscaping with California hearty Palms

  • Sago Rey currently grows over 50 varieties of Palms & Cycads

  • Our goal is to supply our customers with high quality Palms, from common to unique

  • As the nursery name implies "Sago-Rey" *Spanish for Sago King* we excel far beyond most people's expectations of our selection of Sago Palms; with hundreds of large boxed mature specimens in stock to choose from


    Wholesale and retail grower of Houston hardy palm trees.

  • TEXAS PALMS TEXAS PALMS 4906 KENLAKE GROVE KINGWOOD, TEXAS 77345 cell phone (713) 410-1331 fax (281) 360-0938 MARK CHAMBERS, OWNER Texas Palms is a grower and wholesale/retailer of Houston hardy palm trees

  • Texas Palms is a member of the International Palm Society, Houston Chapter of the International Palm Society, Texas Nursery & Landscape Association (TNLA) and has its Texas Nursery/Floral Certificate of Registration, #273389

  • Texas Palms has the capability to install any inventory that it sells

  • Texas Palms DOES NOT operate a retail nursery that is open to the public

  • Texas Palms now accepts: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover and Carte Blanche For more information E-mail us at: Check Out Our New Tree Farm Photos & Landscaping Projects!! This web site designed and maintained by Zzyzxx

    Tropical Plants Library
    Detailed tropical plant photographs, information and care instructions.

    Specialist Palm and Cycad Grower - New Zealand Palm Co Ltd.
    Wholesale supply of New Zealand plants, supplies of native NZ palms and flora.

  • Home Palm and Cycad Wholesale Nursery New Zealand's Specialist Palm Nursery NZ Palm import and germinate seed to grow seedlings (Growing on lines/GOL's) through to 1m+ grade palms for NZ distribution and export

  • Competitive Prices Hardy palms and cycads suitable for subtropical to temperate New Zealand climates

  • Stockists of a substantial Array of Hardy Palms, Frost and Coastal Tolerant Palms Suitable for Cool New Zealand Climates e.g

  • Jelly Palm, European fan palms, Phoenix Palms, Chinese Windmill Palms, Queen Palms, Washingtonia Palms

  • Tropical, Subtropical, Rare and Exotic Palms, Cycads and Plants Indoor palms, indoor cycads, pot plants, house plants, conservatory plants

  • Popular Palms and Cycads for Indoors, Outdoors, Container, Garden, Feature and Driveways, Miniature Palms or Varieties That Grow to be Established Palm Trees Kentia (Howea), Parlour/Parlor (Chamaedorea), Bangalow & King (Archontophoenix), Date Palms (Phoenix), Queen Palms (Syagrus), Windmill (Trachycarpus), Umbrella Palm (Hedyscepe), Cycas/Sago, Macrozamia, Dioon, etc (Cycads), Dypsis species, Majestic (Ravenea), Nikau (Rhopalostylis), Washingtonia, and many many more - Career - Adventures in travel journalism - October 13, 2000

  • We found somebody with a boat and somebody who could translate and went 500 miles upstream and hung out with people who I would say were truly living a Stone Age existence.' Reputed headhunters, the Karowai's diet consisted largely of the pulp from sago palm trees, which was made into a flour, shaped into a ball and heated over a fire, Cahill recalls

  • 'In the sago palms, you'll often find sago beetles which are about the size of your little finger, ' Cahill says, relishing the culinary memory

    Interior Plantscaping with Large Houseplants
    Offers instructions for massing green foliage indoors. Includes selections by
    lighting and problem diagnostics.

  • Chamaedora elegans Neanthe Bella Palm; Parlor Palm

  • The parlor palm and others listed in the low-light group are ideal for office or room situations where essentially no outside light is available, and the prime or only source of illumination is fluorescent lighting from the ceiling

  • Reed and Bamboo Palms

  • Chrysalidocarpus lutescens Areca Palm

  • circinalis Japanese Sago and Queen Sago Palms

  • One of the few cool climate palms

  • Livistonia chinesis Chinese Fan Palm

  • A similar plant, the Kentia palm ( Howea forsterana is often confused with the Chinese fan palm

  • Caryotau mitis Clustered Fishtail Palm

  • Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm, Miniature Date Palm

  • Another one of the popular feather palms that grows slowly to about 6 feet in height, with a spread of about 3 feet

  • Chamaerops humilis European Fan Palm

  • This is the only palm native to Europe

  • Very High Light Plants: (1000+ fc) Arecastrum romanzoffianum Queen Palm

  • Raphis excelsa Lady Palm, Slender Lady Palm

    Silkworx By Lori - artificial plants, artificial trees, artificial ...
    Specializes in permanent trees, palms, foliage plants and garlands and includes
    a selection of dried wreaths.

  • Specializing in artificial silk trees, artificial palms trees, green foliage, floor plants, wreaths, garlands, hanging baskets and more

  • Artificial Palm Trees Select from a range of tropical plants so lifelike and lush perfect to fill in any spot

  • Self-shaped Boston Fern, Sago Palm & Mini English Ivy plants and more

  • All Trees, Topiary Trees and Palm Trees come potted in a 10" non-decorative container

  • Decorative Containers Decorative Containers and Baskets for artificial silk trees, palms, plants and mixed foliage

    Floridata: Zamia furfuracea
    Description and images.

  • Zamia furfuracea Common Names: Cardboard palm Family: Zamiaceae (coontie family) to Profile# (click for data record) It's spring and the center of these ancient clumps of cardboard palm erupts in light green with the annual flush of fresh green foliage

  • Cardboard palm belongs to the Cycad family (cycad is greek for 'palm' to which most cycads bear resemblance)

  • Other cycads include the and the (of course neither of these are palms but they really do look them!) Cardboard palm has leaves 3-4 ft (0.9-1.2 m) long that emerge from a central point forming a rosette

  • Because of its ruggedness, low maintence and drought tolerance, the cardboard palm is often used in commercial plantings

  • Location Cardboard palm is native to the warm sandy coastal plains of Mexico and is a common landscape item in tropical and sub-tropical areas all over the world

  • Culture Plant cardboard palm in neutral, well drained sandy soil

  • The cardboard palm is spectacular in containers and is even happy living out on seaside condo balconies

  • Usage Cardboard palm makes a great accent or specimen plant

  • Features With its beautiful shape, exotic looking cones and instinct for survival, cardboard palm is one of my favorite plants

    Tropical Seeds & Plants Mail Order
    Specialising in tropical seeds and plants. Supporting products include propagators,
    heaters and portable greenhouses.

  • We include the following seed, products and plant common names:- Glory, Mountain Gum, Musk Mallow, Naranjilla, Navel Orange, New Zealand Flax, Night Scented Jasmine, Oleander, Oleander Leaved Protea, Olive, Omeo Gum, Orange Bougainvillea, Orange Clock Vine, Orange Gyro, Orchid Tree, Ornamental banana, Ornamental Corn, Ornamental Ginger, Ornamental Pepper, Ornamental Rhubarb, Oyama Magnolia, Painted Tongue, Pampas Grass, Parlour Palm, Parrot's Bill, Passion Flower, Passion Flowers, Pawpaw, Pendulous Blue Ginger, Perennial Morning Glory, Periwinkle, Persian Violet, Peruvian Lily, Pheasants Berry, Pine Leaf Bottle Brush, Pineapple Broom, Pineapple Flower, Pineapple Guava, Pink Arum Lily, Pink banana, Pink Bottle Brush, Pink Hybrid Ginger, Pink Mandevillea, Pink Pampas Grass, Pink Plumbago, Pink Porcelain Lily, Pink Tulip Tree, Plantain Lily, Pohutukawa, Policeman's Helmet, Polka Dot Plant, Pomegranate, Poor Man's Orchid, Popcorn Tree, Port St


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