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  • | » | » | » | MySpace Music Indie / Acoustic / Folk Rock Los Angeles, CA Gary Jules' version of Tears for Fears' 'Mad World' in Donnie Darko captivated audiences, but it's his folky, original songs that really showcase his storytelling abilities

  • New self-titled CD available online and at shows now! » MySpace Specials Beck, 311, Muse, Jurassic 5, Dropkick Murphy’s, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, G Love & Special Sauce, Pepper, Coheed and Cambria, Rogue Wave, The Wailers, and many more! » Member Login E-Mail: Password: Remember Me Cool New People Videos The first double backflip at the 06 X Games

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    Blend of funk, groove, bluegrass, rock, reggae, and improvisation from Ann Arbor.
    Site includes show dates, setlists, and sound files.


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    A quiet watercourse
    One man tries to apply ancient Taoist philosophy in the modern world.

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  • Continue reading: Posted by Bob Rankin on July 29, 2006 | Category: Banning Myspace 'My school has banned Myspace, so we can't access it from any computer in the school

  • They are also making new rules about what we can post on our private Myspace profiles

  • One kid got suspended for criticizing the principal on Myspace

  • Is this legal? Can they really control what we do at home? Is there any way around the Myspace ban?' Continue reading: Posted by Bob Rankin on July 26, 2006 | Category: Nigerian Scammers Have you gotten a message from someone claiming to be a representative of the Nigerian government, promising a multi-million dollar reward for your help in transferring a huge sum of money? Are you soon to be rich, filthy rich -- or could this be a scam? Continue reading: Posted by Bob Rankin on July 19, 2006 | Category: Remove PurityScan 'This PurityScan software is driving me crazy with popups

  • Can you help me remove PurityScan from my computer?' Continue reading: Posted by Bob Rankin on July 18, 2006 | Category: Myspace Music Problems 'I added a song to my Myspace profile, but it won't play automatically

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    Distributes and releases electro, industrial and EBM music. Features mail order

  • sounds avaible at...http://www.myspace.com/autoautose Sometimes spacey and strange and very addictive, with a dark humor and very intriguing blend of styles and sounds

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    .: { boboroshi.com | swimming with the sharks } :.
    John Athayde, a web designer and DC blogger, shares his thoughts.

  • The photos are posted up at Technorati Tags: (1) | 10 April 2006 Skinning MySpace Pages My company purchased the ad blocks on the home page of MySpace for a test run a few days ago

  • As part of this run, we decided to try out some more brand/community building aspects and decided to create three myspace to mimic the three colors of the Motorola RAZR that we were selling in the media buy

  • This would seem to be simple, but MySpace’s layout code and how you hack it are ludicrous

    [ zaahn.com ] Version: 0.7 - Style Is
    Contains poetry, and fan sites.

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    RealmsOfEvil.Net: The D&D an D20 Villain's Website. Twisted D20
    Publishers of the Stygian, Shield Magic, and the Dead Will Worship series of
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    Scott Kellam
    Reviewing entertainment and technology with some internet finds thrown in the mix.

  • In trying to keep up with the ever popular MySpace, Facebook has begun to unlease a few new features earlier this week, and if you listen carefully, you can hear a cry of joy from internet stalkers across the US

  • While this is a pretty neat addition to Facebook, it is certainly nothing that will win over people from using MySpace

  • MySpace really isn’t all that great

  • With the widespread use and “MySpace” being the most searched for term out of anything else on the entire internet, advertisers and spammers have begun to attack the site

  • Taking the advertising one step further, MySpace has recently signed a deal with Google to provide advertising, and there are other advertisers interested in purchasing what little space is left on a page to bombard you with more ads

  • With all of the advertising spamming begining to take place, the realness of the social network will begin to be so diluted that most likely users will turn their backs on their beloved MySpace in search of the next big internet craze

  • The queston at hand is how will MySpace handle these spam tactics? Will they do nothing and allow them to continue or take steps at preventing them

    a SMG World v.Do your Best
    Blog with contests, cosplay and images.

  • Oh well it's really old anyways.Hmm I do have a myspace myspace.com/livvylove if your bored along with my gaiaonline username being livvylove2000, I spend a decent amount of time on gaia

    Pink Floyd: Another Link on the Wall
    Categorized list of links.

    Liblog - a library and technology oriented weblog from the Redwood ...
    Articles and sites found by Redwood City (CA) Public Library librarians.

  • One interesting search to try: library, Starbucks; it might surprise you! Though library, myspace is a bit depressing...

  • Still: 'The idea of joining online communities and being able to participate in them is not going to disappear.' - Wharton marketing professor David Bell posted 11:57 PM Tuesday, May 02, 2006 'Kids use the Internet to connect to other people, with E-mail, instant messaging, blogs, and social networking services like MySpace.com

    Weblog with album information and biography.

  • | The Web MySpace | D'Breeon R&B / Nu-Jazz / Jazz 'Singer/Saxplayer D'Breeon: Hot R&B & Cool ClubJazz' Los Angeles, California United States Profile Views: 6523 Last Login: 9/6/2006 View My: | Contacting D'Breeon MySpace URL: http://www.myspace.com/dbreeon dbreeon: General Info Member Since 9/12/2005 Band Website Band Members D'Breeon - lead vocals, saxophones, keyboards, drums, composer, arranger, producer Influences David Sanborn, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Prince, Howard Hewitt And of course: DO IT - The official D'Breeon debut album Available from Sounds Like Kem, Kenny G, Gerald Albright, Maxwell, Miles Davis Record Label Type of Label Indie D'Breeon's Latest Blog Entry [] Thanks to all for coming out to B.B

  • The industry knows about this, in a minute itll be as big as MySpace and Napster, so the 1 wave of starters will be the ones makin the millions after its super popular

  • Dont forget napster and myspace were started by teenagers with a good idea and computer skills

  • Welcome to our little wagon yard of friends here at myspace

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