Rain Gauge
Contains several activities to see how rain gauges work.

  • Rain Gauge Description: The rain gauge measures the amount of liquid precipitation that falls

  • The rain gauge has an outer cylinder, a measuring tube, and a funnel

  • When snow is to be measured, bring the entire gauge into a warm room

  • Instructions for Set Up The bracket of the gauge should be fastened to an upright post that allows the gauge to sit above the ground

  • The top of the gauge should be 5 inches above the top of the post

  • The gauge should sit firmly in the bracket

  • Rain Gauge Activity: Rain Is Falling All Around Objective: Students will be able to measure the amount of rain in one rainfall event to the nearest hundredth (.01) inch

  • Materials : Rain Gauge Time: 45 minutes before a rain event is predicted and 45 minutes after the end of a rain event where the gauge has been used to collect the entire rainfall

  • Background Information: The rain gauge measures the amount of rain (or snow as liquid) that falls to the earth as part of the water cycle

  • Procedure: Introduce the students to the rain gauge before a rain event is predicted

  • Using a chalk or white board, have students figure out a number of possible readings or use the rain gauge worksheet

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  • The Official Rain Gauge measures rain snow, sleet and hail to the nearest 1/100th of an inch

  • Farmers, gardeners, weather enthusiasts, radio stations and TV stations use the Official Rain Gauge for accurate readings

  • With a hard driving rain, a decorative rain gauge can be off by as much as 25 percent! Use the Official Rain Gauge for precise measurements

  • The Official All Weather Features: * Giant 11” Capacity * Accuracy to 1/100th of an inch * Easy to Read * Rugged & Rustproof * UV Resistant * Simple to Install * Available in Metric * Collects Snow, Sleet and Hail The top funnel of the rain gauge catches rain and delivers it to the one-inch capacity measuring tube

  • for more information on how an Official Rain Gauge collects precipitation

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  • info: RAIN GAUGE

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  • Your rain gauge needs to be kept outdoors, but not inside the weatherproof box

    After 84 days, rain is officially recorded in North Texas

    Oww weather station interface
    !Oww - RISC OS interface to the Dallas One-wire weather station.

  • TherMon screen grab Rain gauge You may have spotted some icons in the windows referring to a rain gauge

  • The rain gauge kit Inside sits a tipping bucket – see close-up,

  • At the rain gauge this must be connected to the two wires protruding from the PCB

  • To attach the gauge to a pole requires two ‘Jubilee’ clips

  • If the water runs through too quickly some will get lost during each tip, and the gauge will under-read

  • This is a known short-coming of tipping-bucket gauges

  • Even if your system does not run for 24 hours a day the rain gauge should still accumulate the correct total precipitation

  • ‘Devices’ revisited As for the main instrument Oww needs to determine the serial number of the 1-wire counter in the rain gauge

  • At a glance Main weather station Wind speed in mph or km/h Wind direction in 16 steps Temperature – resolution better than 0.1 C° Easy assembly Rain gauge 0.01" or 0.254-mm steps Records with power off Even easier assembly Software Animated (optional) on-screen display Logs to csv files Broadcasts data to TherMon for live plotting Webliography [1] Dallas web site [2] iButton web site [3] Weather station [4] Farnell [5] TherMon [6] Weather list [7] Lightning protection See also these articles in magazine: [8] Weather station [9] Rain gauge This site is a member of WebRing

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  • History 6-12 > Weather 6-8, 9-12 Earth science meteorology, chemistry, math on-going Students will design and construct a rain gauge, barometer, anemometer, psychrometer, and wind vane using the materials of their choice

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  • The air pressure on this box causes it to change shape, moving a needle on a gauge that indicates the air pressure

  • Some thermometers contain red-colored alcohol, others contain mercury, while still others have a bimetal coil attached to a gauge

  • Rain Gauge Rain gauges are very simple instruments used to measure the amount of liquid precipitation

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